How Much Does the Dauphin Island Ferry Cost?

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How Much Does the Dauphin Island Ferry Cost

The Dauphin Island Ferry charges $16 for a one-way ticket for standard vehicles. Pedestrians pay $5 for a one-way crossing.

The Dauphin Island Ferry serves as a convenient link between Dauphin Island and Fort Morgan, Alabama. Offering picturesque views of the Gulf of Mexico, the ferry is a popular choice for tourists and locals alike seeking a scenic and efficient route.

Travelers can save time with this quick transport method while enjoying the coastal scenery. The ferry not only accommodates passenger vehicles but also welcomes pedestrians, bicycles, and motorcycles, making it versatile for various travel needs. Knowing the cost ahead of time helps visitors plan their budget and itinerary as they explore the natural beauty of Alabama’s Gulf Coast region.

Introduction To Dauphin Island Ferry

Imagine a journey across sparkling waters where the Gulf Coast’s charm greets you warmly.
The Dauphin Island Ferry serves as a floating bridge, connecting travelers from Dauphin Island to Fort Morgan. With tickets that won’t break the bank, this ferry trip offers an adventure for both the island explorer and the budget-conscious tourist.Let’s cast off and explore the cost, sights, and experiences aboard this beloved maritime shuttle.

Connecting Paths: Dauphin Island To Fort Morgan

The maritime link opens doors to a coastal retreat. This route saves miles for those venturing between these historic points. The ferry schedule aligns with the rhythm of the tide, ready to carry passengers and their vehicles across the bay. Check the timetable and plan your Gulf Coast escapade with ease.

The Ferry Experience: More Than Just A Ride

It’s a salty aired voyage packed with memories-to-be. Gulls call and dolphins often play in the ferry’s wake. With decks for sweeping views and spots for that perfect seaside selfie, the voyage becomes part of your story. The value of your ticket includes this unparalleled encounter with the Gulf Coast’s natural beauty.

Pricing Chart:

Passenger TypeOne WayRound Trip
Children (6-11)$2.50$5
Vehicles (incl. driver)$16$32

Fare Structure For The Ferry

Exploring Dauphin Island starts with a scenic trip on the Dauphin Island Ferry. Understanding the fare structure is essential. The ferry service provides different pricing based on vehicle type and size. Let’s look at what to expect when setting your travel budget.

Tickets And Pricing: What To Expect

Passengers can purchase tickets on-site. Ticket prices vary, covering passengers and vehicles. The cost depends on age and vehicle characteristics. Be ready for the following:

  • Adult fares are set for those over 13 years.
  • Children under 12 enjoy reduced rates.
  • Seniors and disabled patrons receive discounts.
  • Passenger-only tickets are available.

Cost Variations: Vehicle Types And Sizes

The fare structure takes into account vehicle dimensions. Larger vehicles incur higher charges. The categories include:

Vehicle TypeCost
BicyclesLowest fare option
MotorcyclesHigher than bicycles
Cars/SUVsStandard fare
Trailers/BoatsAdditional charge
RVs/BusesHighest fare bracket

Remember, the size of your vehicle impacts the price. Both length and height are considered. Check the official ferry site for specifics.

Planning Your Trip

Ready to set sail across the Mobile Bay? Boarding the Dauphin Island Ferry transports you on a scenic voyage. But before the adventure begins, let’s dive into key details. They ensure a seamless journey. Remember, well-planned trips amplify enjoyment!

Schedule And Seasonal Changes

Ferry schedules shift with the seasons. It’s vital to check times before setting out. Summer offers more frequent rides. Less so in winter. Bolding important dates helps:

Summer: Ferries every 30 minutes. Winter: Reduced service. Find the latest timetable online. Or call for up-to-the-minute info. Delays happen. Weather affects services too. Stay updated to avoid surprises.

Preparation Checklist: Before You Board

Packing right items can make or break your ferry ride. Here’s a checklist to ensure nothing’s forgotten:

  • Tickets: Purchase in advance if possible. Saves time and hassle.
  • Valid ID: Keep it handy, required for ticket verification.
  • Snacks: For pleasure cruising. But please, no large coolers.
  • Camera: Capture seascapes and possible dolphin sightings.
  • Sunscreen: Sun glare off water can be intense. Protect your skin.
  • Layered Clothing: Weather might change. Be ready with options.
  • Footwear: Comfort wins on a ferry. Think sturdy, think ease.

Boarding with a vehicle? Check weight limits and dimensions ahead. Oversized vehicles attract higher fees. Safety first, obey the crew’s instructions. Cherish your impending coastal journey. With this information, you’re all set for an exciting and soothing ferry experience!

Discounts And Deals

Traveling to Dauphin Island by ferry can be even more appealing when you save money. Exploring the various discounts and deals offered can lead to significant savings. Whether you’re a local resident, a veteran, or traveling in a group, there are offers designed just for you.

Special Rates For Residents And Veterans

Local residents and veterans qualify for discount fares on the Dauphin Island Ferry. Proof of residency or military service is necessary to take advantage of these reduced rates.

ResidentsDiscount on one-way and round-trip tickets
VeteransSpecial pricing on every trip

Loyalty Programs And Group Offers

Regular travelers can benefit from loyalty programs, which offer perks and fare reductions. Booking a ferry trip as a group can also secure you more favorable pricing.

  • Rewards Program: Collect points with each trip and redeem for discounts.
  • Group Discounts: Reduced ticket prices for groups of ten or more.
  • Special Occasion Packages: Look for bundled deals during peak seasons.

Payment Options

Exploring the Dauphin Island Ferry should be a hassle-free experience, starting with how you pay for your passage. No matter the adventure you’re embarking on, understanding your payment options is key for a smooth boarding process. Let’s look at the accepted methods of payment and how you can purchase your tickets both in-person and online.

Accepted Methods Of Payment

The Dauphin Island Ferry offers several convenient payment methods to make your journey seamless:

  • Credit Cards: Major cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are welcome.
  • Debit Cards: Use your bank-issued debit card for quick transactions.
  • Cash: Traditionalists can still pay with good old-fashioned paper money.
  • Checks: Personal checks are accepted with valid identification.

Remember, the right payment method can ease your boarding process.

Purchasing Tickets: In-person And Online

Securing your ferry ride is possible both in-person and online. Below are the steps for each.


  1. Visit the ticket office located at the ferry terminal.
  2. Choose your departure time and destination.
  3. Make your payment using one of the accepted methods.
  4. Receive your physical ticket for boarding.


  1. Navigate to the official Dauphin Island Ferry website.
  2. Select your trip details and preferred time.
  3. Complete the payment process with a credit or debit card.
  4. Print your ticket at home or use a mobile boarding pass.

Both options ensure a ticket in hand for your desired ferry departure. For those choosing online purchases, the convenience of buying ahead saves time and secures a spot on busy travel days.

Additional Costs To Consider

Knowing the ferry cost is just the start. Other expenses can add up. Let’s look at some extra fees you might pay.

Onboard Amenities And Purchases

When you board the Dauphin Island Ferry, small extras may catch your eye.

  • Snacks – Chips, candy, and drinks are available.
  • Souvenirs – Hats, shirts, and keepsakes might tempt you.

These onboard offerings will cost extra, so budget accordingly. Bring cash or a card for these purchases.

Nearby Parking And Ancillary Fees

Look beyond the ferry ticket for additional fees. Here’s what else to consider:

Parking TypeCost
Short-TermLess, but limited time
Long-TermMore, but stay longer

Remember, parking spaces fill up quickly. Arrive early to secure a spot. Check for sign-posted ancillary fees too, like an entry fee to the island or docking charges if you’re bringing a boat.

Comparing Alternatives To The Ferry

Ready to explore Dauphin Island but not sure about taking the ferry? Consider the alternatives carefully. Your choice might save time, money, or both. Let’s compare your options.

Drive Around The Bay: Time Vs. Cost

Driving around Mobile Bay is one way to reach Dauphin Island. But what does it mean for your wallet and your watch? Let’s find out:

  • Distance: This journey is longer. It means more miles on your car.
  • Fuel Costs: A longer trip uses more gas. Calculate fuel costs.
  • Time Taken: More miles equal more driving time. Consider traffic too.

Driving may seem cheaper at first. But add gas and hours spent. Now compare it to the ferry fare.

Public Transportation And Private Shuttles

What about buses or shuttles? Here’s what you should know:

Transport TypeCostTravel Time
Public BusesUsually cheaperLonger, with stops
Private ShuttlesHigher priceDirect, less time

Check shuttle prices. They vary with demand. Public transport saves money but takes longer. What works better for you?

Customer Experiences And Reviews

Planning a trip via the Dauphin Island Ferry? Great! Past riders can tell you all about it. Their experiences help you set the right expectations. The cost matters, but it’s the stories and tips that paint the full picture.

Stories From The Deck: Passenger Feedback

Heartwarming tales and thrilling views make the Dauphin Island Ferry a memorable journey. Here is what returning customers say:

  • “A delightful escape!” – The Smith family enjoyed spotting dolphins!
  • “Efficient and punctual” – Jones shared his appreciation for the timely departures.
  • “An annual tradition” – Harper’s testimonials reveal a yearly adventure on the ferry.

Tips For First-time Riders

First trip on the ferry? Keep these pointers in mind:

  1. Arrive early for the best parking and a stress-free start.
  2. Pack a light jacket; it can get breezy on the deck.
  3. Check the ferry schedule online to plan your day.
  4. Bring cash for convenience as not all cards are accepted.


Wrapping up, the Dauphin Island Ferry provides an affordable transit option for travelers. Prices may vary, so check their website for current rates before your trip. Grab your tickets and enjoy the scenic view as you cross the waters to your destination.

Safe travels, and sail smoothly!

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