Queens Strawberry Farm Adventure: Berries, Bliss & Beyond

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Queens Strawberry Farm

Queens Strawberry Farm offers a delightful u-pick experience. It is in the heart of scenic countryside.

Visitors to the Farm often delight in the charm of harvesting their own fresh berries. This family-friendly destination is perfect for those seeking a day out in nature with a sweet reward. The farm provides an abundance of strawberry varieties, each bursting with flavor, ready to be handpicked by guests of all ages.

Emphasizing a connection to the land and sustainable practices, the farm ensures a healthy picking environment for everyone. Guests not only savor the juiciness of freshly picked strawberries but also take advantage of the picturesque settings for memorable photos.

The Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking at Queens Farm brings a bundle of joy to every visitor. Imagine walking through rows of berry-laden plants, the berries gleaming like rubies under the sun. Kids giggle as they pluck the juiciest fruits; parents beam with pleasure at the sight. It’s a perfect way to connect with nature while gathering fresh, succulent strawberries to take home.

  • Fresh air and open fields provide a serene escape from city life.
  • Hand-picked strawberries mean you select the very best.
  • Family bonding time happens naturally in this joyful activity.

Queens Strawberry Farm: A Brief History

Queens Strawberry Farm

The farm began as a small family endeavor over two decades ago. With passion and perseverance, it blossomed into a favorite local landmark. The careful nurturing of the farm’s founders has allowed for an experience steeped in tradition and community spirit.

Key Milestones
2000Opening of the farm to the public
2005Introduction of organic farming practices
2015Expanded to include a farmer’s market
2022Launch of year-round eco-educational tours

If you’re a long-time local or a first-time visitor, the Farm promises a pick-your-own paradise that’s brimming with history and natural beauty.

Planning Your Visit

Visit Queens Strawberry Farm

Prepare for a memorable day filled with fun, sun, and sweet strawberries. To ensure a seamless trip, follow this guide.

Best Time To Visit For Strawberry Picking

Timing is everything for the freshest strawberries. The farm thrives from May to June.

Visit early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid crowds. Check the farm’s website for exact harvest dates.


Remember, weather impacts strawberry quality. A sunny day after light rain is perfect.

What To Bring Along For The Adventure

Packing right enhances your picking experience.

  • Sunscreen – Protect your skin from the sun.
  • Hats and Sunglasses – Keep the sun at bay.
  • Comfortable Shoes – Expect some walking.
  • Containers – Carry your bounty.
  • Water – Stay hydrated.
  • Camera – Capture the moments.

Most importantly, bring excitement and a smile! Ready for an adventure?

The Strawberry Picking Experience

Strawberry Picking Experience

Imagine the sun kissing your skin as you stroll through rows of ripe, red strawberries. This is not just about picking berries; it’s about making memories that last a lifetime. Let’s dive into the strawberry picking experience that awaits you and your family!

How To Pick The Perfect Strawberry

Picking the perfect strawberry might seem like simple task, but there’s a technique to it. Start by looking for strawberries that are fully red, without white spots. Gently hold the stem between your forefinger and thumb, and give it a slight twist. This method ensures you’ll keep the berries intact and as fresh as possible.

  • Choose berries that are bright red and plump.
  • Look for a green, fresh-looking cap on top.
  • Avoid berries with signs of mold or damage.

Fun Activities For Kids And Families

The fun extends well beyond the berry patches. Children can enjoy a petting zoo, where they meet friendly farm animals, and a playground designed to spark joy and energy. The whole family can indulge in a picnic area, so pack your favorite snacks!

Day of Fun
ActivityAge GroupLocation
Petting ZooAll AgesNear the barn
Playground3-12 YearsNext to picnic area
Strawberry PickingAll AgesStrawberry Fields

Before you leave, don’t miss the strawberry-themed crafts corner to create take-home souvenirs. 

Behind The Scenes

Strawberry Picking Behind The Scenes

This Strawberry Farm is always a delight for the senses; ripe, juicy strawberries ready for picking are just a part of the experience. Let’s peel back the curtain and get a peek Behind the Scenes where nature meets nurture, revealing a labor of love and dedication.

Sustainable Farming Practices At Queens

Every strawberry is a testament to sustainability. Here’s how they make it happen:

  • Water Conservation: Drip irrigation systems deliver water directly to the roots, reducing waste.
  • Pest Management: Instead of chemicals, they use beneficial insects to keep pests in check.
  • Soil Health: Crop rotation and organic compost ensure the soil stays fertile and healthy.

The Journey From Seed To Berry

The path from a tiny seed to a plump, sweet strawberry is fascinating. Let’s track this journey:

  1. Seed Selection: It starts with choosing the best seeds, known for flavor and hardiness.
  2. Germination: In greenhouse nurseries, seeds sprout under ideal conditions.
  3. Transplanting: Young plants move to fields, where they’ll grow to maturity.
  4. Blossoming: With time, plants bloom, each flower potentially becoming a berry.
  5. Pollination: Bees play a vital role, buzzing between flowers to help pollinate.
  6. Fruit Development: Once pollinated, flowers make way for small green fruits.
  7. Ripening: Sunshine and care turn those fruits red and ready for harvest.

Culinary Delights Of The Farm

Culinary Delights

This is Not just a haven for strawberry picking, the farm offers a feast of flavors through its on-site culinary experiences. From fresh berries to mouthwatering homemade treats, each visit serves up an array of delicious adventures. Engage your senses and take a bite into the farm’s delectable offerings!

Homemade Strawberry Treats To Savor

Indulge in the fresh taste of strawberries, transformed into an assortment of homemade delicacies. Our list of must-try goodies includes:

  • Strawberry Jams – Bursting with berries, our jams are a sweet spread for morning toasts.
  • Fresh Strawberry Pies – Each pie is a perfect blend of flaky crust and juicy fruit.
  • Strawberry Ice Cream – Creamy and dreamy, enjoy a scoop (or two) of this frozen treat.

Cooking Demonstrations And Workshops

Learn the art of cooking with strawberries as our chefs showcase their skills. Join us for:

Strawberry Sauce CreationStrawberry Desserts Baking
Fruit Pairings & SaladsPreserving & Canning

Engage with our friendly chefs, ask questions, and take home new recipes. If you’re a seasoned cook or just finding your way around the kitchen, our interactive culinary sessions promise fun and learning for all ages.

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Unique Attractions Of Queens Farm

Unique Attractions

Unique Attractions of Queens Farm come alive throughout the year. This bucolic paradise offers one-of-a-kind experiences. Visitors of all ages find delights around every corner.

Seasonal Events And Festivals

Queens Farm is more than just a haven for strawberry lovers. It’s a calendar of seasonal events and festivals.

  • Spring: The Strawberry Picking Festival kicks off with live music and hayrides.
  • Summer: In July, the Lavender Festival fills the air with soothing scents.
  • Fall: Get lost in the Corn Maze Extravaganza each October.
  • Winter: Holidays mean the Farm Lights Celebration, with thousands of twinkling lights.

The Farm’s Scenic Photographic Spots

Every corner of Queens Farm is a snapshot waiting to happen. Capture memories with the lush green backdrops. Here’s a shortlist of picture-perfect locales:

The WindmillAn iconic wooden structure, perfect for a rustic photo.
The Berry BushesRows of berries create vibrant, colorful scenes for your pictures.
The Flower FieldsSeasonal blooms offer a dazzling array of colors.
The PondReflective waters and willows set a serene mood.

Educational Opportunities

Agricultural Education Programs For Schools

Brimming with interactive experiences, the Farm offers tailor-made education programs for schools. Our farm becomes a classroom where students engage with the lifecycle of plants and the importance of sustainable farming.

  • Guided Farm Tours: Walk through rows of strawberries as guides explain crop growth cycles.
  • Seed Planting Sessions: Kids plant their own seeds, fostering an early love for agriculture.
  • Harvesting Experience: Students pick ripe strawberries, learning about safe food handling.

Workshops On Organic Gardening And Composting

It takes pride in teaching organic gardening and the magic of composting. Novice gardeners and seasoned pros alike can benefit from our informative workshops.

WorkshopTopics CoveredDuration
Organic Gardening BasicsSoil health, natural pest control, native plant species2 hours
Composting 101Compost bin setup, perfect compost recipe, maintenance tips1.5 hours

Each session involves expert-led demonstrations and hands-on practice. Bring gloves and a passion for dirt.

Beyond Strawberry Picking

Beyond Strawberry Picking

This Strawberry Farm offers much more than just picking strawberries. Young and old visitors delight in the farm’s additional activities. These include exploring a variety of fruit orchards and engaging with friendly farm animals.

Exploring Other Fruit Orchards Of The Farm

The adventure at Queens Strawberry Farm extends to rows of other delicious fruits. Bite into the sweetness of apples, peer through peach blossoms, and cherish the tartness of cherries.

  • Apples: Available in late summer
  • Peaches: Ready in early summer
  • Cherries: Ripe in mid-summer

Each orchard offers a unique experience. The farm ensures your basket overflows with fresh, juicy delights.

Interactive Farm Animal Encounters

Children beam with joy during the interactive farm animal encounters.

GoatsFeed and pet these playful creatures
ChickensWatch them peck and roam freely
PoniesEnjoy guided pony rides around the farm

Be sure to bring your camera to capture the smiles and laughter. The farm’s animals love to make new friends!

Supporting Local: The Farm Store

The Farm Store

The Strawberry Farm shines as a beacon of local charm and fresh goods. The Farm Store is the heart of this rural gem, offering visitors a chance to indulge in the freshest produce and unique artisan products. This store is not just a place to shop; it’s an embrace by the local community, inviting you to become part of a sustainable lifestyle that values quality and craft over mass production.

A Selection Of Fresh Produce And Artisan Goodies

Step into the Farm Store, and you’re greeted by the colors and crisp scents of just-picked strawberries, ripe vegetables, and juicy fruits. It’s a sensory delight that transports you straight to nature’s bounty.

  • Strawberries – the star of the show, picked at peak ripeness
  • Heirloom vegetables – packed with flavor and nutrition
  • Seasonal fruits – from apples to peaches, nature’s sweetest offerings

Beyond fresh produce, the Farm Store boasts a treasure trove of handmade treats and artisanal goods:

Artisanal GoodiesDescription
HoneyLocal bees’ liquid gold, perfect for sweetening teas
PreservesHomemade jams and jellies, a fruit festival in a jar
Baked GoodsFrom pies to bread, all baked with love and farm-fresh ingredients

Why Buying Local Benefits Everyone

Choosing to shop at Queens Strawberry Farm Store does more than delight your taste buds. It’s a positive choice for the community too.

  1. Every dollar spent circulates back into the local economy, strengthening our collective livelihoods.
  2. Buying local means less transportation, which equals fewer emissions – a win for the planet.
  3. It supports the farmers directly, allowing them to continue sustainable practices and care for the land.

So, your choice to purchase here not only treats you to the freshest flavors but also makes a stand for a greener, stronger community.

Community Involvement And Events

Strawberry Farm Community Involvement

This Farm bursts with life, not just from its lush red berries, but through Community Involvement and Events. This jewel in the community crown thrives on bringing people together. The farm is a hub of activity, where families, neighbors, and visitors from afar gather to celebrate and contribute to local life.


Spend a day with hands in the earth and sun on your back. Volunteering at Queens Strawberry Farm offers a fun way to give back. Here are the benefits:

  • Learn about sustainable farming.
  • Meet neighbors and make new friends.
  • Enjoy fresh strawberries as a thank you.

Our open volunteer days are easy to join:

Saturday10am – 2pmPlanting
Sunday11am – 3pmWeeding

Children can also participate in educational workshops. They learn, play, and even plant their own berry to take home.

Annual Community Events And Their Impact

Every year, the Farm hosts events that locals love. These gatherings strengthen our bonds and support the community. Highlights include:

  1. Strawberry Festival: Celebrate the season’s peak with joy, music, and berry delights.
  2. Harvest Day: Pick your berries and enjoy hayrides, crafts, and fresh pies.
  3. Holiday Market: Find handcrafted gifts and support local artisans.

These events don’t just create memories. They also support local businesses and foster a love for farming. Every year, proceeds go to local schools and parks. The impact echoes:

  • Better playgrounds for children.
  • New books and computers for schools.
  • Greener parks with more trees and flowers.

Getting Involved In Farm Life

Involved In Strawberries Farm Life

It offers a hands-on experience with nature. Dig into the soil, learn about sustainable farming, and enjoy the sweet rewards of your labor. There’s something for everyone, from seasonal jobs to educational programs.

Opportunities For Seasonal Employment

Seasonal work at Queens Strawberry Farm is more than a job. It’s a chance to enjoy the outdoors and be part of a community that values fresh produce and sustainable practices. Dive into these opportunities:

  • Fruit picking: Experience the joy of harvesting ripe, juicy strawberries.
  • Market assistant: Help customers choose the best produce and learn about farm-to-table.
  • Field maintenance: Keep the farm looking its best and working smoothly.

Internship Programs For Aspiring Farmers

Are you dreaming of a farming career? Queens Strawberry Farm’s internship programs guide young farmers through a real-world agricultural education. Immerse yourself in:

  1. Soil health and plant nutrition
  2. Sustainable crop management
  3. Organic farming techniques
  4. Marketing and business skills

Our mentors provide personalized instruction to ensure interns gain valuable skills and knowledge. Spaces are limited, so apply early.

Environmental Stewardship

Strawberries Farm Environmental Stewardship

The Farm commits to nurturing nature alongside its berry business. This wonderful local hotspot not only tickles your taste buds with its succulent strawberries but also nurtures the land with practices promoting environmental stewardship. Through thoughtful agricultural methods, the farm preserves the scenic beauty and natural habitats surrounding it.

Efforts In Biodiversity And Conservation

Biodiversity at Queens Strawberry Farm means more than just a variety of plants. Staff use specific methods to protect wildlife:

  • Planting native flowers to create natural pest control.
  • Cultivating buffer zones around crops to protect waterways.
  • Using organic fertilizers to enhance soil health.
  • Introducing environment-friendly packaging to reduce waste.

These actions result in thriving ecosystems where plants and animals coexist in harmony.

The Role Of Bees In A Strawberry Farm Ecosystem

Bees play a vital role in strawberry farming. The Farm understands this and actively protects these important insects:

ActionImpact on Bees
Sowing bee-friendly flowersProvides bees with diverse pollen and nectar sources.
Limiting pesticide useReduces risks to bee health and population.
Creating bee habitatsEncourages bee colony growth and supports pollination.
Educational programsHelps visitors learn about and appreciate the importance of bees.

Through these measures, the farm sustains a thriving bee population crucial for pollinating strawberries, ensuring bountiful harvests.

Planning For The Future

Planning For The Future

Strawberries will thrive like never before. We are committed to trailblazing a path where our succulent strawberries are grown smarter and our farm widens its horizons.

Innovations In Strawberry Farming

Embracing technology ensures a bountiful, sustainable crop. We integrate cutting-edge practices to enhance yield and flavor.

  • Hydroponic systems: Less water, more berries.
  • AI-driven analytics: Perfect picking times, every time.
  • Organic methods: Healthier berries, happier you.

These technological leaps are not just dreams but roads we’re paving for a lush future.

Expansion Plans

Growth is essential, and Queens Strawberry Farm is on the verge of spreading its roots further. Our berries are going places!

YearLand ExpansionNew MarketsCommunity Initiatives
20235 acresLocal Farmers MarketsSchool Visits
202410 acresStatewide RetailWorkshops and Tours

With each additional acre, the Farm promises to bring more berries to more families. 

Testimonials And Stories

Testimonials And Stories

Visitors’ Memorable Moments At The Farm

Laughter echoes through the fields as families gather, pick, and play. Imagine the burst of flavor from a freshly plucked strawberry, the sun-kissed smiles of children, and the satisfaction of a basket filled to the brim. Highlights from our guests include:

  • Hayride adventures that led to panoramic views
  • First-time berry pickers celebrating their harvests
  • Picnic blankets spread with homemade strawberry delights
  • Surprise engagements amidst the strawberry rows
  • The annual Strawberry Festival dance-offs and laughs

Stories Of The Farm’s Impact On The Community

It not only fills baskets but also hearts. The farm has become a cornerstone for the locals. Its influence is evident in:

StoryCommunity Impact
School TripsEducating children on sustainable farming
DonationsProviding fresh produce to food banks
Cooking ClassesTeaching healthy eating with farm-fresh ingredients
Volunteer ProgramsStrengthening community bonds
Local FestivalsBoosting tourism and local businesses

Heartfelt stories of the farm’s role in lives are many. Browsing through these testimonials reveals a tapestry of connections. From supporting the local economy to empowering sustainable lifestyles, Strawberry Farm sows seeds of positive change far beyond its fertile grounds.

The Lasting Memories And Takeaways

Sunshine, laughter, and strawberry fields – these are the snapshots of joy that linger after a visit to Strawberry Farm. Families, friends, and solo adventurers cherish these moments:

  • Picking the ripest strawberries from endless rows of reds.
  • The taste of sun-warmed berries, fresh off the vine.
  • Photos capturing the beauty of the farm landscape.
  • Learning about sustainable farming practices that respect the earth.

These memories aren’t just fleeting; they’re takeaways that shape our appreciation of nature and local agriculture.

How To Stay Involved With The Farm Community

The Farm community continues to thrive beyond the berry patches. Stay connected and keep the spirit of the farm buzzing all year round:

  1. Join the newsletter for updates on events and picking seasons.
  2. Follow social media pages for delicious recipes and fun farm facts.
  3. Participate in seasonal workshops to learn jam-making or wreath-crafting.
  4. Adopt a plant and watch your berry friend grow from afar.

By engaging with the farm community, it becomes a cherished part of every season.


Embracing the sweet essence of nature at Queens Strawberry Farm is a journey like no other. Fresh berries, open skies, and family fun await every visitor. Let your taste buds savor the farm-fresh strawberries on your next outing. Discover, enjoy, and make memories that will linger like the taste of summer’s favorite fruit.

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