How to Get to Greenhills Shopping Center? Quick & Easy Routes!

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How To Get To Greenhills Shopping Center

To get to Greenhills Shopping Center, take the MRT to the Ortigas Station and then a short jeepney or bus ride. Alternatively, drive along EDSA and turn onto Ortigas Avenue.

Greenhills Shopping Center is a haven for bargain hunters and shopping enthusiasts. Known for its vast assortment of goods, from clothing, jewelry, electronics to unique finds, it’s a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike.

With its central location, it’s easily accessible via public transportation or private vehicle. The center’s diverse array of shops and stalls means there’s something for everyone, making it a popular shopping and entertainment hub in the heart of the metro.

Getting To Know Greenhills Shopping Center

Greenhills Shopping Center stands as a go-to destination for visitors and locals alike. With its diverse offerings, this shopping haven provides an unmatched experience. Unique finds couple with wallet-friendly prices define the essence of Greenhills. The mall’s easy accessibility further enhances its allure as a top choice for an all-in-one shopping journey.

The Heart Of Bargain Shopping

Greenhills Shopping Center is synonymous with amazing deals. It lures crowds looking for the best prices in town. You’ll find a vast array of products, ranging from clothing to home goods. Notably, the famous “tiangge,” or flea market, offers a thrilling hunt for bargains within the stalls.

A Hub For Fashion, Gadgets, And More

Beyond deals, this center buzzes with the latest trends in fashion and technology. Exclusive boutiques present chic apparel while tech stores house the newest gadgets. Shoppers savor a broad spectrum of goods, assuring something for every taste and need.

Quick Facts: Greenhills Shopping Center
LocationSan Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Opening Hours10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
SpecialtyBargain Shopping, Fashion, Electronics

Getting there is a breeze. You can drive, take a bus, or hop on the MRT to the nearby stations. Once at Greenhills, ample parking and multiple entrances welcome visitors. It’s clear why Greenhills Shopping Center is the top pick for many.

Transportation Options To Greenhills

Finding your way to Greenhills Shopping Center is easy with various transport options available. Whether you choose to ride public transport or drive, you’ll arrive at a shopper’s paradise in no time. Let’s explore the convenient ways to reach this hub of bargains and unique finds!

Public Transport Routes To Greenhills

Jump aboard public transport and save yourself the hassle of driving. Here are the popular choices:

  • MRT: Get off at Santolan-Annapolis station and ride a jeepney or walk.
  • Bus: Buses with ‘Greenhills’ sign ply EDSA. Alight near Ortigas Ave.
  • Jeepney: Ride ones with a ‘Greenhills Shopping Center’ sign.

Here’s a quick guide:

Mode of TransportStarting PointDestination
MRTAny MRT StationSantolan-Annapolis
BusAny Point on EDSAGreenhills
JeepneyQuezon CityGreenhills

Driving To Greenhills

Prefer to drive? Park with ease at Greenhills Shopping Center!

From the North or South:

  1. Take EDSA to Ortigas Ave.
  2. Turn towards Greenhills.
  3. Look for parking signs around the shopping center.

From East Manila:

  1. Drive via Ortigas Ave.
  2. Take a right turn to Greenhills.
  3. Park and start your shopping adventure.

Greenhills has ample parking space. Delight in convenient shopping anytime!

Navigating To Greenhills By Car

Navigating to Greenhills Shopping Center by car is a breeze with the right information. This hub is accessible through various main roads and has ample parking. Let’s dive into details that make your drive smooth.

Main Arteries And Access Roads

Greenhills Shopping Center sits at the heart of San Juan, Metro Manila. It is well-connected by several major arteries:

  • EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue): Turn at Ortigas Avenue.
  • Ortigas Avenue: Direct route from east and west.
  • Wilson Street: If coming from southern parts like Makati.
  • Annapolis Street: Use this if you’re coming from the north.

Road signs and maps always guide you on these roads. GPS navigators, like Waze or Google Maps, provide real-time traffic updates. Use these to save time.

Parking Facilities And Tips

Once you arrive, finding parking is next. Greenhills has multiple parking areas:

Parking AreaLocation
G Strip ParkingClose to restaurants
Promenade ParkingNear the cinema
Connecticut Car ParkBy the mall entrance
Greenhills Carpark 1, 2, and 3Spread around the complex

Tips for parking:

  1. Avoid peak hours for easier parking spots.
  2. Look for posted parking rates and hours.
  3. Remember where you parked to find your car easily later.
  4. Keep valuables hidden in the car.

Early arrival often means better parking selections. Follow Greenhills’ social media for updates on parking space and traffic around the area.

Public Transit Routes: Buses, Jeepneys, And Mrt

Finding your way to Greenhills Shopping Center through public transit is convenient. You can choose from bus lines, jeepneys, or the MRT. Each option offers a reliable route to this shopping paradise.

Bus Lines To Greenhills

Several bus lines serve Greenhills Shopping Center. Here are the most popular ones:

Bus LineRoute Details
Bus AStarts from Quezon City, passes through Ortigas Ave.
Bus BFrom Manila, takes EDSA route, stops near Greenhills
Bus CLinks Makati to Greenhills via Pasay Road

Check the signboards to ensure they list Greenhills as a drop-off point.

Jeepney Routes And Stops

Jeepneys are a go-to mode of transport. They have routes crisscrossing the metro. These are your options:

  • Annapolis route: Drops you directly in Greenhills
  • San Juan route: Goes through Greenhills’s main roads
  • Mandaluyong route: Stops near shopping areas

Jeepneys are frequent. Look for the ones with ‘Greenhills’ on their signboards.

Linking Via The Mrt

Finding Your Way: Maps And Mobile Apps

Navigating to Greenhills Shopping Center is a breeze with the right tools in hand. In today’s tech-savvy world, digital maps and mobile apps guide you straight to your destination with ease. Whether you’re a local on your way to a favorite store or a tourist looking for the best bargains, this guide maps out the simplest route for an enjoyable visit.

Using Navigation Apps

Begin your journey with your smartphone as the perfect traveling companion. The era of unfolding paper maps is over; now, pinpoint accuracy is at your fingertips. These steps ensure you never miss a turn:

  • Choose your app: Popular options include Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps.
  • Enter the destination: Type ‘Greenhills Shopping Center‘ into the search bar.
  • Review the route: Check for the quickest path or alternative routes if preferred.
  • Start navigation: Hit the ‘Start’ button and follow the audio and visual prompts.

Key Landmarks For Easy Reference

While apps are incredibly useful, familiarizing yourself with key landmarks ensures you remain on track. Use these visual cues around Greenhills:

Club FilipinoA historic social clubNortheast of the shopping center
Greenhills ChurchVisible spire and religious siteWest of Greenhills
Virra MallNeighboring shopping complexAdjoins Greenhills on the south

Recognizing these landmarks helps you orient yourself and serves as handy points of reference on your excursion. Remember, every journey to Greenhills Shopping Center paves the way for a memorable shopping experience.

Personal Tips From Greenhills Regulars

Welcome to the insiders’ guide on making the most of your trip to Greenhills Shopping Center. Learn firsthand from the veterans who navigate its aisles like pros. Whether you are a seasoned shopper or a first-timer, these personal tips from regular visitors will help you experience Greenhills in the best possible way.

Best Times To Visit

Timing is crucial when planning a visit to Greenhills. For a more relaxed shopping experience, regulars recommend:

  • Weekday mornings – Fewer people, easier browsing
  • Late afternoons – Fresh stocks often arrive
  • Avoid weekends – Larger crowds, longer queues

Shopping And Dining Spots Not To Miss

Greenhills is famed for diverse shops and eateries. Don’t miss:

Pearl Market – Exquisite jewelryGloria Maris – Authentic Chinese cuisine
Tiangge Stalls – Thrifty findsHouse of Silvanas – Delightful desserts
Tech Zone – Gadgets galoreBangus Specialty – Local Filipino dishes


Navigating to Greenhills Shopping Center is straightforward once you know the basics. Whether by public transit, driving, or hailing a ride, options are plentiful for a stress-free journey. Remember, plan ahead for a smoother trip. Happy shopping at Greenhills, where adventure meets commerce!

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