How to Go to Hinulugang Taktak from Cubao?

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How to Go to Hinulugang Taktak from Cubao

To get to Hinulugang Taktak from Cubao, take a jeepney or FX taxi bound for Antipolo. Alight at the Antipolo Church and hire a tricycle to Hinulugang Taktak National Park.

Hinulugang Taktak stands as a resplendent reminder of the area’s natural heritage. This famed waterfall and national park have long captured the imagination of travelers seeking solace from the urban sprawl. Once a popular weekend destination for families and friends, the site has undergone significant restoration to preserve its beauty for future generations.

Its proximity to Manila makes it an accessible escape for those wanting to breathe in the refreshing ambience of verdant surroundings. With the ease of travel from Cubao, adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts can effortlessly indulge in the serene landscape that Hinulugang Taktak offers. Whether you’re visiting to snap picturesque memories or to simply unwind by the water’s melody, this destination provides the perfect blend of tranquility and accessibility.

Introduction To Hinulugang Taktak

Welcome to the enchanting world of Hinulugang Taktak, a natural waterfall located in the heart of Antipolo City, Philippines. This celebrated cascade is not just a marvel of nature, but also a piece of Philippine history. Whether you’re a devoted nature enthusiast or a history aficionado, Hinulugang Taktak has something special in store for you.

The History Behind The Falls

Hinulugang Taktak’s origins trace back to a time when legends intertwined with daily life. The falls were once the dumping site of a church bell that locals deemed too loud, giving the waterfall its name, which translates to “where the bell was dropped.” Today, it stands as a proud landmark, with stories etched in every drop of water that plunges into the basin below.

The Renovation And Preservation Efforts

Recognizing the gem that Hinulugang Taktak is, concerted efforts to renovate and preserve the site began in earnest. The Philippine government alongside local communities, took steps to protect and enhance the area, ensuring its beauty and legacy live on. These endeavors have transformed the site, once again making it a beloved getaway for travelers and locals alike.

Starting Point: Cubao

Cubao is a gateway for adventurers seeking the majestic Hinulugang Taktak in Antipolo. This hub connects various transport lines. It makes your travel easy and convenient.

Cubao’s Transport Hub

Araneta Center Cubao houses a central station with jeepneys, buses, and UV Express vans. Each mode offers a route to Antipolo. Let’s explore your options.

  • Buses with ‘Antipolo’ signage will drop you at key points en route to Hinulugang Taktak.
  • Jeepneys may take a bit longer but add to the local experience.
  • UV Express vans offer a balance between cost and comfort, taking you closer to the waterfall.

Necessary Preparations For The Trip

Prepare to make your journey smooth. Check off these essentials before you leave.

ItemWhy It’s Needed
Travel fareSecure cash for various transport options and potential side trips.
Snacks and waterStay hydrated and energized for the adventure ahead.
Map or GPSNavigate routes and detours confidently.
Umbrella or raincoatWeather changes swiftly. Stay prepared.

Pack light and wear comfortable footwear. The paths to Hinulugang Taktak are friendly but may require walking.

Check the weather forecast. Rainy days bring slippery paths; sunny days warrant sunblock and hats.

Transportation Options

Looking for ways to explore the iconic Hinulugang Taktak in Antipolo? Here’s a quick guide on the transportation options available from Cubao.

Taking A Jeepney To Antipolo

Traveling on a budget? Consider the classic jeepney ride. Jeepneys bound for Antipolo leave regularly from Cubao. Find the terminal near Araneta Center and hop on one with a sign that reads “Antipolo-Simbahan/Masinag”.

  • Cost-effective
  • Immersive local experience
  • Regular departures throughout the day

Boarding A Bus To Antipolo

For a more comfortable journey, a bus might be your choice. At Cubao’s Araneta Bus Terminal, buses to Antipolo are available.

Bus CompanyDestinationFare
XYZ LinerAntipolo ChurchPHP 50
ABC TransportMasinag MarketPHP 45

For updates on fares and schedules, check bus company websites.

Ride-sharing And Taxi Services

Prefer a direct trip? App-based ride-sharing services provide convenience.
Open your preferred app and set your drop-off point to Hinulugang Taktak National Park.

  1. Open the ride-sharing app.
  2. Enter your pick-up and drop-off locations.
  3. Choose the ride that fits your budget.
  4. Confirm your trip and enjoy the ride!

Taxis are also available, but agree on the fare before starting your journey to avoid surprises.

Navigating Antipolo

An adventure to Hinulugang Taktak from Cubao is a scenic journey. Discover the beautiful city of Antipolo as you make your way to this iconic waterfall. Antipolo, a mountainous city east of Manila, is dotted with tricycle stands and jeep terminals. These serve as the primary modes of transportation to local destinations like Hinulugang Taktak National Park. Understanding the local transport options is crucial for a convenient trip.

Local Jeeps And Tricycles

To begin your journey from Cubao to Hinulugang Taktak, you will utilize local jeeps and tricycles. Here’s how to navigate this part of your trip:

  • Find the jeep terminal: In Cubao, search for jeepneys bound for Antipolo.
  • Ride to Antipolo: Board a jeep with a sign that says “Antipolo-Simbahan” or “Antipolo-Shopwise”.
  • Get off at the last stop: The journey ends at Ynares Center in Antipolo city proper.
  • Tricycle to Hinulugang Taktak: Once at Ynares Center, hail a tricycle and request to be taken to Hinulugang Taktak.

Finding Your Way To The Park Entrance

After reaching the vicinity of Hinulugang Taktak via tricycle, follow these steps:

  1. Tricycle drop-off: The tricycle will leave you close to the park entrance.
  2. Spot the signage: Look for clear park entrance signs; these are well-placed and visible.
  3. Entrance fee: There might be a small fee to enter; have local currency ready.
  4. Walk in: Proceed to the park on foot and prepare for an amazing sight!

Tips For A Smooth Journey

Trip to Hinulugang Taktak from Cubao promises a scenic experience filled with natural beauty. To ensure a smooth journey, a clear plan comes in handy. Let’s dive into some helpful tips to make your adventure memorable and hassle-free.

Best Times To Visit Hinulugang Taktak

Time your visit perfectly to get the most out of the trip. Consider this simple guide:

  • Weekdays – Avoid the crowd; enjoy serenity
  • Early Morning – Fresh air, fewer visitors
  • Off-Peak Season – September to November; less rain, mild weather

What To Bring For Your Adventure

Packing smart ensures you’re prepared for the day. Essentials include:

Water BottleStay hydrated
SnacksKeep energy levels high
Sun ProtectionSunblock, hat, sunglasses
CameraCapture the memories
First Aid KitFor minor scrapes or bites

Safety Considerations And Travel Etiquette

Travelling safely and respectfully ensures everyone enjoys their visit:

  1. Follow park rules – Keep Hinulugang Taktak clean
  2. Stay on trails – Protect nature, avoid getting lost
  3. Monitor weather – Be prepared for sudden changes
  4. Respect wildlife – Observe from a distance, don’t feed
  5. Travel in groups – For safety and assistance

Exploring The Area

Delve into the enchanting beauty of Hinulugang Taktak in Antipolo. This majestic waterfall park, once a famed summer getaway, is a refreshing escape from the city life. It’s easy to reach from Cubao – an adventurer’s delight tucked away in the lush greens of Rizal Province. Let’s explore the exhilarating activities and nearby attractions that will make your trip unforgettable.

Activities At Hinulugang Taktak

Embrace nature’s splendor at this revitalized natural treasure. Swim in the designated pool area, picnic with friends and family, or simply relax to the soothing sounds of the waterfall cascading into the basin below.

  • Hike around the natural park
  • Capture memories with a photo session
  • Connect with nature through a meditative retreat

Nearby Attractions For An Extended Trip

Extend your journey and discover more nearby attractions. These gems provide a spectacular blend of culture, history, and nature, ensuring a memorable experience.

  1. Pinto Art Museum: Explore a world of contemporary Filipino art.
  2. Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Cathedral: Visit the historic church and behold its sacred beauty.
  3. Mystical Cave: Venture into a fascinating subterranean world.


Visiting Hinulugang Taktak from Cubao offers a refreshing escape into nature. With the simplicity of a bus ride or a drive, adventure awaits. Remember, checking schedules and travel updates enhances your journey. Embrace the stunning sights and sounds of this national park, making memories to cherish.

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