Malapascua Island Cebu Travel Guide: Swim with Thresher Sharks

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How to Get to Malapascua Island Easy Travel Guide

Malapascua Island in Cebu is a must-visit for divers and beach lovers alike. This picturesque destination is renowned for its marine life and idyllic shores.

Malapascua Island is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by travelers in search of pristine beaches and world-class diving. Its waters are famed for thresher shark encounters, a bucket-list experience for diving enthusiasts. Although small, the island is packed with activities, from snorkeling in its clear blue waters to exploring local Filipino culture in its coastal villages.

With its relaxed atmosphere, Malapascua offers a perfect blend of adventure and tranquility, making it an ideal getaway for those looking to escape the hustle of city life and immerse themselves in tropical splendor. Whether you’re planning to laze on sun-kissed sands or dive into the deep blue, Malapascua Island promises to be an unforgettable chapter in your travel diary.

Best Time To Go To Malapascua Island

Deciding on the ideal period to journey to Malapascua Island is crucial for making the most of your visit. This tropical paradise boasts pristine beaches and world-class dive sites that are best enjoyed during specific months.

The dry season, spanning from December to May, marks the peak of tourist activity due to the superb weather conditions. Divers and sun-seekers alike will find April and May particularly enticing, as the sea is exceptionally calm and visibility underwater is at its finest, providing an excellent opportunity to encounter the majestic thresher sharks.

Travelers are encouraged to plan in advance to avoid the monsoon season, which could disrupt outdoor activities and travel plans.

How To Get To Malapascua Island

Embarking on an adventure to Malapascua Island involves an exciting journey through Cebu. Visitors typically start by traveling to Maya Port, located at the northern tip of Cebu Island, which serves as the gateway to this tropical paradise. A brief but beautiful boat ride from the port will then transport you across azure waters directly to the island.

It’s essential to check the local ferry schedules in advance, as these can vary depending on weather conditions and time of year. Early morning departures are common and it’s advisable to arrive at the port ahead of time to secure a spot on the boat.

Embrace the sea breeze as you glide over the waves, and before you know it, the pristine shores of Malapascua Island will welcome you to a world of wonder and relaxation.

By Flights

Navigating your way to the serene shores of Malapascua Island by air involves landing at Mactan-Cebu International Airport, the gateway to this tropical paradise. From the airport, travelers can embark on a scenic road trip heading north to Maya Port.

The journey is an experience in itself, allowing for the absorbing of the rich, verdant landscapes Cebu is celebrated for. Once in Maya, a short boat ride traverses crystal-clear waters, bringing into view the white sand beaches and inviting blue sea of Malapascua.

This island, hidden like a gem in the Visayan Sea, is accessible yet feels a world away from the crowded city streets, with its unhurried pace and the mesmerizing underwater world awaiting exploration.

Getting Around Malapascua Island

Navigating Malapascua Island is an exercise in simplicity and adventure. The island’s compact size invites exploration without the fuss of complex transport systems. Paved paths wind through the small villages and lead to pristine beaches, while the clear blue waters beckon for a laid-back boat ride.

For a more immersive local experience, one can hire a traditional ‘habal-habal’, a motorcycle taxi that characterizes the rural transit scene of the Philippines. Intrepid travelers revel in the opportunity to weave through the island’s lush landscapes on these bikes, often driven by residents who double as impromptu guides.

Walking remains a pleasure for those inclined to absorb Malapascua’s serene atmosphere at a leisurely pace, with each step uncovering hidden corners and local haunts that enrich the travel experience. Whether by foot, by boat, or motorbike, Malapascua’s charming simplicity makes discovering its treasures accessible and delightful.

Where To Stay In Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island beckons with an array of cozy hideaways for every traveler. Opting for accommodations, one can choose from rustic beachfront cottages that hum with the gentle sea breeze, to elegant resorts that offer modern amenities and serene ocean views.

Each stay is designed to enhance your island experience, allowing a seamless blend of adventurous days and tranquil nights. Whether you’re an avid diver eager to explore the underwater wonders or a sun-seeker longing to unwind on powdery shores, Malapascua’s offerings span from budget-friendly abodes to luxurious retreats.

Planning where to stay is key to immersing yourself in the relaxed island rhythm, while cherishing the unspoiled charm and hospitality that this tropical jewel has to offer.

What To See And Do In Malapascua Island

Embarking on a journey to Malapascua Island promises an adventure filled with mesmerizing sights and unforgettable activities. With its crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life, visitors can revel in some of the world’s most beautiful dive spots, including the chance to encounter the elusive thresher sharks.

Beyond the depths, the island’s powdery white sand beaches, such as the famous Bounty Beach, provide a serene retreat for sunbathers and relaxation seekers. Photographers and nature enthusiasts will appreciate the splendor of the iconic lighthouse, offering panoramic views, especially at sunset.

The local cuisine further enhances the island experience, with fresh seafood readily available to delight your palate. Whether participating in water sports, exploring the quaint village life, or simply absorbing the tranquil beauty, Malapascua Island captivates through its blend of natural wonders and cultural richness.

Explore Malapascua Island’s Diving Spots

Malapascua Island is a splendid destination renowned for its marine life and exceptional dive sites. Divers are magnetized by the island’s unique offering of daily sightings of thresher sharks, making it a world-class diving haven.

Beneath the azure waters lie entrancing coral gardens teeming with an array of underwater species, providing an unforgettable aquatic experience. Whether you’re an experienced diver or taking your first plunge, the island’s dive shops cater to all levels, ensuring a safe and exhilarating exploration of the deep.

As you immerse in the crystal-clear waters, expect to be greeted by a kaleidoscope of marine creatures that call this island paradise their home. Malapascua’s welcoming seascape remains a top draw for those seeking to unite with nature in its most pristine form.

Discover The Beaches Of Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island, part of Cebu Province, has carved out a paradise for beach lovers and underwater adventurers alike. The island is particularly famous for its white sandy shores and crystal-clear azure waters that beckon to sun-seekers from across the globe.

Bounty Beach, with its palm-fringed coastline, offers a postcard-perfect escape, while the more secluded beaches, like Guimbitayan, whisper promises of tranquil solitude. Visitors will find that Malapascua’s charm is not limited to its surface beauty; beneath the waves, an underwater spectacle unrivaled in its biodiversity awaits.

Here, divers can mingle with thresher sharks in their natural habitat, turning every plunge into an unforgettable encounter. Ensuring one partakes in these aquatic delights while respecting the local marine ecosystem makes any trip to Malapascua Island both impactful and inspiring.

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Relax At Malapascua Island Resorts

Malapascua Island beckons travelers with its tranquil resorts offering an ideal retreat for those seeking serenity. Picture yourself lounging on a hammock, caressed by the gentle sea breeze, as the sound of lapping waves orchestrates a symphony of calm.

These beachfront havens present a plethora of amenities, catering to both the leisure-seeker and the adventure enthusiast. With dive centers accessible within these resorts, guests can effortlessly transition from relaxation to exploration, delving into the underwater world that surrounds this quaint island sanctuary.

As dusk falls, the resorts’ al fresco dining spots become vantage points for some of the most stunning sunsets, painting the horizon in hues of fiery orange and calming lavender—a perfect cap to a day in paradise. Each stay promises a personal slice of bliss, where the bustle of everyday life seems but a distant memory on the shores of Malapascua.

What To Eat And Drink In Malapascua Island

Exploring Malapascua Island means immersing oneself in an adventure that mirrors its cultural diversity. Adventurous palates can find delight in the local island cuisine, which emphasizes fresh seafood caught daily by the local fishermen. Diners can expect to savor kinilaw, a traditional Filipino ceviche imbued with the tartness of vinegar and the freshness of the ocean.

For those looking for comfort with a twist, there’s always the spicy adobo, cooked in a blend of vinegar, soy sauce, and local spices. Thirst quenchers aren’t far behind, with the island serving an array of tropical fruit shakes, utilizing the abundant mangoes, pineapples, and coconuts.

Many restaurants also offer an international menu, catering to the tastes of travelers from all corners of the globe. Thus, food in Malapascua is as much a tapestry of flavors as the island is a mosaic of stunning sights.

Recommended Best Restaurants And Bars

Embarking on a culinary journey on Malapascua Island leads visitors to a delightful array of dining establishments where the aromas of local and international cuisine blend seamlessly with the tropical ambiance. Oceanfront spots boast menus teeming with the freshest seafood, while rustic beach bars offer the ideal setting to savor a cold drink as the sun sets.

Food lovers can indulge in traditional Filipino dishes or opt for fusion flavors that cater to a more global palate. Each restaurant and bar presents its own unique flair, whether it’s through the presentation of impeccably plated dishes or the creation of signature cocktails that feature local ingredients.

As night falls, these venues become a hub of merriment, inviting travelers to mingle with locals and fellow adventurers alike, making each meal a memorable part of the Malapascua experience.

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Practical Information And Tips

Embarking on a journey to Malapascua Island in Cebu promises an unparalleled experience with its crystalline waters and diverse aquatic life. Travelers should consider the seasonal climate prior to venturing to the island, with December through May offering the most favorable weather.

A vital tip includes the necessity of cash, as ATM facilities are scarce. For transport to the island, visitors initially head to Maya Port where a swift ferry service awaits to whisk them across to this tropical haven. Understandably, accommodations range from budget-friendly hostels to more lavish resorts, catering to varying preferences and pockets.

Early bookings are highly recommended, especially during peak seasons, to secure the ideal stay. Relishing the local cuisine, one can’t miss indulging in the fresh seafood flavors at the local eateries, as they offer a true taste of the island’s culinary delights.

Lastly, ensuring that your camera is ready at all times is essential, as the island’s scenic landscapes and underwater marvels provide ceaseless opportunities for capturing memories.


Exploring the tropical paradise of Malapascua Island in Cebu requires a bit of monetary preparation. The local currency is the Philippine Peso, and keeping a sufficient amount of cash on hand is advisable as ATMs may be scarce or out of service.

Visitors will find that expenses can range from budget-friendly to more luxurious options depending on their preference. Exchanging currency before arriving on the island can prevent any inconvenience, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. It’s also good to have smaller denominations for easier transactions, especially when dealing with local vendors or transportation services.

Keep in mind that card payments are not as uniformly accepted, particularly in smaller establishments or rural areas.


Exploring Malapascua Island requires reliable internet access to help with navigation, staying in touch, and posting those envy-inducing vacation photos. Fortunately, the island caters to travelers by providing various options for internet connectivity. Establishments like resorts and cafes often offer Wi-Fi, enabling visitors to connect their devices and share their experiences in real-time.

While the connectivity may not always be as fast as you’re used to back home, it’s generally sufficient for basic browsing and communication. For those needing more robust internet speeds, purchasing a local SIM card with a data package is a wise decision.

This allows for more consistent access to maps, local information, and social media platforms, ensuring a smooth travel experience while exploring the natural beauty of Malapascua Island.

Drinking Water

Ensuring safe and potable water is essential during your travels, and Malapascua Island is no exception. Visitors are advised to drink only bottled water or water that has been filtered and treated. The island’s local sources may not always meet the safety standards your body is accustomed to, so to avoid any health issues, it’s best to stick to the sealed bottles available at most stores and restaurants.

Take note of this especially if you have a sensitive stomach. Also, consider the environmental impact of plastic waste and where possible, opt for places that offer water refills to minimize your plastic footprint. Staying hydrated in the tropical climate of Malapascua Island is key, but doing so responsibly ensures both your health and the preservation of this beautiful destination.


Travelers visiting Malapascua Island should be aware of the island’s electricity situation. While the serene getaway boasts sun-soaked beaches and splendid marine life, it operates on a finite electricity schedule, often providing power only during select hours of the day.

Generators keep the lights on from the late afternoon until midnight, so it’s wise to plan your gadget-charging sessions and use of electric-dependent amenities accordingly. To stay connected or in case of emergency needs during electricity downtime, power banks and solar chargers can be lifesavers.

Always communicate with your accommodation regarding their specific power arrangements to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted experience in this tropical paradise.

Food Stores

Embarking on a journey to Malapascua Island guarantees a tantalizing culinary adventure. The island’s food stores are a melting pot of local flavors, offering fresh seafood caught daily by the fishermen. Delightful eateries line the beaches, inviting travelers to experience traditional Filipino dishes alongside international cuisine.

Diners can expect to find a diverse array of options, ranging from quaint street food stalls to more formal dining establishments. Each venue promises an authentic taste of the island, whether it’s through a succulent grilled fish, spicy kinilaw (ceviche), or the ever-popular chicken adobo.

The charm of Malapascua’s food scene lies in its simplicity and freshness, with each ingredient reflecting the island’s rich natural bounty.

Sample Itinerary In Malapascua Island

Exploring Malapascua Island unveils an exceptional blend of serene white sand beaches, local culture, and aquatic adventures that create a unique tapestry of experiences. Crafting an itinerary for this Cebu paradise can be as chill or as adventurous as you desire.

Start your day with a sunrise view at the iconic lighthouse, followed by a morning dive to witness the magnificent thresher sharks. Afternoons can be leisurely spent indulging in local cuisine at village eateries or snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters.

Winding down, evenings are perfect for beach strolls under the awe-inspiring canvas of stars. Whether you’re in for relaxation or exploration, Malapascua tailors to every traveler’s dream itinerary, ensuring your stay is nothing short of memorable.

Day 1: Arrival + Beaches

Embarking on a journey to the serene Malapascua Island in Cebu promises an encounter with pure tranquility and scenic beauty, particularly upon arrival at its stunning beaches. Your first day sets the tone for an immersive experience as you step onto the powder-soft sands of Bounty Beach, feeling the gentle touch of the warm Philippine sun on your skin.

Gradually transitioning from the vivid azure of the sky to a rich orange hue, the sunset here is not just a visual treat but also a pause for reflection. As dusk approaches, the beaches invite you to unwind beneath swaying palm trees while the whispering waves provide a melodious backdrop.

Every moment on these shores feels like an intimate rendezvous with nature, welcoming travelers to Malapascua’s idyllic escape.

Day 2: Beaches + Snorkeling + Departure

On your second day on the enchanting Malapascua Island, the agenda brims with excitement as you delve into the island’s aquatic splendor. Your morning begins with the sun casting a warm glow over the serene coastline, inviting you to explore the powder-white beaches.

Here, the gentle lull of cerulean waves sets the tone for a day of sunbathing and relaxation on the soft sandy shores. As the day unfolds, the underwater world beckons, offering an irresistible snorkeling adventure. Immerse yourself in the island’s crystal-clear waters, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by coral reefs teeming with colorful marine life, presenting an array of fish and possibly even a sea turtle gliding in its natural habitat.

As afternoon fades to evening, the island bids you farewell with one last breathtaking sunset, igniting the sky in hues of orange and pink before you embark on your departure, carrying memories that will linger long after your footprints have left the sands.


Malapascua Island beckons with unparalleled beauty and thrilling adventures. Pristine waters, marine life, and the warmth of the local culture make this gem a must-visit destination. Remember these tips, plan your journey, and Malapascua’s enchantments will be yours to discover.

Embrace the island’s charm and carry with you memories that will last a lifetime. Safe travels and enjoy every moment in this slice of Philippine paradise!

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