How Big is Long Beach Airport?

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How Big is Long Beach Airport

Long Beach Airport covers 1,166 acres. It serves the Los Angeles area with a focus on convenience and efficiency.

Long Beach Airport (LGB), located in Los Angeles County, is a compact and traveler-friendly gateway. This efficient airport caters primarily to passengers looking to avoid the hustle of LAX. With a single terminal and easy navigation, it offers an appealing alternative for both business and leisure travelers.

Essential amenities, alongside its historical Art Deco architecture, provide a relaxed atmosphere that reflects the laid-back California vibe. Known for its streamlined check-in and security processes, LGB delivers an experience that emphasizes less hassle and more personal service. It connects to major cities across the USA, making it a smart choice for regional flights in and out of Southern California.

Introduction To Long Beach Airport

Welcome to an in-depth look at Long Beach Airport (LGB), a key player in the aviation scene on the West Coast. Nestled in the heart of Southern California, this airport blends a rich history with modern significance. Long Beach Airport stands out with its unique architecture, convenient location, and significant role in both commercial and private aviation. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the scale and importance of LGB.

Historical Snapshot

Long Beach Airport’s story began in the 1920s. Over the years, it has witnessed notable milestones. From aviation legends touching down on its runways to wartime efforts, LGB is steeped in history. Today, the airport’s vintage charm pays homage to its past while serving modern air travel needs.

Current Significance

In the present day, Long Beach Airport serves as a vital hub for both cargo and passenger flights. With its convenient location near Los Angeles, it offers travelers a quieter, more efficient alternative to LAX. It supports local businesses and caters to a diverse array of airline operations. LGB’s impact on the regional economy is undeniable, showcasing its importance on California’s bustling map of air travel.

Physical Dimensions

The Physical Dimensions of Long Beach Airport reveal its capability to cater to aviation demand. Spanning an extensive area, the airport facilitates air travel with its compact yet efficient layout. The modest size of the airport belies its busy, fully functional nature. Let’s delve into the specific details of its runways, terminal, and hangar space.

Runway Specifics

Long Beach Airport boasts a network of runways designed to support various aircraft categories. The primary runway, 12/30, extends over 10,000 feet and accommodates large commercial planes. Meanwhile, a secondary runway, 8R/26L, is 6,192 feet long, suitable for smaller aircraft. A tertiary runway, 8L/26R, mainly serves general aviation flights, measuring 5,421 feet in length.

  • Main Runway 12/30: 10,000 feet in length
  • Secondary Runway 8R/26L: 6,192 feet in length
  • Tertiary Runway 8L/26R: 5,421 feet in length

Terminal Sizes

The terminal complex at Long Beach Airport spans approximately 56,000 square feet. Designed for traveler convenience, it features a streamlined, user-friendly layout. The terminal consists of a central building divided into North and South concourses, offering ample space for passenger movement and services.

North Concourse30,000 square feet
South Concourse26,000 square feet

Hangar Space

Long Beach Airport’s hangar space is notably expansive, offering ample room for aircraft storage and maintenance. Multiple hangars cover a total of over 400,000 square feet. This includes large commercial airliner hangars as well as smaller individual aircraft storage hangars.

  • Commercial Airline Hangars
  • Private Aircraft Hangars
  • Main Hangar Area: Over 400,000 square feet

Passenger Traffic And Capacity

Passenger Traffic and Capacity at Long Beach Airport showcases the bustling nature of this aviation hub. The flow of people through its terminals reflects its importance to the region’s connectivity and economy.

Annual Passenger Numbers

An effective gauge of an airport’s vitality is the volume of passengers it handles yearly. Long Beach Airport serves as a pivotal point for many travelers. In recent years, it has seen a consistent upwards trend in annual passenger numbers. These figures highlight the airport’s adequacy in managing a growing demand for air travel. Notable spikes in traffic during peak holiday seasons mark its popularity among passengers.

YearPassenger Count
20201.5 Million
20212.0 Million
20223.0 Million

Airport Handling Capacity

Long Beach Airport’s ability to manage large crowds, flights, and services is known as its handling capacity. Despite its moderate size, the airport features efficient facilities. These include multiple gates and advanced technology. Passenger comfort is central, with spacious lounges and swift security checks. The airport steadily upgrades to enhance its capacity.

  • Terminals: 1
  • Gates: 11
  • Maximum Hourly Throughput: 2,000 passengers

Up-to-date systems ensure quick check-ins and minimal wait times. Long Beach Airport embodies efficiency and readiness to accommodate future growth in air travel.

Comparison With Other Airports

When we consider the size of airports, Long Beach Airport (LGB) presents an interesting case. Let’s explore how LGB stacks up against other facilities in terms of size and capacity.

Local Airports

Long Beach Airport holds its own among neighboring airfields. Within the Los Angeles area, numerous airports serve the community.

  • Compared to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), LGB is much smaller.
  • LGB boasts a more relaxed and uncrowded experience than John Wayne Airport (SNA).
  • Its quaint charm and easier navigation stand out next to Burbank Airport (BUR).

National Scale

On the national scale, LGB appears more modest. Here’s how it compares:

AirportAnnual PassengersNumber of Gates
LGB (Long Beach)Approximately 3 million11 gates
ATL (Atlanta)Over 100 million192 gates
DEN (Denver)Nearly 70 million111 gates

LGB’s smaller size affords a quicker, more intimate flying experience.

International Context

In the international context, Long Beach Airport is considerably smaller. Globally significant airports dwarf LGB’s size and capacity. For instance:

  1. Beijing Capital International Airport handles over 100 million passengers annually.
  2. London’s Heathrow Airport features five terminals and is a hub for international travel.
  3. Dubai International Airport serves as a critical link between the East and West.

LGB, while cozy, offers fewer international connections but ensures a stress-free stepping stone to larger hubs.

Airline Presence And Routes

Long Beach Airport (LGB) serves as a pivotal hub for air travel in Southern California. Its airline presence and routes stand out for their perfect size. Not too crowded like larger airports, LGB offers a comfortable, easy-going experience. Passengers enjoy diverse destinations and several major airlines operate here.

Major Airlines

Long Beach Airport is home to a select group of major airlines. These carriers provide consistent service and quality experiences.

  • Southwest Airlines – Boasting extensive national routes
  • Delta Airlines – Connecting passengers to their vast global network
  • American Airlines – Offering premier travel to numerous destinations
  • Hawaiian Airlines – The go-to for direct flights to the Hawaiian islands

Destination Diversity

The route map from Long Beach Airport is impressively diverse. Travelers can access numerous destinations, ranging from domestic hotspots to exciting international locales.

Domestic DestinationsInternational Destinations
  • Denver
  • Las Vegas
  • San Francisco
  • Cabo San Lucas
  • Vancouver

Seasonal flights add variety, while year-round services maintain consistency. Long Beach Airport expertly balances destination diversity, ensuring travelers find their perfect flight.

Support Infrastructure

Long Beach Airport (LGB) serves as an important hub for air travel in Southern California. Its support infrastructure is key to providing a seamless travel experience. From efficient ground transportation to convenient parking facilities, and reliable maintenance services, LGB ensures a smooth journey for every traveler.

Ground Transportation

Reaching and departing from Long Beach Airport is a breeze, thanks to a range of ground transportation options.

  • Taxis and rideshare services like Uber and Lyft operate around the clock.
  • Public transit, including buses and shuttles, connect passengers to key locations.
  • Car rental agencies provide travel flexibility to visitors.

Parking Facilities

Parking at LGB caters to various needs, ensuring safety and convenience.

Type of ParkingLocationRate
Short-termNear terminalVaries
Long-termAdjacent lotsCompetitive rates
Cell Phone LotFree short-term waitFree

Maintenance Services

Aircraft maintenance at Long Beach Airport ensures traveler safety and aircraft readiness.

  1. Skilled technicians perform regular inspections and repairs.
  2. State-of-the-art facilities handle everything from routine service to emergency work.
  3. On-site support includes fueling and cleaning services.

Economic Impact

Discussing the economic impact of Long Beach Airport, it’s vital to consider its influence on the local economy and job market. The airport is more than a transport hub. It’s a dynamic part of the region’s financial framework, supporting economic growth and creating jobs.

Contribution To Local Economy

Long Beach Airport (LGB) significantly boosts the local economy. Here’s how:

  • Tourism revenue: Travelers spend money in the area.
  • Airport fees: These include landing fees and terminal rent.
  • Infrastructure development: It stimulates construction jobs and services.

In numbers, LGB’s contribution can be quite staggering. For instance, it supports local businesses through passenger spending. It also pays millions in fees to the city, sustaining community services.

Employment Generation

The airport is a significant employment generator for Long Beach. Consider these points:

  • Direct jobs: Airport operations create various roles, from security to management.
  • Indirect employment: Hospitality and retail benefit from airport traffic.
  • Induced impact: Employees’ spending supports further jobs in the area.

Long Beach Airport helps employ thousands of people. These jobs vary from airport staff positions to roles in businesses relying on airport activities.

Future Expansion Plans

Long Beach Airport (LGB), an essential regional hub, is setting its sights on the future.
Future Expansion Plans are designed with both travelers and the environment in mind.
These developments will elevate LGB, providing more options and comfort for passengers while adhering to eco-friendly practices.

Projected Developments

As Long Beach Airport looks ahead, several exciting enhancements are on the horizon.
The expansion will enable LGB to accommodate a growing number of flights and passengers.
Strategic improvements include:

  • New taxiways and aircraft parking spaces to increase operational efficiency.
  • An upgraded terminal area for a stress-free travel experience.
  • Additional retail and dining options for greater convenience and enjoyment.
  • Technology upgrades to streamline check-in and security processes.

Environmental Considerations

Long Beach Airport takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.
The focus on sustainability is at the forefront of expansion projects.
Key environmental strategies include:

  • Reduction of carbon footprint through energy-efficient designs.
  • Water conservation efforts in airport landscaping and facilities.
  • Waste reduction programs to limit the impact on landfills.
  • Use of green construction materials to support eco-friendly growth.

Visitor Amenities And Experience

Long Beach Airport (LGB) offers a pleasant and relaxed environment. This cozy airport ensures that travelers have a memorable experience. From tasty dining options to comfortable lounge areas, LGB caters to needs with efficiency and style. Let’s explore the visitor amenities and experience available at the airport.

Dining And Shopping

Enjoy a varied selection of eateries and stores at LGB. Some highlights include:

  • Local Delights: Savor the flavors of Long Beach with local food offerings.
  • Quick Snacks: Grab a quick bite before your flight from convenient snack bars.
  • Shopping Stops: Pick up a souvenir or travel necessity at the boutique shops.

Lounge Areas

The airport provides comfy seating throughout the terminal buildings. These spaces are perfect for:

Soft chairs and couches to unwind.Power outlets for charging devices.Free Wi-Fi to stream videos or music.


Customer Service

The customer service team at LGB excels in assistance. They offer:

  1. Information Desks: Staff provide helpful tips and directions.
  2. Lost and Found: Recover lost items with ease.
  3. Special Assistance: Services for travelers with additional needs.

Safety Records And Regulations

Exploring the safety records and regulations of Long Beach Airport reveals its commitment to passenger and operational safety. The airport’s adherence to stringent safety measures ensures a secure flying environment. Let’s dive into the specifics of the safety protocols at Long Beach Airport.

Operational Safety Measures

To maintain its excellent safety track record, Long Beach Airport implements rigorous operational safety measures. These include regular maintenance checks and staff training programs to handle emergencies.

  • Continuous surveillance of runways and taxiways
  • Frequent safety drills for staff readiness
  • Advanced technology for aircraft and baggage screening

These protocols act as a foundation for the secure operation of all flights.

Regulatory Compliance

Long Beach Airport strictly follows regulations set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Compliance with these rules is non-negotiable and regularly reviewed.

Area of RegulationCompliance Body
Air Traffic ControlFAA
Security ScreeningsTSA
Environmental StandardsEPA

Adhering to these bodies ensures high safety standards are constantly met.


Long Beach Airport covers a surprisingly compact area, offering travelers efficiency and coziness. Its manageable size contributes to smooth and fast experiences. Remember, its smaller scale doesn’t mean fewer amenities; it’s a hub of convenience and ease. Perfect for savvy flyers seeking a stress-free journey.

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