How Far is Cdg Airport from Paris?

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How Far is Cdg Airport from Paris

Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) is approximately 25 kilometers northeast of Paris city center. The journey by car or public transport typically takes around 30 to 50 minutes, depending on traffic and mode of transportation.

Charles de Gaulle Airport, commonly referred to as CDG, stands as the primary international gateway to Paris and is one of Europe’s major aviation hubs. Travelers embarking on their Parisian adventure or business trip often begin at CDG, given its extensive network of flights covering destinations worldwide.

The airport’s proximity to the heart of Paris makes it convenient for visitors to access the city’s countless attractions. With multiple transportation options available, including trains, buses, and taxis, the commute from CDG to the City of Lights caters to a range of traveler preferences and budgets. Efficient transportation means and clear signage facilitate a stress-free transit for tourists and residents alike, whether they’re heading to the city for the first time or returning home.

Introduction To Charles De Gaulle Airport

Charles de Gaulle Airport stands out as France’s largest airport. Located in the outskirts of Paris, it handles millions of passengers annually. It is not just an airport but a central hub that connects travelers to the world’s most iconic city, Paris. With a complex of terminals and runways, it is a marvel of modern aviation.

Paris’ Primary International Gateway

Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), Paris’ main international airport, is the first stop for many travelers heading to the French capital. As an essential entry point, it provides:

  • State-of-the-art facilities conducive for worldwide passengers.
  • Extensive flight networks that connect Paris to international destinations.
  • Easy access to the heart of Paris.

Significance Of Cdg In European Air Travel

The significance of CDG extends beyond France. It’s a key player in European air travel. Its position reinforces the airport as:

  • A central connection hub for Europe.
  • An immediate gateway for European and international tourists.
  • Vital for economic trade and travel between countries.

Cdg’s Geographic Location

Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) is Paris’s main international gateway.
Nested in the heart of France, CDG is not far from the city’s vibrant streets. This proximity makes CDG an ideal start to your Paris adventure.

Coordinates And Map Position

CDG Airport sits at 49.0097° N latitude and 2.5479° E longitude.
This places the airport comfortably to the northeast of Paris’s city center.

Below is the airport’s position on a map:

  • Latitude: 49.0097° N
  • Longitude: 2.5479° E

The Airport’s Surroundings And Infrastructure

Surrounded by the picturesque municipalities of Roissy-en-France and Le Mesnil-Amelot,
CDG airport links you to Paris through various transport means.

The airport boasts impressive infrastructure:

  • Three terminals: Each tailor-made for specific travel experiences.
  • Multiple runways: To ensure efficient takeoffs and landings.
  • High-speed rail connections: Such as the RER B train line, connecting you directly to Paris city.

Distance From Paris

Wondering about the distance between Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) and the heart of Paris? This section breaks down the exact distance from CDG Airport to central Paris in both kilometers and miles. Whether you’re planning your airport transfer or simply curious, the information here will give you a clear idea of the journey ahead after you land in the City of Lights.

Kilometers To Central Paris

Charles de Gaulle Airport serves as the main international gateway to Paris. It’s located roughly 25 kilometers northeast of the city center. The distance means a direct car journey can typically take around 30 to 50 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Transport MethodDistance (km)Travel Time (approx.)
Car/Taxi25 km30-50 mins
Train (RER B)25-30 km25-35 mins
Bus25-30 km60-70 mins

Miles To Notable Parisian Landmarks

For those more familiar with miles, CDG Airport sits about 16 miles from iconic Parisian landmarks. Here is a short list showing the distance to a few must-see spots:

  • Eiffel Tower: ~17 miles
  • Louvre Museum: ~16 miles
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral: ~16 miles (pre-reconstruction)
  • Sacré-Cœur: ~14 miles

From CDG, these destinations are easily reached by public transport or taxi. Enjoy your trip to Paris knowing these distances!

Travel Times To Downtown Paris

Touching down at Charles de Gaulle Airport, you’re at the gateway to Paris. Travel times to downtown vary based on your chosen mode of transport. Conveniently, Paris offers options for all preferences. Let’s explore the average durations by car and the array of public transportation at your disposal.

Average Duration By Car

Heading into the heart of Paris by car?

Expect a 30 to 50-minute journey, traffic conditions pending. The exact duration depends on the time of day and your Paris destination.

Avoid rush hours for a quicker ride.

Time of DayAverage Travel Time
Peak Hours (8-10 AM & 5-7 PM)Up to 60 Minutes
Off-Peak Hours30-40 Minutes

Public Transportation Options And Times

Paris boasts a robust public transit system that connects CDG Airport to downtown.

  • RER B Train: The fastest non-road option. It takes about 30 minutes to reach central Paris.
  • Roissybus: Direct to Opéra, with an average travel time of 60 minutes.
  • Bus Lines 350 and 351: Budget-friendly, with stops across Paris, taking around 70 minutes.

Train rides are more predictable, as they’re not affected by traffic. Buses offer scenic routes.

Modes Of Transport Available

Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), situated just 25km to the northeast of Paris, offers multiple transport options. For travelers ready to explore the romantic streets of Paris, here are the convenient modes of travel available.

Shuttle Services And Taxis

Travelers looking for a direct and comfortable ride might opt for shuttle services or taxis.

  • Private shuttles can be booked in advance and offer door-to-door service.
  • Taxis are available 24/7, and the ride to the city center takes about 45 minutes depending on traffic.

Train Lines Connecting To Paris

Paris is well-linked to CDG Airport by trains, which are both fast and cost-effective.

Train ServiceDestinationFrequencyTravel Time
RER BCentral Paris10-20 minutesAbout 30 minutes
TGVVarious locationsVariesDepends on destination

Bus Routes To The City

Several bus options provide regular service to Paris.

  1. Roissybus: goes to Opéra Garnier, with a journey of about 60 minutes.
  2. Line 351: ends at Nation, taking up to 70 minutes.
  3. Line 350: arrives at Gare de l’Est, with a similar travel time.

Comparing Costs Of Different Transport Options

Choosing the right mode of transport from Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport to Paris matters. Travelers often weigh the cost against convenience. This section breaks down the expenses associated with different transit options.

Ticket Prices For Public Transit

Public transit is budget-friendly and accessible. Here’s a look at the ticket prices:

  • RER B Train: A single ticket costs approximately €10.
  • Roissybus: Expect to pay around €12 for a one-way trip.
  • Bus lines 350 and 351: A cheaper choice at just €6 per ticket.

Estimated Fares For Private Transfers

Private transfers offer ease and comfort. Here’s what you might pay:

Type of TransferEstimated Fare
Private Car ServicesFrom €50 to €70
TaxiAround €55 to €70
Ride-Sharing AppsApproximately €40 to €50

Tips For First-time Travelers To Cdg

Welcome to the City of Lights! Whether you’re here for the fashion, the food, or the history, it all starts when you land at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG). Sitting about 25 kilometers (15 miles) to the northeast of Paris, reaching the heart of the city from CDG is crucial for any traveler. Here are essential tips tailored for first-time visitors to navigate CDG airport and transition smoothly into the Parisian experience.

Navigating Airport Terminals

Charles de Gaulle Airport is vast with three main terminals. Terminal 1 is the oldest, Terminal 2 is the largest, while Terminal 3 handles mostly charter and low-cost airlines. Understanding which terminal you arrive at and depart from is essential.

  • Use free inter-terminal shuttles to move between terminals.
  • Check interactive maps on the CDG website or use the My Airport app for live directions.
  • Consult information desks for any assistance.

Managing Transit To The City

Getting to Paris from CDG can be quick and easy. Here’s a breakdown:

Mode of TransportTravel TimeCost (Approx)
RER B Train30-40 minutes€10.30
Taxis45-60 minutes€55-€70
Bus Services60-75 minutes€11-€17

Choose the best option based on your budget and destination. Remember that public transport offers free maps at stations!

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Let’s keep your trip as smooth as possible by avoiding misunderstandings. Follow these tips:

  1. Buy RER train tickets from official counters or machines, not from people who approach you.
  2. Validate your ticket before boarding the train to avoid fines.
  3. Know that taxis have a fixed rate to the city. Don’t pay more than necessary.
  4. Stay alert and watch your belongings in crowded areas to prevent theft.

Alternatives To Charles De Gaulle

Travelers often explore options besides Charles de Gaulle Airport when visiting Paris. Understanding the distance and offerings of nearby airports can aid in planning. In this section, we compare other airports in proximity to Paris.

Orly Airport Proximity Comparison

Orly Airport serves as a second major gateway to Paris. It is closer to the city than CDG. Visitors can reach the heart of Paris within 18 kilometers. This translates to approximately 30 minutes by car, barring traffic.

  • Public transport options include buses and trams.
  • Orly offers a dedicated link – Orlyval – to the RER B train.
  • A taxi from Orly may cost less due to the shorter distance.

Beauvais-tille Airport For Low-cost Airlines

Beauvais-Tille Airport is a hub for budget-friendly airlines. Located around 85 kilometers from Paris, travel time is roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes by car.

TransportationExpected Travel TimeApproximate Cost
Shuttle Bus1.5 hours€15-€17
Car1 hour 15 minutesVaries
Train2 hours€10-€20

Though further away, travelers save on flights and still enjoy Paris’ charm. Always check the flight plus travel costs against other airports.


Wrapping up, Charles de Gaulle Airport lies roughly 25-30 kilometers from Paris’ heart. Whether you opt for train, taxi, or bus, reaching the city center is a breeze. For visitors, understanding this distance helps plan a stress-free arrival or departure.

Bon voyage on your Parisian adventure!

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