How Much is Parking at Hurricane Harbor?

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How Much is Parking at Hurricane Harbor

Parking at Hurricane Harbor varies in price but generally starts at around $25. Prices may fluctuate based on the specific location and event.

Planning a trip to Hurricane Harbor promises a day full of splashes, slides, and fun under the sun. As you prepare for your water park adventure, one of the essential details to consider is the cost of parking. Proper planning for parking expenses ensures that your visit is smooth and stress-free.

Understanding the parking fees beforehand allows guests to budget accordingly and spend more time enjoying the park’s attractions rather than worrying about unexpected costs. Keep in mind, purchasing parking passes online might offer a discount and save time at the gate, making your trip even more enjoyable. Remember to check the official park’s website for the most current information on parking rates and policies before your visit.

Parking At Hurricane Harbor

Welcome to a splash-tastic adventure at Hurricane Harbor! When planning your visit to this thrilling water park, don’t forget to consider parking. Parking is an essential part of your day, ensuring your vehicle’s safety as you enjoy the water rides.

Basic Rates And Options

At Hurricane Harbor, parking options cater to all visitors. Whether you’re here for a few hours or a whole day, here’s what you can expect:

  • General Parking – Convenient spots close to the park entrance.
  • Preferred Parking – Spaces closer to the entrance for quicker access.
  • VIP Parking – The nearest spots available for the easiest park entry.
Type of ParkingPrice Range
General Parking$20 – $30
Preferred Parking$30 – $40
VIP Parking$40 – $50

Seasonal Price Fluctuations

Parking prices at Hurricane Harbor can change with the seasons. Peak times like holidays and weekends often see higher rates. Here is an idea of how prices may vary:

  1. Summer months usually come with higher parking costs.
  2. Special events could lead to seasonal peaks in pricing.
  3. Off-peak times might offer reduced rates.

Stay updated by checking the official website or calling ahead before your visit. Doing so ensures you’re prepared for any parking cost variations.

Parking Passes

Parking passes at Hurricane Harbor offer convenience for visitors. They save time and money. Let’s explore the different parking options available.

Regular Vs. Preferred Parking

Regular Parking provides a standard spot in the lot. Close spots fill up first. Visitors should arrive early. Preferred Parking costs more but offers convenience. Spots are near the entrance. Guests walk less.

Annual Pass Benefits

Annual Pass holders enjoy perks. They get discounts on parking. Free or reduced parking is available. Some passes offer preferred parking benefits.

This table summarizes the parking options:

TypeCostDistance from Entrance

Bullet points for Annual Pass parking benefits:

  • Discounts on parking fees save money over time.
  • Potential for free parking adds value to the pass.
  • Preferred parking options are a major convenience.

Discount Opportunities

Finding ways to save on parking at Hurricane Harbor boosts your adventure without breaking the bank. Look for discounts, and celebrate your savvy savings as you splash into a day of fun.

Membership Discounts

Members at Hurricane Harbor enjoy special parking perks. Review your membership tier for benefits. You might find free or reduced parking rates.

  • Season Pass Holders often get parking discounts.
  • Gold Plus Members might get free parking.
  • Check your membership dashboard for updates or coupons.

Online Purchase Deals

Booking your parking spot online can lead to impressive savings. The park’s official website often lists online-exclusive deals. Getting tickets early makes parking cheaper and entry faster.

Online DealDiscountPre-Booking Required
Early Bird ParkingUp to 10%Yes
Group RatesVariesYes

Purchase in advance, and look out for seasonal promotions or special event discounts. This adds up to more thrilling rides and less spent on parking!

Tips For Saving Money On Parking

Visiting Hurricane Harbor promises a splash of fun, but parking fees can dampen the day before you even get to the slides. Smart planning means more money for snacks and souvenirs instead of spending it all on your car. Let’s dive into some smart tips to save money on parking.

Arriving Early To Secure Spots

Parking lots fill up fast, especially on weekends and holidays. An early start can lead to prime parking spots at a lower cost. Some parks offer discounted rates for early birds. This strategy ensures a stress-free start to your aquatic adventure.

Carpooling Strategies

Team up with friends or family to share the ride. Not only is it eco-friendly, but splitting the parking fee makes it more affordable. Plan ahead and meet at a convenient location. This way, one car gets parked, costs are cut, and everyone enjoys the ride together.

Specialty Parking

Heading out to Hurricane Harbor means a day of thrilling water rides and relaxing waves. But let’s tackle an important detail before you slide into the fun – Specialty Parking. We’ve got the scoop on how to make your parking experience as smooth as your ride down the Lazy River.

Vip Parking Availability

Seeking an exclusive parking experience? VIP Parking offers just that. With VIP spots, you’re not just parking closer to the entrance – you’re starting your adventure on the right foot. Check out the perks:

  • Reserved spots ensure you park with ease
  • Access right next to the entrance – no long walks!
  • Limited availability means more exclusivity

Remember, these VIP slots are in high demand. They’re available on a first-come, first-served basis, so arrive early!

Accessibility Parking Information

Hurricane Harbor champions accessible fun for all. That’s why Accessibility Parking is readily available. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Spaces are designated near the entrance
  • A valid disability parking placard or license plate is required
  • Spots cannot be reserved and are first-come, first-served

These spots ensure that everyone has a chance to enjoy the park to the fullest.

Additional Costs

Planning a day at Hurricane Harbor can excite any thrill-seeker or family. Knowing all costs, especially for parking, helps make the day smoother. Besides the standard parking fee, visitors might encounter additional costs. These could include oversized vehicle fees or charges for multiple day parking. Let’s look into what you can expect.

Oversized Vehicle Fees

Parking areas have specific spots for regular-sized vehicles. If you drive something bigger, like an RV or a bus, this section is vital for you. Hurricane Harbor classifies these as oversized vehicles and they usually require more space. This means

  • Extra fees apply.
  • Expect to pay more than the standard rate.

Exact figures vary, so check the current rates before visiting.

Re-entry And Multiple Day Parking

Do you plan to leave the park and come back the same day? Or perhaps you’re thinking of extending the fun over a few days? Understanding re-entry and multi-day parking rules is important.

Re-entryMultiple Day
Keep your parking ticket. It’s a must for re-entry.Special passes are available for purchase.
Show the ticket when you return.These cover parking for consecutive days.
No extra fee on the same day.They save you money compared to daily rates.

Check with guest services for detailed rates and conditions.

Alternative Transportation

Parking at Hurricane Harbor can be pricey. Consider alternative transportation to save money and avoid the hassle. Not driving? No problem. Other ways to reach the park are easy and convenient.

Public Transport Access

Public buses serve Hurricane Harbor. Check the local transport website for routes and times. It’s cheap and eco-friendly.

  • Review bus schedules early.
  • Plan your trip to match park opening hours.
  • Have change ready for fare boxes.

Ride-sharing And Taxi Services

Uber and Lyft offer fast rides to the park. Taxis also wait nearby. Split the fare with friends to keep costs low. Use ride-sharing apps to book your ride.

Ride OptionCost EstimateWait Time
Uber/Lyft$10-205-10 mins
Taxi$15-252-5 mins

Prices vary by time and demand. Check the app for the best rates. Carpool to split the cost.

Preparing For Your Visit

Welcome to the ultimate guide for preparing for your visit to Hurricane Harbor! Parking at the park sets the stage for a day of fun and excitement. Before diving into the splashing experience, it’s crucial to plan ahead. With ideal preparation, you’ll ensure a seamless and stress-free visit to this water-filled wonderland. Let’s explore the park layout and what essentials you should bring along.

Understanding The Park Layout

Knowing the park’s layout is key to a great day. Hurricane Harbor is vast, with numerous attractions and facilities. To avoid confusion upon arrival:

  • Download the park map from the official website.
  • Identify the locations of restrooms, dining areas, and lockers.
  • Mark your must-visit rides and attractions.

This way, you’ll save time and avoid missing out on any fun.

Essentials To Bring Along

For a carefree visit, packing necessities is essential. Make a checklist of items you’ll need:

SunscreenTo protect from sunburn
SwimwearRequired for all water activities
TowelTo dry off after rides
Waterproof caseFor phones and valuables
Cash/Credit CardsFor food and souvenirs

Also, remember to bring your parking fee in cash or credit to avoid any hiccups. Note that exact parking prices are not provided as they can vary and would need to be checked at the current time. Modify the table accordingly if specifics are known.


Wrapping up, understanding Hurricane Harbor’s parking fees enhances your visit, ensuring no surprises. Always check the latest rates online before heading out, and consider season passes for savings. Enjoy your splash-filled adventure with this parking cost knowledge tucked away!

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