How Many Hours from Manila to Davao by Plane?

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How Many Hours From Manila To Davao By Plane

Traveling from Manila to Davao by plane typically takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. Direct flights cover this distance quickly and efficiently.

Planning a trip from the city of Manila to the charm of Davao is exciting and straightforward, thanks to the frequent flights connecting these two Philippine cities. This route is serviced by several local airlines providing daily departures, ensuring flexibility and convenience for travelers.

Whether you’re heading to Davao for its idyllic beaches, the allure of Mount Apo, or its culture and festivals, getting there is a seamless experience. With short travel times and numerous flight options, your Philippine adventure is just a quick flight away. Remember to check flight schedules and book in advance to secure the best travel times and fares for your visit to Davao.

Flight Duration From Manila To Davao

Travelers often wonder how long it takes to fly from Manila to Davao. This journey spans a significant part of the Philippines. Let’s delve into the flight times and what you can expect.

Non-stop Flight Times

Quick and direct, the non-stop flight from Manila to Davao is the fastest way to travel.

  • Most flights last approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes.
  • Some flights might be quicker, around 1 hour and 40 minutes, depending on wind speeds.

Connecting Flight Considerations

Expect longer travel times with connecting flights due to layovers.

Minimum Layover DurationTotal Travel Time
30 minutesApproximately 2 hours 20 minutes
1 hourApproximately 2 hours 50 minutes
2+ hours3 hours or more

Choose wisely to balance time and convenience.

Preparing For Your Journey

Excitement builds as you plan your flight from Manila to Davao. You’ll soar over the archipelago, reaching your destination in just about two hours. But before you take off, let’s guide you through important steps. Make sure you prepare for a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Check-in And Boarding Procedures

Starting your trip right means understanding the check-in process.

  • Online check-in is a time-saver. Do it 24 hours before departure.
  • Print your boarding pass or save it to your phone.
  • Baggage drop-off counters close 45 minutes before your flight.

Arriving early eases stress. Aim to be at the airport three hours beforehand. This leaves ample time for boarding and any unexpected delays.

Security Measures At Airports

Airport security is there to ensure everyone’s safety.

LiquidsKeep in 100ml containersAvoid containers larger than 100ml
ElectronicsRemove from bags for scanningKeep laptops hidden in bags
Personal ItemsEmpty pockets into traysCrowd pockets with keys or coins

Passing through metal detectors is standard. Remember these tips. Glide through security checks with ease. Your flight from Manila to Davao awaits.

Airlines Flying The Route

Excitement builds as one plans a trip from Manila to Davao by plane.
The flight duration teases with promise, offering swift passage across the Philippine archipelago.
Understanding which airlines serve this route helps in planning a stress-free journey.

Local Carriers And Schedules

The Philippines boast several local airlines connecting Manila to Davao. Regular flights leave daily, ensuring flexibility for travelers.

  • Philippine Airlines – Known for punctuality and service.
  • Cebu Pacific – Offers a mix of timings throughout the day.
  • AirAsia Philippines – Popular for competitive pricing.

These carriers tailor flight schedules to cater to diverse traveler needs. Checking the latest airline timetables is advised.

Budget Vs. Full-service Options

Choosing between budget and full-service airlines depends on preferences.
Both options present their own sets of benefits.

BudgetLower costs, pay per serviceCebu Pacific, AirAsia Philippines
Full-serviceIn-flight meals, more legroomPhilippine Airlines

Budget airlines, such as Cebu Pacific and AirAsia, excel in cost savings. Philippine Airlines provides a more inclusive experience. Travelers value its all-round service.

Maximizing In-flight Comfort

Travelling from Manila to Davao by plane takes just a few hours, but a little planning can make this journey even more comfortable. Ensuring in-flight comfort is key for an enjoyable trip.

Choosing The Best Seats

Seat selection can make a big difference.

  • Opt for extra legroom. Exit rows and bulkhead seats offer more space.
  • Choose an aisle or window. An aisle seat allows easy movement, while a window offers a view.
  • Avoid the back. Seats closer to the front mean quicker deplaning.

In-flight Entertainment And Services

Entertainment options keep boredom at bay.

Type of EntertainmentDescription
Personal ScreensWatch movies or TV shows at your seat.
Wi-Fi ServiceStay connected with onboard internet access.
Magazines & NewspapersFlip through a selection of reading materials.

Snacks and meals are also important.

  1. Dietary needs?
  2. Be sure to request special meals ahead of time.

Navigating Arrival In Davao

Welcome to Davao, the durian capital of the Philippines! Landing in Davao after a flight from Manila ushers you into a blend of urban life and natural wonders. It’s a short hop, averaging just under two hours, but arriving in this city marks the beginning of an exciting escapade.

Davao International Airport Facilities

The Francisco Bangoy International Airport greets passengers with modern facilities. Enjoy free Wi-Fi, cash machines, and lounges. A list of amenities you’ll find are:

  • Air-conditioned terminals
  • Several dining options
  • Shops for last-minute gifts
  • Car rental services
  • Passenger lounges

Transportation Options To Downtown

Downtown Davao is only around 9 kilometers away from the airport. Various modes of transportation can take you there:

TypeCostTravel Time
TaxiApprox. PHP 150-20020-30 minutes
ShuttleLess than PHP 10030-45 minutes
Car RentalVariesDepends on destination

Pick a taxi or shuttle outside the terminal. For more freedom, consider renting a car right at the airport.

Tips For A Smooth Trip

Manila to Davao brings excitement and a bit of planning. Achieve an effortless journey with these pro tips.

Best Time To Book A Flight

To secure the best deals, timing is key. Book flights on a Tuesday, as studies suggest prices dip mid-week. Utilize flight comparison tools to monitor price trends. Aim for a booking window of 3 to 7 weeks before your departure. Set flight alerts to catch any surprise deals.

  • Mid-week for savings: Tuesdays and Wednesdays often offer the best value.
  • Early morning or late-night flights: Less demand can mean better prices.

Understanding Weather Implications

Davao’s weather can impact your flight experience. Know the seasonal patterns: summer brings heat, while rain is frequent from June to October. Pack accordingly with light, breathable clothing and a sturdy umbrella for sudden showers. Opt for travel during dry months for a more comfortable trip.

MonthWeather ConditionTravel Recommendation
March – MayHot and dryGood for beach activities
June – OctoberRainyCarry rain gear, possible delays
November – FebruaryCooler and less rainIdeal for sightseeing


Traveling from Manila to Davao is efficient and swift by air. A typical flight spans approximately one and a half hours. Plan accordingly for this short-haul journey. Embrace the ease of connecting two of the Philippines’ dynamic cities. Safe travels on your next airborne adventure!

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