How Long is the Flight from Calgary to Edmonton?

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How Long is the Flight from Calgary to Edmonton

The flight time from Calgary to Edmonton is typically about 1 hour. This short-haul journey covers a distance of approximately 280 kilometers.

Traveling from Calgary to Edmonton by air is efficient and convenient, providing a swift connection between two of Alberta’s largest cities. For travelers who seek to make the most of their time in Canada, flying can be the best option to maximize their schedules and minimize transit time.

Airlines offer multiple flights daily, catering to both business and leisure passengers, ensuring flexibility in travel plans. This quick flight is a testament to how air travel can bridge the gap between regional hubs, facilitating economic ties and personal connections. As travelers look for a speedy commute, they will find this airborne route to be a time-saving solution compared to driving or taking the train.

Calgary To Edmonton By Air

Taking a flight from Calgary to Edmonton turns a lengthy drive into a quick hop. This popular air route connects two major cities in Alberta. Travelers can enjoy the scenery from above and arrive refreshed and ready for their day in Edmonton.

Distance And Flight Duration

The aerial distance from Calgary to Edmonton spans about 280 kilometers. A direct flight often takes roughly one hour. This short flight time makes flying an efficient choice for travelers between these two cities.

City of DepartureDestination CityDistanceFlight Duration
CalgaryEdmonton280 km~1 hour

Factors Influencing Flight Times

  • Air traffic: Busy skies can add to flight time.
  • Weather conditions: Good weather means smoother flights.
  • Airplane speed: Faster planes make quicker trips.
  • Airport operations: Delays on the ground can affect takeoff times.

These factors can change how long the flight from Calgary to Edmonton might take on any given day.

Airlines Serving The Route

Travelers planning their journey from Calgary to Edmonton often ask about airlines serving the route. Various carriers offer flights between these dynamic Canadian cities. Understanding the airline options will help you make an informed decision.

Major Carriers

Several major airlines provide frequent service from Calgary to Edmonton. They are known for reliability and comprehensive service. Here’s a glimpse:

  • Air Canada – Offers multiple flights per day, with added amenities for a comfortable experience.
  • WestJet – Known for Canadian hospitality, this carrier also has several daily flights.

Budget Options

If you’re seeking more economical fares, budget airlines are your best bet. They offer less frills but great savings. Consider these options:

  • Flair Airlines – A popular budget-friendly choice with a no-frills approach to travel.
  • Swoop – WestJet’s ultra-low-cost sister, providing good deals for cost-conscious travelers.

Ticket Booking Tips

Getting ready for a flight from Calgary to Edmonton means finding the perfect ticket. You need smart booking strategies. Here are some tips to help you grab the best deals on your flight tickets.

Best Time To Purchase

Timing plays a crucial role in ticket prices. Airlines often adjust fares based on demand. Research shows that booking a flight about three weeks before your trip can lead to the best prices. Keep an eye on price trends. Sign up for fare alerts. Choose the right day for booking; Tuesday afternoons are known to have fare drops.

Avoiding Peak Travel

Peak travel times can lead to expensive tickets. Choose travel dates wisely. Steer clear of holidays and weekends. Travel on weekdays, if possible. Consider flying early in the morning or late at night. These times tend to have lower demand and better fares. Also, try to book in the low season when fewer people are flying.

Advance BookingStart looking three weeks ahead.
Fare AlertsSign up for notifications.
Weekday TravelOpt for Monday to Thursday.

Airport Overview

Travelers preparing for a journey from Calgary to Edmonton often start at the bustling centers for air travel in these cities. Each airport has unique features and services catering to the needs of their passengers. An overview of Calgary International Airport and Edmonton International Airport provides insight into the travel experience awaiting passengers.

Calgary International Airport

Calgary International Airport (YYC), is the gateway to the sky for Calgarians. The airport boasts a wide range of amenities designed to make the travel experience smooth and enjoyable.

  • Non-stop flights to various destinations
  • Multiple lounges for relaxation
  • Shopping and dining options
  • Efficient security processing
  • Accessible transportation to the city

Edmonton International Airport

Edmonton International Airport (YEG) welcomes travelers with open arms. It stands out with its commitment to customer service and the array of facilities offered to those coming and going.

  • Direct services to key locations
  • Comfortable waiting areas
  • A variety of retail and food options
  • Streamlined check-in and security checks
  • Easy access to downtown Edmonton
Calgary InternationalYYCLounges, Shopping, DiningTransport Links to City
Edmonton InternationalYEGWaiting Areas, Retail, FoodDirect Routes to City Center

Pre-flight Requirements

Before you soar through the skies from Calgary to Edmonton, let’s talk about Pre-Flight Requirements. It’s not just about packing bags and getting a boarding pass. There’s a checklist to tick off so your flight is smooth and stress-free. From check-in procedures to security measures, every detail counts.

Check-in Procedures

Starting your journey right means understanding the check-in process. Airlines open check-in hours before flight time. Stick to the guidelines below to avoid last-minute panic:

  • Online Check-In: Use the airline’s website or mobile app up to 24 hours before departure.
  • Airport Kiosks: Self-service kiosks at the airport are quick and easy.
  • Check-In Desks: Airline representatives can help with luggage and special requests.

Don’t forget your ID and boarding pass. Keep them handy!

Security Measures

Security checkpoints are strict but essential. Ensure a smooth process by following these steps:

  1. Prepare your ID and boarding pass for verification.
  2. Place metal items and electronics in the bins provided.
  3. Remove jackets and belts before screening.
  4. Follow liquid restrictions: containers must be 100ml or less.

Remember, the guidelines keep everyone safe. Your cooperation speeds up the process for all.

Onboard Experience

The flight from Calgary to Edmonton is short, but the onboard experience can add a touch of class to your journey. Airlines prioritize passenger comfort and service, even on brief trips. Let’s dive into the amenities that make the ride enjoyable and explore what different carriers offer in terms of seating and services high above the Alberta skies.

Seating And Comfort

Superior comfort awaits as you board the aircraft. With a typical flight time under 1 hour, you might think that seating is a secondary concern. Not so, as airlines ensure that the short hop feels relaxing and stress-free.

  • Spacious seats with ample legroom
  • Recline features in most classes
  • Adjustable headrests and ergonomic design

Whether you’re booking economy or splurging on business, expect excellent accommodations that cater to your comfort.

In-flight Services

Though brief, the flight ensures you are well cared for. In-flight services are designed to maximize your travel experience even during a short duration.

Beverage ServiceComplimentary drinks to quench your thirst
SnacksQuick bites to satisfy your cravings

Flight attendants are readily available to attend to your needs. They ensure your journey from Calgary to Edmonton is not just a trip but a pleasant experience.

Arrival In Edmonton

Welcome to Edmonton, the vibrant capital of Alberta! The journey from Calgary is a quick one, typically a brief flight spanning approximately one hour. As the plane descends and lands at Edmonton International Airport, excitement builds for the adventures ahead. 

Navigating The Airport

Edmonton International Airport greets passengers with clear signage and modern facilities. Gentle glide down the escalator or lift brings you to the baggage claim area. Friendly airport staff are ready to assist. Information desks provide maps and directions.

  • Collect your baggage from the conveniently labelled carousels.
  • Restrooms and eateries are easy to find throughout the terminal.
  • Wi-Fi is free, keeping travelers connected.

Transportation Options

Edmonton offers diverse transport options for city access. Below is a list to help you choose:

Transport TypeCost EstimateTravel Time to City Center
Taxi$5530 minutes
Ride-Sharing$40 – $5030 minutes
Bus Service$545 minutes
Car RentalVariesAt your own pace

Car rental services are available right at the airport. Bus services run regularly, offering an economical option. For direct routes, taxis and ride-sharing apps provide convenience.

Traveling Beyond Flights

Welcome to the adventurous world of Traveling Beyond Flights. While the flight from Calgary to Edmonton is a well-trodden path, the journey doesn’t just end with air travel. There are other exciting alternatives that offer different experiences and benefits. Let’s dive into these options and discover how they compare in terms of time and cost.

Calgary To Edmonton Alternatives

The route between Calgary and Edmonton is rich with alternative modes of travel. Each option has its unique charm and advantages:

  • Car Rental: Renting a car offers the freedom to travel at your own pace, with the opportunity to explore the picturesque views along the way.
  • Bus: Buses provide a cost-effective solution, with various schedules to fit your plans.
  • Train: A scenic train journey unveils the majestic countryside, a perfect choice for those who enjoy relaxed travel.

Comparing Time And Cost

When selecting your mode of transportation, considering both time and cost is essential. Here’s a quick comparison:

Mode of TransportAverage DurationEstimated Cost
Flight1 hour$100 – $250
Car3 hours$50 – $150 (plus rental)
Bus3.5 hours$30 – $60
Train5 hours$75 – $150

Keep in mind these figures can vary based on seasonal pricing, promotions, and individual preferences. Be sure to book early and keep an eye out for special deals to make the most of your travel budget.


Wrapping up, the flight duration from Calgary to Edmonton is brief, typically around an hour. This quick hop lets travelers efficiently bridge the gap between two of Alberta’s key cities. For a stress-free trip, always check airline schedules and factor in potential delays.

Safe travels on your swift journey through the skies!

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