How Close is Fort Lauderdale to Miami?

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How Close Is Fort Lauderdale To Miami

Fort Lauderdale is approximately 28 miles north of Miami. The drive typically takes about 30 to 45 minutes without heavy traffic.

Nestled along Florida’s southeastern coast, Fort Lauderdale’s proximity to Miami makes it an ideal spot for tourists looking to explore the vibrant culture and picturesque beaches of the region. With its own unique charm, Fort Lauderdale offers a slightly more laid-back atmosphere compared to the bustling city vibes of Miami.

Both cities are well-connected by a variety of transport options, including driving, public buses, and trains, facilitating easy day trips or dual-destination vacations. Whether you’re interested in the artsy neighborhoods of Fort Lauderdale or the iconic nightlife of Miami, you can enjoy the best of both worlds due to their close locations.

Geographic Proximity Of Fort Lauderdale To Miami

Are you curious about how close Fort Lauderdale is to Miami? These two vibrant cities lie along Florida’s beautiful Atlantic Coast. They are like pearls strung along the same stretch of ocean. Let’s dive into the details and discover just how near they really are.

Florida’s Atlantic Coastline

The Florida Atlantic Coastline is known for its scenic beaches and bustling cities. Fort Lauderdale and Miami are two gems on this coast. They attract tourists from around the world.

  • Fort Lauderdale boasts picturesque waterways and is fondly called the ‘Venice of America’.
  • Miami, known for its vibrant culture and nightlife, is a hub of activity and excitement.

Straight-line Distance

The straight-line distance between the two cities is shorter than you might think. If we could draw a line from the center of Fort Lauderdale to the heart of Miami, it would measure only around 25 miles (40 kilometers).

FromToDistance (Miles)Distance (Kilometers)
Fort LauderdaleMiami2540

Travel Options Between Fort Lauderdale And Miami

The vibrant cities of Fort Lauderdale and Miami offer unique experiences. Whether you’re soaking in Fort Lauderdale’s laid-back vibes or diving into Miami’s dynamic energy, you might wonder about travel options. Nestled just about 30 miles apart, these South Florida hubs are well-connected. Let’s explore the convenient travel choices at your disposal.

By Car Or Shuttle Service

Hitting the road by car ranks as the most flexible way to travel. The journey can take as little as 30 minutes, depending on traffic. Major highways like I-95 and US-1 lead straight to Miami. Plenty of shuttle services also operate between the cities, ideal for those preferring to skip the drive.

Public Transportation Choices

Fort Lauderdale to Miami without a car? No problem. Broward County Transit (BCT) buses and the Metrobus system provide affordable routes. The ride might take longer but the charm of no driving stress is undeniable. Here are some options:

  • BCT Route 1: Travels south, connecting to Miami-Dade Transit.
  • Miami-Dade Metrobus: Pick Route 95 Express for a swift trip.

Train Services: Tri-rail And Brightline

The Tri-Rail train serves commuters and leisure travelers alike. Linking Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, it’s a solid choice for avoiding traffic. The Brightline train offers a speedier, more upscale ride with amenities like Wi-Fi and leather seats. Check out train schedules:

Train ServiceFrequencyDuration
Tri-RailEvery hourApprox. 50 minutes
BrightlineEvery 2 hoursApprox. 30 minutes

Road Trip Essentials: Fort Lauderdale To Miami

Embarking on a road trip from Fort Lauderdale to Miami promises an adventure filled with sunny skies, ocean breezes, and vibrant cityscapes. The journey is a short but scenic drive filled with stunning coastal views, making it an ideal trip for travelers who love the open road. Before revving up your engine for this quick escapade, it’s crucial to know the road trip essentials that will turn your drive from good to great.

Best Route Suggestions

Choosing the right route can make all the difference in a road trip. The most straightforward path to Miami is via I-95 South. It’s a direct shot and will get you there in under an hour without heavy traffic. Another popular option is the scenic A1A South, which offers stunning ocean views and an opportunity to soak in the coastal atmosphere. Be sure to check traffic updates to select the best route at your departure time.

Scenic Stops Along The Way

Driving down to Miami doesn’t mean you have to rush. Here are some picturesque spots to enjoy along the route:

  • Hollywood Beach Broadwalk – Stretch your legs and capture the beach vibes.
  • Oleta River State Park – A quick detour for nature enthusiasts.
  • Wynwood Walls – An artistic feast for the eyes, perfect for culture buffs.

Parking And Traffic Tips

When it comes to parking in Miami, plan ahead. Use parking apps like ParkMe or SpotHero to find the best spots. Miami can be busy, especially during peak hours, so aim to drive during off-peak times. Always listen to local traffic radio stations for real-time updates to dodge any jams. Remember that patience is key in ensuring a stress-free arrival into the Magic City.

Flying Or Cruising: Air And Sea Connections

Finding the best route from Miami to Fort Lauderdale or reverse depends on your preferences. Travelers may choose between flying into local airports or cruising through bustling ports. Both cities are standout destinations in Florida’s tourism scene, and both offer different yet complementary experiences to tourists.

Fort Lauderdale-hollywood International Airport

Travelers flying to Fort Lauderdale or Miami often land at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL). Offering a wide range of domestic and international flights, FLL is a convenient gateway to South Florida. It’s just a short drive of approximately 30 miles north of Miami, making it an ideal starting point for your adventure.

With plenty of transport options including taxis, shuttles, and ride-sharing services, getting from Fort Lauderdale to Miami and vice versa is a breeze. The airport is well-connected, ensuring that your travel experience is as smooth as possible.

Port Everglades And Portmiami

Port Everglades, situated in Fort Lauderdale, is a bustling cruise terminal. It’s one of the world’s busiest cruise ports and stands mere minutes from the airport. Here’s a quick synopsis:

  • Close proximity to FLL: Easy transfers between ship and sky.
  • Cruise options: Many lines commence or conclude their voyages at Port Everglades.
  • Facilities: Premium amenities cater to passengers’ every need.

Miami’s PortMiami competes closely and is dubbed the “Cruise Capital of the World”. It’s about 25 miles south of Fort Lauderdale’s port. PortMiami provides seamless access to the Caribbean and beyond.

Choosing between these ports often depends on your cruise liner or desired destination.

Excursions And Tours: Exploring Beyond The Distance

Imagine a scenic drive along Florida’s coastline. Fort Lauderdale and Miami are two jewels perched on this beautiful stretch. Between them exists a thriving corridor of activity, making excursions and tours an inviting prospect. The relatively short distance between these cities allows for diverse explorations. Whether it’s a day trip, cultural immersion, or a nature adventure, options abound.

Organized Day Trips

Simplify your travel with organized day trips. Professional guides take care of details. Buses, boats, and more await. Uncover hidden gems in nearby areas. Experience seamless travel with these packaged adventures.

  • Everglades Tours – Airboat rides and alligator sightings.
  • Key West Excursions – Island life and unique attractions.
  • Shopping Spree – Visit upscale outlets and malls.
  • City Combos – See both Miami and Fort Lauderdale’s top spots.

Cultural And Historical Highlights

Dive into the rich tapestry of local lore and artistry. Both cities offer a treasure trove of culture.

  1. Museums – Explore art, history, and science exhibits.
  2. Historic Districts – Wander through storied neighborhoods.
  3. Theater Shows – Enjoy live performances and cinema.
  4. Festivals – Participate in cultural celebrations and events.

Beach And Natural Wonders

Embrace Florida’s sun, sand, and sea. Discover parks and nature reserves. Relax on pristine beaches or hike along nature trails.

DestinationActivityDistance from Fort Lauderdale
Vizcaya Museum and GardensGarden Tours30 miles
John Pennekamp Coral Reef State ParkSnorkeling and Diving70 miles
Hollywood BeachBoardwalk and Beach Activities10 miles
Oleta River State ParkKayaking and Biking20 miles

Miami And Fort Lauderdale: Two Cities, One Vacation

Imagine you could roll two vibrant cities into one sun-soaked vacation. Fort Lauderdale and Miami offer just that. Pop just 28 miles north or south, and you dive into a different scene while soaking up Florida’s famed rays. Both cities promise a contrast of experiences that, when combined, create the ultimate escape.

Accommodation Considerations

Finding the perfect place to stay is crucial. Miami dazzles with high-end resorts and trendsetting hotels.

Fort Lauderdale, however, isn’t far behind. It offers waterfront rentals and family-friendly options.

  • Mid-range budgets love Fort Lauderdale’s hotels.
  • Luxury seekers prefer Miami’s chic accommodations.

Shared Attractions And Experiences

Both cities boast attractions to craft unforgettable memories. Everglades adventures and pristine beaches span both locales.

Miami HighlightsFort Lauderdale Highlights
Vibrant South BeachLaid-back Las Olas Beach
Art Deco ToursBoat Tours

Dining And Nightlife Comparisons

Foodies and party-goers find their paradise too.

Miami’s dining scene is eclectic and vibrant. It serves up Latin American flavors and global fusions.

Fort Lauderdale presents an array of dining options too. Seaside eateries and casual diners dot the cityscape.

After dark, Miami’s nightlife pulsates with energy, while Fort Lauderdale offers more relaxed vibes.


Exploring Florida’s vibrant cities is a thrill, and journeying between Fort Lauderdale and Miami seals the deal. A mere 30 miles apart, they promise an easy trip filled with diverse experiences. Whether by car, train, or bus, you’re all set for a quick transition from beachside lounging in Fort Lauderdale to Miami’s bustling nightlife.

Don’t miss the chance for a dual-city adventure in the Sunshine State!

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