How Much is Parking at Griffith Observatory?

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How Much is Parking at Griffith Observatory

Parking at Griffith Observatory costs $10 per hour, with a daily maximum of $15. This iconic Los Angeles landmark offers mesmerizing views of the city and the heavens above.

Nestled atop Mount Hollywood, Griffith Observatory is a gateway to the cosmos, attracting millions of stargazers and tourists each year. Its accessible location and the variety of exhibits make it a popular destination. The parking fee supports the observatory’s maintenance and operations, ensuring that visitors can enjoy the facility and its surrounding natural beauty.

Whether you’re there to explore the exhibits, watch a live show in the Samuel Oschin Planetarium, or simply gaze at the stars, the experience is well worth the parking fee. Remember to arrive early, as spaces fill up quickly, especially on weekends and during special celestial events.

Griffith Observatory Parking Basics

Welcome to the essential guide on Griffith Observatory Parking Basics. Planning a visit to this iconic Los Angeles landmark? Understanding where to park can enhance your experience. Below, we break down the location, access, and general parking rates for the Griffith Observatory. Let’s ensure your visit is as seamless as watching the stars!

Location And Access

Finding parking for the Griffith Observatory requires some know-how. Nestled in the Hollywood Hills, the observatory’s lot is accessible from East Observatory Road. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Parking near Griffith Observatory can get competitive, especially on weekends.
  • Entrance to the parking lot is through Vermont Canyon Road.
  • For visitors with disabilities, designated parking spots are close to the observatory’s entrance.
  • DASH Observatory Public Transit offers an alternative for those wishing to avoid parking hassles.

General Parking Rates

The following table outlines the current parking fees:

Day of WeekHourly RateAll-Day Rate
Monday – Friday$4/hourN/A
Saturday – Sunday$4/hourN/A
  • Pay stations are available and accept both card and cash.
  • Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Note that during special events parking rates may differ. Always check the Griffith Observatory’s official website before your visit for the latest information.

Peak Times And Demand

Heading to Griffith Observatory? Parking can be tricky. Peak times see the highest demand. Knowing when to visit can save time and stress. This section highlights the busiest times for parking at this iconic Los Angeles landmark.

Weekends And Holidays

On weekends and holidays, expect large crowds at Griffith Observatory. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Parking lots fill up quickly, often before noon.
  • Alternate transport like the DASH Observatory Bus is recommended.
  • Check busy hours on live maps or Griffith Observatory’s social feeds.
  • Early morning or late afternoon arrivals have better parking chances.

Special Events

During special events like celestial happenings or public programs:

  • Parking demand soars, so arrive extra early.
  • Lot closures may occur for event set-up or safety reasons.
  • Stay updated through the Observatory’s website or social media.
  • Considering nearby street parking, yet observe posted restrictions.
Griffith Observatory Parking Costs at a Glance
Weekdays (after 12 PM)$4/hour
Weekends & Holidays$4/hour
Special EventsVariable rates may apply

Alternative Parking Options

Exploring Griffith Observatory is a must when in LA. The stars are not just overhead, they’re all around you. But before you reach the stars, you have to park your car. Looking for alternative parking options to the often full on-site lots?

Nearby Lots And Streets

Finding parking near Griffith Observatory can be tricky. Paid lots surround the area. Here are a few:

  • Greek Theatre: Available when no events occur.
  • East Observatory Lot: A short walk from the observatory.
  • West Observatory Lot: Near trailheads and the observatory.

Parking rates at these lots vary. Many opt for the DASH Observatory Bus, which connects with other lots. This public transport provides ease and saves on parking cost.

Free Parking Areas

Free parking is like finding a gem. It may require a walk, but it saves money.

  • Residential streets nearby: Read signs for restrictions.
  • Fern Dell Drive: A morning hike’s starting point.
  • Western Canyon Road: Great for midday visits.

Walking from these spots is healthy and offers city views. Remember, every minute spent walking is a penny saved!

Public Transport And Access

Visiting Griffith Observatory can be a memorable adventure without the hassle of parking your car. Los Angeles offers convenient public transport options that take you right to the observatory’s doorstep. Not only do you save on parking fees, but you also enjoy a stress-free journey soaking in the city’s energy.

Bus Routes And Schedules

Ditch the driving for a smooth bus ride. The DASH Observatory Bus makes access to Griffith Observatory both simple and affordable. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Route: Starts from Vermont/Sunset Metro Red Line Station and stops directly at Griffith Observatory.
  • Running Days: Available daily, including weekends.
  • Fares: Pocket-friendly with reduced rates for seniors and children.

For the latest information on bus schedules, visit the LA Department of Transportation website.

Shuttle Services

The Griffith Park Shuttle is another excellent option, especially on busy weekends. Key shuttle facts:

Griffith Shuttle OperatesSaturdays and Sundays
Start Time10:00 AM
Last Shuttle10:00 PM
Pick-up PointsSundry locations within Griffith Park

Ride the shuttle and capture picturesque views as you ascend to the observatory.

Rideshare And Taxi Drop-offs

Visiting the stars at Griffith Observatory can be a breeze with rideshares and taxis. Forget the parking hassle as these options drop you right at the action.

Designated Areas 

Griffith Observatory offers specific zones for rideshares and taxis. These ensure a smooth and safe experience for all.

  • Conveniently located drop-off points
  • Clear signage for easy navigation
  • Close proximity to the entrance

Cost Comparison 

Think smart about costs. Rideshares might beat parking fees during peak times. Here’s a quick comparison:

Parking at Griffith$10-$20Finding a spot can be tough
Rideshare/TaxiVariesDirect drop-off

Evaluate parking time and peak hours. Rideshares may offer more value and less stress on your visit.

Annual Passes And Memberships

Exploring the cosmos from Griffith Observatory should not be a one-time event! Consider investing in an Annual Pass or Membership to enjoy the stars all year round. With these options, avid stargazers can turn a single visit into a year full of astronomical discovery and exclusive perks.


  • Unlimited parking: Say goodbye to parking fees.
  • Priority access: Skip the lines during busy hours.
  • Discounts: Save on special shows and the gift shop.
  • Exclusive events: Members-only nights at the telescope.

How To Purchase

To get your Annual Pass or Membership, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit the Griffith Observatory’s official website.
  2. Click on the ‘Support’ section.
  3. Select ‘Membership’ to view options.
  4. Choose a package that suits your needs.
  5. Complete the payment process.
  6. Check your email for confirmation.

Your adventure among the stars awaits with just a few clicks. Enjoy the sky’s wonders without the worry of parking fees!

Accessibility Parking

Griffith Observatory welcomes all visitors and ensures that parking is accessible. The Observatory offers designated parking areas for visitors with disabilities. These convenient spots cater to those who require closer access due to mobility issues.


Designated parking spots for accessibility needs are located near the Observatory entrance. Clear markings and signs point these spots out. Visitors can find these spots in the main parking lot and along the adjacent roads. It ensures easy access for everyone, regardless of their mobility levels.

Permit Requirements

To use accessibility parking spots at Griffith Observatory, a valid disabled parking permit, placard, or license plate is necessary. Visitors should display the permit on their vehicle at all times. This allows parking staff to identify vehicles that meet the criteria. Always remember, these permits must be issued by a government authority.

Tips For Avoiding High Parking Costs

Welcome to Tips for Avoiding High Parking Costs at Griffith Observatory. This iconic Los Angeles landmark attracts many visitors. Understanding how to save on parking can enhance your experience. Let’s explore savvy strategies to keep costs down.

Best Times To Visit

Visiting during off-peak hours can save you money. The observatory is least busy on weekdays. Aim for mornings right after opening. Avoid weekends and holidays to find easier parking. Weekdays often come with lower parking fees.

Utilizing Nearby Free Options

Free parking opportunities exist near the observatory. Here’s how to find them:

  • Park along nearby residential streets. Check for restrictions.
  • Use the metro and walk up the hill. It’s healthy and free.
  • Consider parking further away and enjoy a scenic hike.
LocationCostWalking Time
Residential AreasFree>30 mins
Metro StationsVaries45-60 mins

Parking can be simple. Use these tips to save at Griffith Observatory. Enjoy your visit!


Wrapping up, understanding Griffith Observatory parking fees is key for a stress-free visit. Costs vary by time and day, so plan accordingly. Remember, an early arrival often means better rates and availability. Enjoy your celestial journey without the parking woes by being informed and prepared.

Safe travels and clear skies!

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