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Manifestation* is a particular kind of practical action: bringing a perceived possibility into form. As such, it is not even always good, for a warlord could inwardly see how a battle unfolds, then do it. But the manifestation we will work with is spiritual in its origins. Nor is creative manifestation* magical in its process of ‘bringing something through from higher planes into physical reality.’ Rather, it is spiritually skillful, then practically skillful. Through such a process, our inner vision of the possible is first compelling, and then shows the particular way that a new project, or strategic action, can manifest. This material on creative manifestation is for creative people who have something innovative to bring into the world, something serving your higher purpose in life, and preferably, benefiting humanity and the planet.

Creative manifestation differs from ordinary manifestation when it envisions something that may not have existed before, so bringing it through is an act of creation as well as an act of manifestation. It carries a crucial additional meaning of being a superior solution that meets a real Need and is not just a novelty, or a self-serving action. It says that receiving Guidance* comes first. Choosing to act on that, you must have a well-formed Intention* to create. Taking the approach shown here gives you a useful combination of techniques synthesizing several cultural traditions for an effective process of manifesting guidance into physical reality. It also uses archetypal psychology and archetypal images to aid your creative work. It isn’t simple, but neither are you, and neither is your new reality. ‘Simple’ won’t work.

You can expect that once you have developed an initial sense of this process, then the Logos* of your Project—the energy, rationale, flow and content of what your Higher Self* wants to have manifested—may continue without needing to do daily spiritual practices of the Mandalas* shown here. However, you should plan to renew that inner contact at least once a week; and during some times in your creative process, it will work best to do the spiritual practices described here as a daily practice. Creative Manifestation comes in many phases, so the process you follow will shift over time. This manual will describe the process, and how some of its phases vary according to kinds of manifestation you are doing.

The first and foremost aspect of this set of practices is that it’s an active and very practical extension of meditation practices for guidance, and that it is designed to energize and focus your efforts. The first mandala shown has a long discussion of how to make guidance work. If you are an experienced meditator, you may soon be surprised to feel pushed by your inner guidance for ‘getting on with the manifestation,’ but this does not mean you should hurry, only that you need to work more diligently to take in the Logos—the words, image and rationale for what you are doing—and give more time to it.

Green Tara of Manifestation

Creative Manifestation

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” Michelangelo Buonarotti

Creative manifestation is always about going beyond the conventional boundaries in the manner of Practical Wisdom. And that requires setting our aim high enough to be worthy of our High Purpose—but not so high as to be unachievable in the longer run. ‘Aiming high’ often means having a good strategy, doing a project in stages, and using Green Tara’s magnetizing manifestation to recruit lots of help both in manifesting the project and in spreading it where it needs to go.


Creative Manifestation is the process of bringing a vision, inspiration, design, or a big creative idea through from the realm of the Imaginal into the everyday physical and social world. Poets, artists and musicians draw from this all the time to produce their works. Another form of this lies in the invention of new information-based software and electronic devices. In these times, we are going to see that capability can be extended to allow practically any strong intention based in higher consciousness to be manifested in physical, psychological and social reality, i.e., in the everyday world.

The ‘Imaginal’ is not at all what is called ‘imaginary’ i.e., unreal and illusionary. Rather it is a realm of images, forming visions of real entities, possibilities, or inventions, seen through the organ of perception known as creative imagination, or active imagination. It envisions, or ‘sees’ inwardly a whole realm of existence, ontologically real, that is intermediate between the physical world of the senses and the abstract world of mathematics and ideal Platonic forms. That realm is called the mundus imaginalis, the imaginal world. It seems to carry most of the archetypal forms and entities of our collective past: gods and goddesses, angels and dragons, visionary landscapes, a host of strange things from our shamanic, archaic and mythic past. It may also carry new designs destined for our more spiritual future. Working with it in a transformational vein we can do soul-making. But it also can help us re-make the Earth, and indeed in our time of a cascade of crises, we will really need to do so…

Almost anyone can experience glimpses of the imaginal world in transitional states between sleeping and waking, and once they train perception, can return to it again and again, extending dreams and interacting with archetypes. Meditators train themselves to visualize such forms in many spiritual traditions, and are often shocked to find that they can and do reproduce very precisely the same vision of the same being and/or the same place that other people had in other times and places far removed from them. So: It not only seems real, it is real. Meditators from the same tradition are able to recognize and comment on one another’s imaginal visions, especially if they have artistic ability and can precisely draw what they saw in their inner eye. [See ‘Creative Manifestation from the Imaginal World’ below]

Creative Manifestation is a real process of creation, not something fanciful or ideological. There’s little or no wishful thinking or passive daydreaming in this. It is not the lazy person’s approach, for it is often hard work. But it is creative, and it does produce novelty in the world, and every worthwhile invention has done some version of manifestation from idea to reality. The point to the guidance from the Creative Manifestation Project is to help you do it—often with others—without stumbling or folly. The term ‘with others’ may surprise you, for a common myth of conventional culture is that real manifestation is the product of lone dreamers, or lone genius inventors. And some esoteric teachers will talk about your need to keep it all private and secret. These are both mistakes.

Often from the very first stage, Creative Manifestation is an intensely social process of both creative and practical work, often involving many people, from the most visionary to the most practical. Indeed, a few will be generalists who hold the whole process in mind. But some will be specialists who can cope with only one or two parts of the process, such as ‘holding the dream,’ or ‘making the design,’ or ‘making the plan,’ or ‘making the strategy,’ or ‘raising the money,’ or ‘finding investors,’ or ‘doing the legal work,’ or ‘managing the workers,’ or ‘doing the production work,’ or ‘selling the result to the everyday world.’ Yet, all are needed now, and this manifestation toolkit expects their contribution.

A second stage of creative manifestation is often needed for your new creation, to make many copies of it, so that many people are ‘magnetized’ to it: hearing about it, feeling drawn to it, and drawn to pass it on to others. That second stage of manifestation adds meaning and depth to our physical, social and cultural worlds by spreading many manifestations far and wide, by many different means. The Tibetan Buddhist goddess Tara is essential to this stage.

A third stage of manifestation is where the new creation draws others into dealing with manifestation from the imaginal world, so that their own process of real manifestation is triggered in a creative process that amplifies itself and grows in new ways quite unpredictable to our egoic minds.

In reality, our planet is in such danger that what we need now is ALL of who we are, and can be, and ALL of what that offers. For reality is a full spectrum from the world of spirit, to the Imaginal of vision and intuition, to the physical world of concrete things and practical action. Nothing less will do for real, successful manifestation than a full spectrum of reality. The whole process must be honored.

Creative Manifestation focuses primarily on bringing something new into the world that your Higher Self sees as valuable to objective reality, which is far higher and wider than conventional reality. That almost always means that it is intensely meaningful, and probably will change your life. Our first sense of it often comes to us seemingly unbidden, though if we reflect on it, we can see that we were open and available to it. But our ego does not get to control the timing, the circumstances, or the content of the vision, the insight or the guidance. Manifestation does not pander to our deficiency needs.

Creative manifestation often starts with an inner vision, a crucial insight into the nature of reality, or guidance that comes from higher awareness, and it is “made real” in the physical world by creative action that draws capability and power from Spirit*. It is not a magical process of something just popping into existence without our efforts, but something that takes effort, and time—sometimes a lot of both. If you actually do nothing and are content with wishful thinking, then nothing results.

Creative manifestation depends on spiritual and practical insight into what is actually possible, plus creative problem-solving and invention, plus repeatedly touching back into guidance over time to keep correcting your course of action. It requires skillful means, concerted effort, various kinds of cooperative efforts, working toward goals and so on. You must do those things for it to work.

Yes, creative manifestation really does have unusual, out-of-the-ordinary aspects as described here. They include deepening your insight into what may be created and how to do it. They also include improving your ability to represent your insight about what’s possible to other people. It has the capability of drawing others into your process, making their responses more positive, because of your insights, purposes, efforts and newfound charisma. High purpose is often contagious, and a great deal of manifestation depends on that positive contagion. And lots of amazing synchronicities occur. Spirit is alive and well in this world, yet it has its own reality. That reality is neither pre-modern plus magical, nor modern materialism. We shall see what it is as we go. It does require you to cultivate and use non-ordinary states of consciousness, and to be willing to be personally changed by the process.

What may be hardest for your ego is that it must give up control over the process. You are often required to allow manifestation to happen on its own timing, in its own way, by actors and forces that surprise you. This can set off all sorts of alarm bells and suspicions. The ego often desires to confound spirituality and magic, flip-flopping between two contradictory propositions: a) if it accepts magic, then that lets ego stay on top, or b) if it can reject everything about this as woo-woo stuff, then it can remain conventional and safe. With spirituality seen as clearly superior to magic, and to ego, then ego must learn to be the good servant of higher purposes, and most especially so in Creative Manifestation. This is no more negotiable than the law of gravity: you must be willing to do it that way.

The fact is that this is a very particular form of skillful means, and first you need to learn that skill. Then once you’ve mastered the skill, you can feel free to be playful with it, and to invent your own new themes and variations on the skillful means of Creative Manifestation. You may even manifest new ways to do manifestation!

Concepts Essential to Successful Manifestation

Creative Manifestation is a poorly understood subject in the secular modern world and it draws on a large array of interrelated concepts you may not be familiar with. So I’m going to give those first in a set of model sentences, and then explain exactly what each idea means and contributes to the process.

It often will take a relatively skillful practice of Guidance Meditation* to get all the details of What is the Need*, what High Purpose* it serves, how to fill out the Vision* of the Possible*, how to Display Your Vision* to others, how to Bring the Project Through* into physical reality, and How long it takes*. At that point you’ll be in the flow of it all.

The stances you must take at various stages of manifestation are you first need to be Receptive* in the act of taking in the Guidance, then Work with Energies*, to be Active* in your Masterful* practice of Manifestation,*then Allow* the universe to manifest through you.

*These are all defined in the next few pages, and you can also refer to them in the Glossary at the end.

There’s more on the Theory at the end. For now, let’s unpack that paragraph and see what it means:

Manifestation is a process of bringing an idea, vision or possibility from the Imaginal World into physical or social reality in the physical world of material objects and human actions. The Imaginal Realm is an ontologically real domain of existence that is intermediate between the physical world and the world of spirit. Things that are manifested are most often envisioned in that domain first, and are brought into the physical world by the processes of manifestation. Creative Manifestation differs from ordinary manifestation in that it has envisioned something that may not have existed before, so that bringing it through is an act of creation as well as an act of manifestation. It carries a crucial additional meaning of being a superior solution that meets a real Need and is not just a novelty, or a self-serving action.

You will need to develop some skill at doing a meditation practice for guidance: In this context, it’s a special form of meditation with the objective of receiving guidance, usually from your Higher Self, symbolized here as the Sun Absolute, but also possibly from other entities, such as angels, or Green Tara. Guidance means suggested directions to proceed in, things to try, stances or attitudes to adopt, or insights about yourself, usually coming from spiritual realms, and/or your Higher Self. It is often responses to questions, and can range from very general to highly specific. It should tell you things you didn’t know.

There are quite a few specialized Gestures of Consciousness in the various Manifestation Practices beyond Guidance and Green Tara. Every meditation practice has elements of the body, mind and spirit in it, and supposing that it is only spirit is untrue, and self-defeating. Manifestation practices are extensions of your own body image, and start with literal bodily gestures, because of the nature of bringing creations through from the Imaginal realms into physical reality, however that may work in your project. It appears that most spiritual practices are elaborations in the subtle realm upon phenomena of the brain that are in some ways quite mundane—physical gestures of the body, body images. But this also calls for refined perceptions and pattern recognition capabilities, all designed to quiet conventional egoic thought, so that you can access more subtle perceptual, emotional and intellectual capabilities. Like most of the repertoire of spiritual skills, the human population varies enormously in its native talent for this, and that talent has essentially a zero correlation with intelligence and cognitive capabilities. But it’s trainable, such that even spiritual dullards can get up to mediocrity with considerable practice and effort.

Now, an important side point for doubters and the suspicious: Meditation practices and gestures of consciousness are psycho-technologies. They work, and work well, like many craft skills, so they take a fair amount of personal discipline to practice and learn—you’ll need to practice them for at least a month. No particular belief is required on your part, and they’re especially not part of any exoteric religious belief or doctrine. The spiritual practices are laid out in as non-doctrinal and cross-cultural a way as I can manage. This is skills training, for a specific kind of purpose: creative manifestation. You don’t get to be a spiritual master, nor get inducted into any belief system, nor belong to any organization—or cult.

Oddly enough, these gestures of consciousness seem trainable in ways that are very similar to how craft skills are trainable, or art skills, music or dance are trainable. There’s a buildup of skill with practice and that’s why they’re called practices. Surprise! Yes, talent matters, but no, most people can do them. Though they work with subtle energies, they’re patterned on body-mind controls. It is crucial that creative manifestation is working with body-mind energies: both your body and attention are essential.

In creative manifestation practices, you are training your body-mind to work with a slightly different form of consciousness than is true for most prayers and meditation. There is nothing of escaping from this world into other domains of reality, and you need to be ‘in your body.’ You will extend the change process from those gestures as conscious elaborations of them, to work on your creation, on the world, and not least, on you yourself. Remember, you are bringing creations from those other domains to enrich this physical world, and are growing-up yourself with it. That’s the real change of creation.

Both you and the world will be improved by this process, and your mandala of the Sun Absolute, symbol of your Higher Self, will serve as the guarantor of that. Connection to the Higher Self is essential to Creative Manifestation. Many spiritual and wisdom traditions describe the Higher Self as your True Self, or the linkage between your everyday egoic self (plus your subconscious mind) and ultimate reality, God. You are a ‘proper subset’ of It, in the sense that all of you is in It. It is you, and you are a small part of It—and It is far more than you. That means It connects you directly to spiritual realms and to the ground of being. This tells you of course that you must enlarge your self-identification—who you think you are. First you need a connection to It, then over time you gain a deep trust in It, and then gain knowledge of It. It is a source of vastly superior, higher-than-rational intelligence for you and your soul.

Creative Manifestation will do more than just create a result in the physical world external to you, for it is a process that can change and develop your capacities to greater wholeness. Your ego may want merely to get a manifestation result, but all of you needs to long for more. The mandala and symbolism of The Sun Absolute is in aid of that process.

For the Creative Manifestation process, you’ll want to get clear on:

1) What the Need is, which is the gap between the situation before you, and what developments are actually possible. This is usually a direct perception from a larger awareness than everyday mind, often involving recognition of some kind of pattern for which action ‘ought’ to be taken. It envisions that a certain kind of process needs to happen, or that the gap needs to be closed, or a certain goal ought to be fulfilled. And often you’ll want to know the Need of the Time as well: This is the Need as seen in terms of this time in human history, i.e., a really big ‘ought’ covering a large portion of a country, or of all of humanity, for a time period lasting generations. Seeing into it often requires a knowledge of human history, and a visionary or prophetic capability.

2) And alongside that sense of the Need should be your own sense of Purpose, or even High Purpose. Purpose is the object of a conscious intention, the reason things are done or projects undertaken. It often envisions a future state of affairs in a definite context or situation and may respond to a Need (see above). Real purposes lead to goal formation and taking actions. High Purpose is your life purpose, or spiritual purpose, serving as a major expression of value and meaning in life. It is often engaged by a major project whose success is a focus of great symbolic and practical value.

3) Then you’ll want to fill out your Vision of the Possible. You may have gotten some initial sense of it in seeing the Need, but a lot of details and features of that future state need to be brought forth and clarified. A Vision is an inner image seen in terms of Creative Imagination, sometimes in the Imaginal World. It may range from something dreamlike to something quite technical and realistic. But a Vision of the Possible is a vision or image of a possible future state of whatever system (person, group, organization, territory, country, the planet) you focus on when you first see the Need (see above). This needs to be framed in terms of real possibilities at a future date, not fantasies or wishful thinking. The more it includes the actual processes of getting there, and the processes that make it work, the better.

4) Reasonably soon in the Creative Manifestation process you need to consider how to Display Your Vision to others, and Guidance from your Sun and from Green Tara will be very helpful. Display a Vision refers to the fact that in many forms of manifestation it is not enough to have a Vision of the Possible, for it is necessary to find a way to display the whole system of it to others through stories, visionary language, new designs and pictures. That’s because many others must cooperate and often actively collaborate in bringing the Vision through into physical reality.

5) As you work with the Creative Manifestation process, and especially as you bring others into the process, you must consider how to Bring the Project Through into physical reality. Bringing a Project Through refers to the stage when a manifestation process has visualized something new and desirable in the Imaginal World. Then it should be seen as ‘already real,’ so it is treated by expert manifestors as something to ‘bring through’ unchanged in its essential qualities from the other world into the physical world. This can be making initial drawings and models, it can be telling the story of what you intend in creative ways, it can be making and trying out prototype versions of your creation, etc. Once in the physical world, further manifestation may need to adapt it to ‘facts in the situation’ including ways of framing it, packaging it, popularizing it, or advertising it to suit many people.

6) As you consider the resources of time, money, materials and people you need, two crucial features of the manifestation project are How long a project takes, and the Support you need. The real time taken by a manifestation project is often much longer than its official start to finish. It usually starts much earlier with your early guidance and visioning, and it often has a much longer life. You must plan for it. Heed the voice of experience with new projects: Make your best optimistic guess and then multiply it by three.

All that is just to get you started, and into the flow of creative manifestation, and as that unfolds every Creative Manifestation process starts to become unique. From the use of the Flowering of the Absolute onward, how your project unfolds, and which other mandalas you need will depend on what’s going on.

Let’s look at the stances you must take at various stages of manifestation:

a) You first need to be Receptive* in the act of taking in the guidance. The receptive stance is ‘letting go, letting be’ in the sense of ‘patiently waiting to see how any particular process unfolds naturally, and trusting the process without trying to actively control it.’ Your guidance meditation has to become highly sensitive to the nuances of what you are getting. Do poke and prod at it to get it all as fully as possible.

b) Then manifestation will go much better if you Work with Energies, including Chi Gung. The energies referred to here are subtle energies and bodily energies, not the physical energies of non-living things or fuels. The oriental names for them are prana and chi. Western materialism usually discounts these energies as unreal and fantasies, but to do creative manifestation you must be able to sense them, and to do it well, you need to be able to work with them. Chi Gung is a Chinese practice for mobilizing and intensifying the life energies (Chi) of your body-mind. How to do it is described in a later section. It is more often directed at personal health issues, but will work to aid manifestation processes in general. The point is that often in everyday life we fall into low-energy patterns, which are inadequate to the Need.

c) You’ll do this to be able to be Active in your Masterful practice of Manifestation. Active vs. Receptive is a distinction first made in the I Ching 4,000 years ago. In the present era it is more than complementary qualities: Yang and Yin, male and female. It can be a stance toward life or situations, a fundamental quality of objects and of human character, and general spiritual principles. The active stance is one of ‘leaning forward, ready to act energetically, with some degree of control over processes.’ Receptive is described above, as letting things unfold by themselves, and taking in information.

d) As manifestation successfully unfolds then you’ll need to Allow the universe to manifest through you. Allowing is letting be, letting go of control over a process, allowing matters to unfold an their own dynamic and pace, trusting in the process of some part of the universe. Before this can happen with success, it is normal that a lot of preparation, coordination and set-up work will have already been done.

5) Finally, and for many people, most important, manifestation is impossible without Love (which is not romantic love, but Big Love). You must love the Purpose of the manifestation, and its potential outcome, and you must also love, and be playful with, the process of it. Real manifestation is a joyful process. (See the discussion in the Love of the Absolute.) Many women will want to take on these practices right after learning the Green Tara practices. Many men may emphasize Skill first, but also need to pick up Love.

Be very clear that the stances you take cannot be merely something satisfying to your ego or responding to fear. Ego is your everyday mind, which is socially conditioned and habitual, concerned to keep you safe by restricting activities to familiar routines and satisfactions. It is often selfish, greedy, and power-oriented, with little ability to love, and prone to indulge in negative emotions such as anger and hatred. It is also biased toward short time horizons, easy rewards, and narrow concerns. Ego projects its disowned and inferior parts on disliked others rather than own up to deficiencies and negative traits.

Creative manifestation needs to be what your Higher Self wants, for its sense of High Purpose must lead the process. Guidance-based manifestation is very different from magical thinking, or performing magical rituals. In the 20th century, a lot has been said, written and claimed about ‘manifesting abundance’ that amounts to magical thinking. Magical thinking is immature thinking, especially believing that matters can occur because we merely wish for them to occur, without a physical, social, intellectual or spiritual causal process. ‘Magical’ is not the same as spiritual, for it is the work of an egoic psyche, whether traditional or modern, for it often talks of ‘attracting’ something our ego wants, usually from a sense of lack, something missing in our life, by greedy, status-and-power-hungry motives trying to fill a painful psychological hole, or by an attempt to compensate for some felt sense of inferiority. Whatever brings it up, none of that will produce a true manifestation—except in your fantasy life.

‘Abundance’ comes after you change, not before. And no, just changing your mind on some topic is not enough. You must act in positive ways, and must change, and both that action and that personal change need to come from your Higher Self, not from your ego’s striving to feel real—which it can’t.

No laws of nature are violated by creative manifestation, for it takes personal energy, using good information, materials being skillfully brought into form, and often caring collaboration among many people. Manifestation based on guidance operates from a spirit of service, is mature and is based on some mastery of spiritual forms and inner work. It is explicitly not greedy, selfish, power-oriented and ego-serving. That is, the impulse comes to you as a big idea and vision from a particular realm of existence, the Imaginal Realm, as defined above. Its Purpose must be to serve the larger good, not just for your own benefit. Still, part of manifestation is getting support for projects, also based on guidance, and that normally includes support for you, so you can expect support from the universe for worthwhile efforts. Along the way, the nurturing of hard-working, creative and altruistic contributors to those higher goals is a vital purpose of manifestation. And this process will smooth the way toward true manifestation.

What Creative Manifestation is good for

There are a number of major paths of manifestation that these practices are good for. Such a ‘path’ is a time-bound sequence of manifestation activities, usually going through several stages where different kinds of activities are needed for success. The metaphor of taking a path implies of course that there are other paths of action that you could have taken, with different results.

  • Creative manifestation projects in the arts, writing, performance, science, technology and entrepreneurship are the foremost kinds of manifestation, but not the only ones.
  • Visionary social and environmental projects that involve new social forms, new technologies and new ways of dealing with planetary problems are today at the the head of the list of the Need of Our Time, especially those that can help with the looming climate crisis.
  • Developing resources and support for an ongoing manifestation project—and for yourself!—are vital functions of a good manifestation practice, so long as greed and selfishness are kept out of the way. This includes capacity building in the people in your project, as well as in yourself, especially developing an ability to manage matters and handle complexity.
  • Both psychological and spiritual development in yourself and in others, especially when they are combined with healing, capacity-building or teaching, are all vital functions of manifestation. So long as they serve higher purposes, these developmental processes are always a good thing, at not only the personal level, but also small group, organizational, societal, and planetary levels. Note: normally you must balance the inner and the outer.
  • Conflict resolution and peace-making are also developmental, in that they lead to maturation and impulse control, and they serve higher purposes by limiting damage and destruction. The basic approach is to manifest harmony, and aid the positive purposes of all involved, but also to remove obstacles to peace-making as in the point following:
  • Removal of obstacles to human and ecological progress is important developmental work if such obstacles come from blind, foolish or criminal enterprises that hinder or damage larger purposes. A good test for the validity of the removal of obstacles is whether it is vindictive and revengeful, or if it ends obstruction, then takes matters into healing, reconciliation, more authenticity and autonomy. But also restoration, as in restoring democracy from dictatorship, or ecosystems from industrial damage.

The upliftment of humanity is the all-encompassing Purpose of the most successful creative manifestation projects, where humanity is defined as not-separate from Nature. The restoration of the planetary ecology, and the building of a good planetary civilization may well be a primary purpose in this, and many smaller, shorter term purposes and projects flow into it. A planetary civilization is an emerging world-wide planetary integration encompassing the whole planet, that can serve as a ‘nest of support’ for many diverse human cultures, a support for restoring Nature, and the empowering of civil society institutions. That is in contrast to present-day exploitive forms of globalization that operate merely to integrate commercial, financial, and politico-military domination.

Projects of creative manifestation are examples of practical wisdom, which works to expand the goals, purpose and background context of practical action. Wisdom is both perceiving and understanding reality in effective ways, and then acting both benevolently and beneficently, to both will and manifest the Good. From the ancient Greeks onward, practical wisdom has rightly been considered to be an excellent level of consciousness, thought and action. Practical wisdom (phronesis) perceives and understands practical realities, especially social, business and political ones, and acts skillfully from that. It is more skillful than conventional, habitual actions, and both are more skillful than folly. Aristotle’s practitioner of practical wisdom not only knows the Good, for individuals and community, but wants to achieve it.

Identifying ‘expansion of context’ with practical wisdom means you take on more mature and insightful stances, with larger purposes and larger consciousness, wider and more encompassing horizons, the bigger picture and the longer view in time, deeper and more spiritual understandings, using many ways of knowing, more perceptive and discriminating observations, authenticity in relationships, and more just, humane judgments. Growing into wisdom is a good project for you to take on in manifestation. Moreover it can be applied to groups, small and large. It’s important that you know a key aspect: No one becomes wise alone. You become wise by working in relationship to others.

One early sign that lets you know High Purposes are coming into your life is repeated dreams reflecting symbols and purposes of a positive creative project, another is repeated ideas and themes that arise in meditations, and of course when an inner sense tells you that you are in a new phase of your life, often after a life-changing experience. Perhaps the most telling sign is when you start feeling concerns for all the children of the future, for the whole of humanity, or for the whole ecology of the planet. Or you can simply keep declaring to your guidance in meditation that you are available for some High Purpose, and it is sure to come up with something significant for you to manifest. I once asked my guidance why I kept getting suggestions for big projects from guidance, undoubtedly with an elevated sense of pride. The deflating response was, “Oh, it’s not that you are so good. It’s that you are willing!” Yes, you have to be willing to allow your Higher Self to manifest things through you.