What is the Best Area to Live in Las Vegas?

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What Is The Best Area To Live In Las Vegas

The best area to live in Las Vegas is often considered Summerlin, known for its amenities and safety. Henderson also ranks high for its family-friendly environment and quality of life.

Las Vegas, the city that dazzles with its neon lights and endless entertainment options, is more than just a tourist hotspot; it’s a place that many people proudly call home. Deciding on the best area to live requires considering lifestyle preferences, budget, and community amenities.

Summerlin, a master-planned community on the western edge of the city, offers a mix of residential comforts, commercial conveniences, and outdoor activities, appealing to a diverse range of residents. Henderson, to the southeast, boasts excellent schools, parks, and a quieter suburban feel while providing easy access to the excitement of the Strip. Both neighborhoods provide a high quality of living with their own unique charms, making them top choices for newcomers and long-time Vegas residents alike.

Life In The Entertainment Capital

Welcome to Life in the Entertainment Capital, where the bright lights of Las Vegas extend far beyond the iconic Strip. As the beating heart of Nevada, Las Vegas is well-known for its vibrant nightlife, world-class entertainment, and luxury living. Yet, there’s more to this glitzy city than just casinos and shows. Let’s dive into the residential side of Vegas and discover why many are choosing to call this neon oasis their home.

Las Vegas’ Appeal Beyond The Strip

Las Vegas isn’t just a playground for tourists. It’s a city teeming with neighborhoods perfect for residents seeking a balance between excitement and comfort. Outside the busy center, the city unfolds into a tapestry of communities each with its unique charm.

  • Summerlin: Known for luxurious homes and lush landscapes.
  • Henderson: Has excellent schools and family-friendly parks.
  • Green Valley: Features a mix of affordable and upscale housing.

Residential Vs. Tourist Spaces

Las Vegas offers distinct areas for locals and visitors alike. Unlike the transient feel of hotel rooms and short stays, residential spaces give a sense of permanence and belonging. Here’s how they contrast:

Residential SpacesTourist Spaces
Quiet, suburban feel24/7 entertainment
Access to schools and groceriesProximity to casinos and shows
Stable, long-term neighborsConstant influx of new faces

Criteria For A Great Las Vegas Neighborhood

Choosing where to live in Las Vegas goes beyond the glitz and glam. Understanding what makes a neighborhood great is key. Here are the essentials to look for when selecting the best area to live in this vibrant city.

Factors To Consider

Various factors impact the quality of a Las Vegas neighborhood. These are essential:

  • Safety: Crime rates are a top concern. Seek out safe areas.
  • School Quality: For families, schools are a priority. Check their ratings.
  • Cost of Living: Ensure the area aligns with your budget. Watch for hidden costs.
  • Commute Times: Easy access to work and essentials saves time.
  • Real Estate Value: A neighborhood’s investment potential can offer long-term benefits.

Local Amenities And Services

A neighborhood’s value often reflects its amenities. Here’s what to expect:

Grocery StoresEssential for daily needs.
Healthcare FacilitiesProximity to hospitals and clinics ensures wellbeing.
Parks and RecreationOutdoor spaces contribute to a healthy lifestyle.
Dining and EntertainmentDiverse options for leisure activities enhance livability.
Public TransportationAccess to buses and trains adds convenience.

Summerlin: Suburban Bliss

For those seeking the best area to live in Las Vegas, Summerlin stands out as a top pick. Nestled against the stunning Red Rock Canyon, Summerlin offers a harmonious blend of nature and city living. This master-planned community boasts lush landscapes, top-notch amenities, and a family-friendly atmosphere. Let’s explore why Summerlin is suburban bliss for many residents.

Recreation And Community

Summerlin excels in providing recreational activities for its inhabitants. Residents enjoy access to:

  • More than 150 parks
  • Over 150 miles of trails
  • Numerous golf courses
  • Shopping centers and entertainment venues

Community events bring neighbors together, fostering a strong sense of belonging. Examples include:

  • Outdoor concerts
  • Farmers markets
  • Festivals

Education And Family Living

Education is a high priority in Summerlin, with schools that rank among the highest in Clark County. This neighborhood offers:

Education LevelSchool Options
ElementaryPublic, Private, Charter
MiddlePublic, Private, Charter
HighPublic, Private, Magnet

For families, Summerlin presents an unmatched living experience. With a focus on safety and well-being, the neighborhood includes:

  1. Community centers
  2. Playgrounds and pools
  3. Well-lit, safe streets

Henderson: Safety And Scenery

Imagine living in a place where twinkling city lights meet majestic mountains. Henderson, Nevada, offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and security. Nestled in the tranquility of the Mojave Desert, it’s a haven for those seeking a peaceful retreat from the buzz of Las Vegas. Let’s explore why Henderson might just be the best area to call home.

Crime Rates And Public Safety

Henderson is recognized for its impressively low crime rates. It consistently ranks as one of the safest cities, not just in Nevada, but across the nation. Residents enjoy a secure environment, which is a cornerstone of the community’s ethos.

StatisticHendersonNational Average
Violent Crimes1.94.0
Property Crimes19.121.1

The table above shows crime rates per 1,000 residents, highlighting Henderson’s safety.

Natural Attractions And Outdoor Life

With the city’s strategic location, residents experience an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. The stunning scenery serves as a backdrop for a variety of activities:

  • Hiking trails at Sloan Canyon and River Mountain Loop.
  • Family picnics by Lake Las Vegas.
  • Birdwatching at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve.
  • Golfing on world-class courses.

Every corner of Henderson offers an escape into nature’s arms, ensuring the outdoor life here is vibrant and fulfilling. The picturesque landscapes are not just for adventure seekers but also provide serene spots for relaxation amid the desert’s beauty.

Downtown: Urban Living

Las Vegas is famous for its glitz, glamour, and gaming. Downtown Las Vegas offers an alternative to the Strip’s neon lights. It is perfect for those seeking an energetic urban lifestyle. With its blend of modern amenities and rich history, downtown shines as a vibrant community.

Living in downtown brings you close to cultural venues, diverse eateries, and trendy boutiques. It’s a hub where creativity and community meet.

Cultural Hotspots And Nightlife

Downtown Las Vegas is bursting with culture and entertainment. Here are prime spots:

  • Fremont Street Experience: A must-see with its dazzling canopy light show.
  • The Arts District: Home to galleries, studios, and monthly First Friday art celebrations.
  • Smith Center: Offers Broadway shows and symphonies.

Night owls revel in downtown’s variety. There are rooftop bars, craft breweries, and cozy speakeasies.

Connectivity And Transportation

Downtown makes moving around easy. The excellent transport links are a boon for commuters and explorers alike. Options include:

Mode of TransportAreas Covered
RTC BusesThroughout Downtown and beyond
The DeuceThe Strip and Downtown
Bike SharingVarious spots downtown

For car owners, major freeways are minutes away. This makes trips around the city quick and convenient.


The Lakes: Affluent Living With A View

Imagine waking up to serene water views every morning. The Lakes offers just that. This luxurious enclave in Las Vegas boasts elegance and comfort. Nestled west of the Strip, it caters to those seeking an upscale lifestyle. Exclusive real estate and a waterfront lifestyle define this area. Let’s dive deeper into what The Lakes has to offer.

Exclusive Real Estate

The Lakes presents a variety of high-end homes. Picture large estates with modern amenities. You’ll find gated communities with 24-hour security. The real estate here suits every taste:

  • Custom-built homes
  • Luxury condos with picturesque views
  • Eco-friendly properties

With top-rated schools nearby, families thrive in this community. Property values remain high, making The Lakes a smart choice for investors.

The Waterfront Lifestyle

The Lakes boasts a unique feature in the desert: man-made bodies of water. These are the heart of the community. Residents enjoy:

  1. Boating and fishing
  2. Peaceful walks along the shore
  3. Exclusive beach clubs

Green spaces and parks pepper the neighborhood. Outdoor activities are abundant.

Consider the Lakes for that blend of luxury and tranquility. Your perfect Las Vegas home could be waiting for you here.

Green Valley: Family Friendly And Convenient

Green Valley stands out as a top choice for families looking for the perfect blend of tranquility and amenities in Las Vegas. Its tree-lined streets, excellent schools, and abundance of parks make it ideal for raising a family. Let’s explore why Green Valley is such a sought-after neighborhood.

Schools And Playgrounds

Education is a top priority in Green Valley. The area boasts some of the best schools in the region.

  • Green Valley High School – Known for exceptional academic programs.
  • Bob Miller Middle School – Offers a variety of extracurricular activities.

For the little ones, several playgrounds scatter across the community. Sunset Park stands out with its expansive play area and picnic spots.

Shopping And Dining

The Green Valley area is not just about the great schools and parks. It also serves up a fantastic shopping and dining scene. The District at Green Valley Ranch is a go-to spot with a mix of shops and eateries, while local favorites like Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que bring the flavors of the south to your doorstep.

Shopping CentersPopular Restaurants
The District at Green Valley RanchLucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que
Galleria at SunsetP.F. Chang’s

From high-end boutiques to family-friendly dining, you’ll find it all in Green Valley.


Choosing the best place to call home in Las Vegas depends on individual needs and preferences. Whether you prefer the family-friendly atmosphere of Summerlin, the vibrant lifestyle of Henderson, or the serene backdrop of Boulder City, Las Vegas offers a perfect neighborhood for everyone.

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