How Far is Cannon Beach from Seattle?

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How Far is Cannon Beach from Seattle

Cannon Beach is approximately 200 miles from Seattle. The drive typically takes about 4 hours via US-101 N and I-5 S.Cannon Beach, a charming coastal town in Oregon, offers a scenic retreat from the bustling city life of Seattle.

Nestled along the Pacific Ocean, it’s a haven for those seeking breathtaking landscapes, artistic flair, and a touch of adventure. As one of the most picturesque beach destinations in the Northwest, Cannon Beach is renowned for its iconic Haystack Rock and expansive sandy shores.

Visitors can indulge in a range of activities from tide pooling and beachcombing to exploring local galleries and quaint boutiques. Whether you’re planning a day trip or a longer getaway, the journey from Seattle to Cannon Beach is one that rewards travelers with stunning coastal views and an opportunity to immerse in the tranquil beauty of the Oregon coast.

Journey From Seattle To Cannon Beach

Welcome to your guide on the scenic drive from Seattle to Cannon Beach. This journey offers lush greenery, quaint towns, and ocean views as you travel from the bustling city to peaceful coastal vibes. Before hitting the open road, let’s dive into the starting point, the destination, and all the delightful details in between.

Starting Point: Seattle, Wa

The adventure begins in Seattle, WA, known for its iconic Space Needle and vibrant Pike Place Market. Fill up your tank, grab some famous Seattle coffee, and embark on a road trip that blends urban energy with natural beauty.

Destination: Cannon Beach, Or

Cannon Beach awaits as the picturesque endpoint to your journey. Envision the majestic Haystack Rock greeting you upon arrival along with miles of sandy shores. Cannon Beach is the perfect retreat for beachcombers, photographers, and nature enthusiasts alike. The drive spans approximately 200 miles (322 kilometers) and on average takes four hours without stops. Actual travel time can vary with traffic, especially during peak summer months or holidays. Planning your route and timing wisely ensures a smooth trip. Travelers typically follow the I-5 S and US-26 W highways to reach their beachside destination. Several routes are available, each offering its unique attractions:

  • I-5 S to US-26 W: Most direct and popular path.
  • Alternate Coastal Route: Longer, yet scenic with ocean views.

Though the journey to Cannon Beach can be direct, numerous enticing stops pepper the route, inviting a break to stretch, explore, or dine:

Olympia, WAWashington State Capitol Building
Astoria, ORAstoria Column and Maritime Museum
Seaside, ORSeaside Promenade and Aquarium
  1. Layered Clothing
  2. Camera
  3. Beach Gear
  4. Snacks and Water

Entering Cannon Beach, the fresh sea air and gentle pace instantly welcome you. This coastal gem offers relaxation and recreation for all. Embrace the journey and the destination; both hold the promise of a memorable escape.

Consider the time of year when you plan to travel. Early morning starts often mean less traffic. Always check the weather forecast and road conditions before departing. Pack essentials but keep luggage light for spontaneous adventures!

Traveling By Car

Driving from Seattle to Cannon Beach is a popular choice for travelers. This scenic trip gives drivers a chance to gaze at extraordinary landscapes. Drivers should plan for a journey that mixes comfort with adventure.

Estimated Driving Time

A trip to Cannon Beach from Seattle typically takes around 4 hours. This time can change based on traffic, weather, and rest stops. Planning your trip, make sure your schedule is flexible. Traffic, especially during holidays or weekends, can add extra time.

Best Driving Routes

Two main routes lead to Cannon Beach from Seattle:

  • Interstate-5 South and US-26 West: Generally the fastest, taking about 4 hours.
  • Interstate-5 South to WA-8 West, then US-101 South: Offers a coastal drive and likely takes over 4.5 hours.

Choose US-26 for speed or US-101 for scenery. Both roads reveal unique sights. Mountains, forests, and occasionally wildlife are visible along the journey.

Route Comparison
Interstate-5 South to US-26 West~4 hoursMountains, Forests
Interstate-5 South to WA-8 West to US-101 South~4.5 hoursCoastal Views, Forests

Bring a map or GPS. It will help you stay on track. Plan your drive, and windshield time will be part of your adventure to Cannon Beach.

Scenic Stops Along The Way

Embarking on the journey from Seattle to Cannon Beach promises a road trip filled with breathtaking views and memorable landmarks. This coastal adventure is not just about the destination but the voyage itself. Below, discover some must-see stops that enrich the travel experience with both natural beauty and historical significance.

Historical Landmarks

History buffs, rejoice! The route to Cannon Beach offers several landmarks:

  • Forts of the Puget Sound: Explore military history at these 19th-century fortifications.
  • Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park: Delve into the gold rush era in Seattle before heading out.
  • Port Townsend’s Victorian Heritage: Stroll through the streets of this seaside town, brimming with historical architecture.

Nature Reserves And Parks

En route to Cannon Beach, nature’s splendor unfolds:

  • Olympic National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s perfect for a detour into the wilderness.
  • Deception Pass State Park: Witness the dramatic cliffs and pristine waters of this iconic location.
  • Lake Crescent: Stop by for a serene break beside this crystal-clear glacial lake.

Public Transportation Options

Exploring the iconic beauty of Cannon Beach from Seattle is easy with public transport! You don’t need a car to start an adventure to the picturesque coast of Oregon. Let’s check out the hassle-free options available for an exciting journey. Public transportation is both wallet-friendly and eco-friendly. It also allows you to relax instead of driving for hours. Let’s dive into your options.

Bus Lines And Schedules

Several bus services make the trip from Seattle to Cannon Beach. These include both direct routes and ones with transfers. Always check the latest schedule before you plan your trip. The two main bus lines you can consider are NorthWest POINT and Greyhound.

  • NorthWest POINT offers a direct ride to Cannon Beach with comfortable seating and Wi-Fi.
  • Greyhound will require a transfer, but it covers many departures throughout the day.

Check the bus lines’ websites for the most current information on times and ticket prices.

Train Connections

Looking for a scenic route? Consider a train ride from Seattle to Portland, followed by a bus to Cannon Beach. Amtrak’s Cascades line can be your ticket to a stunning coastal adventure. It offers comfort, amenities, and beautiful vistas.

Train TypeSeattle to Portland DurationAdditional Bus Trip
Amtrak CascadesApprox. 3.5 HoursYes, via NorthWest POINT

Be sure to coordinate train and bus schedules to ensure a smooth connection. Visiting Cannon Beach from Seattle hasn’t been easier!

Weather Conditions And Travel

Embarking on a trip to Cannon Beach from Seattle requires more than just mapping the route. Understanding weather conditions and how they can influence travel is critical for a smooth journey. Weather fluctuations can transform a scenic road trip into an adventure or, occasionally, a challenge.

Best Season To Travel

Deciding on the perfect time for your Seattle to Cannon Beach trip can greatly enhance your experience. The best season to travel is during the late spring to early fall. Visitors enjoy mild temperatures and less rainfall, making it ideal for beach activities and sightseeing. Use the list below to plan your trip:

  • May to June: Pleasant weather begins to set in.
  • July to August: Peak tourist season with the warmest weather.
  • September: Fewer crowds and enjoyable climate persist.

Weather Impact On Travel Time

Road conditions can be significantly affected by weather, impacting how long it takes to reach Cannon Beach. Winter months may introduce snow or heavy rain, leading to potential delays. To assist, here’s a table summarizing how weather can influence your travel:

SeasonWeather ConditionsImpact on Travel
WinterCold, rain, or snowPossibility of road closures and slower traffic
SpringRain showersModerate impact with occasional delays
SummerSunny and dryOptimal conditions for quick and safe travel
FallRain startingWatch for wet roads and earlier sunsets

Before departing, always check the latest weather updates and road conditions. Preparation is key to ensuring a memorable trip from Seattle to Cannon Beach!

Accommodation And Rest Points

Traveling from Seattle to Cannon Beach promises adventure and scenic beauty. Explore various accommodation and rest points, ensuring a comfortable journey.

Hotels En Route

Strategic stops pave the way for relaxation and a good night’s sleep. This route boasts inviting hotels, perfect for travelers.

  • Astoria Riverwalk Inn – A charming stopover with river views.
  • The Shelburne Hotel – Historic and cozy, ideal for rest.
  • Inn at Seaside – Family-friendly with ample amenities.

Rest Areas And Amenities

Whether craving a break or a quick snack, plentiful rest areas and amenities await along the route.

Cowlitz County Rest Area – Equipped with clean facilities and picnic tables.

SeaView Rest Stop – Perfect for a brisk walk with oceanic air.

Grays Harbor Rest Area – Offers vending machines and information.

Activities At Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach offers a treasure trove of wonders. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the coastal bluffs, just a drive away from Seattle, this seaside town is a haven for adventurers and relaxation seekers alike. With its iconic Haystack Rock and endless sandy shores, Cannon Beach offers an array of activities that cater to all ages and interests.

Beach Exploration

Exploring Cannon Beach’s expansive coastline is a favorite pastime.

  • Tide pools, rich with marine life, await discovery during low tide.
  • Strolls along the shore offer breathtaking views and the chance to find colorful agates.
  • Build sandcastles or fly kites in the refreshing ocean breeze.

Local Attractions

Cannon Beach is more than just its stunning shoreline. The town is home to an assortment of local attractions.

Ecola State ParkTrails with cliff-top views and picnic spots.
Cannon Beach History Center & MuseumInsights into the rich heritage of the region.
The Coaster TheatreLive performances in a cozy setting.

These are just a few highlights. Whales, art galleries, and quaint shops provide endless opportunities for creating memorable experiences.

Travel Tips For The Trip

Excitement awaits as you plan your road trip from Seattle to Cannon Beach. This scenic journey promises stunning views and unforgettable memories. Smart preparation enhances the experience. Remember, the right gear and safety know-how ensure an amazing adventure. Let’s dive into packing essentials and the importance of road safety for a seamless trip.

Packing Essentials

Never overlook the essentials. The Pacific Northwest weather can be unpredictable. A check-list ensures nothing gets left behind. Look at some must-haves:

  • Layered clothing – Counter variable weather conditions.
  • Maps and GPS – Stay on course. Signal might be weak.
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen – Sunny days demand protection.
  • Camera or smartphone – Capture every moment.
  • Snacks and water – Stay energized and hydrated.

Safety And Road Assistance

Safety takes priority. The drive to Cannon Beach involves rugged terrain. Be ready for anything.

Emergency kitMedical aid is crucial for unexpected injuries.
Roadside assistance contactQuick help for vehicle troubles makes a big difference.
Spare tire and toolsA flat tire shouldn’t stop your journey.

Before departure, inform a friend about your route. They can alert help if you’re late. A well-planned trip to Cannon Beach from Seattle is safe, enjoyable, and absolutely picturesque.


Exploring Cannon Beach from Seattle promises an escape cradled by nature’s splendor. With just over 200 miles separating these gems, a road trip blends convenience with coastal allure. Whether seeking solace by the sea or an adventure along the Pacific, this journey unlocks a world of beauty, a mere drive away.

Pack your bags, Seattleites – Cannon Beach awaits.

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