What to Do in Rice Lake WI?

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What To Do In Rice Lake Wi

Explore outdoor activities at Veterans Memorial Park or shop for antiques downtown in Rice Lake, WI. Experience fishing on Rice Lake’s namesake body of water for a memorable adventure.

Rice Lake, Wisconsin, offers a blend of natural beauty and quiet small-town charm, perfect for both outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking a restful getaway. Nestled in the heart of Barron County, this tranquil city invites visitors to enjoy a variety of activities ranging from boating and fishing on the serene waters of Rice Lake to hiking and wildlife observation at Tuscobia State Trail.

With its welcoming downtown area, guests can indulge in local cuisine, find unique gifts, and participate in community events that reflect the local culture. Whether you’re craving an active vacation or a peaceful retreat, Rice Lake provides an idyllic setting that caters to diverse interests and promises an enriching experience for travelers.

Embracing The Outdoors In Rice Lake

Nature enthusiasts rejoice with the breathtaking outdoor experiences awaiting in Rice Lake, WI. This haven offers diverse activities for all ages, ensuring memorable adventures. The natural beauty of Rice Lake provides the perfect ambiance for outdoor activities.

Hiking The Scenic Trails

Explore Rice Lake’s beauty on foot. The area boasts several hiking trails, each offering unique views and challenges.

Highlights include:

  • Cedar Side Walking Trail – scenic vistas
  • Tuscobia State Trail – multi-purpose path
  • Ice Age Trail – historic landscapes

Each trail caters to all skill levels so everyone can enjoy the greenery and fresh air.

Fishing And Boating On The Water

Rice Lake is a paradise for those who love water sports. With plentiful fish species, fishing is a must-do activity.

Fish TypeBest Spots
WalleyeMoon Lake
BassRed Cedar River
BluegillStout’s Island

Boating enthusiasts find joy in the calm waters. Public boat landings ensure easy access for all.

Winter Wonders Of Rice Lake

The frost-kissed town of Rice Lake, Wisconsin transforms into a winter paradise each year. Blankets of snow create perfect playgrounds for cold-weather activities. Rice Lake offers a unique blend of outdoor adventures that promise to keep your spirits high during the chillier months. Let’s explore some of the best ways to soak in the icy magic of this scenic destination.

Skiing And Snowboarding Adventures

Thrill-seekers rejoice as Rice Lake delivers crisp, white slopes ideal for skiing and snowboarding. Experienced and first-timers alike find joy here.

  • Blue Hills Trail – A favorite for cross-country skiing, boasting well-groomed trails.
  • Christie Mountain – Offers diverse runs for all skill levels and a snowboarding terrain park.

Whether gliding through serene trails or conquering downhill runs, memorable experiences await.

Ice Fishing Like A Local

Ice fishing is a staple of winter life in Rice Lake. The frozen lake promises a bustling hub for anglers.

  1. Dress warmly – Safety and comfort come first.
  2. Rent a shanty – Local shops provide gear and shelter.
  3. Join a tournament – Fish with friends and compete for prizes.

Immerse yourself in the fun and reel in the day’s big catch amidst Rice Lake’s icy waters.

Cultural Treasures In Rice Lake

Rice Lake, Wisconsin, embodies a cultural tapestry rich in history and the arts. Beside its serene waters and lush landscapes, visitors can unearth the vibrant spirit of the local community. Discover museums and festivals that celebrate the area’s unique heritage.

Unearthing History At Local Museums

Step back in time in Rice Lake’s local museums. Revel in tales of yesteryears and see artifacts that paint a picture of the region’s past.

  • The Barron County Historical Society Pioneer Village Museum – A sprawling open-air museum featuring historic buildings and displays.
  • Rice Lake Public Library – Not just books, but also a place to learn about local history through its collections.

The Lure Of Annual Festivals

Rice Lake’s calendar teems with festivities that draw crowds from far and wide. Each festival offers a glimpse into local traditions and crafts.

AquafestEarly JuneBoat races, parades, music
Indianhead Gem & Mineral ShowJulyExhibits, workshops, sales

Family-fun Activities

Experience laughter, bonding, and unforgettable memories. Whether it’s outdoor adventures or indoor excitement, Rice Lake has something special for everyone. Get ready for a delightful journey through the best family-fun activities in town!

Recreational Parks And Picnics

Embrace the great outdoors at Rice Lake’s scenic parks. Breathe in the fresh air, marvel at nature’s beauty, and enjoy a peaceful picnic.

  • Moon Lake Park: A playground for kids and serene walking trails.
  • Cedar Side Walking Trail: Ideal for a family stroll by the water.

Set up a picnic at the perfect spot and watch the kids play. Try the canopied areas in Veterans Park or relax by the lake.

Bowling Alleys And Game Centers

Strike up some indoor fun at the local bowling alleys and game centers. They offer entertainment for every family member.

LocationFeaturesAge Group
Rice Lake Bowling AlleyLanes for all skill levels, arcade gamesAll Ages
Galaxy Game CenterVideo games, prize countersKids & Teens

Challenge one another to a game or bond over a family competition. Celebrate with food and drinks available on site.

Local Gastronomy

Embark on a tasty journey in Rice Lake, WI, where local flavors tell a story of tradition and innovation. Whether you’re craving something savory, sweet, or distinctly Wisconsin, the local gastronomy scene will not disappoint.

Sampling The Famous Cheese Curds

Wisconsin is renowned for its dairy delights, and Rice Lake proudly offers some of the state’s best cheese curds. These bite-sized morsels are fresh, squeaky, and often served fried to golden perfection. Visit local eateries to experience this cheesy sensation that forms the heart of Wisconsin’s food heritage.

  • Farmers markets: Find handcrafted curds from nearby dairies.
  • Local taverns: Savor curds paired with craft beers.
  • Specialty shops: Buy assorted flavors to enjoy at home.

Fine Dining And Cozy Cafés

Rice Lake caters to all taste buds with an array of dining options. For a memorable meal, dine at elegant venues that showcase local ingredients. Enjoy tender steaks, fresh seafood, and artisanal creations.

Fine DiningCozy Cafés
Lakeside restaurants with scenic viewsQuaint spots serving homemade pastries
Menus featuring seasonal specialtiesCoffee shops with locally roasted beans
Wine pairings from regional wineriesBreakfast nooks offering hearty dishes

Cafés also welcome guests with warm ambiances and comfort foods. Stop by to taste exquisite coffee blends, freshly baked bread, and delightful sandwiches. Each café boasts a unique charm, contributing to Rice Lake’s warm community feel.

Relaxation And Wellness

Embark on a journey of tranquility in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and discover an oasis of calm. Delight in serene spa retreats and rejuvenating yoga experiences. These wellness activities are not just treats for the soul but balm for the mind and body.

Spa Retreats For Rejuvenation

Take a step towards serenity with Rice Lake’s spa retreats. Each session offers a unique path to relaxation.

  • Deep Tissue Massages to ease muscle tension
  • Aromatherapy with soothing essential oils
  • Facials that revive and hydrate your skin

Experts tailor treatments to individual needs. Luxuriate in a peaceful environment. Feel rejuvenated.

Yoga Sessions Amidst Nature

Rice Lake’s natural beauty serves as the perfect backdrop for yoga enthusiasts.

Yoga StyleLocation
Vinyasa FlowLakeside Park
Hatha YogaWhispering Pines

Engage in breathwork and poses under the open sky. Feel connected with nature. Leave feeling centered and serene.

Choose a solo session or join a group class. All levels are welcome. Explore the union of mind, body, and spirit in an unparalleled setting.

Shopping And Souvenirs

Ready to bring memories home from Rice Lake? The city’s charming shops offer more than just goods. They deliver an unforgettable slice of local culture. From handcrafted treasures to boutique clothing, Rice Lake has something special for everyone.

Discovering Local Craftsmanship

Step into Rice Lake’s craft scene to find pieces with a unique story. Artisans work with wood, fibers, and more to create one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

  • Wooden Wonders: Carvings and furniture exude the area’s natural beauty.
  • Textile Treasures: Handwoven items bring warmth and color to any home.
  • Artistic Expression: Paintings and pottery capture the essence of Rice Lake.

Boutiques With A Personal Touch

Expect warm welcomes and personal recommendations when you visit local boutiques. Each store presents its own flair and flavor, ensuring a memorable shopping experience.

Boutique NameSpecialty
Lake ChicFashion-forward apparel & accessories
The HomesteadRustic home decor & gifts
Whimsy & WaresVintage finds & cheerful trinkets


Embark on a Rice Lake adventure and you won’t be disappointed. Savor the local cuisine, bask in nature, or shop downtown. This destination caters to every traveler. Bookmark our guide and make your trip memorable. Rice Lake awaits with open arms and endless possibilities.

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