How to Get to Venice from Airport?

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How to Get to Venice from Airport

To get to Venice from Marco Polo Airport, take the Alilaguna water bus or a private water taxi. Another option is the ACTV or ATVO buses to Piazzale Roma.

Traveling to the enchanting city of Venice, Italy, begins with a journey from the airport to the heart of this unique city built on water. Marco Polo Airport, the nearest airport to Venice, offers several convenient transport options for the short trip.

Whether you’re seeking an affordable ride or prefer to arrive in style, there’s a mode of transport that caters to your needs. The Alilaguna water buses provide scenic routes to various parts of Venice, including the popular San Marco area. For a more personalized experience, private water taxis offer direct services to your destination, albeit at a higher price. Budget-conscious travelers can rely on the regular land bus services by ACTV or ATVO, which take you to the main bus terminal in Venice, Piazzale Roma, where the city’s floating wonders begin to unfold around you. Each of these options ensures a smooth transition from your flight to the bustling streets and tranquil canals of Venice, setting the stage for an unforgettable visit.

Getting To Venice: A Traveler’s Primer

Welcome aboard the enchanting journey to Venice, the city of canals and romance. Navigating the passage from the airport to this floating paradise is an adventure itself. Whether you’ve landed with dreams of gondola rides or the serenity of Venetian sunsets, this guide ensures a smooth transition from tarmac to cobblestone.

Airport Essentials: Marco Polo And Treviso

Venice serves its guests through two main airfields: Marco Polo Airport (VCE) and Treviso Airport (TSF). Marco Polo is the closest to Venice, merely 8 miles away, whereas Treviso offers a budget-friendly alternative, positioned about 25 miles from the city.

Airport NameDistance to VeniceTransport Options
Marco Polo (VCE)8 milesWater taxi, bus, private car
Treviso (TSF)25 milesCoach, shared shuttle, private transfer

Connecting from either airport to Venice can be hassle-free. Your choice includes a picturesque water taxi ride, convenient bus service, or a direct private transfer. Each offers a unique experience with the promise of scenic views and Venetian charm.

Initial Steps Upon Landing

Upon touching down, navigating the airport follows a simple flow.

  1. Collect your luggage from the designated carousel.
  2. Follow signs for Arrivals and look for transportation options.
  3. Exchange currency at airport kiosks if needed, aiming for small notes.
  4. Purchase tickets for your chosen mode of transport.

Digital kiosks and customer service desks offer assistance with transport tickets. Remember, Venice is a cash-friendly city, so keep euros handy for small cafes and vendors.

  • ATVO buses run directly from Marco Polo to Venice’s Piazzale Roma.
  • Alilaguna water services connect the airport to multiple points in Venice.
  • Private water taxis cater to a lavish entry with premium fares.
  • From Treviso, the Barzi Bus Service and ATVO coaches provide affordable journeys.

Each transport streamlines the voyage to Venice, setting the tone for a memorable stay. Opt for a method that balances comfort, cost, and convenience to start your holiday right.

Public Water Transportation: Vaporetto And Water Taxis

Welcome to the wonders of Venice, an enchanting city built on water, where the journey from the airport is just as magical as the destination. Amidst the array of transportation options, public water transportation stands out for offering a quintessential Venetian experience. Whether you choose the affordable Vaporetto or indulge in a more private water taxi, the journey across the Venetian Lagoon is a breathtaking introduction to the city’s charm.

Water Bus: Vaporetto Routes And Tips

Vaporetto, Venice’s public water bus, is a popular and cost-effective way to reach the heart of the city. With multiple routes from Marco Polo Airport, including the Alilaguna lines, visitors can relish scenic views as they travel.

  • Route Maps Available: Easily locate stops and plan your trip.
  • Time Tables: Check the schedule beforehand to avoid long waits.
  • Multilingual Guides: Helpful for navigating routes without confusion.

Always validate your ticket before boarding to avoid fines. Consider purchasing a travel card if you plan to use Vaporetto services frequently during your stay. These tips ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride to Venice.

Water Taxi: Private And Shared Options

For a more intimate or swift journey, water taxis offer a door-to-door service from the airport. Both private and shared options are available, each catering to different preferences and budgets.

Water Taxi TypeBenefits
Private Water Taxi
  • Direct route to your destination
  • Personal space and comfort
  • Flexible departure times
Shared Water Taxi
  • Cost-effective for solo travelers
  • Meet fellow travelers
  • Fixed departure schedule

Booking in advance is often recommended, especially during peak seasons. Don’t forget to confirm the fare before starting your journey to avoid surprises. Water taxis present a unique and memorable way to kickstart your Venetian adventure.

Land Routes: Buses And Trains

Welcome to the serene canals and picturesque streets of Venice! To start your Venetian adventure, getting from the airport is easy with land routes like buses and trains. These options offer convenience, affordability, and a touch of local charm.

Venice is well-connected to the Marco Polo Airport by land. Find here the best ways to reach Venice by bus or train.

Airport Shuttle Buses To Venice

Direct shuttle buses take you from the airport to Piazzale Roma in Venice. The journey lasts approximately 20 minutes.

  • ATVO Express buses offer a non-stop ride.
  • ACTV public buses, route 5 Aerobus, connect the airport with Venice.

Tickets are available at airport kiosks, online, and onboard. Check the schedule in advance for a smooth trip to Venice.

Train Services Connecting To Venice

Trains link the nearby Mestre Station with Santa Lucia Station in Venice. Free shuttle services are available from the airport to Mestre Station.

ServiceFrequencyTravel Time
Regional TrainsEvery 15 minutes10-12 minutes
High-Speed TrainsHourly8-10 minutes

Purchase tickets at the airport, online, or at Mestre Station. Look for combined bus-and-train tickets for deals.

Door-to-door: Private Transfers

Imagine stepping off the plane and gliding into Venice with ease. Private transfers offer this luxury. They take care of all your needs from arrival to your Venetian doorstep.

Booking A Private Car

Private cars provide comfort straight from the airport. Here’s how to secure one:

  1. Choose a reputable service: Look for good reviews and reliable service.
  2. Book online: Use the company’s website or app to book your ride in advance.
  3. Provide details: Share your flight information and destination for a smooth pick-up.
  4. Confirm your ride: Always double-check the booking a day before flying.

Choose from a sedan for smaller groups or a van for larger parties. Luggage space won’t be an issue.

Combining Car And Water Taxi

For a unique experience, combine a car transfer with a water taxi. Here’s what you do:

  • Book a car service to Piazzale Roma, the last point cars can reach in Venice.
  • Arrange a water taxi in advance to pick you up from there.
  • Enjoy the journey as you switch from road to canal, watching Venice unfold.

Travel like a VIP with seamless transfers, avoiding the stress of public transport. A table below shows typical prices:

ServiceCarWater Taxi
Individual Transfer€40-€60€100-€130
Combined Transfer€50-€70€110-€140

A private car and water taxi offer the quickest, most scenic route to your destination.

On A Budget: Most Economical Choices

Reaching Venice on a budget is easier than you think. Whether you’re touching down at Marco Polo Airport or Treviso Airport, affordable options are available. Let’s dive into the most pocket-friendly ways to travel from the airport to the heart of Venice.

Cheapest Modes Of Transport

  • Public Bus: ATVO and ACTV offer direct services to Venice Piazzale Roma, with prices as low as a few Euros.
  • Shared Shuttle: Split the cost with other travelers for a convenient ride.
  • Water Bus: From Marco Polo Airport, the Alilaguna lines provide an affordable and scenic route to the city.

Tips For Saving On Travel Costs

Book tickets in advance to catch early bird rates. Consider purchasing a transport pass if staying longer; this covers buses and water buses. Travel light to avoid luggage fees. Lastly, group up with fellow travelers for shuttle services to share the expense. Follow these tips and enjoy Venice without breaking the bank.

Travel Time Considerations

Understanding travel time considerations is crucial for a seamless journey to Venice from the airport. Whether you’re in a rush or have a leisurely itinerary, knowing the quickest routes and how to align them with your schedule can make all the difference. Let’s explore the smartest ways to navigate your arrival in Venice.

Fastest Routes To Central Venice

The quickest path to the heart of Venice involves a combination of transport options. Here’s a glance at the top choices:

  • Water Taxi: The priciest yet most direct option. It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach central Venice.
  • Alilaguna Water Bus: A less expensive option taking around 60-70 minutes.
  • Bus and Vaporetto: A budget-friendly route with the bus to Piazzale Roma followed by a vaporetto (water bus). It takes about 90 minutes total.

Planning Around Your Schedule

To align your travel with your plans, here are some factors to consider:

Transport OptionFrequencyOperation HoursTotal Time
Water TaxiOn-demand24/7~30 min
AlilagunaEvery 30 min~06:00 to 00:40~70 min
Bus + VaporettoEvery 15 min24/7 for the bus, Varies for Vaporetto~90 min

Total travel times are approximate and can vary based on traffic and weather conditions.

Accessibility And Ease Of Travel

Venice is a dream destination admired globally for its charm and historical significance. Arriving from the airport into this city of canals offers various straightforward options. This ensures that visitors experience a hassle-free journey to their Venetian adventure. Whether you have special accessibility needs, or you’re laden with luggage, reaching Venice begins with ease.

Assistance For Travelers With Disabilities

Venice provides accessible travel options for visitors with disabilities. Marco Polo Airport has dedicated staff to assist you right from arrival. Upon request, the airport offers special assistance services. These services guide travelers through customs and immigration. They also help in transferring to water taxis or other accessible conveyances.

  • Wheelchair ramps and adapted restrooms are available.
  • Accessible water taxis connect the airport to various points in Venice.
  • Pre-booking your assistance ensures a seamless experience.

Navigating With Heavy Luggage

Moving with heavy bags can be cumbersome. Yet, Venice’s transport services cater to visitors loaded with luggage.

  • Roll-on luggage is allowed on both water buses (vaporettos) and water taxis.
  • Clear signage at the airport directs you to taxi stands and water bus docks.
  • The People Mover, a tram service, helps transit between the airport and the Piazzale Roma.

Porters at designated areas can assist you for a set fee. Consider your accommodation’s location to choose the most convenient option. Some hotels may offer direct transfer services.

Tips And Tricks For A Smooth Arrival

Welcome to the ultimate guide for a seamless arrival in Venice! After landing, the romantic canals await you. But first, let’s navigate through the airport exit with ease.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Venice is unique, with specific transport options. Keep in mind the following points:

  • Validate your transport tickets before boarding to avoid fines.
  • Choose water taxis or vaporettos over cars; there are no roads to central Venice.
  • Pre-book tickets online for direct routes like the Alilaguna water service.

Last-minute Preparations Before Leaving The Airport

Before exiting the airport, ensure you:

  1. Collect all luggage and keep a map or guide app handy.
  2. Exchange some currency into euros if you haven’t already.
  3. Buy a SIM card for local calls and internet access.
  4. Know your hotel address and have a brief Italian phrasebook or app.

Check these items off your list for a flawless start to your Venice adventure!


Traveling to Venice from the airport can be a seamless experience. Choose a method that suits your budget and time constraints. Whether it’s by water taxi, bus, or train, each option offers its own charm. Remember, your Venetian adventure begins the moment you leave the arrivals hall.

Safe travels!

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