7 San Felipe Zambales Beach Resorts: Affordable Hotels With Pool

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San Felipe Zambales Beach Resorts

San Felipe Zambales Beach Resort offers a serene escape by the sea. The resort is famous for its pristine beaches and laid-back atmosphere.

Liwliwa San Felipe Zambales beach provides travelers with a refreshing tropical experience. Its crystal-clear waters and unspoiled nature make it an ideal destination for beach enthusiasts and those seeking tranquility away from the city bustle.

Guests can indulge in activities like swimming, surfing, and beachcombing, or just relax on the fine sandy shores. Embracing the local vibe, the resort’s accommodations range from simple cottages to more luxurious options, ensuring a comfortable stay for every visitor. Enjoy the natural beauty and hospitality of the Philippines at San Felipe Zambales resorts.

Top 7 San Felipe Zambales Beach & Resorts: A Tropical Paradise

1. Simply Sweet Malibu Beach Resort

Simply Sweet Malibu

This retreat offers a tranquil beachfront experience, perfect for those seeking a peaceful getaway amidst natural beauty.

San Felipe, Zambales is an idyllic coastal haven — a place where the sunset paints the sky with a palette of hues only nature can provide. Among its collection of seaside escapes, Simply Sweet Malibu Beach Resort shines as a charming spot for travelers seeking both serenity and adventure.

This resort promises a stay replete with powdery sands, calming waves, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Amenities And Services

For those wondering what sets Simply Sweet Malibu Beach Resort apart, the details lie in its amenities and services:

  • Accommodation Options: Offering a variety of rooms suitable for couples or families, each one is equipped with comfortable bedding, air-conditioning, and private terraces for witnessing the breathtaking Zambaleno sunrise.
  • Dining Delights: Satisfy your gastronomic cravings with a menu that features both international favorites and authentic Philippine dishes, all prepared with the freshest local ingredients.

Beach Activities

The allure of Simply Sweet Malibu Beach Resort doesn’t stop at its sandy shores. Guests have the opportunity to engage in a plethora of exciting activities:

  • Snorkeling Adventures: Explore the vibrant underwater world just a few paddles away from the beach. The resort provides gear rental for an easy start to your ocean exploration.
  • Beach Volleyball: Challenge friends or family to a friendly game on the resort’s well-maintained court. It’s a perfect way to soak up the sun and stay active during your getaway.

Nearby Attractions

Journeys beyond the resort grounds are met with several nearby attractions worth visiting:

  • Mangrove Park: Just a short trip from the resort, this ecological sanctuary showcases the beauty of coastal greenery and offers a peaceful escape into nature.
  • Local Markets: Engage with the community and discover unique souvenirs or sample the day’s fresh catch at the bustling local markets, a true taste of the Zambales lifestyle.

Embrace the enchantment of San Felipe’s coast at Simply Sweet Malibu Beach Resort, where every moment becomes a treasured memory. If it’s the whisper of waves lulling you to sleep or the thrill of a snorkeling venture, this beach resort has something special for every kind of wanderer looking to experience the magic of Zambales.

2. The Beach House Liwa

The Beach House Liwa

The Beach House Liwa emerges as a captivating retreat. This inviting haven stands out with its serene ambiance and stunning ocean views, promising an unforgettable escape for beach lovers and tranquility seekers.

The Unique Charm Of The Beach House Liwa

The Beach House Liwa offers a refreshing take on seaside lodging. Here, the fusion of traditional Filipino architecture and modern comforts creates a picturesque backdrop for memorable vacations. The resort’s native-inspired design, accented with lush tropical greenery, beckons guests to unwind in harmony with nature.

This tranquil spot ensures a perfect backdrop for sunrise spectacles and carefree afternoons by the shore.

Amenities Tailored For Comfort And Relaxation

  • Private balconies: Revel in the panoramic sea vistas or the soothing breeze from your own outdoor space.
  • In-house restaurant: Savor freshly prepared local cuisine while dining with an ocean view.
  • Water activities: Indulge in everything from paddle boating to snorkeling for an adventurous twist to your stay.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: Stay connected with the world while being enveloped by the tranquility of a beachside paradise.

Proximity to Local Attractions

The Beach House Liwa isn’t just an idyllic destination on its own; it’s also conveniently close to several attractions. From exploring the nearby mango orchards to trekking towards the enchanting Anawangin Cove, your itinerary can be as relaxed or as dynamic as you wish.

Guests can seamlessly transition from a sun-kissed lounge on the beach to an adventurous hike in the neighboring hills, making it an ideal spot for varied travel desires.

If it’s a lazy day curled up with a book by the seashore or an afternoon exploring the wonders of San Felipe, The Beach House Liwa offers the perfect blend of relaxation and region’s charm.

3. Casas Del Sol

Casas Del Sol

Discover an oasis of luxury at Casas Del Sol, where the three-bedroom tropical villa beckons with its private pool amidst San Felipe Zambales Beach Resort’s serene beauty. Bask in an exclusive beachside retreat, perfect for unwinding in sumptuous comfort and privacy.

This tropical villa doesn’t just promise a getaway; it transports you to a private paradise where luxury and nature intertwine seamlessly. Let’s dive into what this luxe 3-bedroom villa has to offer.

Villa Design And Amenities

Casas Del Sol boasts an architectural marvel that blends modern aesthetics with tropical vibes. Picture yourself waking up to:

  • Expansive rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows: Providing uninterrupted views of the lush surroundings and inviting sunlight to dapple the interior.
  • Contemporary furnishings mixed with local art: Creating a sophisticated yet homely environment perfect for relaxation.
  • State-of-the-art kitchen facilities: Enabling you to whip up delicious meals with ease, should you choose to dine in the comfort of your villa.

Private Outdoor Experience

Step outside, and you’re greeted by a personal oasis encapsulating the essence of a luxe vacation.

  • Infinity pool merging with the horizon: For those moments when you need to take a refreshing dip and bask in the sun.
  • Manicured gardens surrounding the villa: Offering a peaceful retreat where one can read a book or meditate amidst the whispers of nature.
  • Al fresco dining setup: Ideal for a scenic meal with family or friends under the canopy of stars.

This slice of heaven marries the comforts of modern living with the tranquility of a secluded beach escape. At Casas Del Sol, each day is a promise of peace, privacy, and pampering, making it a top choice for discerning travelers seeking a unique stay in San Felipe, Zambales.

4. Cecillia’s Place

Cecillia’s Place

Cecillia’s Place offers a tranquil beach escape in San Felipe. Embrace the coastal charm and unwind at this idyllic beach resort, perfect for sun-seekers and sand lovers alike.

San Felipe, Zambales—a serene coastal paradise—continues to captivate travelers with its array of charming resorts. Cecillia’s Place, known for its idyllic setting and hospitable ambiance, stands out as a delightful destination for tourists seeking relaxation alongside the picturesque shores of Zambales.

Atmosphere And Amenities

Cecillia’s Place offers a tranquil retreat with its rustic vibe and cozy facilities. Visitors are greeted with a landscape framed by swaying palm trees, while the gentle hum of the ocean waves creates a soothing backdrop. The resort provides:

  • Private cottages: Traditional, airy spaces designed for comfort and privacy.
  • Communal garden: A lush, green area perfect for leisurely strolls or a quiet read.
  • On-site restaurant: Serving a selection of local and international dishes using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Room Options

If you’re a solo wanderer or part of a larger group, Cecillia’s Place caters to various preferences with its range of accommodations:

  • Single rooms: Ideal for individual travelers, combining simplicity with essential amenities.
  • Family-sized suites: Spacious and well-furnished, they promise a comfortable stay for families or groups.
  • Beachfront villas: Offering an unobstructed view of the sea, these are the crown jewels for those craving immediate access to the beach.

Activities And Experiences

Guests at Cecillia’s Place are never short on options for entertainment and exploration. The resort specializes in:

  • Water sports: Including paddleboarding, kayaking, and snorkeling adventures.
  • Beach games: Volleyball and Frisbee for some fun under the sun.
  • Local tours: Guided trips uncovering the hidden gems of Zambales’ natural and cultural landscape.

Special Events And Packages

Cecillia’s Place also doubles as an event venue, perfect for those looking to celebrate special moments by the sea. The resort’s offerings include:

  • Romantic getaways: Curated experiences for couples, complete with candlelit dinners and sunset walks.
  • Family packages: Tailored deals featuring activities for all ages and discounted group rates.
  • Corporate retreats: Professional services for team-building exercises with a relaxing twist.

Each visit to Cecillia’s Place is more than just a stay—it’s a multi-sensory experience designed to leave guests with treasured memories of Zambales. From attentive staff to engaging activities, this beach resort makes every effort to ensure a delightful seaside holiday.

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5. Lazerena Lodge

Lazerena Lodge

LaZerena Lodge offers a tranquil retreat for beach lovers and adventure seekers alike. This charming destination stands out among the many options in San Felipe with its unique appeal to travelers looking for a peaceful getaway.

Location And Accessibility

LaZerena Lodge boasts a prime location, perfectly situated to ensure ease of access while providing guests with picturesque views of the West Philippine Sea:

  • Proximity to major roads: Located just off the main highway, reaching LaZerena Lodge is a breeze for those driving or taking public transportation.
  • Scenic surroundings: Guests are treated to an unspoiled beachfront that promises stunning sunsets and a calm atmosphere for unwinding.

Amenities And Services

The resort prides itself on offering a range of amenities aimed at making your stay comfortable and enjoyable:

  • Comfortable accommodations: Rooms are well-appointed, ensuring a cozy stay with all the necessary comforts of home.
  • Recreational facilities: Enjoy the outdoor pool, beach volleyball court, and water sports rentals to keep entertained throughout your visit.

Dining Experience

Indulge in the delightful dining experience at LaZerena Lodge where the taste of local cuisine meets the freshness of the sea:

  • Beachside restaurant: Savor freshly caught seafood and popular Filipino dishes while listening to the gentle waves.
  • Al fresco setup: Dine under the stars for a memorable evening with friends and family in a beautiful beach setting.

Room Rates And Packages

The resort offers competitive pricing with options to suit a variety of budgets:

  • Value for money: Guests can enjoy affordable room rates without sacrificing comfort or quality.
  • Package options: Choose from various packages that include meals, activities, and other perks for a more inclusive vacation experience.

Reservation And Booking Process

Booking your stay at LaZerena Lodge is hassle-free, thanks to the user-friendly reservation system:

  • Online booking: Secure a room through the resort’s website with just a few clicks.
  • Personalized assistance: The helpful staff is ready to accommodate special requests and answer any queries to ensure a seamless booking experience.

At LaZerena Lodge, every effort is made to provide guests with unforgettable memories. With its harmonious blend of natural beauty and hospitable service, LaZerena stands as a jewel among the coastal retreats of San Felipe, Zambales.

More Zambales Resorts:

6. Camp Rofelio Surfing Beach Resort

Camp Rofelio

Camp Rofelio Surfing Beach Resort beckons adventurous spirits and beach lovers alike. This idyllic destination promises unparalleled surfing experiences, complemented by the soothing rhythm of the waves and the serene coastal ambiance.

Accommodation Options

  • Beachfront Cabins: Experience the ocean’s lullaby with these rustic cabins that offer a scenic view of the surf.
  • Camping Grounds: Designed for those who seek a connection with nature, the vast camping grounds allow for memorable nights under the stars.

Surfing And Water Activities

Camp Rofelio isn’t merely picturesque; it’s a playground for water sports enthusiasts. The resort prides itself on its top-notch surfing conditions, making it a haven for both novices and seasoned surfers.

Dining Experiences

  • Local Cuisine: Indulge in a gastronomic journey featuring local flavors and fresh seafood, a true treat for the palate.
  • Beachside Barbecues: Ignite your taste buds with sizzling barbecues by the beach, where food tastes better with the sand between your toes.

Amenities And Services

A stay at Camp Rofelio is steeped in comfort, thanks to their array of amenities. Guests can enjoy the convenience of on-site facilities, all designed to enhance the overall beach resort experience.

Eco-friendly Practices

  • Sustainable Operations: A commitment to sustainability is evident, from waste management to energy conservation efforts.
  • Community Involvement: The resort’s dedication to the environment extends to empowering the local community through various eco-tourism initiatives.

Booking Your Stay

Ready for an unforgettable beach escape? Securing your spot at Camp Rofelio Surfing Beach Resort is hassle-free, promising the start of an exciting coastal adventure in the heart of Zambales.

7. Beach Front Private Resort

Beach Front Private Resort

Escape to the exclusive San Felipe Zambales Beach Resort, where serene beachfront luxury awaits. Nestle into your private retreat by the stunning shores, where the crystalline waters meet the golden sands under the warm Philippine sun. Each moment at this haven promises an unparalleled, tranquil experience.

San Felipe in Zambales is a hidden gem of the Philippines, offering pristine beaches and a tranquil tropical atmosphere that beckons travelers seeking a serene beach getaway.

Beachfront Privacy At Your Doorstep

A beach front private resort in Zambales is your ticket to paradise. Offering seclusion and direct access to the shore, these resorts provide a distinct blend of luxury and nature. Wake up to the soothing sound of waves, take a few steps and feel the warm sand beneath your feet.

It’s an experience that perfectly combines privacy with the raw beauty of San Felipe’s beaches.

Tailored Services For Every Guest

  • Personalized hospitality: The attention to detail and customized care provided by staff ensures a stay that’s as unique as each guest.
  • Exquisite dining options: Fresh seafood and local delicacies are prepared to your taste, making every meal a memorable part of your beachfront retreat.

Unmatched Comfort In Tropical Surroundings

The accommodations in these resorts redefine comfort with their modern amenities set against the backdrop of tropical landscapes. Every room is crafted to make the most of the beach views while providing a cozy and luxurious environment for guests to unwind.

Activities To Enrich Your Stay

  • Water sports galore: From kayaking to paddle boarding, there’s an array of activities to satisfy the adventurous.
  • Harmony with nature: Yoga sessions by the beach at sunrise provide a tranquil start to the day, syncing with the natural rhythm of the environment.

Picture-perfect Scenery At Every Turn

In a private beachfront resort, every angle offers a captivating view. From the azure water stretching to the horizon to the golden sunsets, these moments are etched in memory long after the vacation ends.

Experience Local Culture

Engaging with the community is a core part of the experience. Local crafts, music, and dance introduce guests to the vibrant culture of the Zambales region, enriching every visit.

Seamless Connectivity Despite Seclusion

Even in the midst of its secluded setting, the resort ensures that guests stay connected with high-speed internet access and modern communication facilities. It’s the ideal blend of disconnecting from the hustle and bustle while still having the world at your fingertips should you choose to reach out.

At a private beachfront resort in San Felipe, Zambales, you’re not just booking a room; you’re promising yourself a slice of paradise. Every element, from the guest personalized experiences to the deep cultural immersion, is designed to create an unforgettable sojourn, beautifully embedded in the natural charm of the Philippines.


San Felipe Zambales beach is a serene escape that promises relaxation and adventure in equal measure. With its pristine beaches and warm hospitality, this resort is the perfect getaway. So pack your bags and let the waves of San Felipe Zambales resorts refresh your spirit.

Embrace the sun, sand, and unforgettable memories waiting for you.

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