People Shares ‘Then And Now’ Photos To Show Changes Things With Time

Melanie Haiken

Then and Now

The passage of time takes its toll on all the things in life, be it landscapes, a city, people or objects. Beautifully capturing the force of change is the trend that’s got the Internet all swept up; ‘then and now’ photos shared by those that have lived them. These comparisons show the vast difference that can take place in short years, but decades or even centuries apart, and allow us to appreciate a more sentimental look into the past and thought on our present. We take you on a little field trip, to look at these amazing before/after images that tell the tales of evolution, movement and the inescapable time.

Oxford, England

This picture taken in 2015 shows how little the shoreline on the spot where JMW Turner painted in 1810 had changed over the last two centuries.


The Arctic 103 Years Ago Compared To Today

Chichen Itza 1892 And Now


Head of Kukulcán

The majestic Head of Kukulcán, situated at the base of the staircase of the ‘EI Castillo’ pyramid within the archaeological site of Chichén Itzá, captured in 1895 and 2022

Manhattan in 1851 and Today


Brooklyn Bridge Past and Present


Diagon Alley From Harry Potter

The Shambles In York (UK) Inspiration For Diagon Alley From Harry Potter. Late 1800s And Today


Baker Street, London, 157 years apart.

Baker Street, one of the world’s oldest underground stations, showcases a remarkable 157-year history. Located at the junction of Baker Street and Marylebone Road in the City of Westminster, this London Underground station is steeped in history. It was one of the original stations of the Metropolitan Railway (MR), the world’s first underground railway, which began operations on January 10, 1863.


Bishan Park, 30 Years Apart. Top Pic, 1988. Bottom Pic, 2020


Moscow Pictures 20 Years Apart


Singapore 2000 vs. Now


World War I Trenches


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