How Much is Long Term Parking at Memphis Airport?

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How Much is Parking at Memphis Airport

Long-term parking at Memphis Airport costs $6-$15 per day. Economy parking starts at just $6 daily, with higher charges for closer lots.

Travelers flying out of Memphis International Airport need to consider their parking options, and cost is a key factor. Whether you’re jetting off for a week-long business trip or an extended vacation, understanding the long-term parking rates is essential for budgeting your journey.

Memphis Airport provides several long-term parking solutions that cater to the needs of all passengers, ensuring a balance of affordability and convenience. With options ranging from the economical to more premium spaces closer to the terminal, passengers can choose the most suitable parking that aligns with their preferences and the length of their trip. Making an informed choice about where to park can lead to savings and a hassle-free start to your travels. Secure, accessible, and with options to fit any traveler’s budget, Memphis Airport’s long-term parking facilities are designed to enhance your travel experience.

Memphis Airport At A Glance

Memphis Airport at a Glance:

Travelers often seek convenient parking as part of their flight plans. Memphis Airport offers various options, including long term parking. Understanding the airport’s role and services helps travelers make informed choices.

Key Facts

Memphis International Airport (MEM) is a pivotal connector for passengers and cargo alike. Here are its standout features:

  • Opened: 1929
  • Location: Memphis, Tennessee
  • Terminals: One main passenger terminal with three concourses
  • Runways: Four
Parking LotsCapacityDistance to Terminal
Long Term ParkingAmpleShort shuttle ride

Importance In The Region

Memphis Airport holds significant value in the region. It is a primary gateway for tourists and a hub for economic activity. Its long term parking caters to travelers with diverse needs:

  1. Safe and secure vehicle storage
  2. Affordable rates
  3. Proximity to airport for easy access

The airport’s amenities contribute to a seamless travel experience. These include long term parking facilities, making trips stress-free.

Prelude To Long Term Parking

Starting a journey means thinking about where to leave your car. Memphis Airport offers long term parking that’s both convenient and secure. Knowing the cost and options helps travelers make the best choice for their cars while away. We’ll dive into what you need to consider before leaving your car and the factors that could affect where you park.

Assessing Your Parking Needs

Deciding on parking starts with understanding your needs. Duration, budget, and convenience play big roles in this choice. Here’s what to think about:

  • Length of Trip: Longer trips need long term spots.
  • Budget: Know what you can spend on parking.
  • Access to Airport: Check shuttle service times if needed.

Factors Influencing Parking Choice

Several factors may sway your parking decision. Consider these:

FactorDetailWhy It Matters
CostVarying rates for different options.Match parking to your budget.
SecurityMonitored areas may cost more.Ensures your car stays safe.
Distance to TerminalNearby spots offer convenience.Saves time before and after flights.
Frequency of TravelPerks may be available for regulars.Could influence cost over time.

Costs Of Long Term Parking

Finding affordable long-term parking at Memphis Airport is key for travelers. The costs can vary widely. Knowing the rates helps you budget for your trip. You can find convenient options to suit your needs.

Daily Rates

Memphis Airport offers several daily parking choices. Each option is priced to accommodate travelers’ different needs. The long-term parking areas are secure and easy to access. Expect to pay around $6 to $15 per day depending on the lot you choose.

  • Economy Parking: Most budget-friendly, with rates around $6 per day.
  • Surface Parking: Quick access to terminal, with rates near $9 per day.
  • Garage Parking: Covered spaces, slightly higher at $15 per day.

Weekly Deals

Weekly rates offer better savings for those planning a longer stay. Memphis Airport provides discounts for long-term parkers. There are special spots reserved for weekly parking, making it convenient to leave your car and fly.

Parking TypeWeekly Rate
EconomyStarting at $36
SurfaceAround $54
GarageApprox $90

The weekly deals reflect a free day’s parking compared to the daily rate. Your car stays safe for less money over time.

Comparing On-site And Off-site Parking

Travelers flying from Memphis often hit a common roadblock before liftoff: where to park. Whether leaving the car for a few days or a couple of weeks, knowing the best parking options is crucial. This guide provides clarity on both on-site and off-site parking near Memphis Airport.

On-site Parking Advantages

Convenience is king with on-site parking. Steps from terminals, parking here means less stress about making your flight. You’ll find several on-site options at Memphis Airport:

  • Economy parking: Budget-friendly rates for longer stays.
  • Long-term parking: Ideal for several days away, a bit pricier but very handy.
  • Short-term parking: Perfect for quick trips, highest cost, closest spots.

These lots offer security with around-the-clock patrols and surveillance, ensuring peace of mind.

Off-site Parking Benefits

Off-site parking lots may be a bit further, but they pack serious perks. They tend to be cost-effective, saving dollars every day. Look at what you gain:

  • Lower daily rates: Keep more money in your pocket.
  • Free shuttles: Ride to and from the airport with no hassle.
  • Online reservations: Secure a spot before your trip begins.

Parking off-site often means extra services, like car washes or oil changes, while you travel.

Quick Memphis Airport Parking Price Comparison
Parking TypeCost (Per Day)Distance to TerminalExtra Services
On-site Economy$6 – $10Walking distanceBasic security
Off-site$4 – $8Shuttle rideShuttle, car care

Remember to always check the current rates as they are subject to change.

Securing The Best Rates

Securing the best rates for long-term parking at Memphis Airport is a smart move for any traveler. Careful planning can lead to substantial savings. Follow these tips to minimize parking expenses.

Booking In Advance

Booking your parking spot ahead of time is the smart approach. Early birds often get the best deals. Here are some benefits:

  • Lower rates: Pre-booking can unlock special prices not available on the day.
  • Guaranteed spots: Avoid the stress of a full parking lot.
  • Peace of mind: Start your trip knowing your car is securely parked.

Loyalty Programs And Discounts

Become a member of loyalty programs for extra perks:

  1. Earn points: Collect points with each stay.
  2. Redeem rewards: Use points for free or discounted parking.
  3. Exclusive discounts: Members often receive unique offers.

Check for special discounts applicable to you:

Type of DiscountDescription
AAA DiscountsAAA members save on parking fees.
Military DiscountsReduced rates for military personnel.
Senior DiscountsSpecial rates for seniors over a certain age.

Safety And Security Measures

Travelers often worry about the safety of their vehicle at airport parking. Memphis Airport understands this concern and has robust safety and security measures in place. These measures ensure peace of mind for travelers using long-term parking facilities. Let’s dive into the specifics of these precautionary steps.


Ensuring the safety of vehicles is a priority at Memphis Airport’s long-term parking. State-of-the-art surveillance systems operate 24/7. Coverage is extensive, with cameras positioned throughout the lot. These cameras record continuously, providing a live feed to security personnel. This high-tech system acts as a strong deterrent against any potential security breach.


Besides electronic surveillance, a team of security officers patrols the area. They are well-trained and alert at all times. These patrols occur at varied times, reducing predictability and thus enhancing security. Officers inspect the premises for any unusual activities. Their presence offers additional security beyond cameras, addressing concerns immediately.

Safety FeatureDescription
Surveillance CamerasOperational 24/7 with live feed monitoring.
Security PatrolsRandom and frequent, ensuring a vigilant presence.
  • Continuous video monitoring
  • Regular and random security patrols
  • Immediate incident response

Travelers can confidently leave their cars for long durations, knowing that Memphis Airport’s long-term parking is secure. With these steps in place, the security team works tirelessly to maintain a safe environment for your vehicle.

Additional Amenities

Memphis Airport offers more than just parking. Enjoy these extra perks for a stress-free trip.

Shuttle Services

You won’t need to walk far. Free shuttles run every 5-7 minutes. They offer 24/7 service to all terminals.

  • Quick: Reach terminals fast
  • Accessible: Shuttles fit everyone
  • Comfortable: Relax before your flight

Car Care Services

Car care services are available. Return to a clean and maintained car.

Car WashExterior cleaningStarting at $8
Oil ChangeBasic engine maintenanceStarting at $40
Tire CheckPressure and tread inspectionFree

Expert Tips For Long Term Parking

Heading to Memphis Airport for a trip? You’ll want a safe spot for your car. Long term parking can be a puzzle, but there’s no need to worry. We have some pro tips to make parking a breeze.

Choosing The Right Lot

Memphis Airport offers different lots for long term parking.

  • Check the official airport website before your trip.
  • Look for lot locations, security features, and shuttle services.
  • Remember, distance from the terminal can affect your choice.
  • Consider off-site parking options, sometimes they’re more affordable.

Reducing Parking Costs

Everyone loves ways to save. Here’s how you can chop down your parking bill.

  1. Book online to snag pre-pay discounts.
  2. Use parking comparison websites to find deals.
  3. Join loyalty programs if you park at Memphis Airport often.
  4. Look for coupons or promo codes online.

Navigating To Long Term Parking

Memphis Airport offers various parking options, including long-term parking for travelers. To ensure a smooth start to your journey, knowing how to navigate to the long-term parking is crucial. With clearly marked signs and easy accessibility, you can find your parking spot effortlessly.

Signage And Directions

From the moment you enter the airport area, you will find blue signs indicating ‘Long Term Parking’. Follow these signs as they lead you to the designated parking areas. High-visibility boards and digital displays keep you on track no matter the time of day.

Here’s a quick guide:

  • Look for blue ‘Parking’ signs on entering airport premises.
  • Continue following signs for ‘Long-Term Parking’.
  • Blue signs with ‘P’ symbol will guide you there.


Accessibility to long-term parking is a top priority. The lots are designed to accommodate every traveler, including those with disabilities. Elevators and ramps are there for easy access. Shuttle services run regularly, providing a quick ride to the terminal.

ElevatorsYesAt strategic locations
RampsYesFor easy wheelchair access
Shuttle ServiceYesFree rides to the terminal

Clear signage, ease of travel within the facility, and dependable shuttle services make the process stress-free and efficient. Whether you are running late or have time to spare, the well-designed long-term parking at Memphis Airport ensures your trip begins on a positive note.

Dealing With Parking Issues

Finding parking at Memphis Airport is straightforward, but sometimes issues pop up. From losing parking tickets to payment troubles, it’s best to know how to fix them. You’ll save time and avoid stress before your flight.

Lost Tickets

Lost your parking ticket? Don’t worry. Here are the steps to take:

  • Head to the parking office ASAP.
  • Show your ID and flight details.
  • They’ll help you with a replacement ticket.
  • Note: There might be a fee.

Always keep your ticket in a safe spot.

Payment Troubles

Payment issues can happen. Take these steps:

  1. Check your payment card’s expiration date and funds.
  2. Try different payment methods, like cash or another card.
  3. Seek assistance from nearby staff or the parking office.

Remember, pre-booking online can avoid these troubles.

Future Of Airport Parking

Anticipating the evolution of airport parking sparks excitement. Memphis Airport serves as a prime example. Emphasis on convenience and efficiency drives its future. With costs in mind, let’s explore these advancements.

Technological Integrations

Technological strides aim to revolutionize Memphis Airport parking. Picture smart systems guiding you to open spots. No more endless searching.

  • License Plate Recognition: Swift entry and exit.
  • Real-Time Data: Spot availability at your fingertips.
  • Mobile Payment Options: Pay with a tap on your phone.

Expansion Plans

Memphis Airport is not just keeping pace; it’s setting the pace. Expansion plans signal growth.

  1. More Spaces: Addressing increases in long-term parking needs.
  2. Green Initiatives: Eco-friendly parking options.
  3. Shuttle Services: Enhanced mobility within the parking areas.

Foresight in design aims for seamless traveler experiences. The airport parking of tomorrow is unfolding today.


Selecting the best option for long-term parking at Memphis Airport hinges on your budget and trip duration. Affordable rates and reliable services simplify your choice. Remember, early booking can often secure you the finest deals. Safe travels and wise parking.

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