Where to Park for Bristol Hippodrome?

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Where to Park for Bristol Hippodrome

Parking for Bristol Hippodrome is available at the Trenchard Street Car Park. It is a short walk from the theatre.

Nestled in the heart of Bristol, the Hippodrome stands as a beacon of entertainment, drawing theatre-goers with its diverse line-up of shows and performances. This iconic venue, with its rich history and stunning architecture, has been a fundamental part of Bristol’s cultural scene since its opening in 1912.

As you plan your visit, knowing where to park can enhance your experience, allowing you to enjoy the magic of the theatre without any last-minute parking hassles. Securing a spot at the nearby Trenchard Street Car Park not only offers convenience but also a sense of security, ensuring that your evening at the Hippodrome starts and ends on a high note.

Introduction To Bristol Hippodrome

Bristol Hippodrome stands as a beacon of entertainment in the heart of the city. This majestic theatre has been captivating audiences for over a century. Thrilling performances and memorable nights out are synonymous with this iconic venue. Whether you’re a theatre enthusiast or seeking a splendid evening, the Bristol Hippodrome is your go-to destination.

Historical Significance Of The Venue

Opening its doors in 1912, the Bristol Hippodrome quickly established itself as a keystone in the city’s cultural landscape. With its lavish design and varied shows, it has hosted numerous legendary acts and Broadway productions, earning its place in the hearts of Bristolians.

Location And Accessibility

AddressSt Augustine’s Parade, Bristol BS1 4UZ
Public TransitNearby bus stops and the Bristol Temple Meads train station
Parking OptionsVarious nearby car parks and on-street parking

Easily reachable, the venue is a stone’s throw away from multiple public transport options. For those arriving by car, there are ample parking facilities nearby, ensuring a hassle-free visit to this illustrious site.

On-site Parking Options

Exploring the On-Site Parking Options at Bristol Hippodrome becomes essential for a stress-free visit to this theatre hub. Strategically located, the on-site parking provides convenience and security for your vehicle. Let’s dive into the specifics of its availability, capacity, as well as pricing and payment methods.

Availability And Capacity

On-site parking at the Bristol Hippodrome is a prime choice for easy access to the venue. It ensures you won’t miss the opening act due to a parking hunt. The capacity is limited, and spaces are often in high demand. Early arrival guarantees a spot for your car.

  • Pre-booking option available
  • Reserved spaces for disabled patrons
  • Close proximity to the entrance

Pricing And Payment Methods

Parking fees are an essential part of planning your visit. The Bristol Hippodrome ensures competitive pricing aligned with city rates. Payment methods are designed to be user-friendly, catering to a wide audience.

Up to 2 Hours£3.50
2-4 Hours£6.00

Select from the following payment options:

  1. Cash
  2. Debit/Credit Card
  3. Mobile Payment Apps

Remember to check the signs for any changes in rates. Pre-booking online might offer discounts. Enjoy your visit to Bristol Hippodrome with the convenience of on-site parking!

Nearby Parking Facilities

Are you planning a visit to the Bristol Hippodrome? Figuring out where to park can be daunting. Do not worry! Several parking facilities are close to the venue. You have options from private to council-owned car parks. Discover the best spots to leave your car while you enjoy the show.

Private Car Parks

Private car parks offer convenience and security. Here are top picks:

  • Trenchard Street Car Park: Open 24/7, just a short walk away.
  • Almeda Car Park: Offers pre-booking, ensuring your spot.
  • Prince Street Car Park: Close and has many spaces.

Check for advance booking discounts. Private car parks may charge more than others.

Council Owned Car Parks

Looking for a more budget-friendly option? Consider council owned car parks:

  1. Millennium Square Car Park: Charges less, has many spaces.
  2. Queen Charlotte Street Car Park: Near the Hippodrome, it’s a safe bet.
  3. Portwall Lane Car Park: Affordable, but a bit further to walk.

Remember to check opening hours as they may close earlier than private options.

Tip: Always check the time to ensure you don’t get a fine. Enjoy your visit to Bristol Hippodrome with hassle-free parking!

Street Parking Around The Hippodrome

Seeking a parking spot near the Bristol Hippodrome? Street parking can be a handy option. Let’s explore the street parking scenario in detail, ensuring your visit to this iconic venue is smooth and hassle-free.

Legal Considerations

Street parking might seem like a game of luck, but it’s bound by rules. Key factors include:

  • Parking signage: Always check for signs indicating parking rules to avoid fines.
  • Permit zones: Some areas require a permit; make sure you’re not in one, or have the necessary permit.
  • Disabled bays: Respect the spots reserved for disabled badge holders only.
  • Double yellow lines: Parking is a no-go here, so keep an eye out to avoid penalties.

Time Restrictions And Charges

Street parking around the Hippodrome is often subject to both time limits and fees. Details include:

Mon-Sat8 AM – 6 PMVariable
  • Pay-and-display: These machines are your go-to to pay for your parking spot.
  • Mobile payments: Apps and phone services offer an easier way to cover your parking costs.
  • Evening charges: Some streets also charge in the evenings, so don’t forget to check.

To avoid exceeding parking duration limits, set a timer or reminder on your phone. It can save you from hefty fines!

Pre-booking Your Parking Spot

Securing a spot for your vehicle is vital when visiting the Bristol Hippodrome. Pre-booking your parking spot saves time and stress. It means you’re only a few steps away from enjoying your event. Let’s explore how to easily reserve parking beforehand.

Online Reservation Services

Online reservation services make parking seamless.

  • Search parking near Bristol Hippodrome.
  • Select the lot that suits you.
  • Pay and book your space online.

Popular platforms like JustPark or Parkopedia offer user-friendly interfaces. They list multiple parking options. Check availability for your show date and time. Use these services directly from your smartphone or computer.

Benefits Of Pre-booking

Pre-booking your parking spot offers multiple benefits:

  • Guaranteed space: Arrive relaxed knowing your spot awaits.
  • Discounted rates: Often cheaper than on-the-spot payment.
  • Time-saving: No more circling for a spot.
  • No cash needed: Pay digitally and forget about carrying cash.
  • Easy navigation: Detailed directions to the reserved spot.

Remember, Bristol Hippodrome’s popularity means parking fills up fast. Book ahead for the best experience. Enjoy the show without parking hassles!

Accessible Parking For Disabilities

Accessible Parking for Disabilities is a key consideration for visitors to Bristol Hippodrome. Navigating through busy city streets can be a challenge. That’s why knowing the best parking spots is crucial for a stress-free experience.

Designated Spaces

Bristol Hippodrome takes pride in extending warm welcomes to all guests. For visitors with disabilities, there are designated parking spaces located just near the theatre. These spaces are reserved specifically for Blue Badge holders. The convenience ensures a smoother visit to the Hippodrome for patrons with special needs.

Convenient Access To The Venue

The importance of convenient venue access cannot be overstated. Parking close to the venue means less time on the road and more time enjoying the show. Elevators and ramps are situated near accessible parking spots. Everything is set up, so visitors with disabilities can reach the Hippodrome with ease.

Parking LotDistance to VenueNumber of Accessible Spaces
Trenchard Street Car Park5-minute walk8
West End Car Park10-minute walk4
  • Accessible parking spaces subject to availability.
  • Special access seats can be booked alongside parking.
  1. Check parking availability before the visit.
  2. Contact Bristol Hippodrome for any special assistance.

Park And Ride Options

Exploring the vibrant city of Bristol and planning an evening at the glorious Bristol Hippodrome? Park and Ride services are a convenient choice for effortless travel. Avoid the city center hassle with easy parking and reliable transport right to the theatre’s doorstep.

Locations And Operating Times

Bristol offers several Park and Ride locations that operate at times to suit theatre-goers:

LocationOperating DaysFirst BusLast Bus
Portway PRMon-Sat06:00 AM10:00 PM
Brislington PRMon-Sat05:30 AM10:30 PM
Long Ashton PRMon-Sat05:30 AM10:30 PM

Connecting To The Hippodrome

From each Park and Ride, you can catch a bus that goes to the Hippodrome. Travel times and connections include:

  • Portway – A4 service, around 25 minutes
  • Brislington – m1 service, around 15 minutes
  • Long Ashton – m2 service, approximately 20 minutes

These routes drop you within walking distance of the Hippodrome, ensuring a swift arrival for your entertainment.

Tips For Stress-free Parking

Finding parking near a popular venue like Bristol Hippodrome can be tricky. Planning is key to a smooth experience. Read on for simple and effective parking tips.

Best Times To Arrive

Timing can make all the difference. Arrive early to snag a spot with ease.
Here’s when to get there:

Show TypeArrival Time
MatineesAt least 1 hour prior
Evening Performances90 minutes before showtime

Avoiding Common Parking Mistakes

Dodge the usual slip-ups with these pointers:

  • Check height restrictions, especially if you drive a tall vehicle.
  • Verify closing times to avoid being locked in.
  • Use a trusted parking app to find approved spots.
  • Remember, pre-booking can save time and stress.

By arriving on time and avoiding common pitfalls, your visit to the Bristol Hippodrome is sure to be more enjoyable. Remember these tips next time you head out!

Sustainability And Alternatives

Exploring Sustainable Travel to Bristol Hippodrome: When visiting Bristol Hippodrome, consider transportation alternatives aligning with eco-friendliness. These options not only benefit the environment but often provide a smoother journey. Ditch the car and let’s delve into greener choices that are good for you and the planet.

Public Transportation Routes

Bristol’s public transport serves as a reliable conduit to the Hippodrome. Frequent bus services and accessible train routes reduce the need for cars.

  • Bus lines like the 1, 2, and X39 stop close to the venue.
  • Temple Meads Station is a short bus ride away.
  • Use the Travelwest journey planner to find the best route.

Bicycle And Walking Options

Biking or walking to the Hippodrome showcases Bristol’s charm and slows your carbon footprint. Bristol’s cycle paths are bike-friendly, connecting various city parts. Secure bike parking is available near the venue:

LocationDistance to HippodromeCapacity
Prince Street5 minutes walk10 bikes
Park Street4 minutes walk6 bikes

Bristol is compact and walkable for those who prefer to stroll. Enjoy vibrant street art and cafes en route to the show.

  • Walking routes are safe and well-lit.
  • Signage points directly to the Hippodrome.

Final Thoughts

As your performance evening draws to a close, remember that the right parking spot can enhance your Bristol Hippodrome experience. Here’s how to take full advantage of your visit and what fellow theatre-goers suggest.

Making The Most Of Your Visit

Choosing convenient parking at Bristol Hippodrome is key. Aim for spots that offer ease of access and post-show departure. Follow these tips:

  • Book in advance to secure a space.
  • Look for evening rates to save money.
  • Check the opening times of your chosen car park.

Consider local restaurants and bars for a complete night out. Many are just a short walk away from your parking spot. This table highlights popular choices:

Car ParkDistance to HippodromeEvening Rate
Trenchard Street2 mins walk£2.50 after 6 pm
Prince Street7 mins walk£4.50 after 6 pm
Millennium Square10 mins walk£5 after 5 pm

User Reviews And Recommendations

Real experiences guide the best choices. Guests often praise the Trenchard Street Car Park for its proximity. Others prefer Millennium Square for the added dining options nearby. Consider these points:

  1. Spaces fill quickly on show nights – arrive early.
  2. Read online reviews for recent user tips.
  3. Disabled parking is available at selected locations – check ahead.

Remember to leave reviews to help future visitors make informed decisions. Your insights make the Bristol Hippodrome community stronger!


Navigating parking for the Bristol Hippodrome need not be stressful. With options spanning from Trenchard Street to Millennium Square, there’s a spot for every budget and distance preference. Embrace these tips to ensure a smooth visit. Remember, early arrival grants the best parking spots.

Happy theatre-going!

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