Try To Find The Hidden Difference In The Picture Beach Day In 10 Seconds

Julie H

Hidden Difference In The Picture Beach Day

A beach day picture… in this Task “Spot the difference: Beach Day”, where calm reigns and a young woman enjoys a sunny day, the seas and a delicious coconut.

beach day

But since this is a perfect world, there is a WORM in the apple. The idea is to identify the portions of the images where there is a difference. All of which sounds well and good, but remember… the blues are in the details, and this will be your ultimate test of observation.

Carefully observed the image and locate the components that make a different version of the image being viewed. You then have to figure out what was altered, and the fun part starts when you know!

beach day

Now are you ready for this challenge? But always remember that adventure lies in the small things that go overlooked, and your depth will get you through these tasks.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below, and keep it up with those awesome tasks!

Ok so, time to reveal the answer and distinction! Now let’s solve the riddle:

beach day

We should have the answer in short order, although you’ll need to wait for the corresponding teaser image to find out where the spot is located. In that case, prepare to discover what sets apart one of the images.

Half the fun is in identifying discrepancies, and so many times, when they come, they surprise us.

Did you see the discrepancy that was showing up in the girls drink? Tell us!

beach day

Quickly dive in and reveal your finding, still lightsome of the Genie Quiz’s visual odd tasks. Thanks for playing along and for putting in the work to break the visual code.

Practice observing and watching for additional neat jobs!

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