How Much is Long Term Parking at Boise Airport?

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How Much is Long Term Parking at Boise Airport

Long-term parking at Boise Airport costs $9 per day in the Economy Lot. The Surface Lot charges $11 per day for long-term stays.

Traveling from Boise Airport and considering where to leave your car? Navigating airport parking can often be a challenge, but Boise Airport (BOI) offers convenient options for long-term parking at affordable rates. Whether you’re jetting off for an extended trip or a quick weekend getaway, ensuring your vehicle is parked safely and without breaking the bank is crucial.

With clear signage, easy access, and rates designed to accommodate travelers on longer journeys, you can embark on your travels with peace of mind knowing that your car is taken care of without encountering any unexpected costs. Remember to choose the lot that best aligns with your parking needs and budget.

Bridging Air Travel And Ground Transport

Bridging Air Travel and Ground Transport is key for a stress-free journey. Boise Airport offers services that combine these two crucial travel elements. Understanding long-term parking rates removes one hurdle for travelers.

Navigating To Boise Airport

Reaching Boise Airport is straightforward with options like:

    • Public transport
    • Shuttle services
    • Taxis
    • Rideshares

Each choice ensures timely arrival for flights. On-site long-term parking is one option for travelers.

Linking Flights And Vehicles

Parking at Boise Airport includes:

Parking AreaRate

Choosing right saves money and time. Look for signs or ask airport staff for help.

Cost Factors For Long-term Parking

Understanding the cost factors for long-term parking at Boise Airport involves a few key elements. Travelers seeking affordable parking options should consider how long they need to park and what time of year they are traveling. These factors can heavily influence the price you pay.

Duration Of Stay

The length of your parking stay plays a significant role in the overall cost. Boise Airport provides different rates for varying time frames. To budget effectively, consider these points:

  • Shorter stays can sometimes be more expensive per day.
  • Weekly rates tend to offer savings for longer trips.
  • Monthly parking might be available for extended stays.
1 Day$10
1 Week$60
1 Month$200

Peak Vs. Off-peak Rates

Prices can vary depending on peak and off-peak seasons. Knowing this can help travelers save money:

  1. Peak seasons usually mean higher rates due to demand.
  2. Off-peak periods can offer more competitive prices.

Always check the Boise Airport parking website for current pricing.

Boise Airport’s Parking Options

Are you planning to leave your car at Boise Airport for a long trip? Choosing the right parking spot is vital. Boise Airport offers various parking areas to fit your needs and budget. The options are designed to ensure convenience and security while you’re away.

Variety Of Parking Areas

Boise Airport understands every traveler’s needs are different. That’s why the airport provides multiple parking choices:

  • Short-Term: Ideal for quick trips or picking someone up.
  • Long-Term: Perfect for travelers going on longer journeys.
  • Economy: The best option for budget-conscious passengers.
  • Garage Parking: Offers covered spots close to the terminal.

The long-term parking has affordable rates. The first 30 minutes are often free. Rates may vary, so checking the latest fees on the Boise Airport website is best.

Choosing The Right Spot For You

Consider your parking needs before heading to the airport.

  • Check how long you’ll be gone.
  • Think about how much you want to spend.
  • Decide if you want to walk to the terminal or take a shuttle.

Garage and Long-Term areas provide shuttle services. They run every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. This makes getting to the terminal easy.

Parking OptionRateDistance to TerminalShuttle Service
Short-TermVariesClosestNot Needed
Long-TermMore AffordableWalking distanceAvailable

For the latest information, always check Boise Airport’s official website or contact their customer service.

Long-term Parking Expenses

Flying out of Boise Airport for an extended trip? It’s important to consider where you’ll leave your car. Long-term parking offers a convenient option. But, what will it cost? Let’s break down the expenses.

Standard Rates

Boise Airport provides budget-friendly long-term parking rates. Standard daily charges help plan parking expenses.

Lot NameDaily Rate
Long-Term Surface Lot$9.00
Long-Term Garage Parking$11.00

For stays over 30 days, contact the airport for approval.

Comparing Costs With Other Airports

  • Boise Airport stands out with competitive prices.
  • Comparison reveals that Boise is more affordable than larger city airports.

Other airports can charge upwards of $20 per day. Boise Airport offers a budget-conscious choice. It maintains quality parking services at a fraction of the cost.

Budgeting For Travel

Travel requires smart budgeting. Careful planning ensures your funds stretch to cover all expenses. Airport parking is a cost you don’t want to overlook. Long-term parking at Boise Airport can affect your travel budget. This guide will help you plan ahead.

Estimating Your Parking Fees

Knowing the daily rates for parking is crucial. Boise Airport offers several long-term parking options. The costs can vary based on the lot you choose. Visit the airport’s website or call to get the latest rates.

Parking OptionCost Per Day
Long-term Garage$9
Surface Lot$11
Economy Lot$7.50

Calculate your total parking fee by multiplying the daily rate by your days of travel. This simple step helps avoid unexpected costs.

Saving On Costs

Everyone loves to save. Check for discounts or deals on Boise Airport’s parking. Sometimes, saving comes from booking in advance, or there might be special rates for certain memberships like AAA.

  • Subscribe to newsletters for deals.
  • Compare off-site parking rates.
  • Consider ride-sharing to skip parking costs.

Take public transportation or ask a friend to drop you off. These options could be cheaper than long-term parking.

Safety And Security Measures

Long term parking at Boise Airport takes the worry off your shoulders. The airport ensures your vehicle stays safe. Let’s delve into the security measures that protect your car.

Protecting Your Vehicle

Boise Airport’s long term parking comes with top-notch security. Features include:

  • Surveillance Cameras: High-definition cameras watch over your car 24/7.
  • Regular Patrols: Security teams patrol regularly, ensuring your vehicle’s safety.
  • Well-Lit Areas: Bright lighting deters potential threats, keeping your car visible.
  • Fenced Perimeters: Fencing around the parking prevents unauthorized access.

Peace Of Mind While Traveling

Your peace of mind is Boise Airport’s priority. When you park here, they ensure:

  • Immediate Assistance: Help is always on standby for any issues you might have.
  • Emergency Services: Quick response for emergencies makes your travel worry-free.
  • Secure Payment Systems: Encrypted transactions protect your financial info.

Enjoy your trip knowing your vehicle remains in safe hands.

Frequent Flyers And Loyalty Programs

If you are a seasoned traveler through Boise Airport, understanding the benefits of Frequent Flyers and Loyalty Programs is key. These programs can significantly reduce your long-term parking costs. Joining a loyalty program at Boise Airport not only means savings but also heaps of extra perks.

Rewards And Discounts

Regular Boise Airport passengers reap rewards with every stay. Parking loyalty programs offer points. You earn these points each time you park. Over time, these points can be turned into free parking days. Some programs may also provide special price reductions during non-peak periods or coupons.

  • Earn points with each parking stay
  • Points can be exchanged for free parking
  • Enjoy off-peak discounts and exclusive coupons

Membership Advantages

Becoming a member of Boise Airport’s parking program unlocks exclusive benefits. Members often have access to reserved parking spaces, making finding a spot easy. They might also receive expedited service for shuttles to the terminals. These touches make travel more comfortable and efficient.

Reserved ParkingEasier and guaranteed parking spot access.
Expedited Shuttle ServiceQuicker, more direct service to and from terminals.
Member-Only PerksAdditional services exclusive to members.

Alternatives To Long-term Parking

Finding affordable long-term parking at Boise Airport can be a challenge. At times, the on-site options might be pricier or fully booked. Yet, travelers have several alternative options to consider. These choices often offer convenience, savings, and flexibility. Below are some practical alternatives to traditional long-term parking at Boise Airport:

Public Transportation

Using public transportation is an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice. Here’s how you can benefit:

  • No parking fees.
  • Regular schedules to and from the airport.
  • Stress-free travel without concerns about car safety.

Ride-sharing And Taxis

Ride-sharing services and taxis are convenient choices. Travelers can enjoy these advantages:

  • Door-to-door service from your location to the airport.
  • Flexibility in travel times, not bound by a bus or shuttle schedule.
  • Pay only for the outbound and return trips.

Offsite Parking Facilities

Numerous offsite parking facilities offer competitive rates. Key points to consider:

  1. Lower daily rates compared to on-site airport parking.
  2. Complimentary shuttle service to the airport.
  3. Various levels of security and car care services.

Before deciding, compare costs and services of different parking solutions. This simple step can save both money and time for any traveler.

Pre-travel Checklist

When flying out from Boise Airport, planning your long-term parking is crucial. A smooth departure begins with a thorough pre-travel checklist. Our guide helps ensure every box is ticked before you head to the airport. Let’s walk through the steps to avoid any pre-flight hassles.

Confirming Your Reservation

Ensure your parking spot is secure before your journey. Start with these steps:

  • Check your email for the reservation confirmation.
  • Review the reservation details.
  • Print or save a digital copy of the confirmation.
  • Verify the parking lot’s operating hours.

Preparing Your Vehicle For Extended Stay

Preparing your car is just as important as booking the spot. Follow these tips:

  1. Clean your car to come back to a pleasant vehicle.
  2. Perform a maintenance check—fluids, tires, battery.
  3. Remove valuables to prevent theft and break-ins.
  4. Lock up and secure all doors and windows.
Clean Interior & Exterior✓ Done
Maintenance Check✓ Done
Remove Valuables✓ Done
Secure Vehicle✓ Done

Navigating The Return

Welcome back to Boise! After your trip, you’ll need to know about the return process at Boise Airport’s long-term parking. This guide ensures a smooth transition from landing back to your vehicle.

Locating Your Car Post-flight

Finding your car after a flight can be a breeze with these steps:

  1. Check your parking ticket for the lot number. Your ticket holds the clue to your car’s location.
  2. Look for lot markers. These signs are big and easy to see.
  3. Use the free shuttle service. They run often and know the lots well.

Managing Payments And Exit

Exiting the parking area is simple. Follow these tips:

  • Locate the nearest payment kiosk. They are in every lot and the main building.
  • Keep your credit card ready. ATM cards, credit cards, and cash work at these machines.
  • Insert your ticket first, then your payment method. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Approach the exit lane. Place your paid ticket into the machine. The gate will open for you.

Remember to take your receipt. It could be useful if a dispute arises or for expense tracking.


Navigating Boise Airport’s long-term parking doesn’t have to be daunting. With competitive rates and convenient access, it’s a practical choice for travelers. Remember, planning ahead and checking online for any updates ensures you get the best deal. Safe travels and enjoy your journey knowing your vehicle is secured.

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