How Many Hours Flight from Philippines to Saudi Arabia?

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A direct flight from the Philippines to Saudi Arabia typically takes around 9 to 10 hours. Factors like wind and specific flight paths may alter this duration.

Tropical shores of the Philippines to the arid climate of Saudi Arabia represents not just a change in scenery, but a substantial cultural transition as well. Every year, thousands of travelers and workers make this trip, connecting two economies and diverse cultures.

Major airlines offer flights between these two countries, and passengers can depart from cities like Manila, flying into Riyadh, Jeddah, or other Saudi destinations, depending on their needs. Whether travelling for business, to perform the sacred pilgrimage of Hajj, or to visit family, it’s important to plan your itinerary, checking the latest flight schedules and any travel requirements for a smooth and pleasant trip.

Introduction To Philippines-saudi Arabia Air Travel

The journey from the Philippines to Saudi Arabia marks a bridge between Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Travelers frequently undertake this trip for a variety of reasons including work, pilgrimage, and leisure. Understanding the intricacies of this air travel route can help travelers plan better and make informed decisions.

Flight Connectivity Between Philippines And Saudi Arabia

The Philippines and Saudi Arabia are well-connected by air, thanks to a number of airlines. These carriers offer routes that link cities like Manila, Cebu, and Davao with Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam. Some direct flights are available, while others may require a stopover, altering the total travel time.

  • Direct Flights: Offered by select airlines, connecting major airports directly.
  • Stopover Flights: Include layovers in various hubs, potentially extending the journey.
  • Multiple Carriers: Passengers can choose from several airlines to find convenient schedules.

Factors Affecting Travel Time

Several factors contribute to the duration of flights from the Philippines to Saudi Arabia. Understanding these can help in predicting the total travel time.

Type of FlightTypical Duration
Direct8 to 10 hours
One-stop12 to 16 hours
Multiple stopsOver 18 hours

The distance covered during flight is around 8,080 kilometers. Other variables affecting flight time include:

  1. Wind and Weather Conditions: Tailwinds can shorten, headwinds can prolong flight times.
  2. Airport Efficiency: Swift layovers mean quicker total travel time.
  3. Aircraft Speed: Different airplane models have varied cruising speeds.

Travelers should always check with airlines for the most accurate flight durations, as these numbers can vary based on the specific details of each journey.

Average Flight Duration

Travelers often wonder about the time it takes to fly from the Philippines to Saudi Arabia. The travel duration varies depending on the flight route and type of flight chosen—non-stop or with stops. Let’s explore the average length of flights and different schedules to give passengers a clear idea of their travel time.

Non-stop Vs. Connecting Flights

When choosing flights, the two main options are non-stop and connecting. Non-stop flights are quicker but may be more expensive. Connecting flights take longer but might save money. Let’s compare them:

  • Non-Stop Flights: Direct from the Philippines to Saudi Arabia, generally around 9 to 10 hours.
  • Connecting Flights: Include stops, can extend travel time significantly, ranging from 12 to 20 hours.

Typical Flight Schedules

Flight schedules for the Philippines to Saudi Arabia vary with different airlines. Each airline has its preferred routes and departure times. Here’s a brief overview:

AirlineDeparture TimesDuration
Philippine AirlinesMorning, Afternoon9-10 hours (Non-Stop)
Saudi Arabian AirlinesLate Evening9-10 hours (Non-Stop)
Other CarriersVarious12-20 hours (Connecting)

Most non-stop flights depart in the morning or late evening, harmonizing with travelers’ convenience. Connecting flights offer wider time slots but require careful planning to manage layovers.

Best Times To Fly

The journey from the Philippines to Saudi Arabia by air brings adventure closer than ever. With varying flight durations based on your departure city, the time in the air might range from 8 to 10 hours. To make the most of your trip, consider flying during the best times of the year, balancing climate, cost, and crowds.

Peak Travel Seasons

The hottest months in Saudi Arabia, June to August, coincide with school vacations. They mark the high season for travel. The weather is very hot. As a result, the end of the year, from November to February, sees a spike in visitors due to the milder climate. Travel during Ramadan or the Hajj pilgrimage sees a significant increase in air traffic.

Cost Considerations By Season

Flight prices fluctuate throughout the year. Off-peak seasons may present the best deals. Typically, the hot summer months or the period right after Hajj can mean cheaper flights. Use these tips to help your budget:

  • Book in advance, especially for high-demand periods like winter or holidays.
  • Compare fares from multiple airlines.
  • Consider mid-week flights, which are often less expensive.
  • Watch for promotions or fare sales during the off-peak season.

Airline Options And Services

Flying from the Philippines to Saudi Arabia spans a great distance. A variety of airlines offer routes connecting these two countries. Each airline presents a unique set of options and services that cater to different needs and preferences.

Major Airlines For The Route

Several major airlines serve the route between the Philippines and Saudi Arabia. These include:

  • Philippine Airlines: The national carrier with direct flights.
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia): Offers non-stop service.
  • Emirates: Connects through Dubai.
  • Qatar Airways: Offers flights with a layover in Doha.
  • Etihad Airways: Flights transit in Abu Dhabi.

In-flight Amenities

Passengers can expect a range of in-flight amenities to make their journey more comfortable. These amenities vary by airline but typically include:

Philippine AirlinesComplimentaryOn-demandAvailableSpacious economy
SaudiaHalal certifiedWide selectionOn select flightsErgonomic seats
EmiratesRegionally inspiredICE systemFree & paid optionsExtra legroom
Qatar AirwaysMulti-courseOryx OneOn demandReclining seats
Etihad AirwaysThree courseE-boxPaid serviceAdjustable headrest

With these options, passengers can choose the airline that best suits their travel requirements and comfort preferences.

Travel Preparation Tips

A smooth journey ahead is all about smart planning. Consider these vital steps to ensure a stress-free trip. From visa requirements to health protocols, we cover the essentials. With these tips, you’ll be ready to board your flight with confidence.

Visa And Documentation

Check your passport, It must be valid for at least 6 months after entering Saudi Arabia. Secure your visa early. Saudi Arabia offers different types of visas – tourist, business, or work. Visit the Saudi embassy’s website or contact them for guidance.

  • Complete application forms accurately.
  • Gather necessary documents: Photo IDs, proof of residency, travel itinerary.
  • Print extra copies of your visa, tickets, and accommodation details.

Health And Safety Measures

Health precautions are paramount. Stay updated on the latest travel health advisories. Saudi Arabia may require vaccinations or health certificates upon arrival.

VaccinationsCheck for mandatory vaccines like Yellow Fever or COVID-19.
Travel InsuranceChoose a plan that covers health issues abroad.
Medical KitInclude personal medications, hand sanitizers, and masks.

Pack smart, Include lightweight clothing for Saudi’s climate. Do not forget the adapters for your gadgets. Carry vital health supplies like hand sanitizers and face masks. Stay hydrated and eat well before the flight.

By taking care of these important procedures and precautions, travelers can focus on the experience ahead. Begin your adventure to Saudi Arabia on the right foot with these vital travel preparation tips.

Arrival In Saudi Arabia

Touching down in Saudi Arabia, after your flight from the Philippines, marks the beginning of your Middle Eastern adventure. Your journey’s duration, often falling between eight to ten hours non-stop, culminates as you disembark into the warm embrace of Saudi hospitality. A blend of ancient traditions and modern innovations greets you.

Airport Procedures

Upon arrival, you’ll navigate through customs and immigration. Here’s a simplified guide:

  • Pass through health screening, especially important in the prevailing global health climate.
  • Present your documents, such as passport and visa, to the immigration officer.
  • Collect your baggage from the designated carousel.
  • Complete any relevant declarations if you are carrying restricted items.

Smooth processing means you’ll soon be ready for the next leg of your journey.

Transportation From The Airport

Exiting the airport, you’ll find various transport options:

Transport TypeBenefitsApproximate Cost
TaxisDirect to destination, privacyVaries by distance
Car RentalFreedom to explore, convenienceDepends on car model
Public TransportEconomical, eco-friendlyFixed per journey
Ride-Sharing AppsEasy booking, fixed rateDepends on provider

Choose based on your preference, budget, and schedule. Bold landmarks and rich history await you beyond the airport confines.


The Philippines to Saudi Arabia by air involves approximately 9 to 10 hours of flight time. This span allows for traversing multiple time zones and touching down in a culturally rich landscape. Remember to consider layovers, flight availability, and seasonal factors when planning your trip.

Safe travels as you bridge the distance between these two unique countries.

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