Where to Park at Old Trafford?

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Where to Park at Old Trafford

Parking at Old Trafford is available at various official car parks around the stadium. Fans often use the N2 and E2 lots for quick access.

Old Trafford, the iconic home of Manchester United, welcomes thousands of visitors on match days. Securing convenient parking can be a top concern for fans driving to the stadium. Official parking provides the closest spots, with options like the N2 car park located behind the North Stand and the E2 car park near Sir Alex Ferguson Stand being among the most sought-after.

Alternative parking includes several independent lots in the vicinity, offering competitive rates and sometimes additional services. Pre-booking a parking space is advisable, as it not only saves time on the day of the event but also often guarantees a spot within a short walk to the stadium. With a little planning, parking need not add any stress to your match day experience at Old Trafford.

Old Trafford: A Football Pilgrimage

Old Trafford stands as a symbol of football history. For fans around the world, the stadium isn’t just a place to watch a game; it’s a sacred ground. The allure of witnessing Manchester United play on home turf is an experience thousands long to have.

Iconic Home Of Manchester United

Old Trafford’s significance stretches far beyond its capacity to seat thousands. Known as the “Theatre of Dreams,” it embodies the triumphs and tribulations of Manchester United. With a story that spans over a century, Old Trafford holds memories of timeless matches and legendary players. Fans cherish each visit, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Planning Your Visit

Organizing your trip to Old Trafford requires attention to detail. Parking availability can be as unpredictable as the game itself. Knowing where to park is essential for a stress-free experience. Consider these options:

  • Official parking lots: Located near the stadium, they offer convenience.
  • Pre-booked spaces: Guarantee your spot before the matchday rush.
  • Surrounding areas: Look for nearby office spaces or schools offering matchday parking.

Remember to check parking times and rates. Getting there early not only secures a good spot but also gives you time to soak in the pre-match atmosphere. Make sure to enjoy the fan chants and local food stalls around the ground. Accessible parking is also available for those who need it. Guests with disabilities should contact the club in advance to reserve a spot.

Parking Options Near Old Trafford

Are you planning a visit to the legendary Old Trafford? Knowing where to park can save you time and stress. In this guide, explore the convenient parking options close to the stadium. Get ready for a smooth experience as you head to the home of Manchester United.

On-site Stadium Parking

Parking directly at the stadium offers the closest proximity to the action. Spaces fill up fast, so early booking is a must. The official Old Trafford car parks open three hours before kickoff. Check online for pricing and availability.

LotOpening TimeDistance to Stadium
N23 hrs before match5 mins walk
E23 hrs before match2 mins walk

Nearby Secure Car Parks

Several secure parking options are available close to Old Trafford. These car parks often come with added security features like CCTV and regular patrols. They may also offer better rates for longer stays.

  • Wharfside Way Car Park – just a 10-minute walk from the stadium, open 24/7.
  • Trafford Park Station Car Park – around 15 minutes to the gates, with cost-effective pricing.

Be sure to book these in advance as well. Match days are busy, and spots are in high demand. Ensure a seamless experience with these secure nearby car parks.

Match Day Parking

On match days, parking at Old Trafford is hotly contested. Fans flock from all corners to cheer on Manchester United. Yet, this excitement brings a challenge: finding a spot for your car. Let’s explore your best bets for avoiding last-minute scrambles and securing a convenient, safe location for your vehicle.

Pre-book Your Spot

Advance planning can save the day. Official parking lots near Old Trafford often sell out fast. By booking online, you can guarantee a spot close to the action. Explore official websites or trusted parking apps.

  • Official Manchester United Car Parks
  • Private lots with match day rates
  • Car parking apps like JustPark or ParkWhiz
LocationDistance to StadiumPre-book
Wharfside Way0.4 milesYes
John Gilbert Way0.5 milesYes
Trafford Park0.6 milesYes

Residential Street Restrictions

Parking on residential streets can be tempting, but it’s often restricted on match days. Local authorities enforce strict regulations. Always read signs to avoid penalties. Look for clear indications that parking is allowed.

Avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Parking in resident-only zones
  2. Blocking driveways
  3. Ignores No Parking signs

Finding the ideal match day parking at Old Trafford is quite simple. Book in advance and respect local restrictions for a stress-free experience!

Cost Of Parking At Old Trafford

Planning a trip to see a match at Old Trafford? It’s important to know about parking costs. This guide provides all the details on parking expenses when visiting the renowned home of Manchester United. Making sure you’re informed helps to avoid unexpected costs and ensures a smoother experience on match day or during events.

Stadium Parking Fees

Parking directly at Old Trafford varies depending on the event. Below is a quick view of the standard match-day fees:

LocationMatch Day Fee
Main Stadium Car Park£10
N2 Car Park£10

Note that seasonal passes are available for frequent visitors, offering savings across the season.

Alternative Parking Prices

Looking for cheaper options? Consider these alternatives:

  • Local Business Parking: £5 – £8
  • Nearby Schools or Churches: Often fundraise by offering spaces for £3 – £7

An unofficial car park charge usually ranges from £4 to £10. Here’s a tip: Early birds snag the best spots and rates.

  1. Always check parking restrictions and times.
  2. Pre-book your spot online for convenience and savings.

Public transport is another great option to ease your mind from parking hassles.

Accessible Parking For Disabled Visitors

Old Trafford welcomes everyone, providing adequate facilities for disabled visitors. Accessibility remains a top priority, ensuring that every fan enjoys a seamless experience from arrival to departure. Notably, accessible parking is available, catering to the needs of those holding Blue Badge permits.

Parking Spaces For Blue Badge Holders

Blue Badge holders find parking at Old Trafford straightforward. Spots are situated conveniently, close to entry points. To snag one of these coveted spaces:

  • Book in advance to secure a spot.
  • Display your Blue Badge prominently on your vehicle.

Remember: These spaces are limited. It is wise to reserve early to avoid disappointment.

Easy Access To The Stadium

The stadium prides itself on being fully accessible to all fans.

  • Paths from parking areas are smooth and flat.
  • Short distances reduce any travel inconveniences.
  • Elevators and ramps are available for different stadium levels.

This ensures a comfortable and enjoyable match day experience at Old Trafford. For any assistance, friendly staff members are always ready to help. Enjoy the game without worries about accessibility.

Avoiding The Traffic: Best Times To Arrive And Leave

Old Trafford, the iconic home of Manchester United, buzzes with activity on match days. With thousands of fans flooding the streets, managing arrival and departure times is crucial for a stress-free experience. The traffic can be daunting, but strategic planning helps dodge the congestion. This guide discusses optimal times for smooth access to parking spaces around the stadium.

Arriving Early

Beating the crowds by arriving early is a smart move. Aim to get to Old Trafford at least three hours before kickoff. This strategy has clear advantages:

  • Ample parking options – more spaces available.
  • Reduced stress – less rush, more enjoyment.
  • Pre-game activities – time to visit fan zones.

Consider these early-bird suggestions for a hassle-free start:

Time FrameAction
3+ hours before gamePark and visit fan zones.
2 hours before gameGrab a bite at local eateries.

Staying Late To Miss The Rush

Another effective tactic is to outwait the post-game traffic surge. Many fans rush to exit right after the final whistle, but staying back has perks:

  1. Smooth departure – clearer roads later on.
  2. Post-match atmosphere – savor the vibe post-game.
  3. Extra time – discuss the match with fellow fans.

Post-match wind-down activities can include:

  • Visiting the megastore – shop without the crowds.
  • Enjoying a meal – local spots offer late hours on match days.

Park And Ride Options

If you’re heading to Old Trafford for the big game or event, finding parking can be worrisome. Don’t let it put a damper on your day! Consider Park and Ride options for a stress-free experience. Park your car at a convenient location and hop on a shuttle. You’ll be at Old Trafford before you know it. Let’s explore the locations and services that make this the perfect choice.

Locations & Shuttle Services

  • Shuttle services run frequently on game days.
  • Several locations around the city offer Park and Ride.
  • These sites connect directly to Old Trafford.
Park and Ride SiteShuttle Service IntervalDistance to Old Trafford
Intu Trafford Centre10 minutes3 miles
Highway Car Park15 minutes4 miles
Ladywell Car Park20 minutes5 miles

Cost-effective And Convenient

The Park and Ride option is easy on your wallet. You will save on pricey parking spots close to the stadium.

  1. Pay once for parking and the shuttle.
  2. Avoid city traffic and parking hustle.
  3. Fast transit to and from Old Trafford.

Choose Park and Ride for affordability and ease. Spend more time enjoying the event and less time worrying about parking!

Local Tips For Parking And Navigating

Heading to an exciting football match at Old Trafford? Knowing where to park can be crucial. Locals who frequent this iconic stadium have inside knowledge that can make your journey smoother. They share parking hacks and the best ways to navigate the area on match days. Whether you drive or take alternative transport, you’ll find these local insights invaluable for an enjoyable matchday experience.

Advice From Regular Match-goers

Arrive early to snag a spot in official parking lots. These fill quickly on game days. Regulars often opt for private driveways nearby, available for rent online. Websites like JustPark or YourParkingSpace list options. Check for traffic updates before leaving to avoid any delays. Local schools and businesses might offer parking too, usually cheaper than official lots.

  • Stretford High School: A popular choice, about a 10-minute walk.
  • Local pubs: Some offer parking if you grab a pre-match pint.
  • Trafford Bar Metrolink: Leave your car and ride the tram in.

Alternative Transport Recommendations

Consider these public transport or walking options:

Metrolink:Trams run to Old Trafford station, a short walk to the stadium.
Bus:Numerous routes pass near the stadium.
Bike:Use cycle racks around the stadium for bikes.
Walk:From Manchester city centre, a 45-minute walk along the canal.

Carpooling with other fans can be a great choice too. It reduces traffic and splits parking costs. You might even make new friends! Remember the ‘Match Day Active Travel Zone’. It limits access to certain streets, so check for updates on the Manchester United website.

Safety And Security Measures

Visitors prioritize safety when parking at Old Trafford. The management understands this need. They have committed to high safety and security standards. Let’s explore some of these measures.

Surveillance And Patrolling

Constant surveillance covers the entire parking area. Cameras operate 24/7. They help in monitoring activities. This ensures prompt response to any incident.

  • High-definition cameras capture clear images, even at night.
  • Security teams conduct regular patrols around the parking lots.
  • Lights shine brightly, keeping the area well-lit and secure.

Ensuring Vehicle Safety

Your vehicle’s safety is paramount. Strict measures are in place to protect your car.

  1. Barriers and fencing prevent unauthorized access.
  2. Parking staff stay vigilant and help visitors park safely.
  3. Designated parking spots reduce chances of dents and scratches.

Trust that Old Trafford’s parking guards your vehicle like a fortress. Enjoy the game with peace of mind, knowing your car is in a safe spot!


Securing a parking spot at Old Trafford need not be a pre-match headache. With options aplenty, from official stadium car parks to nearby secure facilities, your perfect space awaits. Remember to book early for convenience and cost savings. Drive up, park with ease, and enjoy the game!

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