20 Bukidnon Tourist Spots & Things to Do That You Shouldn’t Miss

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Bukidnon Tourist Spots

Bukidnon, renowned for its mountainous landscapes and cool climate, is home to the spectacular Dahilayan Adventure Park and the stunning Kaamulan Park. The province thrives on cultural heritage and ecotourism, drawing visitors to its natural beauty and indigenous Matigsalug tribe.

Explore the heartland of Mindanao with Bukidnon tourist spots, where the land brims with verdant hills and fertile valleys that beckon adventurers and nature lovers alike. Embrace the serene environment as you weave through the inviting trails of the Kitanglad Mountain Range or marvel at the panoramic views atop Mt.

Dulang-Dulang. Discover the cultural tapestry in the colorful Kaamulan Festival, a vivid display of traditions and festivities. Find your thrill amidst the treetops with zipline experiences at Dahilayan Adventure Park, claiming one of Asia’s longest ziplines. Or simply relish the tranquility of the Lake Apo – a serene crater lake perfect for a reflective escape. Bukidnon is an unspoiled haven that promises an authentic experience of the Philippines’ natural grandeur and rich cultural mosaic.

How To Go To Bukidnon Tourist Spots

Traveling to Bukidnon, an enchanting province on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines, is an adventure in itself. This region is accessible by land and the journey can be embarked on from neighboring cities like Cagayan de Oro or Davao.

Visitors typically board a bus or hire a private vehicle to traverse the scenic route dotted with lush landscapes and agricultural plantations. The cooler climate and rich cultural heritage of Bukidnon make the trip an experience to look forward to.

For a smoother expedition, it’s advisable to check transportation schedules in advance and consider travel advisories, ensuring a well-planned exploration of the area’s captivating tourist spots.

What Is Bukidnon Famous For?

Bukidnon boasts a plethora of natural wonders and cultural heritage that captivate tourists from around the globe. Known for its sprawling pineapple plantations, this landlocked province provides a breath of fresh air for those escaping the hustle of urban life.

Adventure seekers revel in the exhilarating zip lines at Dahilayan Adventure Park, while the enchanting Kitanglad Mountain Range summons trekkers eager to commune with nature. Traditional Kaamulan Festival, with its dances and authentic music, offers an immersive experience into the rich indigenous culture.

Bukidnon’s cool climate is ideal for agriculture and subsequently supports vast fields of organic produce, further enriching the offerings of the region. Truly, Bukidnon tourist spots is a hidden gem that promises an array of experiences, from ecological pursuits to cultural discoveries.

What Is The Most Famous Food In Bukidnon?

Bukidnon is not only renowned for its picturesque landscapes but also its unique and savory cuisine. Among the array of delectable offerings, Binaki stands out as the region’s signature dish. This steamed corn cake, reminiscent of sweet tamales, is crafted from a blend of fresh corn kernels, coconut milk, and sugar, all wrapped in corn husks before being cooked to perfection.

Visitors often find themselves enamored with its subtle sweetness and the comforting, homey sensation it provides. The love for Binaki encapsulates the essence of Bukidnon’s culinary heritage, an experience that is both authentic and heartwarming. Exploring the lush scenery and cultural sites, one’s journey across this province is beautifully accentuated by the flavors of its beloved fare.

1. Dahilayan Adventure Park

With activities that will get your heart racing, this park is a must-visit for anyone craving an adrenaline rush. Picture yourself soaring through the sky on one of Asia’s longest dual ziplines, or navigating the challenging ropes course.

Not just for thrill-seekers, the park also offers horseback riding and ATV trails that allow you to explore the picturesque scenery at a more relaxed pace. Every turn in Dahilayan promises a new excitement, making it a perfect spot for families, friends, and solo adventurers looking to experience the natural beauty of Bukidnon in a unique and exhilarating way.

2. Mt. Dulang Dulang

Mt. Dulang Dulang stands as the second-highest peak in the Philippines, beckoning seasoned hikers and nature lovers alike. This majestic mountain is often referred to as “D2” by locals and is not only a natural wonder but also a cultural treasure, deeply revered by the indigenous people.

Its lush forests are a haven for endemic flora and fauna, providing a mesmerizing experience amidst the rich biodiversity. Trekking up its slopes presents an exhilarating challenge, with the reward of panoramic views that are nothing short of breathtaking. Those yearning for an adventure that transcends the typical tourist path will find Mt.

Dulang Dulang’s trails to be both a test of endurance and a pathway to tranquility.

3. Communal Ranch

Communal Ranch stands as a testament to the allure of nature’s unspoiled beauty. This expansive region offers visitors a chance to escape the clamor of urban life and immerse themselves in pastoral tranquility.

Picture-perfect horizons stretch far and wide, framed by the ranch’s rugged fences and the occasional grazing cattle dotting the landscape. For the equine enthusiast or the wide-eyed traveler, horseback riding across the rolling terrain becomes a memorable adventure, while the sweeping views offer photographers and nature lovers countless opportunities for discovery.

As the sun dips behind the distant peaks, the sky paints itself with hues of twilight—a sight that encapsulates the serene grandeur of the Communal Ranch experience.

4. Lake Apo

Lake Apo stands as a serene escape from the bustle of urban life. This hidden gem offers a tranquil setting with its pristine, mirror-like waters that reflect the surrounding verdant hills and lush vegetation.

Visitors can enjoy a quiet boat ride, take part in paddleboarding, or simply soak in the peaceful ambiance that pervades this idyllic haven. Known for its rich biodiversity, Lake Apo also provides habitat for various species of freshwater fish, making it a favorite spot for anglers.

Even without plunging into its depths, the lake’s scenic beauty alone is a compelling reason for tourists to add it to their itinerary when exploring the natural wonders of Bukidnon.

5. Mt. Kitanglad

Ascending the slopes of Mt. Kitanglad in Bukidnon offers an unparalleled experience for trekkers and nature enthusiasts alike. This majestic peak, standing as the fourth highest mountain in the Philippines, promises breathtaking views and a rich biodiversity that includes rare and endemic species.

Adventure seekers will find the challenging trails both invigorating and rewarding, while bird watchers can delight in the possibility of witnessing the majestic Philippine eagle in its natural habitat. The cultural immersion in the indigenous Talaandig community at the mountain’s base adds depth to the journey, providing insights into the ways the mountain influences their way of life.

Mt. Kitanglad stands as a pillar of natural beauty and cultural richness in Bukidnon.

6. Del Monte Pineapple Farm Plantation

The Del Monte Pineapple Farm Plantation offers a unique glimpse into the agricultural heritage of the Philippines. This sprawling expanse entices visitors with its neatly arranged rows of pineapple plants, stretching as far as the eye can see.

The plantation isn’t just for show; it is a working farm where one can learn about the fascinating process of pineapple cultivation and harvesting. Guests often find the experience both educational and engaging, as they take in the fresh, sweet aroma of ripe pineapples and perhaps even sample the succulent fruit fresh off the vine.

The farm also provides an excellent backdrop for photography enthusiasts, with the scenic greenery and the grandeur of Mount Kitanglad in the distance.

7. Monastery Of The Transfiguration

Monastery of the Transfiguration is an architectural marvel and spiritual oasis. Designed by National Artist for Architecture Leandro Locsin, this pyramid-shaped church captivates visitors with its unique design and tranquil surroundings. It serves as both a sanctuary for Benedictine monks and a destination for tourists seeking a serene retreat.

Exploring its grounds offers a glimpse into a life of simplicity and prayer, while the panoramic view of the surrounding landscapes conjures a sense of peace. On special occasions, the monastery opens its doors to guests for retreats and religious services, making it a significant spiritual landmark in the region, imbued with cultural and architectural significance.

8. Mt. Capistrano

Mt. Capistrano stands out as a prominent feature in Bukidnon, drawing adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts with its distinctive rugged terrain and scenic hiking trails. The ascent to its summit isn’t just a trek; it’s a journey through fascinating geological formations and lush greenery, offering breathtaking vistas at various vantage points.

Local folklore and tales enhance the mystique of this natural wonder, making it a cultural gem as well. Its majesty is best observed at dawn, when the sun’s first rays kiss the mist-clad peaks, casting a golden glow over the landscape.

For those with a passion for photography, the panoramic views provide ample opportunities to capture the essence of Bukidnon’s beauty. Each step towards the peak of Mt. Capistrano promises an experience filled with awe and tranquility, solidifying its place as a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to this region.

9. Mt. Kalatungan

Mt. Kalatungan stands as an enchanting destination for trekkers and nature enthusiasts alike. As the Philippines’ sixth highest peak, this magnificent mountain offers a rich mosaic of biodiversity. Adventurers can immerse themselves in flourishing ecosystems and scenic vistas while traversing its challenging trails.

The area is revered for its mystical atmosphere, often attributed to the ancestral domain of the indigenous Talaandig tribe. Anyone with a thirst for exploration can expect to encounter diverse flora and fauna, making the ascent not just a physical journey, but a profound communion with nature.

Visitors will be rewarded with panoramic views and the unrivaled serenity that comes from being elevated above the ordinary—one of Bukidnon’s many precious hidden gems.

10. Panimahawa Ridge

Panimahawa Ridge stands as a scenic escape for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. This breathtaking destination offers an invigorating trek that rewards hikers with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Early risers are treated to a magnificent sunrise while the serene atmosphere provides a perfect backdrop for meditation and reflection.

Given its altitude, the ridge serves as an excellent vantage point for bird watching, allowing visitors to observe a variety of local species in their natural habitat. As a relatively untouched Bukidnon tourist spot, Panimahawa Ridge promises an authentic outdoor experience, encouraging a deeper appreciation of the Philippines’ natural beauty.

11. Kaamulan Park

Kaamulan Park stands as a celebration of the region’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. The park is a tranquil haven, perfect for those who seek a peaceful retreat away from the city life.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the local traditions as the park becomes the center stage for the annual Kaamulan Festival, showcasing colorful indigenous performances and crafts. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the well-preserved landscapes, ideal for leisurely strolls and picnics with friends and family.

With its picturesque scenery and cultural displays, Kaamulan Park offers an authentic glimpse into the heart of Bukidnon’s community spirit.

12. Limunsudan Falls

Limunsudan Falls is a two-tiered cascade considered to be among the highest and most majestic in the Philippines. Adventure seekers making their way through the verdant landscapes are rewarded with the sight of its powerful waters plummeting down a ravine, creating a thunderous harmony with nature that stimulates the senses.

The journey to Limunsudan Falls offers an immersive experience into the heart of Mindanao’s untouched natural beauty. Here, cultural encounters are as rich as the environment, with the local Higaonon tribe serving as stewards of this natural wonder, weaving a tapestry of tradition and ecological respect.

Visitors are encouraged to embrace the full experience, from the challenging trek to the serene moments spent in the misty embrace of the falls.

13. Rotypeaks Ridge Camp

RotyPeaks Ridge Camp offers an escape for the adventurous traveler seeking panoramic views and an immersive nature experience. The camp stands as a unique haven for those eager to witness the splendor of dawn as the first rays of sunlight kiss the mountaintops.

A visit here guarantees memories filled with breathtaking vistas and crisp, mountain air, perfect for individuals yearning to reconnect with nature away from the clamor of urban life. Embrace the serenity of an overnight stay or simply bask in the area’s tranquil beauty while exploring the pathways that meander through the verdant landscape.

RotyPeaks Ridge Camp is truly a gem for sightseers and nature aficionados alike.

14. Alalum Falls

Alalum Falls emerges as a spectacular natural wonder that captivates travelers with its pristine beauty. This hidden gem, draped in a lush tapestry of tropical flora, offers a respite from the hustle of daily life, cascading majestically into a serene pool below.

Visitors to Alalum Falls are greeted by the soothing sounds of rushing water and the refreshing mist that arises from its powerful plunge. The area surrounding the falls provides prime spots for picnicking and capturing the perfect photo to immortalize your visit.

A trip to Alalum Falls promises an enchanting experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike, making it an essential stop in exploring the province’s rich tapestry of landscapes.

15. Buda Vista Garden Resort

Buda Vista Garden Resort offers a serene escape, where tranquility meets natural beauty. Visitors to this picturesque haven will find themselves surrounded by gardens and panoramic mountain views, providing an idyllic backdrop for relaxation.

The resort boasts an array of amenities that cater to every guest’s need, from cozy accommodations to refreshing pools. For those seeking an immersive experience, the resort’s guided tours through its verdant flora present an opportunity to connect with nature, while the soothing ambiance ensures a restorative retreat for city dwellers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Embracing the charm of the highlands, Buda Vista Garden Resort stands as a testament to Bukidnon’s captivating allure and its status as a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the region.

16. Camp Philips: Del Monte Pineapple Plantation

Camp Philips in Bukidnon offers a refreshing getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. This idyllic location is home to the well-known Del Monte Pineapple Plantation, where visitors can feast their eyes on golden pineapples stretching across acres of land.

Taking a guided tour allows a deeper understanding of the agricultural process behind one of the country’s most celebrated exports. The vastness of the plantation is not just a treat for the eyes but also an invitation for a satisfying exploration among the perfectly aligned rows of pineapple plants.

It’s a destination where one can reconnect with nature and gain insight into the agricultural heritage of the Philippines.

17. Jmcc Peak

Perched majestically amidst the highlands of Bukidnon, JMCC Peak offers visitors a breathtaking panorama unrivaled in its beauty. Adventurous souls seeking a respite from the burdens of daily life find solace in its serene environment. The journey to the summit provides a thrilling challenge for hikers, while at the peak, the expansive views of the surrounding landscape are a trophy rewarding their efforts.

Whether it’s the lush greenery during the rainy season, or the hues that paint the scenery in the dry months, the changing faces of nature ensure that no two visits are ever the same. Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts regard it as a hidden gem, where the symphony of local wildlife harmonizes with the rustling leaves, creating an unforgettable experience.

18. Jbm Little Paradise- 5,000 Tulips

JBM Little Paradise awaits travelers with a spectacular display of 5,000 tulips, a rarity in the tropical climate of the Philippines. This enchanting garden offers a kaleidoscope of colors, captivating guests as they stroll through rows of flowers meticulously arranged to create a breathtaking landscape.

Each visit here promises an Instagram-worthy photo-op, with the tulips providing a stunning backdrop that rivals even the famous fields of Holland. Visitors can indulge in the serene atmosphere and enjoy the unique charm of JBM Little Paradise, making it a must-visit destination for flower enthusiasts and nature lovers exploring the picturesque province of Bukidnon.

19. Greek Hills

Greek Hills presents a breathtaking panorama that captivates the hearts of travelers. With its rolling landscapes reminiscent of the Mediterranean, visitors get to experience a slice of Grecian allure without leaving the Philippines.

The site is a marvel for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike, promising a serene environment that’s perfect for moments of reflection or a picnic with a view. As the sun casts its golden hue over the terrain, the picturesque setting becomes even more enchanting, offering a unique experience that stands out among Bukidnon’s many natural wonders.

Whether you’re a solo adventurer or with companions, Greek Hills is a must-visit destination that adds a touch of mythical charm to your Philippine escapade.

20. Rr Family Spring Resort

RR Family Spring Resort is a tranquil getaway perfect for travelers seeking both adventure and relaxation. With its fresh spring-fed pools and scenic countryside ambiance, this family-friendly destination is ideal for those who wish to soak in the serene beauty of nature.

Visitors can enjoy the well-maintained facilities and partake in a host of recreational activities suitable for all ages. The lush surroundings provide a refreshing backdrop for an exciting escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you’re planning a day trip or a longer stay, the RR Family Spring Resort promises a memorable experience for everyone.


Bukidnon opens doors to unparalleled beauty and culture. From the expansive pineapple fields to the sacred Mount Dulang-Dulang, each attraction promises an unforgettable experience. Grasp the chance to immerse in the serene landscapes and heritage.

Make your next adventure a memorable sojourn in the heart of Mindanao. Bukidnon tourist spots awaits to dazzle you with its wonders.

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