Where is Crealy Holiday Park?

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Where is Crealy Holiday Park

Crealy Holiday Park is located in Exeter, Devon in the United Kingdom. It’s close to the M5 motorway, providing easy access.

Nestled in the heart of the Devon countryside, Crealy Holiday Park offers an ideal base for families seeking a fun-filled getaway. With an on-site theme park boasting over 60 rides and attractions, the park provides endless entertainment for both children and adults.

Its close proximity to the beautiful Jurassic Coast, as well as the historic cities of Exeter and Plymouth, ensures there’s plenty to explore in the surrounding area. Accommodations at the park range from luxury lodges to glamping options, catering to all preferences and budgets. The park also features various eateries, live shows, and events throughout the year, making it a versatile destination for a memorable family holiday.

Introduction To Crealy Holiday Park

Crealy Holiday Park is a family’s dream escape. Nestled in the heart of the Devon countryside, this park offers an enchanting mix of rides, attractions, and accommodations. With something for everyone, Crealy creates unforgettable memories. Let’s explore the magic that awaits!

The Essence Of Crealy’s Charm

Imagine a place where laugher fills the air, and joy is around every corner. Crealy Holiday Park captures this spirit through its family-friendly ethos. The park’s landscaped gardens and friendly staff set the scene for a relaxing holiday. Animal encounters and live shows enrich this magical experience.

A Snapshot Of The Adventure Awaiting

  • Thrilling Rides: From the twisting turns of roller coasters to the splash-tastic water attractions, Crealy’s rides excite all ages.
  • Interactive Play Areas: Forts, slides, and soft play areas await the little adventurers.
  • Stay Over: Luxury lodges to glamorous camping, choices abound for a cozy stay.
  • Meet Creatures: Get close to farmyard friends.
  • Tasty Treats: Enjoy delicious foods all across the park.
  • Seasonal Events: Year-round fun with themed festivities.

Geographical Footprint

Crealy Holiday Park is a treasured destination nestled in the heart of Devon’s rolling countryside. Perfect for families and adventurers of all ages, its geographical footprint marks a significant spot on the map for fun and relaxation.

Crealy’s South West England Location

Crealy Holiday Park sits proudly in South West England, known for its picture-perfect landscapes and historical sites. This joyous park is a stone’s throw from the vibrant city of Exeter and the Jurassic Coast’s dramatic cliffs. Here’s why its location is ideal:

  • Close Proximity to Exeter: Access city attractions within minutes.
  • Near the Coast: Breathe in fresh sea air on a day out.
  • Gateway to Adventure: Explore Dartmoor National Park’s wilderness.

Map Coordinates And Accessibility

For a stress-free journey, understanding Crealy’s precise location is key. Enter these map coordinates into your GPS and navigate with ease:


Accessibility is smooth, with various transport options:

  1. By Car: Convenient parking on-site.
  2. Public Transport: Buses and trains connect visitors to nearby stations.
  3. Cycling Routes: Perfect for an eco-friendly approach.

Getting To Crealy

Crealy Holiday Park promises an adventure for the whole family. Nestled in the heart of Devon’s glorious countryside, the park serves as an ideal holiday destination. Whether travelling by car, bus, or even bike, discover the best route for a hassle-free journey. This section guides you through various transport options to reach Crealy Holiday Park.

Various Modes Of Transport

The adventure begins with planning your trip. Multiple transport modes make the journey simple and convenient.

  • Drive: Personal and rental cars offer freedom to travel at your own pace.
  • Bus: Local bus services provide regular trips near the park.
  • Bike: Cycle routes offer a scenic approach for the active travelers.
  • Train: Nearest stations connect you to local taxi or bus services to the park.

Navigating To Crealy By Car

Reaching Crealy Holiday Park by car is straightforward. Below is a simple guide to help drivers navigate to the park effortlessly.

Starting PointDirectionDistanceEstimated Time
ExeterEast on A30, follow signs to Crealy6 miles10 minutes
TauntonSouth on M5, exit at Junction 3035 miles40 minutes
PlymouthNorth on A38, merge with A3050 miles1 hour

For Sat-Nav users, input EX5 1DR as your destination. Ample parking spaces await visitors year-round.

The Attractions And Rides

Crealy Holiday Park sparkles with fun rides and attractions. It’s a treasure trove of adventures awaiting families eager to make joyful memories. Read on to discover the thrilling experiences on offer.

Highlighting The Must-see Rides

Bold thrills and cheerful laughs mark Crealy’s must-see rides. Don’t miss these crowd-pleasers:

  • The Twister: Whirl through the air on this winding ride. It’s a twist of fun for brave riders!
  • The Maximus Rollercoaster: Dive into dips and soar over tracks on this heart-racing coaster.
  • The Tidal Wave Log Flume: Prepare to splash and giggle on this watery adventure.
  • Dino Jeeps: Young explorers can drive through prehistoric times on this exciting ride.

Fun For Different Age Groups

Crealy caters to all. Below are attractions grouped by age to keep everyone smiling:

Age GroupAttractions
  • Honey Swing
  • Safari Express
Kids (5-10)
  • Junior Driving School
  • Shark Bay Rollercoaster
Teens & Adults
  • The Twister
  • The Maximus Rollercoaster

Accommodations And Staying Over

Crealy Holiday Park offers a variety of lodging options for those seeking fun and relaxation. Whether you’re planning a family getaway, a stay with friends, or a solo adventure, the park caters to all your accommodation needs. From luxurious hot tub lodges to themed glamping tents, Crealy ensures you recharge in comfort after a day full of activities.

Types Of Lodging Available

  • Luxury Lodges – Spacious interiors with hot tubs
  • Glamping – Safari-themed tents with real beds
  • Camping Pitches – For tents and caravans, with electric hook-ups
  • Adventure Cabins – Compact living with essential amenities
Lodging TypeFeaturesCapacity
Luxury LodgesPrivate Hot Tubs, Full KitchensUp to 8 guests
Glamping TentsThemed, Comfortable BedsUp to 6 guests
Camping PitchesElectric Hook-Ups, Great ViewsVaries
Adventure CabinsEssential Living UtilitiesUp to 4 guests

Booking Tips For The Holiday Park

  1. Plan early to secure your preferred lodging.
  2. Check special offers on the official Crealy website.
  3. Join the Crealy Club for exclusive discounts.
  4. Consider a mid-week stay for a quieter experience.
  5. Review the cancellation policy before booking.

Ready to book your stay at Crealy Holiday Park? Visit their website for the most current prices and availability. Your perfect holiday spot awaits!

Seasonal Events And Activities

Exciting times await you at Crealy Holiday Park with our special seasonal events. Every season brings new, themed fun for all ages. From thrilling summer events to cozy winter celebrations, the park transforms with the calendar. Get ready for unforgettable memories!

Summer Festivities At Crealy

Summer shines bright at Crealy Holiday Park. Families flock here for our vibrant Summer Spectacular. With longer days, we pack in more joy:

  • Live Shows: Dance along to live music and performances.
  • Outdoor Fun: Splash in water parks and meet friendly animals.
  • Late Night Rides: Enjoy extended hours for exciting rides.
  • Firework Displays: Watch the sky light up with dazzling colors.

Don’t miss out on these warm-weather wonders. They are perfect for family bonding and creating summer stories.

Winter Wonder At The Park

The chill of winter can’t freeze the fun at Crealy. The park glows with festive lights and joy. Here is what you can expect:

  • Christmas Market: Buy unique gifts and treats.
  • Santa’s Grotto: Share your wishes with Santa Claus.
  • Ice Skating: Whirl on our magical ice rink.
  • Seasonal Shows: Enjoy heartwarming performances.

Wrap up warm and enjoy these winter wonders. They are sure to fill hearts with holiday spirit.

Park Amenities And Services

Crealy Holiday Park delights visitors with top-tier amenities and services. This magical destination ensures an unforgettable family experience. The park provides a variety of facilities. These facilities cater to all ages for both fun and convenience.

Dining Options On-site

Diverse dining options await at Crealy Holiday Park. Guests never go hungry with the array of choices available. The park features restaurants and kiosks throughout:

  • Family Restaurants – Enjoy sit-down meals perfect for all.
  • Fast Food Outlets – Quick bites to eat while on the move.
  • Ice Cream Stands – Ideal for a sweet treat on a sunny day.
  • Coffee Shops – Get your caffeine fix or a light snack.

All dining spots use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. This guarantees delicious meals every time.

Facilities For A Comfortable Visit

Crealy ensures every guest’s visit is comfortable and hassle-free. The park offers numerous facilities to improve your stay:

RestroomsClean and accessible for all guests
Baby Changing RoomsConvenient for families with young children
Parking SpacesAmple and secure parking available
First AidQualified staff ready to help
Information KiosksAssistance and park maps available
LockersKeep personal items safe while exploring
WiFi ZonesStay connected with complimentary internet access

These amenities ensure a seamless day out for every family member.

Visitors’ Experiences And Reviews

Everyone loves a memorable holiday experience. At Crealy Holiday Park, visitors leave with stories worth telling. This park, nestled deep in the Devonshire countryside of the UK, thrives on the joy and feedback of its guests.

Guest Testimonials

Smiles, laughter, and excitement echo through the testimonials from families who’ve visited Crealy Holiday Park. Let’s dive into what they’re saying:

  • “The kids can’t stop talking about the roller coasters and the magic shows!” – The Harrison Family
  • “We loved the luxury of our lodging with a view of the Devon hills!” – Emma & Luke
  • “Our fourth visit and it just keeps getting better. Excellent staff!” – The Patel Clan

Ratings And Recommendations

High scores and recommendations from countless review platforms capture the essence of Crealy Holiday Park. See some of the ratings:

PlatformRating# of Reviews
Google Reviews4.5/52,500+

These ratings reflect the top-notch experiences of guests. They often recommend Crealy for:

  1. Family-friendly attractions
  2. Lush accommodations
  3. Engaging entertainment

Planning Your Trip To Crealy

Planning Your Trip to Crealy promises unforgettable memories for families. Located in the heart of the Devon countryside, Crealy Holiday Park offers thrilling rides, indoor play areas, and outdoor adventures. Here’s everything you need to know to create the perfect itinerary for your visit to Crealy.

Best Times To Visit

Timing is key for a magical experience at Crealy. The park shines brightest from late spring to early autumn, boasting the best of Devon’s weather. To beat the crowds, consider visiting on weekdays or during term-time. School holidays are busier, but they’re also packed with special events. Check the park’s calendar to align your visit with exciting seasonal activities.

SpringMilder crowds, pleasant weatherSome rides may be closed
SummerAll attractions open, extended hoursPeak visitor numbers
AutumnGreat events, fewer visitorsVariable weather

Maximizing Your Day At The Park

Fill your day at Crealy with smiles and laughter without missing a beat. Start with a strong strategy: arrive early and head for the most popular rides first. Midday sees the longest queues, so use this time for shows, lunch, or exploring the less busy attractions.

  • Download the Crealy app for live queue times and park maps.
  • Pack snacks and water to stay energized throughout the day.
  • Check show times in advance to plan your must-sees.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes for all the walking you’ll do. Lastly, accommodation options are aplenty, from luxury glamping to cozy lodges, so book in advance to secure your stay right beside the fun!

Environmental And Community Impact

Crealy Holiday Park is not just about thrilling rides and fun-filled adventures. The park deeply values its environmental footprint and community relations. Striving for a greener tomorrow, Crealy commits to eco-friendly practices. The park also nurtures a strong bond with the local community, fostering growth and togetherness.

Crealy’s Eco-friendly Initiatives

Crealy Holiday Park takes pride in its initiatives to protect the environment. Implementing sustainable measures, the park ensures that fun times don’t cost the earth.

  • Waste Reduction: Crealy encourages waste sorting and recycling. They have bins throughout the park. All visitors can easily participate.
  • Energy Conservation: The park uses energy-efficient lighting. This helps save power and reduce emissions.
  • Water Preservation: Crealy has installed low-flow faucets. These reduce water use significantly.

Engagement With The Local Community

Crealy thrives with the support of the people around it. The park is a hub for local engagement.

  1. Supporting Local Businesses: Crealy sources goods from local vendors. This boosts the local economy.
  2. Community Events: The park is a venue for events. These events bring people together and celebrate local culture.
  3. Employment Opportunities: Crealy is a key employer in the region. The park’s success translates into jobs for locals.


Wrapping up, Crealy Holiday Park stands out as a gem in Devon’s crown. It’s the go-to spot for families seeking thrills and spills amidst picturesque landscapes. Remember, it’s just a stone’s throw from Exeter, making accessibility a breeze. For your next holiday, consider the adventures waiting at Crealy – they promise a world of fun.

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