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Team building venues near Manila offer diverse options for corporate retreats. Pico de Loro, Club Balai Isabel, and Mount Purro Nature Reserve are popular picks.

Selecting the perfect team building venue close to Manila can be a strategic move for companies aiming to foster unity and boost morale among employees. These locations provide a mix of outdoor activities, comfortable accommodations, and facilities suited for both work and play.

By opting for a getaway just a few hours from the city, businesses can minimize travel time and maximize team development activities. From beach resorts that cater to water sports enthusiasts to mountain lodges that allow teams to connect with nature, there’s a venue to suit every organization’s objectives. Team building in these settings can lead to enhanced communication, collaboration, and a renewed corporate culture, essential for achieving business goals in today’s competitive environment.

Top 18 Team Building Venues Near Manila

1. Mountain Lake Resort – Laguna

Mountain Lake Resort offers a serene escape for team building activities. With its breathtaking natural scenery and an array of outdoor adventures, it’s the perfect spot for groups looking to strengthen their bonds.

The facility boasts expansive grounds that allow for a range of activities – from obstacle courses to eco-friendly games – designed to foster collaboration and teamwork. Accessibility from Manila coupled with the tranquil ambiance of the resort provides an ideal balance for companies aiming to inspire and rejuvenate their employees without straying too far from the city.

So whether it’s for enhancing communication skills or just unwinding in the lap of nature, Mountain Lake Resort stands out as a top choice.

2. Sepoc Beach, Eagle Point Resort – Batangas

The beautiful Sepoc Beach, part of Eagle Point Resort. This idyllic destination provides an unparalleled opportunity for team-building activities surrounded by pristine waters and stunning views. Its close proximity to Manila makes it convenient for businesses looking to escape the hustle of city life for a more tranquil experience.

Sepoc Beach offers a host of recreational facilities that cater to various group dynamics, from adventurous water sports to peaceful nature walks, ensuring that every member of your team finds something enjoyable. With spacious venues and top-notch amenities, it’s the perfect place to foster camaraderie, enhance communication, and generate creative ideas in a refreshing environment.

3. Hidden Valley Springs – Laguna

Hidden Valley Springs in Laguna presents an idyllic escape for team building activities. Just a short drive from Manila, this natural paradise offers a refreshing change of pace from the hustle and of city life.

Groups can bond over the rejuvenating thermal waters of the natural springs and explore the rich biodiversity of the surrounding rainforest. The resort’s exclusive location ensures privacy and a serene environment, conducive to both relaxation and focused team-oriented tasks. Whether teams are navigating through the forest for a treasure hunt or engaging in collaborative challenges, the tranquil setting provides a unique backdrop that is sure to invigorate and inspire.

4. Falcon Crest Resort – Bulacan

Falcon Crest Resort stands as an idyllic escape for team-building activities. Just a short drive from Manila, this haven offers a range of outdoor facilities that cater to both adventure seekers and those looking for serene retreats.

With its diverse amenities – from obstacle courses that challenge physical prowess to peaceful garden spaces perfect for strategy meetings and mindfulness exercises – the resort serves as a versatile backdrop for corporate retreats. Groups can bond through thrilling team challenges or simply enjoy a change of scenery, all while building stronger connections in an environment designed to foster camaraderie and collaboration.

Falcon Crest Resort’s picturesque setting not only rejuvenates but also inspires creativity and unity among team members.

5. Inflatable Island – Zambales

Inflatable Island in Zambales offers an exhilarating escape for teams seeking adventure and camaraderie. This floating playground is replete with a wide array of colorful slides, towers, bridges, and swings, ensuring a day filled with laughter and excitement.

The vast expanse of the inflatable obstacle course challenges both individual and group skills, promoting teamwork and strategic thinking amid splashes of fun. Beyond the thrills, the sandy shores provide a serene backdrop for relaxation after a spirited competition. With a setup ideal for fostering team spirit, organizations find Inflatable Island an excellent choice for a memorable team-building experience.

6. White Rock Water Park – Zambales

White Rock Water Park in the scenic province of Zambales. This destination offers teams a chance to bond through its array of exhilarating water-themed attractions and activities. The venue’s spacious accommodations and various amenities serve as the perfect backdrop for companies aiming to strengthen relationships among colleagues outside the office environment.

Their team-building programs are specifically designed to challenge groups, promote camaraderie, and foster a spirit of cooperation, all while ensuring an enjoyable and memorable experience. Whether it’s navigating the water park’s slides or engaging in organized group competitions, White Rock Water Park presents an ideal setting for an offsite retreat that is both fun-filled and conducive to professional development.

7. Vista Venice – Bataan

Vista Venice offers more than just breathtaking views and tranquil surroundings. This destination is a haven for team building activities, with facilities that cater to all kinds of corporate events. The resort prides itself on a variety of outdoor challenges designed to foster camaraderie and reinforce collaborative skills among colleagues.

From obstacle courses to strategic games, teams can take advantage of the unique environment to develop stronger working relationships. With its proximity to Manila, it also circumvents the hassle of long travel times, making it an ideal spot for companies looking to escape the city without venturing too far.

Vista Venice is the perfect balance of convenience and seclusion, providing a serene backdrop to an energetic and fruitful team building experience.

8. Stilts Calatagan – Batangas

Stilts Calatagan in Batangas. Just a short drive from the city, this picturesque destination is renowned for its serene beaches and towering stilts that offer a unique over-water experience.

Ideal for groups seeking to strengthen their bonds, the resort provides an assortment of activities tailored to promote teamwork and communication. Kayaking, beach volleyball, and trust exercises are just a few options available to energize and engage colleagues in a tranquil coastal setting.

The calming sea breeze and vast stretches of white sand create a conducive environment for innovation and camaraderie, ensuring that every team leaves revitalized and more connected than ever.

9. Camayan Beach Resort – Subic

Camayan Beach Resort offers an idyllic escape for teams seeking to strengthen their bond amidst nature’s splendor. This tropical haven is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, lush greenery, and a wide array of activities that encourage collaboration and fun.

Colleagues can dive into team-building exercises on the golden sands or take the plunge into underwater adventures, fostering camaraderie through shared experiences. With top-notch facilities and a peaceful ambiance, the resort serves as the perfect backdrop for productive retreats and workshops, all just a short drive from Manila.

Whether it’s engaging in beach sports or unwinding by the sea, Camayan Beach Resort stands as a testament to the fusion of relaxation and professional development.

10. Caliraya Resort Club – Lumban, Luzon

Caliraya Resort Club stands as an idyllic destination for team-building activities. A mere stone’s throw from the bustling city of Manila, this tranquil resort offers an array of facilities designed to bolster camaraderie and teamwork.

Groups can engage in adventurous outdoor challenges, including water sports and obstacle courses, encouraging collaboration and strategic thinking. The resort’s expansive grounds are perfect for large teams, ensuring a memorable escape that balances professional development with relaxation amidst nature’s beauty.

Whether it’s for a corporate retreat or a fun-filled day with colleagues, Caliraya Resort Club provides an ideal backdrop for fostering unity and igniting team spirit.

11. La Luz Beach Resort & Spa – Laguna

La Luz Beach Resort & Spa, Located in the serene province of Laguna, this idyllic destination is perfect for team building activities. The resort boasts a plethora of both relaxing and adrenaline-pumping options tailored to unite and invigorate any corporate team.

Picture your group engaging in beach sports, exploring nature trails, or even participating in themed-games specifically designed by the resort to foster teamwork and collaboration. With its stunning coastline and exceptional facilities, La Luz Beach Resort & Spa stands out as an excellent choice for organizations aiming to blend productivity with pleasure, just a drive away from Manila.

12. Forest Club Eco Resort – Laguna

Forest Club Eco Resort in Laguna beckons teams seeking a tranquil retreat. A place where lush greenery and serene water features set the stage for collaboration, this eco-friendly venue prides itself on sustainability and harmony with nature.

Embrace the tranquility of the surroundings as you engage in team-building activities designed to foster unity and innovation. Whether navigating the resort’s celebrated eco-obstacle course or reflecting by the zen-inspired gardens, every moment spent at Forest Club Eco Resort becomes an opportunity for growth and renewal, forging stronger connections within your team.

13. Lola Corazon Leisure Farm – Pampanga

Lola Corazon Leisure Farm, an idyllic retreat for team building activities. This charming venue offers a multitude of outdoor activities designed to promote collaboration and camaraderie among colleagues. Guests can immerse themselves in the rustic charm of the farm, which provides the perfect backdrop for a range of engaging team-building exercises.

With spacious accommodations and a friendly staff committed to facilitating a memorable experience, teams leave feeling refreshed and more unified. Whether it’s navigating the farm’s obstacle courses, engaging in competitive sports, or simply relaxing by the pool, Lola Corazon Leisure Farm presents an ideal spot for companies seeking a respite from the hustle of Manila.

14. Crystal Beach Resort – Zambales

Crystal Beach Resort offers an idyllic escape for those seeking to strengthen team dynamics in a natural setting. The venue’s tranquil ambiance is matched by the array of activities available, from team-building exercises on its soft, sandy shores to surf lessons that encourage camaraderie.

Spacious accommodations ensure comfort for all members, while the scenic beauty of the area inspires creativity and strategic thinking. Groups can engage in beach volleyball, bonfires, and obstacle courses, all designed to foster unity and collaborative spirit among colleagues. With its blend of relaxation and adventure, Crystal Beach Resort stands as a premier choice for companies based near Manila.

15. Graceland Estate And Country Club – Quezon

Graceland Estate and Country Club offers a serene getaway for team-building activities near Manila. This sprawling estate provides a range of facilities perfect for enhancing camaraderie and fostering collaboration among colleagues. With its elegant event spaces, lush gardens, and an array of recreational amenities, teams can engage in both indoor and outdoor challenges designed to build trust and improve communication.

Whether it’s navigating through obstacle courses, strategizing in team workshops, or unwinding with leisure sports, Graceland Estate sets the scene for an unforgettable bonding experience. Just a few hours’ drive from the metro, it stands as an ideal destination for companies aiming to escape the city’s hustle and nurture a stronger, more cohesive workforce.

16. Kahuna Beach Resort & Spa (la Union)

Kahuna Beach Resort & Spa offers an idyllic escape for teams seeking to blend leisure with team-building exercises. It’s a mere stone’s throw away from Manila, presenting a perfect blend of tropical ambiance and modern amenities.

Here, turquoise waters lap against pristine shores, setting a tranquil backdrop for various group activities. The resort is equipped with facilities designed to foster camaraderie and collaboration, from spacious conference rooms to outdoor adventure zones. Articulating the essence of surf culture in the Philippines, this destination entices teams to unwind and connect beyond the confines of the usual office walls, making it an exceptional choice for revitalizing corporate retreats and workshops.

17. Club Balai Isabel (batangas)

Club Balai Isabel offers a serene escape for team building activities. With an array of outdoor amenities, the venue promotes camaraderie among colleagues through fun yet challenging experiences. Participants can engage in volleyball, team relays or strategic games designed to enhance cooperation.

The resort’s spacious grounds provide a perfect backdrop for outdoor exercises, while modern meeting facilities cater to indoor corporate events. This lakeside retreat is an idyllic spot for organizations aiming to mix leisure with teamwork exercises in a tranquil environment, just a short drive from Manila.

18. Laresio Lakeside Resort & Spa (laguna)

Laresio Lakeside Resort & Spa in Laguna presents an idyllic setting. The verdant fringes of Manila, this destination embodies the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for team-building activities.

The resort’s natural backdrop provides a tranquil haven where colleagues can strengthen their bonds through various outdoor challenges and water sports. With facilities designed to cater to both leisure and corporate needs, teams leave not just invigorated but also more cohesive after enjoying the resort’s comprehensive amenities.

This lakeside retreat offers an extraordinary getaway where productivity and leisure intersect seamlessly.


Selecting the perfect venue for team building can greatly influence your event’s success. Proximity to Manila offers the convenience and variety to suit any corporate culture. With options ranging from beach resorts to mountain retreats, memorable and effective team bonding is just a short drive away.

Embrace these opportunities to enhance collaboration and recharge your team’s spirit.

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  1. Always thrilled to find new spots for team-building! The list from Julie H. sure lights up the adventurer in me. Mountain Lake Resort in Laguna sounds like a blast. Has anyone been there? Would love to gather some first-hand experiences before planning a trip!

  2. Looking for feedback on the most budget-friendly options from Julie H’s list. Planning a small team outing and gotta keep the expenses in check.

  3. Had the privilege to visit the Stilts Calatagan in Batangas and oh, the culinary journey was as memorable as the pristine beaches! The seafood was fresh, and the flavors were just explosion in the mouth. If you’re someone who appreciates good food as much as a good view, this place won’t disappoint. Just a little insight for anyone wondering what the food situation is like at these resorts!

  4. As a team leader, I’m constantly on the lookout for venues where we can both unwind and bond as a team. Julie H’s article is a goldmine! I’m leaning towards Kahuna Beach Resort for our next retreat. Would love to hear if it’s as good for team activities as it sounds!

  5. Visited Laresio Lakeside Resort last year for a workshop, and it was problem-free. Quick tip: booking on weekdays made it even more budget-friendly and less crowded!

  6. Recently explored Hidden Valley Springs based on Julie H.’s recommendation and it’s an epitome of tranquility. Nestled amidst lush foliage, its natural pools are a sight to behold. Perfect for teams looking to reconnect with nature away from the hustle. The journey there was quite an adventure, and it’s a must-visit for anyone seeking peace and natural beauty.

  7. Inflatable Island in Zambales? Say less! Been a fan of anything that floats on water and this just sounds like my kind of adventure. Pumped to check it out. Great list, Julie H.!

  8. This is my first time organizing such an event, and Falcon Crest Resort caught my eye. It seems like a good balance of fun and relaxation. Anyone here who’s been, can you share more about your experience? Specifically interested in the facilities for team activities. Thanks a lot!

    • Falcon Crest is a solid choice, Simone D. Their outdoor spaces are fantastic for games and activities. Just make sure to book ahead; they can get quite busy!

  9. It’s so refreshing to see locations like Hidden Valley Springs being highlighted. Places that promote the preservation of our natural resources while offering a spot for relaxation and team-building are vital. Hoping to see more companies embracing these eco-friendly destinations. Great work on compiling this list, Julie H.

  10. Everyone seems to be raving about these places, but are they actually worth the hype? I’m particularly dubious about these water parks. Do they offer real team-building activities, or is it just fun and games?


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