the Emerging Planetary Wisdom Culture

Online Inquiry Groups and Retreats for 2013 in ALASKA

with Sherry Ruth Anderson

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to find the deep current of your life

—and follow it? 

Have you noticed that you can turn towards your experience with such care, such lively interest, that the essence of what you are reveals itself?

And have you discovered that this revelation, this unfolding, is not just a sometime thing, but is continuous and reliable

—once you learn to open to the soul-level questions of your life?

If you have touched into such intimacy with the truth of your life and want to go farther, or if you long to do this, you are invited to participate in “A Year of Looking Deeply,” in 2013. We will have online teaching and inquiry groups about every two months, and two retreats: “Five Flavors of Inquiry and the Practice of Presence,” May 15-19 in Anchorage (non-residential) and “Love and Courage,” September 10-15 in Halibut Cove (at the Stillpoint Retreat Center).   

Sherry Ruth AndersonThe online groups begin in September 2012  for those who would like to get started with the inquiry process.  You do not need to participate in the online groups to attend the retreats and each retreat will be free-standing, not depending on the prior retreat.  We are finalizing the details now about costs and inquiry group online dates, but do let us know if you are interested.  You can write to Sherry directly at

 Sherry Ruth Anderson, Ph.D.,  is a best selling author

 (The Feminine Face of God and The Cultural Creatives) and teaches The Diamond Approach to Inner Development® in North America and Europe.  She was a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto Medical School and a senior research scientist at the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry.