How Far is Tanay Rizal from Manila: A Scenic Journey

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Tanay, Rizal is approximately 57 kilometers away from Manila. It takes about 1 to 2 hours to reach by car, depending on traffic conditions.

Tanay, Rizal, a rustic getaway destination for those seeking nature and adventure, sits in the eastern part of the Rizal province. With a dramatic landscape of mountains, rivers, and waterfalls, it offers an idyllic escape from the hustle and the Philippine capital.

The route to Tanay encompasses a collection of scenic roads with captivating views of the Sierra Madre mountain range. Visitors often explore attractions like Daranak Falls, Masungi Georeserve, and the Pililla Wind Farm. Tanay serves as a perfect snapshot of the rich culture and heritage of the Rizal province, providing diverse experiences for travelers interested in history, art, and outdoor activities.

Tanay Rizal’s Location

Exploring the geographical charm of Tanay Rizal begins with understanding its location. The eastern part of Luzon in the Philippines, Tanay offers natural beauty and cultural richness. It’s a popular destination for adventurers and nature lovers alike. Let’s dive into the specifics of what makes Tanay Rizal a must-visit spot for anyone seeking a break from the hustle of city life, starting with its exact position on the map and its distance from the country’s capital, Manila.

Geographic Coordinates

Tanay Rizal sits at a specific point on the globe, identified by its latitude and longitude. These coordinates are crucial for travelers and adventurers. Tanay’s coordinates reveal its location with precision:

14.4950° N121.2847° E

These geographic markers place Tanay in the tropical domain, offering diverse landscapes and climates suitable for various outdoor activities.

Proximity To Metro Manila

Tanay Rizal is relatively close to the Philippine capital. Its distance from Metro Manila is an important factor for day trippers and weekend warriors:

  • Approximately 57 kilometers away from the Manila central business district.
  • Travel time takes about 2 to 3 hours by car, depending on traffic conditions.
  • Various transportation options available like buses, vans, or private vehicles.

This proximity makes Tanay an accessible adventure spot, offering a quick escape from urban life to immerse in its rural charm and natural beauty.

Travel Options To Tanay

Exploring Tanay, Rizal is an adventure that starts with the journey from Manila. There are various ways to reach this nature-rich destination. Select a travel method that suits your needs. Whether driving, taking public transport, or using a private service, Tanay beckons.

Driving To Tanay

Take the scenic route and drive to Tanay. It’s approximately 57 kilometers from Manila. The drive usually takes about 2 hours, depending on the traffic. Use these steps for a smooth trip:

  1. Navigate through Ortigas Avenue Extension.
  2. Proceed to the Manila East Road.
  3. Follow the signs leading to Tanay, Rizal.

Parking spots are ample in and around Tanay, ensuring convenience for travelers.

Public Transportation Routes

To reach Tanay via public transportation, consider these options:

  • Jeeps are available from Shaw Boulevard.
  • Vans can be boarded at Starmall, Shaw.
  • Buses depart from EDSA Central.

Expect a travel time of about 2 to 3 hours. Drop-offs are at the Tanay Public Market.

Private Tours And Services

Private tours elevate the experience with convenience. Look for these benefits:

  • Customizable itineraries.
  • Comfortable travel.
  • Direct pick-up and drop-off.

Engage with local tour operators or book through travel platforms. Providers offer a variety of packages for solo travelers and groups. Plan in advance for a hassle-free visit.

Estimated Travel Times

Going from Manila to Tanay Rizal? Knowing the estimated travel times helps plan your journey well. Whether you travel by car or take public transport, the time can vary. Let’s find out.

By Car During Peak Hours

Traffic can be heavy during these hours. Heading to Tanay during weekdays, especially mornings and evenings, takes longer. Typical peak hours travel time is around 2 to 3 hours. The distance itself is not much but traffic slows you down. This is why an early start or choosing non-busy hours is wise.

Non-peak Hours Differences

The same drive during non-peak hours cuts down time. Early morning hours or late at night see clearer roads. The journey then takes roughly 1.5 to 2 hours. Weekends can be unpredictable with less traffic early on but it can build up later in the day.

Public Transport Duration

Using public transport adds in wait times for buses or jeeps. From Manila, a bus to Tanay may take about 2 to 3.5 hours. This depends on the route and the number of stops. Public vehicles run consistently but always check the schedule to be sure.

  • Buses are available from various terminals.
  • Expect more travel time during holiday seasons.
  • Jeepneys can be quicker but may not be as comfortable.

Overall, travel time to Tanay Rizal relies much on your mode of transport and timing. Choose the best time to avoid traffic and make your trip pleasant.

Scenic Spots Along The Way

A journey to Tanay, Rizal, is not just a simple getaway; it’s a visual treat. Each turn unveils nature’s artwork, cultural treasures, and panoramic vistas. Let this scenic route enhance your travel experience as you head towards Tanay. Here are some highlights to enjoy:

Mountainous Landscapes

  • Sierra Madre Range: Witness the majestic Sierra Madre mountains that create a green, awe-inspiring corridor along the road.
  • Daraitan’s Rugged Peaks: Gaze at the rock-strewn summits of Mount Daraitan, often enveloped in a gentle mist.
  • Sweeping Valleys: Watch valleys unfurl below you, a patchwork blanket of various shades of green.

Cultural Landmarks

Tanay Church: Breathe in the serenity of the ancient Tanay Church, an edifice of faith that tells stories from centuries ago.

Bahay na Bato: Spot the Bahay na Bato, a stone house that echoes the history and resilience of the Filipino spirit.

Rest Stops With A View

Rest StopView
Pico de Pino Café:Overlook the majestic mountain ranges while sipping locally brewed coffee.
Sierra Madre Hotel:Enjoy panoramic views of the landscape from the comfort of this hilltop rest stop.
Regina Rica:Admire the remarkable structure of Regina Rica against the backdrop of lush greenery.

Planning Your Tanay Trip

Are you ready for an adventure away from Manila’s hustle? Here’s a guide to plan your trip to Tanay, Rizal.

Best Times To Visit

Tanay adventure requires perfect timing. Weather plays a crucial role, and to get the most out of your trip, consider the following seasons:

  • Dry season (March to May): Sunny days perfect for outdoor activities.
  • Rainy season (June to October): Lush greenery, cooler weather, but prepare for rain.
  • Amihan season (November to February): Cool northeast wind, pleasant for exploring.

Accommodation Options

Finding a place to stay in Tanay is easy. Whether you seek luxury or go budget-friendly, options abound:

ResortsPool access and family rooms.
HotelsModern amenities, central location.
GuesthousesHomely feel, local experience.
CampingAdventure under the stars.

Local Festivities And Events

Tanay is fantastic with culture and festivities throughout the year. Mark your calendar for these events:

  1. Hane Festival (June): Celebrating town fiesta with dances, music, and food.
  2. Tanay Town Fiesta (August): Honoring patron saint with parades and entertainment.
  3. Christmas Season (December): Sparkling lights and holiday cheer.

Extended Adventures In Tanay

Clear skyscrapers from your view and replace the city with nature’s bounty. Tanay, Rizal, a picturesque retreat from Manila, beckons adventurers for extended stays. Just a few hours away, but worlds apart, Tanay offers an expansive playground for the curious and active.

Tanay is not just a quick stop. It’s a destination ripe for exploration. Let’s delve into what makes Tanay an ideal getaway for those yearning for more than the usual day trip.

Outdoor Activities In Tanay

Embrace nature’s thrill with Tanay’s outdoor splendors:

  • Hike up breathtaking mountains.
  • Camp under the stars at lakeside spots.
  • Raft through the rapids of Daraitan River.

Historic Sites And Museums

Feed your mind with tales and artifacts:

  1. Visit the Parola – an age-old lighthouse.
  2. Step inside Tanay Church, a monument of faith.
  3. Explore Bahay-Kalinga Museum, a window to the past.

Culinary Experiences

Tanay tantalizes your taste buds with local flavors:

SumanSticky rice delicacy, perfect with coffee.
BulaloA savory beef marrow stew, warms the soul.
PinatisanFish cooked in fish sauce, an acquired taste.


Exploring the distance between Tanay, Rizal and Manila reveals a journey that is both manageable and enticing. Each trip promises an adventure through the scenic landscapes of Luzon. Whether it’s a quick getaway or an extended trip, the proximity makes Tanay an ideal destination for Manila’s dwellers seeking a breath of fresh air.

Remember, the road to Tanay is not just a distance measured in kilometers, but a pathway to refreshing experiences and lasting memories.

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