How to Get from Marseille Airport to Marseille?

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How to Get from Marseille Airport to Marseille

To get from Marseille Airport to Marseille, take the Navette Marseille Aeroport shuttle bus or a taxi. The shuttle connects the airport to Marseille Saint-Charles train station directly.

Navigating transportation from Marseille Airport to the heart of Marseille is a common query for travelers arriving in this bustling French city. Located about 25 kilometers northwest of Marseille, the airport offers convenient shuttle services that run every 15-20 minutes, ensuring a smooth ride to the central train station – the primary connector to the city’s metro and regional trains.

For those preferring a more personal travel experience, taxis are readily available, offering a direct route to various destinations within Marseille. This coastal metropolis, laden with history and rich in Mediterranean culture, requires a hassle-free transfer from the airport to dive straight into the urban charm, and these transport options provide exactly that for locals and tourists alike.

Arriving At Marseille Airport: What You Need To Know

Welcome to Marseille, the heart of Provence! Your journey starts at Marseille Airport (MRS), also known as Marseille Provence Airport. It’s the gateway to the city and the Mediterranean coast. Ease into your Marseille adventure with this handy guide. We’ll cover airport services, navigation tips, and more.

Key Facilities And Services At The Airport

Marseille Airport boasts a range of amenities:

  • Free Wi-Fi keeps you connected.
  • An array of eateries and shops offer local flavors and souvenirs.
  • Car rental agencies are available for convenience.

Airport services also include:

ATMs and Banks
For your currency needs.
Luggage Services
Offering storage and assistance.

Navigating The Terminals And Information Centers

Finding your way is easy at Marseille Airport. It has two main terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Each terminal serves specific airlines and destinations.

Look for information centers marked with ‘i’. They provide maps and help. Here’s a quick guide:

T1International carriersInfo desk, shops, dining
T2Low-cost airlinesQuick food options, stores

Signs in English and French guide you. Airport staff are on hand to help.

Shuttle Buses: A Popular Transport Option

Traveling from Marseille Airport to the heart of Marseille is easy. Many travelers prefer shuttle buses for their convenience. These buses offer a direct link to the city. Let’s dive into what they offer!

Schedules And Frequency Of Airport Shuttles

Shuttle buses run regularly from Marseille Airport. They operate every 15-20 minutes during peak times. This frequency ensures you won’t wait long. Outside peak hours, buses run every 30 minutes. Early mornings and late evenings have less frequent services. It’s wise to check the schedule ahead of your trip.

Time of DayFrequency
Peak Hours (7 AM – 7 PM)Every 15-20 Minutes
Off-Peak (Before 7 AM and After 7 PM)Every 30 Minutes
Early Morning / Late EveningLess Frequent

Ticketing And Prices For Bus Rides

The shuttle bus is not only reliable but also affordable. Tickets are available at machines near the stops. They are also available on the bus. Prices are typically around 8.30 euros for a one-way trip. Children under six can travel for free. For regular travelers, multi-ride cards offer extra savings.

  • Single Ticket: ~8.30 Euros
  • Children under Six: Free
  • Multi-Ride Cards: Discounts Available

The Convenience Of Airport Taxis

The Convenience of Airport Taxis stands out as a top choice for travelers arriving at Marseille Airport. Quick and hassle-free, taxis provide direct transportation to your destination. Forget waiting for public transport. A taxi ride ensures a smooth start to your Marseille journey.

Finding The Taxi Rank At Marseille Airport

Locating the taxi rank at Marseille Airport is simple. Once you collect your luggage, follow the signs marked with a taxi icon. These will guide you to the taxi waiting area outside the arrivals hall. For clarity, here’s a list:

  • Gather your belongings.
  • Look for taxi signage.
  • Follow the signs to the designated taxi area.

Understanding Taxi Fares And Tips For Saving Money

Taxi fares from Marseille Airport are straightforward. Charges depend on time and distance. Here’s the breakdown:

Time of DayFare
Day (7 AM – 7 PM)Standard metered fare
Night (7 PM – 7 AM)Increased night tariff

To save money, consider these tips:

  1. Share a taxi if possible.
  2. Travel during the day for standard fares.
  3. Discuss fares with the driver before starting your journey.

Car Rental Services: Exploring At Your Own Pace

Touch down at Marseille Airport and breathe in the Mediterranean air! Your adventure begins here. Renting a car gives you the freedom to discover Marseille and surrounding areas. Follow scenic routes, stop at local eateries, or find hidden beaches. Let’s dive into how car rental services can enhance your trip.

How To Book A Rental Car At The Airport

Booking a rental car is simple. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Visit car rental desks at the terminal or use airport touch screens.
  2. Choose a car that fits your budget and needs.
  3. Show your driver’s license and payment method.
  4. Review and sign the contract.
  5. Pick up your keys and start your journey!

Comparing Rental Companies And Deals

To get the best deal, compare different rental companies. Look at:

Rental CompanyCar Types AvailablePriceExtras
Company AEconomy to Luxury$40/dayGPS, Baby Seat
Company BCompact to SUVs$35/dayUnlimited Mileage
Company CElectric to Vans$50/dayRoadside Assistance
  • Compare car types, what you get for your money.
  • Check reviews from other customers.
  • Look for special offers or discounts.

Taking The Train: A Scenic Route To The City

Traveling from Marseille Airport to Marseille city by train offers more than just a ride. It provides a unique chance to soak in the stunning sights of the French countryside. The rail route carves through landscapes dotted with Provencal architecture and glimpses of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s not just a journey; it’s a memorable experience showing you the heart of Southern France before you even reach your destination.

How To Reach The Train Station From The Airport

Upon landing at Marseille Airport, the start of your scenic train journey is close. Follow signs to the airport shuttle area. These free shuttles leave every 15 minutes and will whisk you to the nearby Vitrolles Aeroport Marseille Provence train station in about 5 minutes.

  • Free shuttle service to the train station
  • 5-minute journey from the airport
  • Shuttles depart every 15 minutes
  • Accessible for all travelers

Train Timetables And Purchasing Tickets

Train schedules are consistent and accommodating, with services running from early morning until late at night. It ensures you can glide towards Marseille at a time that suits your travel plans. You can check the latest timetables online or directly at the station.

First TrainLast TrainFrequency (Min)
05:30 AM00:30 AM20

Purchasing tickets is easy and swift. Use the automated kiosks at the train station or buy them online in advance. Ensure you have your ticket before boarding. It’s a step you won’t want to miss as you prepare for your scenic trip to Marseille.

  1. Check schedules online or at the station
  2. Buy tickets via automated kiosks or online
  3. Keep your ticket handy for boarding

Ride-sharing And Private Transfers: Door-to-door Service

Landing in Marseille Airport sets you up for an adventure in the vibrant city of Marseille. One of the first steps is figuring out the right transit option. Ride-sharing services and private transfers offer convenient, door-to-door service. This ensures a smooth transition from the airport to your destination in Marseille. Let’s explore how these options can add comfort and ease to your journey.

Booking And Using Ride-sharing Services

Ride-sharing apps bring a seamless travel experience. Download the app before you land. Connect to the airport Wi-Fi or use roaming data to book your ride. You can choose your vehicle type according to budget or preference.

  • Select pick-up location
  • Confirm your destination
  • Track your driver in real-time

Drivers usually meet you at designated spots outside the terminal. Payment is hassle-free, processed through the app.

Arranging A Private Transfer Ahead Of Time

For travelers seeking a premium experience, private transfers are the top choice. Book in advance to secure your ride. Look for reputable companies with good reviews. Provide flight details to the service for timely pick-ups.

1.Choose a reliable transfer company
2.Book online or via phone
3.Receive confirmation and meet-up instructions

Private transfers assure personalized service and comfort. Your driver often greets you with a name sign for ease of contact. For families or groups, this option ensures a vehicle suited to your size and luggage needs.

Public Buses: Budget-friendly Travel

Traveling on a budget? Public buses provide a wallet-friendly option to get from Marseille Airport to the heart of the city. With routes connecting you to key locations, opting for a bus can stretch your euros further. Climb aboard and experience Marseille like a local!

Identifying The Right Bus Line For Your Destination

Spotting the correct bus line is simple. Check the airport’s information boards or ask at the information desk. Bus lines such as the Navette Marseille Aéroport connect the airport to the central train station, Gare Saint-Charles. From there, other buses can take you anywhere in the city.

Using Public Buses: Passes And Single Tickets

Public buses offer flexible ticket options. Choose what suits you from the following:

  • Single tickets – perfect for one-off trips
  • Day passes – ideal for unlimited rides on the day of purchase
  • Multi-day passes – best for those staying longer

Tickets are available from machines at the airport, bus stops, or on the bus using exact change. For ease, consider a contactless card payment option where available. Remember to validate your ticket upon boarding.

Helpful Tips For First-time Visitors To Marseille

Welcome to Marseille, a vibrant port city basking in the Mediterranean sun. As a first-time visitor, navigating from the airport to the city center might seem daunting. Fear not! This guide offers essential tips to ease your journey and immerse you in the local culture.

Optimizing Airport Transit: Time And Cost Considerations

Marseille Provence Airport, your gateway to this historical city, is well connected.

  • Shuttle Services: Frequent shuttles run to Marseille Saint-Charles Train Station.
  • Taxis: Available 24/7. Ensure the meter starts at the base fare.
  • Ride-Share Apps: Often offer fixed rates and easy booking.
  • Public Transportation: Metro and buses connect the station to the city.
Transit OptionTimeCost
Shuttle25 mins8.30€
Taxi30 mins50€
Ride-Share30 minsVaries

Approximate taxi fare.

Cultural Norms And Communication Tips In Marseille

Embrace the local ambiance with these tips.

  • Say “Bonjour” when entering shops. It’s polite.
  • Aim for basic French phrases. Locals appreciate the effort.
  • Tipping: Not compulsory, but a small amount shows gratitude for good service.
  • Relax and enjoy a slower pace. Marseille is laid back.

Remember, smiles are universal. Enjoy your Marseille adventure!

Safety Precautions And Emergency Information

Navigating from Marseille Airport to Marseille city is straightforward. Yet safety is crucial. This guide spells out key safety measures and emergency contacts. Always stay alert and follow these tips to ensure a secure and smooth transfer.

Staying Safe During Airport Transit

Keep personal belongings close. Use bags with secure closures. Prefer luggage with combination locks. Stay aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded places.

  • Use official transportation. Opt for authorized taxis or official shuttle services.
  • Travel in groups if possible. There is safety in numbers.
  • Keep emergency numbers handy. Save local emergency contacts in your phone.
  • Avoid distractions like excessive phone use while navigating.

Who To Contact In Case Of An Emergency

In an emergency, swift action is vital. Emergency services are accessible 24/7.

Medical Emergency112 (EU Emergency Number)
Airport Help DeskInformation available at airport terminals

These contacts can also be found displayed at strategic locations around the airport.


Navigating from Marseille Airport to the city center is straightforward. Choose from a shuttle, taxi, or rental services according to your preferences and budget. Enjoy a seamless journey and discover the charm of Marseille upon your arrival. Safe travels and bon voyage!

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