How Far is Salem from Boston Airport?

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How Far is Salem from Boston Airport

Salem is approximately 15 miles (24 kilometers) from Boston Logan International Airport. Travel time varies depending on the mode of transportation used.

Salem, a city imbued with historical significance, sits snugly along Massachusetts’ coast, a short and scenic journey from Boston Logan International Airport. As the site of the infamous 17th-century witch trials, Salem attracts visitors keen to explore its rich past and cultural significance.

From the airport, travelers can reach this quaint New England city by car, public transport, or private shuttle, with the trip offering a blend of urban and colonial landscapes. Whether in town for a day trip or a longer stay, visitors will find the distance convenient for experiencing the numerous attractions Salem provides, with its proximity to Boston ensuring easy access for those flying in from out of town.

Distance And Travel Options

Exploring the ‘Distance and Travel Options’ from Salem to Boston Airport reveals the essence of convenience and time management for travelers. Let’s delve into the journey details.

Direct Mileage Between Salem And Boston Airport

The direct distance from Salem to Boston Logan International Airport is approximately 16 miles. This proximity makes Salem a convenient location for those traveling to and from the airport.

Modes Of Transportation Available

Several travel options are at your disposal:

  • Car: Driving takes about 30-40 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • Taxi/Rideshare: Available 24/7, offering door-to-door service.
  • Public Transit: The MBTA provides a budget-friendly choice with a combination of trains and buses.
  • Shuttle Service: Some hotels offer shuttles directly to the airport.

For a visual representation, the information is shown through a table:

Mode of TransportationAverage Travel TimeNotes
Car30-40 minutesFastest option during off-peak hours
Taxi/Rideshare30-40 minutesCost varies based on service
Public TransitApproximately 1 hourMost economical
ShuttleVariesDependent on hotel schedule

Choose the best travel option that fits your schedule and budget. The journey from Salem to Boston Airport is quick and easy with these choices available.

Driving From Boston Airport To Salem

Venturing from Boston Logan International Airport to the historic town of Salem, Massachusetts,
presents an opportunity to explore New England’s charm. Nestled along the coastline, Salem lies to the northeast of Boston. Whether you’re visiting for its famous witch trials history or its picturesque streets, traveling by car is straightforward.

Estimated Time Of Arrival By Car

The distance between Boston Airport and Salem is approximately 16 miles.
Without heavy traffic, one might expect to reach Salem in about 30 to 40 minutes.
This timing can vary depending on the hour and road conditions.

Traffic Patterns And Best Times To Drive

Understanding traffic patterns is key to a smooth drive. Rush hours in Boston typically occur from 7-9AM and 4-7PM on weekdays. Aim to avoid these times for a faster trip. Weekends and holidays may also see increased congestion. Weather events can impact travel times too. For real-time updates, keep a traffic app handy during your drive. Choose an off-peak time, and you’ll enjoy a pleasant journey to the bewitching city of Salem.

Best Driving Times
DayOff-Peak Hours
Weekdays10AM – 3PM, After 7PM
WeekendsEarly Mornings and Late Evenings

Public Transportation Solutions

Traveling from Boston Airport to Salem? Public transport makes the journey clear and comfortable. Select from trains or buses to reach your destination without any hassle. Let’s explore the options available.

Mbta Commuter Rail Services

For a direct route, choose the MBTA Commuter Rail. It links Boston’s North Station with Salem. It’s a quick and scenic ride along the Massachusetts coastline. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Departure: North Station, accessible via airport shuttle and subway
  • Destination: Salem Station, in the heart of Salem
  • Duration: About 30 minutes
  • Schedule: Frequent daily service

Bus Routes Connecting The Two Points

Prefer the bus? There are several options. Buses offer flexibility and multiple stops. Catch the Logan Express or other regional services:

Logan ExpressBoston AirportVarious locationsEvery hour
Regional BusesSeveral points in BostonDestinations near SalemVaries by provider

Check bus schedules ahead of time. Always confirm the latest times and stops.

Taxis And Rideshare Services

Traveling from Boston Airport to Salem brings two popular choices to the forefront: taxis and rideshare services. Both offer door-to-door convenience, but the decision rests on individual preferences like cost, waiting times, and ease of use. Passengers need to consider these factors when choosing their ride.

Cost Comparison Of Taxi Vs. Rideshare

When it comes to price, taxis and rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft differ:

  • Fixed meter rate.
  • Higher cost during peak hours.
  • No pre-booking required.
  • Variable rates based on demand.
  • Estimate provided in the app.
  • Easy to book in advance.

Ensure to check both taxi fares and rideshare estimates as they change based on traffic and time of day.

Finding Pick-up Points At Boston Airport

Boston Airport has designated areas for taxis and rideshare pickups:

For taxis:

  • Follow the ‘Ground Transportation’ signs.
  • Locate the taxi stand outside each terminal.

For rideshares:

  • Open your preferred rideshare app upon arrival.
  • Select the pickup location as directed in the app.
  • Locations are typically at designated rideshare zones.

Gather your belongings, and prepare for a smooth ride to Salem.

Navigating To Salem By Water

Imagine gliding across the water on your journey from Boston to Salem. Think fresh sea air and the skyline fading behind you. Traveling by water adds a sprinkle of adventure to your trip. It’s an escape from the bustling roads and city crowds.

Seasonal Ferry Services

Setting sail from Boston Harbor, a ferry trip to Salem is a popular choice during warmer months. Ferry services are seasonal, typically running from late spring through October. Keep an eye on service updates as you plan your trip.

  • Check schedules online to find the best time for you.
  • Book tickets in advance to ensure a spot on the ferry.
  • Ferry companies often offer amenities like snacks and outdoor seating.

Travel Time On Water

The voyage by ferry offers a quick and scenic route. The duration of the trip can be an experience in itself. Typically, it takes less than an hour to reach Salem by water.

ServiceDeparture PointsTravel Time
Salem FerryBoston’s Long WharfApprox. 55 minutes
Private ChartersVarious locationsVaries

Check the forecast and dress accordingly for a pleasant journey. Enjoy the serene sea route and arrive refreshed, bypassing car or bus traffic.

Accommodation And Waiting Areas

Are you planning a trip from Boston Airport to Salem? If so, you need to know about places to stay and rest before your journey. This section is all about making your wait at the airport comfortable. From cozy hotels to secure luggage zones, we’ve got you covered.

Hotels Near The Airport

Finding a great hotel near Boston Airport is easy. Many options are available for every budget. Here’s a peek at some close-by hotels:

  • Hilton Boston Logan Airport – A quick shuttle ride from the terminals.
  • Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor – Enjoy stunning views and first-class amenities.
  • Comfort Inn & Suites Logan International Airport – Great value for cozy stays.

Select a hotel that fits your needs. Many offer free shuttles to the airport. All are perfect for a good night’s sleep before heading to Salem.

Luggage Storage And Rest Zones

Don’t carry your bags around while you wait. Boston Airport provides luggage storage services. Take a break in the rest zones too. You’ll find them throughout the airport. They have soft seating and are quiet spots to relax. Check out these areas:

LocationAvailable Facilities
Terminal BLounge chairs, Charging stations
Terminal CLuggage lockers, Resting pods
Terminal EReclining seats, Quiet areas

Rest and recharge or keep your belongings safe while you explore. Boston Airport looks after your comfort in every way.

Attractions Along The Way

The journey from Boston Airport to Salem is not just a commute; it’s a venture through history and culture. The route offers numerous attractions worthy of exploration. A trip to Salem promises enchantment with stops en route to enhance the experience. Whether you crave historical insights or sumptuous dining, this path holds treasures to discover.

Sightseeing Stops Between Salem And Boston

Embark on a scenic ride and encounter iconic landmarks rich in American heritage. These sightseeing stops bridge the distance with fascination:

  • The Witch House: Engage with the 17th-century Salem witch trials history.
  • Peabody Essex Museum: Marvel at extensive art collections.
  • The House of the Seven Gables: Visit the inspiration for Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel.
  • Salem Maritime National Historic Site: Explore America’s maritime history.

Guests are welcome to capture moments or enjoy brief strolls at each site.

Restaurants And Food Options

Satisfy your palate with an array of delightful cuisines found between Salem and Boston:

Ye Olde Pepper CompanieAmerican, Confectionery4.5 Stars
Turner’s SeafoodSeafood, American4.7 Stars
Red’s Sandwich ShopDiner, Breakfast4.5 Stars
Gulu-Gulu CaféCafé, European4.4 Stars

Each eatery offers unique flavors and a cozy ambiance for travelers.

Travel Tips And Resources

Embarking on a journey from Boston Airport to the historic city of Salem? Excellent choice! To make your trip smooth and enjoyable, let’s dive into some travel tips and resources. No matter if you’re a solo adventurer or a family of explorers, these insights will help you make the most of your Salem visit.

Best Time Of Year To Visit Salem

Salem is a city with a story for every season. Each time of year offers something unique. To capture the true essence of Salem, consider visiting during these periods:

  • October: Embrace the Halloween spirit with ghost tours and festivals.
  • Spring: Enjoy quieter streets and blooming gardens.
  • Summer: Experience outdoor concerts and waterfront attractions.
  • Fall: Witness the colorful foliage and partake in autumnal events.

Remember, October is the peak season. Book accommodations early to avoid disappointment. Salem’s allure never fades, so select a time that aligns with your interests.

Travel Apps For Planning Your Route

A seamless journey starts with the right apps. Here is a list to guide you on your way to Salem:

App NameFeaturesAvailability
Google MapsReal-time traffic updates, GPS navigationiOS, Android
WazeCommunity-based traffic insightsiOS, Android
Rome2RioMultiple travel options and estimated costsiOS, Android, Web
MBTA mTicketTrain tickets and schedules within MassachusettsiOS, Android

Whether you’re using public transit or driving, these tools will provide convenience. They’ll help you find the best route, avoiding delays and ensuring a stress-free arrival. Don’t forget to check local transit apps for the most up-to-date information on schedules and fares.


Exploring the distance between Salem and Boston Airport reveals a journey that’s both quick and convenient. Covering this stretch is straightforward, whether by car, train, or bus. Remember, your trip from historical Salem to the gateway of global travel at Boston Airport is just a short ride away.

Safe travels!

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