How Far is Kissimmee from Orlando International Airport?

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How Far is Kissimmee from Orlando International Airport

Kissimmee is approximately 17 miles (27 km) from Orlando International Airport (MCO). Travel time by car normally takes around 25 minutes, depending on traffic.

Planning a trip to Central Florida can be exciting, and understanding the geography of key locations is vital for a smooth experience. Kissimmee, located in Osceola County, is a popular destination for tourists seeking proximity to Orlando’s world-renowned attractions. Often, travelers fly into Orlando International Airport and need to make their way to Kissimmee, which is known for its vacation homes, entertainment options, and close location to Walt Disney World Resort.

The route between MCO and Kissimmee is well-traveled and offers various transportation options, including car rentals, shuttles, and public transportation, ensuring convenient travel for visitors. Visitors will appreciate Kissimmee’s welcoming atmosphere and the ease with which they can transition from their arrival at the airport to the beginning of their adventure in the heart of Florida’s tourism district.

Kissimmee To Orlando Airport: The Essentials

Welcome to Kissimmee to Orlando Airport: The Essentials, a guide to help you understand the distance and importance of the route from Kissimmee to Orlando International Airport. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or planning your first trip, this essential information can simplify your journey.

Geographic Proximity

Understanding the geographic closeness of Kissimmee to Orlando International Airport is key for trip planning. The two locations are approximately 22 miles apart. This distance translates into a travel time of about 25 to 30 minutes by car, depending on traffic conditions.

Relevance To Travelers

Kissimmee’s proximity to Orlando International Airport is highly relevant to travelers, especially those visiting nearby attractions. Many visitors choose accommodations in Kissimmee for its:

  • Convenience to the airport
  • Access to major tourist destinations
  • Variety of lodging options

Moreover, the availability of various transport options such as shuttles, taxis, and ride-sharing services makes the journey from Kissimmee to Orlando Airport practical and straightforward.

Transportation MethodEstimated DurationCost Range
Car Rental/Taxi25-30 minutes$40-$60
Shuttle Service30-40 minutes$20-$45
Public Transportation1-1.5 hours$4-$10

Choosing the right transport means considering factors like budget, time, and convenience. This table aims to facilitate a better decision suited to individual travel needs.

Measuring The Distance: By The Numbers

Travelers often ask about the distance between Kissimmee and Orlando International Airport. Understanding the exact distance is crucial. It helps plan your travel time. Here we break down the distance by the numbers.

Miles And Kilometers

The distance from Kissimmee to Orlando International Airport is not very far. Kissimmee sits approximately 17 miles from the airport. This is equal to about 27 kilometers. This distance makes it convenient for travelers staying in Kissimmee to reach the airport.

Alternative Routes And Their Lengths

Different routes can affect travel distance. Two popular road choices stand out. Let’s explore these alternative paths.

  • Route 1 via FL-417 Toll: This is the fastest. It spans about 22 miles or 35 kilometers.
  • Route 2 via US-17 N/US-441 N: This route is slightly longer. Expect to cover roughly 23 miles, or 37 kilometers.

Choosing the best route depends on your priorities. Some may prefer the quickest option. Others might want to avoid tolls. Consider these factors when you plan your trip.

Traveling The Stretch: Estimated Times

When planning a trip to Orlando, many visitors wonder about the distance between Kissimmee and Orlando International Airport. Kissimmee lies just a short hop away from the bustling airport, and travelers have various options to make the journey. Let’s break down the travel times based on different modes of transportation.

By Car: Normal Conditions

For those renting a car or using a rideshare service, the drive from Orlando International Airport to Kissimmee is straightforward. Under normal traffic conditions, the trip typically takes about:

  • 25 to 30 minutes

You’ll usually travel via the FL-417 toll road or the FL-528 toll road. These routes are well-maintained and offer a quick connection between the two destinations.

Public Transport And Shuttles: Timelines

Options for public transportation and shuttles are available for those without a car. The most common methods include:

ModeEstimated Time
Bus ServicesApproximately 1 hour
Shuttle ServicesBetween 30 minutes and 1 hour

Public buses, such as the Lynx bus, operate regularly and can take you to Kissimmee. Shuttles might be quicker but check the schedule as timings vary.

Driving Dynamics: Navigating The Route

Imagine you’ve just touched down at Orlando International Airport. You’re not far from the magic of Kissimmee. But to get from the airport to your destination, understanding the driving dynamics is crucial.

Traffic Patterns And Peak Hours

The time it takes to drive from Orlando International Airport to Kissimmee can vary. Traffic patterns play a big role.

  • Weekday mornings (7 AM – 9 AM) and evenings (4 PM – 7 PM) are busy.
  • Weekends see smoother roads.
  • Plan extra time during holidays or events.

Google Maps and Waze help avoid delays. These apps show real-time traffic updates.

Road Network And Highway Access

Reaching Kissimmee from the airport is simple. The road network is well-connected. Major highways include:

HighwayAccess Points from Airport
State Road 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay)Direct connection
Interstate 4 (I-4)Access via SR 417 or the Turnpike

Signs guide you to Kissimmee. Stick to the speed limit. It’s safer and avoids tickets.

Transport Options: Choices For Travelers

Traveling from Kissimmee to Orlando International Airport is a common journey for visitors and locals alike. Multiple transport options are available to suit different preferences and budgets. This section will explore convenient and affordable ways to make this trip.

Rental Cars: Providers And Costs

Renting a car gives you freedom and flexibility to travel on your own schedule. Here’s a quick overview:

Rental CompanyLocationCost Range (Per Day)
EnterpriseAirport & Off-site$30 – $70
HertzAirport & Off-site$35 – $80
AvisAirport & Off-site$32 – $75

Scores of companies offer competitive rates. Check for online deals and airport specials.

Taxi And Ride-sharing Services

Taxis and ride-sharing are convenient options that provide door-to-door service:

  • Taxis: Available 24/7. Rate starts at $2.40 per mile.
  • Uber/Lyft: Use apps to book. Prices vary with demand.

Choose based on comfort, cost, and convenience. Don’t forget to account for tip and surcharges.

Public Transit: Schedules And Stops

Public Transit: Schedules and Stops serves as a vital link for those traveling between Kissimmee and Orlando International Airport (MCO). Convenient public transportation options are available. They are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. It is important to understand your options, plan ahead, and take note of the relevant schedules.

Bus Services Between Kissimmee And Orlando International

Public bus services run by LYNX provide direct access between Kissimmee and Orlando Airport. Below are the key details:

  • Link 111 connects the airport with several stops including Kissimmee.
  • Buses run every 30 minutes, providing reliable service.
  • Schedules are available on the LYNX website or at bus stops. Always check for updates.

Sunrail Connection And Feeder Buses

The SunRail train is another option. Consider these points:

SunRail Services Details
SunRail Hours:Weekdays during peak hours
Connecting Buses:LYNX buses match SunRail schedule
Transfer Points:Sand Lake Road for airport link

Buses link with SunRail trains at key stations, like Sand Lake Road. This option requires a transfer but is efficient for daytime travel.

Tourist Considerations: Aligning Plans

Traveling to Kissimmee involves more than just finding the fastest route. It includes aligning your travel plans with local services and attractions. This section will help you coordinate your plans flawlessly.

Hotel Shuttles: Availability And Frequency

After touching down at Orlando International Airport (MCO), reaching your hotel is a priority.

  • Many Kissimmee hotels offer shuttle services.
  • Confirm with your hotel before arrival.
  • Shuttle frequency varies; peak times may have more.

Booking a hotel with a regular shuttle service ensures a smooth transition from airport to relaxation.

Attraction Proximity: Theme Parks And Downtown Access

Proximity to attractions is crucial for a seamless vacation.

AttractionDistance from KissimmeeTravel Time
Walt Disney WorldAbout 8 miles15-20 mins
Universal StudiosApproximately 15 miles20-25 mins
Downtown OrlandoAround 22 miles30-40 mins

Staying in Kissimmee offers quick access to popular destinations while allowing visitors to explore local spots too.

Local Insights: Tips From Residents

Traveling from Kissimmee to Orlando International Airport is a common journey for locals and tourists alike. Residents have shared some valuable tips to make this trip as smooth as possible. Read on to learn about avoiding traffic, choosing the best travel times, and knowing the local shortcuts.

Avoiding Congested Routes

Kissimmee locals always keep an eye on traffic patterns. They suggest avoiding the Interstate 4 and Highway 417 during rush hours. Avoid the stress by considering alternative routes, such as the less congested Osceola Parkway.

Best Times To Travel

  • Early morning or late evening flights? Leave Kissimmee outside peak times.
  • Plan around 10 AM to 3 PM on weekdays for lighter traffic.
  • Avoid weekends when theme parks cause heavy traffic.

Local Shortcuts

Kissimmee’s long-time residents recommend some shortcuts. Turner Road and Hoagland Boulevard are great options. These streets bypass the frequently jammed main arteries, particularly when there’s an event at the theme parks or downtown.

RouteExpected Time (No Traffic)Shortcut Benefit
Osceola Parkway25 minutesSkips I-4
Turner Road20 minutesLess known, faster
Hoagland Blvd30 minutesAvoids downtown congestion

Air Travel Vs. Road Excursions: Balancing Costs

Kissimmee and Orlando International Airport are close neighbors. This proximity raises an important choice for travelers: fly or drive? Weighing the cost is key. People often forget to consider all the factors involved.

Parking Fees At Orlando International Airport

Parking fees can add up quickly at Orlando International Airport. The airport offers different parking options:

  • Economy Lots – less expensive but farther from terminals
  • Garage Parking – more costly, close to terminals

Long trips mean higher fees. Travelers must factor this into their budget.

Comparative Analysis: Flying Versus Driving

Let’s look at the costs for both flying and driving.

TimeQuickDepends on traffic
CostAirfare + Parking + Shuttle/TaxiGas + Wear/Tear on Vehicle
ConvenienceFast but with security checksOn your own schedule

Flying might seem faster, but remember to add airport wait times. Driving gives you freedom but can be tiring.


Navigating from Kissimmee to Orlando International Airport is quite straightforward. A mere 17 miles separates the two, making it a convenient jaunt for travelers. Whether you’re heading out or flying in, rest assured, your journey won’t be lengthy. Kissimmee’s proximity to the airport adds to its appeal for visitors seeking accessibility and ease.

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