What to Do at the Mirage Las Vegas?

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What To Do At The Mirage Las Vegas

At the Mirage Las Vegas, catch the iconic volcano show and visit Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. Enjoy a variety of live entertainment, including Cirque du Soleil shows.

The Mirage Las Vegas stands as a beacon of entertainment in the bustling city. This iconic resort offers guests an eclectic mix of attractions and amenities. From the thrill of the casino floor to serene tropical landscapes, the Mirage engages each visitor with its unique charm.

Experience fine dining in a multitude of restaurants that cater to every palate or unwind at the luxurious spa. Dive into the elegant pools, or immerse yourself in wildlife encounters at the renowned Secret Garden. The Mirage ensures a lavish Vegas experience filled with moments of wonder, making it a must-visit on the famous Strip. Its central location provides easy access to shopping, dining, and the city’s famed nightlife.

The Magic Of The Mirage: A Las Vegas Gem

Welcome to The Mirage Las Vegas, an oasis of entertainment in the heart of the desert. This remarkable resort is a shining jewel on the Strip. It blends luxury with a sense of adventure. Here, every moment dazzles the senses. From captivating shows to lush, immersive environments, this destination promises non-stop fun. Discover the must-do attractions that make The Mirage a standout Vegas experience.

Iconic Volcano Show

The Mirage Volcano erupts nightly, painting the sky with fire. This iconic show is a free spectacle that combines music, fire, and choreographed fountains. The heat can be felt from the sidewalk, making it a fiery favorite for visitors.

  • Show Times: Nightly, every hour after dusk
  • Duration: Approximately 5 minutes
  • Best View: Directly in front of the hotel

Lush Indoor Rainforest

Step inside The Mirage and you’ll find a tropical escape that defies the desert landscape. The Atrium, a lush indoor rainforest, is filled with vibrant plants, waterfalls, and exotic birds. Here, you can take a leisurely stroll or snap breathtaking photos.

WaterfallsCascading waters create serene ambience
FloraOver 300 species of plants add lushness
FaunaExotic birds enchant visitors

Entertainment Extravaganza: Shows And Events

Step into the heart of Vegas excitement with The Mirage’s lineup of world-class entertainment. Designed to dazzle, the shows and events cater to all tastes. Whether it’s majestic magic acts, comedy icons, or spectacular live concerts, you’re in for an unforgettable night out.

A-list Resident Performers

Stars shine bright at The Mirage. Catch your favorite performers in an intimate setting where every show is a masterpiece. From unforgettable music legends to comedy giants, the A-listers bring down the house.

  • Music icons dominate the stage with powerhouse vocals and chart-topping hits.
  • Comedy legends deliver side-splitting routines that resonate with laughter.

Captivating Cirque Du Soleil

Prepare to be spellbound by Cirque du Soleil’s theatrical circus spectacles. Each performance combines stunning acrobatics with a dash of the whimsical. Watch as performers defy gravity and your expectations in a magical display only found here.

Beatles LOVEIconic music and acrobatic artistryThursday – Monday
MystèreVibrant costumes and dynamic performancesFriday – Tuesday

Aquatic Wonders: Explore The Secret Garden

The Mirage Las Vegas holds many secrets, and among the most enchanting is the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. This oasis offers guests a unique opportunity to come face to face with some of the most exotic creatures the ocean and land have to offer. Prepare to be thrilled by the intimate experiences and unique encounters with majestic animals below.

Dolphin Habitat Dive

Imagine yourself swimming alongside bottlenose dolphins. The Dolphin Habitat Dive at the Mirage grants you this surreal experience. This is a must-do for marine life enthusiasts and adrenaline seekers alike.

  • SCUBA-certified guests dive into the dolphin pool.
  • Witness the graceful movements of these beloved mammals.
  • Professional photos capture your dive, available for purchase.

Big Cat Encounters

Step into a wilder part of the Secret Garden, where big cats lounge and play. The Big Cat Encounters give a rare view of some of Earth’s most powerful predators within a safe environment.

Cat SpeciesEncounter TypePhoto Op
White TigersEducation SessionYes
LeopardsFeeding DemoYes
LionsPlaytime ViewingYes

See these magnificent animals up close and learn about conservation efforts to protect them.

Gastronomic Delights: Dining Options

The Mirage Las Vegas isn’t just a testament to grandeur and entertainment; it’s a world of culinary adventure waiting to be discovered. Within its walls, an array of dining options beckons the food lover in you. Whether you are in the mood for an elegant evening or a quick bite, the gastronomic delights at The Mirage cater to every taste and occasion. Let’s explore the scrumptious offerings that make every meal a memorable experience.

Fine Dining Restaurants

Fine dining at The Mirage is an event of its own, with stunning ambiences and menus crafted by world-renowned chefs. Each luxurious restaurant shines with its own unique flavors and specialties. Here’s a taste of the elegant dining experiences awaiting your palate:

  • Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak – Indulge in open-flame cooking.
  • Osteria Costa – Savor the essence of coastal Italian cuisine.
  • STACK – Enjoy innovative American cuisine in a sleek atmosphere.

Casual Eats And Treats

Looking for something more laid-back? The Mirage offers a plethora of casual dining spots where you can unwind and satisfy your cravings. With a variety of flavors and quick service, these eateries provide a relaxing retreat with something for everyone:

California Pizza KitchenInnovative pizzas and pasta dishes
The StillCrafts, burgers, and a unique twist on bar favorites
Paradise CaféPoolside dining with a tropical touch

Win Big In Vegas: The Casino Experience

Get ready for the thrill of The Mirage Las Vegas! This iconic hotel and casino lures adventurers with its luxe gaming experience. Here, the essence of Vegas comes alive with every spin, roll, and shuffle.

Embark on a journey through the vibrant casino floor, where excitement fills the air and fortune favors the bold. Games await for every level of player!

Table Games And Slot Action

Step into a realm where the clink of chips and the whir of slots become the soundtrack to your dreams. From blackjack to roulette, The Mirage offers an array of table games set to test your luck and skill.

  • Blackjack: Hit or stand in the ultimate game of 21.
  • Roulette: Place your bets and watch the wheel spin.
  • Craps: Roll the dice to win big in this casino classic.
  • Baccarat: Experience this elegant game of chance.

Slot enthusiasts will find a paradise with hundreds of options. Newbies and experts alike can pull levers on traditional reels or immerse in video slots with dazzling themes and features. Join players who have won jackpots into the millions, and turn pennies into fortunes.

High Stakes Poker Rooms

The Mirage is not just about slots and table games. It’s home to a premier poker destination where the stakes are always high, and the action is relentless. Bold players enter, but only the sharpest strategists emerge victorious.

  1. Play in daily tournaments with top poker aficionados.
  2. Compete in a variety of poker styles, including Texas Hold’em and Omaha.
  3. Experience the rush of going all-in at a World Series of Poker Satellite.
  4. Gain exclusive access to high-limit areas where the thrills never end.

From the casual player to the seasoned pro, The Mirage’s poker rooms accommodate every type of competitor. Here, you can make your mark and maybe, just maybe, walk away with a legendary Vegas tale.

The Mirage Las Vegas isn’t just a place to play; it’s a place to win big, where every game provides a chance for glory. Are you ready to take on Vegas and come out on top?

Relaxation And Rejuvenation: Spa And Pools

The Mirage Las Vegas isn’t just about vibrant entertainment and gaming. It’s an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation, too. Whether you seek serenity or wish to refresh yourself in the Nevada sun, the Mirage Spa and Pool areas offer the perfect retreat. Unwind with luxurious treatments or laze in a cabana by the pool, surrounded by waterfalls and lush foliage. Here’s a glimpse of how you can pamper yourself at this iconic resort.

Luxurious Spa Treatments

Indulge in self-care with the Mirage’s array of spa treatments. Each experience aims to nourish your body and soul. Choose from:

  • Massages – From deep tissue to hot stone, each tailored to your needs.
  • Facials – Revitalize your skin with a custom facial using top-tier products.
  • Body Treatments – Exfoliate and hydrate for a perfect glow.
  • Salon Services – Haircuts, styling, and nail care for complete elegance.

Refreshing Pools And Cabanas

The Mirage pools are a tropical paradise, providing a refreshing escape from the bustling Strip. Enjoy:

  1. Multiple Pools – Dive into any of the pristine pools.
  2. Private Cabanas – Reserve your own haven equipped with amenities.
  3. Poolside Service – Savor snacks and drinks without leaving your lounge.

To ensure your spot, book your cabana or daybed in advance. Experience luxury with personalized service and unforgettable poolside moments.


Exploring the Mirage Las Vegas offers a bounty of excitement. From the erupting volcano to the Secret Garden, adventure awaits. Remember to snap photos at the iconic Atrium and indulge at top-tier restaurants. Your Vegas experience isn’t complete without a visit to the Mirage.

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