How Many Terminals in NAIA? A Comprehensive Guide

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How Many Terminal In Naia

Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila has four terminals. NAIA serves as the primary gateway to the Philippines and is a hub for international and domestic travel.

Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport, commonly referred to as NAIA, stands as one of Southeast Asia’s major aviation centers. It encompasses four distinct terminals, each designed to handle specific types of flights and passenger services. Terminal 1 caters primarily to international traffic, while Terminal 2 is divided between domestic and international flights for Philippine Airlines.

Terminal 3, the largest, offers both domestic and international flights from various carriers. Lastly, Terminal 4 is used for domestic flights from smaller airlines. Each terminal offers a range of amenities and services geared towards ensuring passenger comfort and convenience. NAIA’s multiple terminals facilitate efficient travel for visitors and ensure the airport can handle the activity of a major city like Manila.

Navigating Naia: Terminal Breakdown

Located in the heart of Manila, Philippines, this airport serves as a crucial gateway to the country. Understanding the layout of its terminals is key to a seamless travel experience. Let’s break down each terminal so you’ll navigate NAIA like a pro.

Identifying Each Terminal

NAIA is divided into four different terminals, each catering to various airlines and destinations.

  • Terminal 1: This terminal handles most international flights.
  • Terminal 2: Known as the Centennial Terminal, it’s divided into North and South wings for international and domestic flights, respectively.
  • Terminal 3: The largest terminal in NAIA, it serves both international and domestic airlines.
  • Terminal 4: This is the oldest terminal, often referred to as the Domestic Terminal, serving internal flights within the Philippines.

Facilities And Services Per Terminal

Terminal 1 is equipped with facilities that cater to the needs of international travelers:

Facility/ServiceAvailable At Terminal 1
Food OutletsMultiple Options
Money ExchangeAccessible Locations

Terminal 2 offers amenities for both domestic and international passengers, with separate areas for each:

Facility/ServiceAvailable At Terminal 2
Boarding GatesNorth and South Wings
Shopping StoresDiverse Boutiques
Duty-Free ShopsInternational Wing

Terminal 3 is a modern hub with a wide array of services:

Facility/ServiceAvailable At Terminal 3
Check-in CountersNumerous
RestaurantsVaried Cuisine
Free Wi-FiThroughout Terminal

Terminal 4 may be small but still offers essential services:

Facility/ServiceAvailable At Terminal 4
Snack BarsPlenty
Souvenir ShopsQuaint Stores
ATMsEasy Access

Inter-terminal Transportation

Navigating through the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) and its multiple terminals can seem daunting. With four separate terminals, inter-terminal transportation is a service travelers find invaluable. This section will discuss shuttle services, routes, and schedules to help you move between terminals confidently and efficiently.

Shuttle Services

NAIA offers free shuttle services to passengers needing to transfer between terminals. Noteworthy is the fact that these shuttles are not only convenient but also budget-friendly as they come at no extra cost to travelers. Timely and comfortable, these shuttles are designed to ease your inter-terminal travel worries.

  • Available for all passengers with onward connecting flights.
  • Operate around-the-clock for your convenience.
  • Vehicles are air-conditioned and spacious.
  • Simply show your boarding pass and a valid ID.

Route Information And Schedules

Understanding the shuttle routes and their schedules is crucial to plan your transfer:

TerminalDeparture IntervalOperating Hours
Terminal 1 to Terminal 2Every 15 minutes24 hours
Terminal 2 to Terminal 3Every 15 minutes24 hours
Terminal 3 to Terminal 4Every 30 minutes05:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Terminal 4 to Terminal 1Every 30 minutes05:00 AM – 11:00 PM

All times are subject to traffic conditions and can change. Double-check with NAIA staff for any updates.

Terminal Assignments

Understanding where to head for your flight at NAIA is essential. NAIA boasts multiple terminals, each serving a variety of airlines and flight types. Keep reading to uncover which terminal aligns with your air travel plans.

Airlines And Their Respective Terminals

Each terminal in NAIA is dedicated to specific airlines. Knowing your terminal helps ensure a smooth journey.

Philippine AirlinesTerminal 2
Cebu PacificTerminal 3
AirAsiaTerminal 4
Other International AirlinesTerminal 1

Domestic Vs. International Flights

Flight destinations dictate terminal use at NAIA. Check whether your flight is domestic or international here.

  • Terminal 1: Exclusively for international flights, excluding airlines in Terminal 2 and 3.
  • Terminal 2: Philippine Airlines operates both international and domestic flights here.
  • Terminal 3: Home to both international and domestic flights by Cebu Pacific and other select airlines.
  • Terminal 4: Mainly serves domestic flights, with the exception of a few international routes.

Expansion And Development

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) stands as a cornerstone in the Philippines’ aviation sector. Its growth reflects the nation’s economic ambitions. Understanding the significance of NAIA’s infrastructure, there is a consistent push towards expansion and development to accommodate increasing passenger volume and enhance overall travel experience.

Upcoming Terminal Projects

The future of NAIA looks promising as new projects aim to elevate its capacity and functionality. These endeavors showcase the commitment to modernizing its facilities to meet global standards. Let’s explore these transformative initiatives:

  • NAIA Terminal 4 Modernization: This project promises a modern gateway, set to streamline operations and boost tourism.
  • Integrated Terminal System: This envisions a seamless transition between terminals, enhancing connectivity and traveler convenience.

Improvements To Current Terminals

Enhancements are not just on the horizon but are taking place in the present. These improvements aim to refine the travel experience at existing terminals:

TerminalImprovement Area
Terminal 1Baggage handling systems and air-conditioning upgrade
Terminal 2Facility and operational improvements for smoother departures and arrivals
Terminal 3Installation of new boarding bridges and refurbishment of the overall terminal design

Such upgrades aim to ensure NAIA remains responsive to the needs of travelers, facilitating a pleasant journey from departure to arrival.

Traveler Tips For Naia

Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a seasoned traveler, knowing the ins and outs of NAIA’s four terminals is key. Let’s make your journey smoother with these insider tips.

Best Time To Navigate Between Terminals

Timing is everything at NAIA. Plan wisely to avoid stress.

  • Non-Peak Hours: Move between terminals from 10 PM to 4 AM. Traffic is lighter.
  • Use the free shuttle service during non-peak hours for convenience.
  • Allow at least 3 hours for transfer between terminals if you have a connecting flight.

Essential Services And Their Locations

Know where to find key services at NAIA for a carefree trip.

ServiceTerminal 1Terminal 2Terminal 3Terminal 4
ATMsDeparture/Arrival AreasDeparture/Arrival AreasDeparture/Arrival AreasDeparture Area
Restaurants4th FloorSouth/West Wings4th Floor Food HallPublic Area
Information DesksArrival/Departure GatesNear Boarding GatesCheck-in Hall/Main LobbyCheck-in Area
Medical Clinics3rd FloorNear Gates 9 and 14Level 3, Main TerminalAdjacent to Check-in Area


  1. Exchange currency before airport arrival for better rates.
  2. Free Wi-Fi is available—connect to ‘#NAIA Free WiFi’ for access.
  3. For lost items, head to the Lost and Found sections at each terminal.


Navigating NAIA’s terminals is now clearer for travelers. Remember, the airport boasts four distinct terminals, each servicing various airlines and destinations. Before you head out, check your ticket, confirm your terminal, and enjoy a smooth journey. Safe travels, and see you at NAIA!

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