13 Best Secret and Hidden Gems in Iceland

Melanie Haiken

Planning a trip to Iceland and looking for the most epic spots? I’ve got you covered! There will be blue in these places you have never seen There is red Fire-circulating Combine all the elements to find a place for escape These are secret and beautiful hidden tourist spots 1.

For most people who plan to visit Iceland, this is probably the classic way of travel. Ring Road Guided Tours – Self-Drive or with Operator-Hops on the left Ring Road and nearby attractions. While that is a great idea, it limits your Iceland experience; which means missing out on way more.

Skógafoss. Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon: yes, you can’t avoid it – but neither the droves of visitors either. It can drain all the magic infusion out of your experience. Dugdill’s But what if I told you there was another, even more spectacular glacier to experience in Iceland – and this one could be entirely your own?

Read on to discover my top Iceland hidden gems if you want to explore less tourist places in the country!

Hidden Gems in Iceland List

1. Kvernufoss, a Hidden Waterfall Near Skogafoss

This spectacular fairly unknown waterfall is a hidden gem, only five minutes from the infamous Skógafoss and it is an absolute must-see when visiting Iceland!

How to Reach Kvernufoss

Skogar Museum (parking for your car) Then turn right (mtn’s will be in front of you) and walk around the hangar. The trail ends with a ladder to go over the fence. Please remember though that you are entering private property, and while the respective landowner does welcome visitors please keep all waste to yourself and do not damage their property.

That would be a shame to see the waterfall close off only because so many irresponsible few did not respect it. After the ladder, follow alongside short river in the direction of canyon. After about a ten-minute walk you will arrive at Kvernufoss.

Why Visit Kvernufoss

Another one you can actually get behind without 300 other tourists — like it is with Seljalandsfoss. Just sit back, and relax With the beautiful scenery And all of its quiet calmness

2. A Signature Unknown Spot in Iceland: The Kolugljúfur Canyon

This is without a doubt one of my favorite hidden gems in the whole country. I even went on a 5 hour detour to see it again the last time I was in Iceland! This canyon is lying between Reykjavik and Akureyri, which makes it a must if you are driving the ring road.

Getting to Kolugljúfur Gorge

Simply add this location to your GPS for directions. Yes, the last stretch is a dirt road so follow it slowly Spend more time here. You may parallel park in front of the bridge or cross and turn around. Park and walk farther down the bridge, right or left. Remember to always be aware of your surroundings while exploring this location.

Why You Need to Go To Kolugljúfur canyon

Oh and did I say also there is a waterfall here too? You heard me right! You receive two for the price of one. When I went last November, we had it all to ourselves for two straight hours This time of year around 10 other people, which is not too terrible in relative terms to some popular spots.

3. Ingjaldshólskirkja

Located in the captivating Snæfellsness Peninsula, this lovely church is often overshadowed. Almost all tourists come to Búðakirkja and Kirkjufellsfoss, but the peninsula holds two hidden gems!

How to get Ingjaldshólskirkja

Ingjaldshólskirkja is located in the north of the Ingold peninsula and can be reached by car. The driveway up to the church is quite long and leads through some remote countryside, perfect for photos – there’s parking at the top. At the south end is Olafsvik, where you will find a campsite that suits visitors traveling with camper vans. Overlooking the coast with mountains in the backdrop is a picturesque sight.

4. Londrangar

This gem is often overshadowed by the more renowned attraction at Arnarstapi.

How to Reach Londrangar

If you look up Londrangar on Google Maps, what will probably come up is the lighthouse. IMO, this is not the best thing to start with. Objective: it’s why you should park your vehicle where you are supposed to end up! If you park, walk right up to the edge and see this view. On your right, you’ll see a narrow path leading down. Be sure to turn left here if you want a closer view of the side ravine! Tip: the trip up here is stunning as well!

5. Hidden Gem in Iceland Fjallsárlón Glacier Lake

With that, this beautiful glacier has successfully become my favorite place of all Icelandic creation-energy! Literally imagine it now, pull up to the parking lot and there is NO ONE THERE. You walk up the hill a bit and there it is — one of the most beautiful glaciers made me cry! Unlike most of the places I describe as beautiful this one is truly enchanting to my mind. Welcome to what I like to call: Iceland in the bloodiest way.

How to Reach Fjallsárlón

Fjallsárlón is located between the Skaftafell campsite and the more famous but also very crowded Diamond Beach. It is right off the main ring road and super easy to get to by car!

Why Fjallsárlón is Worth a Visit

It was all mine when I went. It is rare these days. Make yourself comfortable and soak in the awesome views.

6. Thakgil – A Place To See In Iceland

Why this beautiful spot has flown so low under the radar is entirely unclear to me!

Spiky green canyons, icy rivers, black sand, and lava fields of Thakgil Seriously, why would you not want to see this place!?

How to Reach Thakgil

So, one of the reasons why Thakgil is not as famous as Seljavallalaug is because there are no public facilities provided up to this pool. Easily, the cheapest way to get around is by driving yourself there. Otherwise, you just board a bus from Reykjavik or Selfoss to Vik and then hire a taxi in order to get even deeper inward.

Driving is the best option! Head east for around 180km from Reykjavik along the Ring Road until you hit picturesque Vik. For the next 5km, you will have to continue east then turn left all with No.214. GPS Hotel Katla – you will be there! Take the left access of this gravel road and continue until you pass by a hotel.

Prepare for a rough ride! I have seen people make this drive with a car and trailer, but you will be driving very slowly. The flow-rate situation is that the path included gravel and was extremely bumpy, so if regular cars go unnecessarily fast then the odds were pretty great they would footfall on their understory which regrettably no insurance whatsoever could cover.

But if you ever try to venture into places like Thakgil I would highly, and for many reasons suggest renting a 4×4. One of my favorite companies in Iceland is Happy Campers. Driving to the Thakgil campground was easy and fast with their 4×4 camper van.

Why You Should Visit Thakgil

One of these is Thakgil or Þakgil in Icelandic. After visiting the packed touristy sites elsewhere on the Ring Road, it was a breath of fresh air.

Thakgil – Steep green mossy wall and so many canyons, that is typical for Thakgil. You can actually roam freely here, in contrast to the massively overrated Fjadragljufur Canyon.

7. Sigöldugljufur

SigöldugljufurAnother amazing hidden gem of Iceland which is far more beautiful than it looks in pictures! Located in the Highland backcountry, this canyon is home to some of the most enormous pools and basins of blue water I have ever seen as well a number of falls spanning both eyes.

How to Reach Sigöldugljufur

The Sigöldugljufur canyon( In the Icelandic Highlands) can easily be reached only by 4×4 vehicles. It can be combined with a day trip to Landmannalaugar if you have limited time visiting. Park your vehicle and walk the trail on the side of the road. You may think you are walking in the wrong place I certainly did but then it opens up into an amazing canyon that takes over from what is a very open and desolate-looking landscape.

8. Studlagil Basalt Canyon – A Mew Attraction in Iceland

Studlagil Canyon is one of the new marvels on the block in Iceland. Just a couple of years ago this canyon was completely hidden Please remember that the water in Cicijada is not always blue. It will look like a beautiful blue lake in the high season however due to the heavy rainfall after this water turns grey and also there may be some light current. If you can, plan your trip to Studlagil Canyon between June and August.

How to Reach Studlagil Canyon

Both parking lots (the east one provides canyon access) Along with a trail along the west side that leads to an observation platform.

The canyon is 40 minutes from the parking lot (just east side) a near to a waterfall.

Visiting Studlagil Canyon

Over the past decades, a year-on-year rise in visitor numbers has been recorded at Studlagil Canyon. Go in the middle of the day and you will be greeted by an unfathomable amount of other tourists. Early morning or late afternoon are the best times to visit as it’s much quieter.

9. Klifbrekkufoss

Klifbrekkufoss is another well-kept secret in Iceland … and it’s just off the road leading into that peninsula, so visiting won’t take much more time.

How to Reach Klifbrekkufoss

Klifbrekkufoss, Eastern Iceland It is accessible extremely easily; simply drive down the road and park up in one of Sheffield’s car parks. Remember that the fjord top might be very cloudy and inwrought with fog. Therefore, drive back on a low speed without any issues.

Why do you want to visit Klifbrekkufoss

Klifbrekkufoss is not the biggest waterfall in Iceland but showcases what is unique in it with its multiple never-ending layers.

10. Aldeyjarfoss

Situated in the Northern Highlands, Aldeyarfoss is another very special place to visit while in Iceland. It was ringed with basalt columns, similar to Svartifoss but without the busloads of people.

How to Reach Aldeyjarfoss

AldeyjarfossAt the start of F26, Aldeyjafoss was but a 541-meter walk. Cool Put Your Mattress In Page Title This bit is pretty easy, no river crossing here to get down to the falls. The road is very rocky and lumpy, so you can only reach it with a four-wheel drive vehicle There is a small initial parking lot from where you can sit off for the trail to the waterfall.

Why Go To Aldeyjarfoss

This is no ordinary waterfall, Aldeyjarfoss stands surrounded by dramatic basalt columns. Unlike the busy Svartifoss, you’ll have most of this to yourself.

11. Famous invisible place in Iceland: Kerlingarfjöll

You would have thought that such an incredible place as Kerlingarfjöll is a knockout on the Icelandic tourist trail, but no. Amazingly, it’s not the case. In August, there were only a few other people – which made it even more special.

Kerlingarfjöll is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Iceland, located at Highlands area across the center part. The powerful Geysir of Haukadalur, is part of Iceland’s active volcanic system and arguably one of its most attractive geothermal areas.

How to Reach Kerlingarfjöll

There are roads on both side of the mountain, and you can enter Kerlingarfjöll via road F35 (Kjalvegur or Kjölur Route), from North Iceland as well as South. The F35 is one of just a few maintained F-Roads on the island, so where you actually start this portion will depend on your itinerary.

The route end with some nasty rubble, agitated only by the calm rustle of a sad riverbed without water flow – you avoid major rivers anything along the F35.

In der Natur Why go to Kerlingarfjöll?

For real, Kerlingarfjöll is one of the most mind-blowing spots I have ever laid eyes on. I think there are a few days of hiking trails, yet you can also work here for several hours and still see some of the most featured.

12. Bruarfoss – Hidden Icelandic Waterfall

While it may not be the biggest, this lovely waterfall definitely is one of the most beautiful. 2 — Brúarfoss, the Not so Famous Waterfall in Golden Circle Not many people visit, however since you need a one-hour hike to get there. Brúarfoss is one of the more unique types of waterfalls in Iceland and if yo[re] looking to wander a bit off course it should definitely be on your list!

How to Reach Bruarfoss

Just go to the official parking lot and start following down-river trail. The parking lot only holds about 25 cars so arrive early. Brúarfoss Hike: This is an easy 3.5km one-way hike from the parking lot, with only a slight incline near Brúarfossvirkjun! But for families with little kids, it’s a simple hike the entire family can enjoy.

Why You Should Go to Bruarfoss

Brúarfoss is a piece of heaven, where you can escape the tourist masses and enjoy its peaceful surroundings. With its beautiful crystal blue waters and peaceful surroundings, it is ideal for travelers who want to discover a nice spot surrounded by nature in Iceland.

13. Haifoss

The 122-meter-high Haifoss is one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland and is located not far from the Hekla volcano, on a gorge to the edge Highlands.

How to Reach Haifoss

Haifoss is not located on an official F-road and you can reach it even with a regular car but please be careful if driving a 4×2. The road back there is a little rough to get through, and the undercarriage of your rental car usually isn’t covered by insurance. A great spot is only a 5-minute walk from the parking lot.

Why You Should Visit Haifoss

With a ridiculous height and powerful fall, Haifoss comes with a mean view. For those seeking out the awe-inspiring landscapes of Iceland, this conical hill is extra intriguing, especially due to its positioning near the Hekla volcano.

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