Shiny Metal Monolith Discovered by Vegas Metro Search & Rescue on Highest Peak in Las Vegas Range

Melanie Haiken

Utah Monolith DPS

A reflective monolith, reminiscent of the one that became an Internet sensation during the 2020 pandemic, has surfaced in Las Vegas, leaving local officials puzzled.


The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department shared photos on social media Monday, showing a long, vertical slab of metal that allegedly appeared over the weekend on a hiking trail near Gass Peak in northern Las Vegas.

“We encounter a lot of strange things while people are hiking, like being unprepared for the weather or not bringing enough water… but this is something else,” the department wrote alongside photos of the column.

In the images, the tall, geometric structure mirrors the rocky desert landscape and aligns perfectly with the horizon.


In December 2020, a similar monolith appeared in downtown Las Vegas under the Fremont Street Experience canopy. Before that, an identical structure was discovered in a remote area of Utah in November 2020, only to disappear a few days later.

Monoliths have also been reported internationally, in places such as the United Kingdom and Romania, adding to the fascination.

While online sleuths attempt to uncover the mystery behind this latest monolith, the LVMPD reminded the public to stay safe while exploring the area’s trails, especially with rising summer temperatures.

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