How Big is Candlewood Lake?

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How Big Is Candlewood Lake

Candlewood Lake spans over 8.4 square miles (21.8 km²). It is Connecticut’s largest lake.

Nestled in the southwestern part of Connecticut, Candlewood Lake is a stunning body of water that beckons visitors with its clear waters and scenic beauty. Home to numerous recreational activities, this man-made lake serves as a popular destination for boating, fishing, and swimming.

With 60 miles of shoreline, it offers ample space for waterfront relaxation and home to various wildlife species, enhancing its natural allure. Its significance extends beyond recreation; it also plays a crucial role in hydroelectric power generation. Year-round, Candlewood Lake remains a cherished resource, providing both functional utility and a tranquil escape for residents and tourists alike.

Candlewood Lake’s Majestic Scale

Imagine a body of water so vast, it seems more like an inland sea than a lake. That’s Candlewood Lake for you, the largest in Connecticut. It spans an impressive area, drawing visitors for its sheer size and beauty. From boating to fishing, this expanse offers an array of activities, all thanks to its grand scale.

Nestled In Connecticut

The picturesque Candlewood Lake is in the southwestern part of Connecticut. Surrounded by five towns, its waters kiss the edges of Danbury, New Fairfield, Sherman, Brookfield, and New Milford. With its 60 miles of shoreline, residents and travelers revel in year-round lake attractions.

Comparative Size To Notable Lakes

When it comes to size, Candlewood Lake stands out. Here’s how it measures up to other notable lakes:

Lake NameLocationArea (Sq Miles)
Candlewood LakeConnecticut, USA8.4
Lake ZoarConnecticut, USA3.5
Lake LillinonahConnecticut, USA1.9
Lake WaramaugConnecticut, USA0.9
Lake TahoeCalifornia/Nevada, USA191

With an area covering 8.4 square miles, Candlewood Lake outshines other local lakes. Although not as large as Lake Tahoe, its grandeur within the Connecticut landscape is undeniable. Families and adventurers alike cherish the lake’s cool waters and extensive surface area.

Origins And History

Candlewood Lake holds a rich tapestry of history, emerging not from natural processes but from human ingenuity and necessity. Created in the 1920s, this Connecticut gem has undergone significant changes over the years, evolving into a beloved recreational hotspot.

A Lake By Design

Built as a source of hydroelectric power, Candlewood Lake was designed to fulfill energy demands. In an era of industrial progress, the Connecticut Light & Power Company played a pivotal role in its inception. Engineers flooded the valley, and by the dams and dikes, the lake was born.

  • Construction began in 1926
  • The Rocky River Hydroelectric Plant propelled its purpose
  • Impoundment of water completed by 1928

Transformation Over Decades

Candlewood Lake’s environs have seen a dramatic transformation. From a purely utilitarian reservoir, it has become a vibrant community with recreational opportunities galore.

1930sRecreational use begins
1950sHomes and vacation spots develop
Modern DayLake is a year-round attraction

Today, it teems with life and activities ranging from boating to fishing. Generations of families have created memories here, cementing Candlewood Lake as a cherished place in Connecticut’s heart and history.

Measuring The Expanse

Understanding Candlewood Lake’s size reveals the grandeur of this aquatic gem. Nestled in the rolling hills of southwestern Connecticut, Candlewood Lake is a marvel to behold. Its vast waters beckon visitors and locals alike. Let’s dive into the specifics of its surface area and depth, followed by the expanse of its shoreline.

Surface Area And Depth

Candlewood Lake stretches broadly across the landscape. Here’s how it measures up:

  • Total surface area: Roughly 5,420 acres
  • Maximum depth: About 90 feet
  • Average depth: Approximately 40 feet

These dimensions make Candlewood Lake the largest in Connecticut. Its volume offers ample space for various water activities. Sailors, fishermen, and leisure seekers all find their spot on these waters.

Shoreline Length

The lake’s perimeter is equally impressive:

Total Shoreline Length60 miles
Circumference at Water’s EdgeVaries with water level

This extensive shoreline wraps around Candlewood Lake, providing diverse landscapes. Sandy beaches, rocky outcrops, and wooded areas feature all along this expanse. Walkers, picnickers, and nature lovers find plenty to explore around Candlewood Lake’s edge.

Recreational Paradise

Imagine a sparkling expanse where water shimmers under the sun and laughter echoes from the shore. Candlewood Lake stretches out as a vast playground for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Its impressive size not only makes it a natural wonder but also a hub for recreation and leisure. With an array of activities on and off the water, Candlewood Lake is truly a paradise where memories are waiting to be made.

Boating And Fishing Hotspot

Boaters and anglers unite on the crystal waters of Candlewood Lake. With plenty of room to navigate, this lake is perfect for:

  • Speedboating for thrill-seekers
  • Sailing for a peaceful escape
  • Canoeing and kayaking for an up-close experience with nature

Fishing enthusiasts find Candlewood Lake a dream spot, teeming with:

Fish SpeciesHot Months
BassJune – September
TroutApril – October
PerchAll Year Round

Parks And Leisure Activities

Beyond the water, the fun continues. Visitors enjoy:

  1. Hiking trails that offer stunning views
  2. Picnicking spots for family and friends
  3. Playgrounds where children can run free

Lush parks around the lake provide the perfect backdrop for:

  • Photography capturing the beauty of the landscape
  • Wildlife watching to spot local fauna
  • Barbecues and gatherings to make summer memories

Candlewood Lake’s surroundings burst with opportunities for leisure and enjoyment, guaranteeing that every visit is filled with fun and relaxation.

Impact And Significance

Candlewood Lake stands as a gem in Connecticut, not just for its size but also for how it touches lives and the environment. At over 8.4 square miles, it is the largest lake in the state. This expansive water body has profound influences stretching beyond its shores. Let’s explore the lake’s impact and significance, particularly on the ecosystem, wildlife, and the cultural as well as economic fabric of the surrounding communities.

Ecosystem And Wildlife

Candlewood Lake plays host to a rich tapestry of life. From fish to birds, many species call this place home. The lake’s ecosystem is diverse, offering both food and shelter. This makes it crucial for conservation efforts. Here are some key highlights:

  • Vibrant fish population: Ideal for both fishing and research.
  • Birds and waterfowl: A haven for bird watchers and enthusiasts.
  • Habitat conservation: Protects numerous species and maintains biodiversity.

Cultural And Economic Contributions

The lake’s value goes beyond the natural world into the realms of culture and economy. It fosters a sense of community and sustains local businesses. Its impact includes:

Cultural ImpactEconomic Impact
Hosts community events and celebrationsSupports tourism industry
Preserves regional historyGenerates jobs in service and retail sectors
Offers recreational outletsBoosts real estate value

Residents and visitors alike benefit from Candlewood Lake’s serene beauty and the array of opportunities it presents. Local economies thrive as tourists flock to the area, drawn by water sports, fishing, and picturesque landscapes. The lake’s cultural events bond communities, while its surroundings see enhanced realty prospects, making it a cornerstone of the region’s vitality.

Preservation Efforts

Protecting Candlewood Lake is vital for its wildlife and visitors. It’s a treasure that requires constant care. Here, we look into the efforts to keep the lake thriving for generations to come.

Conservation Initiatives

Local groups are taking actions to maintain the lake’s health:

  • Clean Water Projects: These aim to keep the lake free from pollution.
  • Zebra Mussel Prevention: Programs work to stop this invasive species.
  • Fish Stocking: It ensures a balanced ecosystem.

Community events like Clean-up Days gather volunteers to remove litter. Education campaigns teach visitors about eco-friendly practices.

Future Of Candlewood Lake

New technologies are emerging to safeguard the lake. Partnerships with conservationists aim to find innovative solutions.

Water Quality SensorsMonitor health in real time
Shoreline ManagementControl erosion and habitat loss

Plans for Renewable Energy like solar installations can reduce the environmental footprint. Educational programs will expand, fostering a community of lake stewards.


Wrapping up, Candlewood Lake’s vastness impresses both locals and visitors alike. Encompassing 5,420 acres, it stands as Connecticut’s largest lake. Boating, fishing, and leisure abound on its expansive waters. Let the lake’s grandeur call you to explore, – a true jewel in the natural world.

Discover Candlewood for unforgettable experiences.

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