How Far is Lax from Long Beach?

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How Far is Lax from Long Beach

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is approximately 22 miles from Long Beach, California. The drive typically takes about 30 to 40 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Nestled comfortably in Southern California, Long Beach sits as a vibrant, shoreline city bursting with activity and attractions. Its proximity to LAX makes it an accessible destination for travelers looking to explore the rich cultural and recreational tapestry the region offers.

Those arriving by plane can quickly transition to seaside exploration, business commutes, or the bustling nightlife that characterizes Long Beach’s charm. The journey from LAX provides a scenic trip through some of Los Angeles’s most iconic locales, bridging the metro’s largest airport with one of its most enchanting coastal communities. Whether you’re visiting for business or leisure, the connection between LAX and Long Beach is an effortless gateway to the heart of Southern California.

Geographic Proximity

Geographic Proximity between destinations often defines the ease and complexity of travel. The journey from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Long Beach is one such path often explored. Both cities sit in the heart of sun-soaked Southern California, calling out to visitors and residents alike. In this section, let’s zoom in on the specifics of this route.

Los Angeles To Long Beach: A Snapshot

LAX and Long Beach bind together through a network of roads and landmarks. With a series of highways connecting them, the distance between these bustling locales is not only measurable in miles but also in the rich experiences they offer. Travel time can vary but the familiarity with the route simplifies the journey.

Key Landmarks Connecting The Cities

  • 405 Freeway: The main highway linking LAX to Long Beach.
  • 105 Freeway: Often used as the initial connector from LAX.
  • Vincent Thomas Bridge: A notable landmark near Long Beach.
  • Queen Mary: Iconic hotel and attraction near Long Beach’s shores.

Landmarks serve as both guides and highlights when making the trek. The Vincent Thomas Bridge offers a scenic route, while the Queen Mary stands as a testament to Long Beach’s historic charm. These points of interest mark the journey, ensuring travelers can navigate with ease and enjoyment.

Traveling Lax To Long Beach

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Long Beach are two bustling hubs in Southern California. Many travelers often need to make the trip between these points. The journey from LAX to Long Beach can be simple and straightforward, offering various transportation options.

Modes Of Transportation Available

Diverse travel modes connect LAX to Long Beach. Choose based on time, budget, and preference:

  • Rental cars for flexibility and comfort
  • Taxis or rideshares for direct trips
  • Shuttles for a balance between cost and convenience
  • Buses for an economical option
  • Trains to avoid traffic jams

Average Travel Times By Car, Bus, And Train

Travel times between LAX and Long Beach can vary:

Transport ModeAverage Travel Time
Car30 to 50 minutes
Bus1 to 2 hours
Train1 hour

By car, take the I-405 S for the fastest route. During peak traffic, consider an alternate path to save time. Buses such as the Metro or LAX FlyAway can be slower but are cost-effective. Train services, including Metro Rail, offer a middle-ground in terms of speed and price.

The Road Journey

Traveling from LAX to Long Beach is more than just a drive; it’s an experience waiting for you. Encompassing roughly 23 miles, this trip offers scenic getaways and unique spots. Choosing the best route maximizes the enjoyment of this southern California adventure. Let’s buckle up and explore.

Popular Routes And Their Scenic Spots

Embarking on the journey, drivers have multiple routes to choose from, each with its own charm:

  • I-405 South: Sweeping vistas and local culture.
  • CA-1 South/Pacific Coast Highway: Ocean views and cool breezes.

Key landmarks along these routes include:

  1. The Queen Mary: Historic ocean liner and museum.
  2. The Long Beach Waterfront: Breathtaking seaside vistas.
  3. Vista del Mar Park: Green space with panoramic views.

Traffic Patterns And Best Times To Travel

Los Angeles is notorious for its traffic jams. The key is knowing the finest times to hit the road:

Time of DayTraffic LevelTravel Recommendation
Early Morning (5-7 AM)LightQuickest travel experience
Midday (11 AM-2 PM)ModerateGood for a leisurely drive
Evening Rush (4-7 PM)HeavyExpect delays

Avoid the rush by leaving outside of peak hours. Weekends typically see less congestion. By planning, travelers can enjoy a smoother trip with more time for the scenic spots along the way.

Public Transportation Options

Wondering how to journey between Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Long Beach without the hassle of driving? Public transportation offers several routes, providing a convenient and eco-friendly alternative. Explore bus services and train lines that connect these two busy spots in Southern California.

Bus Services: Routes And Schedules

Direct and efficient bus services make traveling a breeze. Los Angeles Metro and Long Beach Transit offer options tailored to your schedule.

  • Los Angeles Metro Bus: Frequent stops at LAX, connecting you to key locations.
  • Long Beach Transit: Local routes ensuring smooth travel throughout the city.

Check online for up-to-date timetables to plan your trip. Bus service typically runs from early morning to late at night.

Train Lines Connecting Airports And Cities

Trains offer a scenic and pleasant ride, linking LAX and Long Beach. The Metro Green Line and the Blue Line work in tandem for a seamless connection.

Train LineDurationFrequency
Metro Green LineAbout 30 minutesEvery 15 minutes
Blue LineApprox. 1 hourEvery 12 minutes

Get from LAX to the Metro Green Line via a free shuttle. Transfer at Willowbrook to reach Long Beach on the Blue Line.

Flying Between Locations

Flying between locations like LAX and Long Beach often raises questions about travel time, convenience, and options. These neighboring areas in sunny Southern California are popular for both locals and tourists. The geographical proximity suggests a short trip. Yet, travel preferences vary, and some choose the sky route. Let’s explore the air travel dynamics between these points.

Availability Of Direct Flights

  • No direct flights between LAX and Long Beach
  • Helicopter services operate on a charter basis
  • Flight services cater to connections rather than local travel

Comparing Air Travel With Ground Options

Considering the distance, air travel is less common for this short hop. Ground transportation offers more practicality and efficiency. Comparing options reveals clear differences:

Transport ModeTravel TimeConvenienceCost
Car or TaxiAbout 30 minutesDirect routeVaries
Public TransitUp to 1 hourMultiple stopsLower than car
Bike or WalkNot practicalScenic but lengthyNo cost

While air travel might seem luxurious, the short distance makes it an excessive choice for this trip. Ground transportation not only saves time but also reduces the carbon footprint.

Tourism Perspective

Exploring the distance between LAX and Long Beach through a tourism lens reveals hidden gems. To the touring eye, every mile is a chance for new experiences. Whether you’re making the most of a LAX layover or planning an extensive stay, the proximity of these two Southern California spots offers endless possibilities.

Combining Lax Layovers With Long Beach Visits

Turning a LAX layover into a Long Beach adventure is a smart way to experience local culture. With LAX just about 21 miles away from Long Beach, visitors can easily transform a tedious wait between flights into a delightful excursion.

  • Take a short cab or shuttle.
  • Board the metro rail for a direct link.
  • Hit the beach, explore the aquarium, or dine at seaside restaurants.

Tourist Attractions Accessible Along The Way

Traveling from LAX to Long Beach isn’t just a journey; it’s an opportunity to explore. Several tourist spots dot the route, inviting visitors to take a memorable detour.

AttractionDistance from LAX
The Forum3 miles
Manhattan Beach5 miles
Rancho Los Cerritos18 miles

From iconic concert venues to peaceful beachside escapes, these sites are perfect for brief visits or longer explorations.

Local Insider Tips

Discover the best route from LAX to Long Beach with local insights. Let’s dive into how to dodge traffic snarls and unearth the jewels hidden along your path. Step into the shoes of a local and cruise through your drive.

Navigating Traffic Like A Native

Master the art of timing in Los Angeles. Dodging traffic can save you buckets of time. Aim for non-peak hours; early mornings or late evenings work wonders. Here’s how you can win at the traffic game:

  • Use Real-Time Apps: Applications like Waze or Google Maps provide live updates.
  • Plan Alternate Routes: Keep a few back roads in mind just in case.
  • Pool Lanes Matter: If you’re carpooling, take advantage of the express lanes.

Hidden Gems Along The Commute

The journey from LAX to Long Beach isn’t just time on the road—it’s an adventure. Beyond the typical tourist spots, hidden gems await:

  • Check out El Segundo’s quaint downtown for unique shops.
  • Manhattan Beach Pier offers stunning ocean views and a quieter vibe.
  • Vista Del Mar: A scenic route parallel to the ocean, perfect for a peaceful drive.

Future Developments

The journey between Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Long Beach promises to be even more exciting in the near future. With fresh developments on the horizon, travelers can look forward to smoother and more efficient trips. Here’s a sneak peek at what the future holds for travel between these two bustling Californian hubs.

Infrastructural Changes Affecting Travel

Major infrastructure upgrades are set to redefine the travel experience from LAX to Long Beach. These include:

  • Improved road links to reduce traffic congestion.
  • Enhanced public transport options for faster, eco-friendly travel.
  • New signage and wayfinding solutions to assist travelers.

Construction of new bridges and tunnels will also facilitate quicker journeys. Development plans indicate an emphasis on sustainability and accessibility.

Emerging Trends In Inter-city Connectivity

As we look to the future, the following trends will influence how we travel between cities:

  1. Greater use of smart technology to streamline travel.
  2. Expansion of electric vehicle charging stations along routes.
  3. Introduction of innovative transit systems like autonomous shuttles.

Updates in ride-sharing services and mobility apps will play a crucial role. These advances aim to enhance the overall travel experience while promoting energy efficiency.


Traveling from LAX to Long Beach is a breeze with various options to suit your needs. Whether you choose a scenic drive, a quick shuttle, or public transportation, you’re looking at a journey that’s both convenient and accessible. Keep this guide handy to ensure a smooth trip next time you’re navigating the distance between these two bustling California hotspots.

Safe travels!

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