Clever Buildings Whose Architects Refused To Cut Down Local Trees

Melanie Haiken

Architects Refused To Cut Down Local Trees

In the ever-evolving world of architecture, sustainability and environmental consciousness have become paramount. Architects around the globe are embracing innovative designs that not only harmonize with nature but also preserve it. One remarkable approach is the commitment to integrate existing trees into architectural plans, resulting in stunning buildings that seamlessly blend with their natural surroundings.

These clever structures showcase the ingenuity and dedication of architects who refused to cut down local trees, proving that it’s possible to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces while honoring and protecting the environment. Join us as we explore some of the most inspiring examples of buildings that stand as a testament to this harmonious coexistence between human ingenuity and the natural world.

Ferdows Garden, Tehran – Iran

Ferdows Garden

A historical garden in Tehran, famous for its trees that are still alive. The architects retained these natural features and brought them into the city as a serene refuge.

Kindergarten Around The Tree


Kindergarten in Japan that was built around 140-year-old zelkova treegetParentingThis innovative kindergarten in Japan is built around a large zelkova tree, allowing children to see and touch nature every day. The sculpt suggests a special learning atmosphere emphasizing nature in education.

The Tea House


Modern architectural magic, including a tree built into the structure, can be found in Shanghai at The Tea House. The tree is the center of attention, adding the element of peace to the ceremony of tea.

Building Around a 325 Year Old Tree, Turkey


Here is a beautiful example of a Turkish building that respects and protects nature, kneeling across a 325-year-old tree. The design commemorates the history of the tree and adds a canopy to the landscape.

Casa Vogue


The Casa Vogue in São Paulo has a slender and modern design that integrates the trees in its surroundings with its living areas. Trees poke through the floors and ceilings, melding interiors with exteriors in a rather intriguing way.

Niavaran Residential Complex


Apartment Building In Tehran Takes Care Of Its Mature Trees By spreading out the buildings the architects were able to work around existing vegetation and keep discouraging factors as far from the living area as possible.

Lakeview Residence


This beautiful contemporary Lakeview Residence nestled in a Verdant Forest setting is located in Etobicoke, Canada. The architects also saved the trees that were growing on plot and they can be seen throughout the interiors giving natural touches and making them more special.



A wooden theater revolve in Tokyo at Hole, a distinctive building where a large camphor tree will be enclosed by the structure causing an arresting visual effect. The design is driven by the tree as the element, thus making the tree the main feature of the aesthetics and functionality of the building.

Kook Osteria & Pizzeria


A rustic vibe exudes off of this Italian restaurant that wraps around an olive tree that has been mapped in Ireland’s history. By being there the tree makes the venue like a tree-house come bakery come pizzeria. It is a very cool atmosphere of natural enchantment and super tasty food.

Tree Hugger

New Zealand Tree Hugger, a house designed by Edwards White, is wrapped around a mature pohutukawa tree, effectively becoming a part of the house itself. While the design honours the natural aesthetic of the tree and offers a distinct eco-friendly living environment.

Cylindrical Glass House Built Around A Tree


Origin Tree House is a beautiful glass house made in Kazakhstan around a central tree that lets light filter through. The trunk and mature branches of the tree are in evidence from all sides, removing the division between inside and out.

Tree Apartments


Located in Singapore, Tree Apartments are erected around the rainforest trees on site. The buildings are built around trees, giving residents a unique urban life that coexists with nature.

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