How Far from Norfolk Airport to Virginia Beach?

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How Far from Norfolk Airport to Virginia Beach

The distance from Norfolk Airport to Virginia Beach is approximately 18 miles. Travel time by car is around 20-25 minutes, traffic permitting.

Nestled in the heart of the coastal region of Virginia, the journey from Norfolk International Airport to the scenic shores of Virginia Beach is a brief and straightforward drive, predominantly along I-64 East. Visitors arriving at the airport can find a range of transportation options available, including car rentals, shuttles, and taxis, to facilitate their transfer to this popular beach destination.

Virginia Beach attracts tourists with its expansive sandy beaches, vibrant boardwalk, and variety of oceanfront hotels and restaurants. Access to this ocean-side retreat is convenient for those eager to immerse themselves in sunbathing, surfing, or exploring the local marine life and historical landmarks such as the Cape Henry Lighthouse. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, the proximity of Virginia Beach to Norfolk Airport makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the coastal charms of Virginia.

Journey From Norfolk Airport To Virginia Beach

Welcome to your travel guide from Norfolk International Airport to Virginia Beach. Begin your journey with ease and comfort as we explore the road that connects one of Virginia’s major air hubs to its renowned coastal retreat. We’ll provide the essential details so your coastal getaway starts without a hitch.

Starting Point: Norfolk International Airport

Norfolk International Airport serves as your gateway to Virginia Beach. With a strategic location, the airport connects air travelers to this beautiful beachside city. Located mere miles from the coastline, your adventure starts here.

  • Brief Security Processes
  • Accessible Car Rentals
  • Taxi and Shuttle Services

Destination: The Heart Of Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, the heart of the Hampton Roads area, beckons. Its inviting shores and vibrant boardwalk promise a memorable visit. Here’s how to navigate towards ocean breezes and sun-kissed beaches:

Transport MethodTravel TimeDistance
Car/Rental20 Minutes18 Miles
Shuttle/Taxi25 Minutes18 Miles
Public Bus45 Minutes18 Miles

By land, your journey spans approximately 18 miles. Whether you choose the speed of a car rental or the economy of public transit, arrival is swift and simple.

Transportation Options

Finding your way from Norfolk Airport to Virginia Beach is a breeze with several transportation options available. Whether you prefer a direct shuttle service, the affordability of public transit, the convenience of a taxi or ride-share, or the freedom of your own rental car, you’ll find the perfect mode to suit your needs.

Shuttle Services To Consider

Shuttle services offer a hassle-free way to get to Virginia Beach.

  • Door-to-door convenience
  • Fixed pricing
  • Advanced reservations

Public Transit Availability

Virginia Beach and Norfolk connect through public transportation networks.

  1. Bus services run regularly
  2. Cost-effective travel
  3. Schedules online

Ride-sharing And Taxi Services

Taxis and ride-sharing provide flexibility for travelers.

  • Immediate availability
  • Direct routes
  • App-based hailing

Car Rental Agencies At The Airport

Rental cars give you control over your travel itinerary.

AvisTerminal Building24/7
EnterpriseTerminal Building24/7
HertzTerminal Building24/7

Distance And Travel Time

Planning a trip from Norfolk Airport to Virginia Beach? Knowing the distance and travel time is crucial. The journey is not just crossing streets but an adventure along the beautiful Virginia coastline. Let’s explore!

Miles To Cover

The distance between Norfolk Airport and Virginia Beach is a key factor in planning. The miles you’ll cover are straightforward. The scenic route unfolds as the ocean draws closer.

Starting PointEnd PointDistance
Norfolk AirportVirginia Beach18-20 miles

Estimated Drive Time

The journey is more than miles; it’s the time you’ll spend experiencing the route. What can you expect for drive time? See below to plan effectively.

  • Normal traffic: 20-30 minutes
  • Peak traffic: Up to 45 minutes
  • Alternative routes: May vary

In short, start your visit to Virginia Beach with a relaxing drive from Norfolk Airport!

Best Route Advice

Heading to Virginia Beach from Norfolk Airport? Choose the right path! Whether you seek speed or scenery, this guide helps select the best route. Learn fast or scenic ways to reach sandy shores.

Fastest Route To The Beach

The quickest path to sun and surf awaits! The I-264 E is the fast lane from Norfolk Airport to Virginia Beach. Zip through with these simple steps:

  • Exit the airport and merge onto Norview Ave.
  • Head towards I-64 E.
  • Take exit 284A for I-264 E towards Virginia Beach.
  • Stay on I-264 E until it becomes 21st St.
  • Follow the signs directing you to the beachfront.

The journey is around 20 minutes. Traffic during peak times may extend travel time. Try to travel during off-peak hours.

Scenic Drives For Leisure Travelers

Prefer a journey with views? The scenic route offers beauty over brevity. Here’s a path blending coastline beauty with the city’s charm:

  1. Start on Norview Ave from the airport.
  2. Shift to I-64 W briefly.
  3. Switch to I-564 W/US-460 ALT.
  4. Connect with US-60 E/Shore Drive by the bay.
  5. Follow Shore Drive as it wraps around the coastline.
  6. Continue until it merges into Atlantic Ave, leading you to the beach.

This route takes around 40 minutes. It offers stunning water views. Make sure you plan extra time to enjoy the scenery.

Traffic Patterns And Peak Hours

Traveling from Norfolk Airport to Virginia Beach can take varying times. It’s essential to know traffic patterns and peak hours to plan effectively. During rush hours, this trip could take longer. Let’s look at how local traffic flows and how to avoid busy times.

Understanding Local Traffic

Norfolk and Virginia Beach are bustling cities with unique traffic patterns. Congestion can happen, especially on routes like I-64 and I-264. Holidays and weekends bring more cars to the roads. It’s important to recognize these patterns for a smooth journey.

  • Weekdays may see peak traffic from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM.
  • Evening rush often runs from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
  • Weekends and holidays have variable peak times.

Avoiding Rush Hours

Timing is everything to bypass delays. Traveling outside peak hours ensures a smoother ride. Plan to leave either before or after the times listed.

Time FrameDescription
Morning Non-PeakBefore 7:30 AM or after 9:00 AM
Evening Non-PeakBefore 4:00 PM or after 6:00 PM
WeekendsEarly morning or late evenings

Use navigation apps to check real-time traffic. This tool helps avoid closed roads or accidents. Remember that the best times to travel may shift, so checking traffic on the day is wise.

Cost Considerations

Traveling from Norfolk Airport to Virginia Beach? The cost is key. Let’s explore transport expenses and tips to keep your wallet happy.

Average Costs For Transport

Getting to Virginia Beach involves a mix of options.

Mode of TransportCost (Approximate)
Rideshare (Uber/Lyft)$25-$35
Shuttle Services$25-$50
Rental Car$40-$70/day

Ways To Save On Travel Expenses

Saving on travel is easy with these strategies:

  • Book Rideshares – Split the fare with friends.
  • Public Transit – It’s reliable and budget-friendly.
  • Shuttle Discounts – Hotels often offer deals.
  • Compare Car Rentals – Look for online specials.

Remember, plan ahead and research for the best rates!

Tourist Activities Along The Way

Embarking on a journey from Norfolk Airport to Virginia Beach opens up a corridor full of exciting tourist activities. Visitors can turn a simple drive into an adventure with many attractions to explore.

Notable Stops En Route

Exploring the road from Norfolk to Virginia Beach reveals hidden gems. These stops are perfect for stretching your legs and capturing memories.

  • Norfolk Botanical Garden – A burst of color and life near the airport.
  • Lynnhaven House – A peek into 18th-century life.
  • Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel – A marvel of engineering offering stunning views.

Must-visit Locations For First-time Visitors

First-time visitors will find these locations unforgettable. They capture the essence of the region.

  1. First Landing State Park – Pristine nature and historical significance.
  2. Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center – Dive into ocean wonders.
  3. Atlantic Avenue – The vibrant heart of Virginia Beach’s coastline.

Embark on the short yet delightful 20-minute journey to Virginia Beach. Discover these must-see spots that will enhance your experience.

Accommodation Options At Virginia Beach

Welcome to the serene sands and soothing waves of Virginia Beach, a coastal haven that’s just a short drive from Norfolk Airport! Whether you’re here for a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a solitary retreat, finding the perfect place to stay is essential. Let’s explore the range of accommodation options Virginia Beach has to offer.

Hotels And Resorts Near The Beach

Virginia Beach boasts a variety of hotels and resorts within steps of the ocean.

  • Oceanfront luxury resorts cater to those seeking high-end amenities and breathtaking sea views.
  • Family-friendly hotels offer pools, kid’s clubs, and easy beach access.
  • Couple’s retreats provide intimate settings with spa services for a romantic stay.

These hotels often feature on-site dining, fitness centers, and indoor pools.

Budget-friendly Accommodations

Travelers can also find wallet-friendly stays.

  • Motels offer basic rooms with convenient parking.
  • Hostels are great for solo travelers or groups on a tight budget.
  • Rental condos and homes provide a home-like experience, often with kitchens.

These options can be a few blocks from the beach but deliver big savings.


Knowing the distance from Norfolk Airport to Virginia Beach is crucial for trip planning. The journey, spanning roughly 18 miles, offers a comfortable drive. For a seamless experience, allow 20-25 minutes travel time. Next time you fly in, you’re set for a quick seaside escape.

Enjoy Virginia Beach’s sun, surf, and sand without delay!

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