How Many Hours from Manila to Tacloban by Plane: Quick Guide!

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Traveling from Manila to Tacloban by plane typically takes about 1.5 hours. Flights cover this distance relatively quickly.

Exploring the Philippines is made seamless with efficient air travel, and a prime example is the Manila to Tacloban route. A trip to Tacloban City draws visitors for its historical significance and natural beauty. Your journey begins at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila, the capital, and whisks you to Daniel Z.

Romualdez Airport in the heart of Tacloban. This short flight duration allows travelers to maximize their time experiencing the local culture, cuisine, and sights of Eastern Visayas. Major airlines operate daily flights between these cities, ensuring convenience for tourists and business travelers alike. Booking your ticket in advance is advisable to secure the best deals and a smoother travel experience. With just an hour and a half in the air, your Philippine adventure in Tacloban is closer than you think!

Manila-tacloban Travel

Manila to Tacloban brings excitement and wonder to keen travelers. The route connects the capital with a city steeped in history and natural beauty. Tacloban serves as a gateway to Eastern Visayas and promises an array of unforgettable experiences. Fast and efficient, air travel stands out as the prime mode of transportation for this venture. Discover the nuances of taking to the skies for this trip, from the allure of Tacloban’s charms to the sheer convenience of flying.

The Allure Of Tacloban For Manila Visitors

Tacloban, with its rich history and culture, calls out to adventure-seekers from Manila. Let’s dive into what makes it irresistible:

  • Historical Significance: The city played a pivotal role during World War II.
  • Natural Wonders: It boasts beautiful landscapes and scenic views.
  • Cultural Festivities: Festivals like the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival of Festivals draw crowds.

Air Travel: The Preferred Choice

The fastest way to tailor your travel itinerary from Manila to Tacloban is undoubtedly by plane. Understand the various facets:

Airport Starting PointAirport DestinationApproximate DurationAirlines
Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL)Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport (TAC)1 hour and 20 minutesPhilippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, AirAsia

Frequent and direct flights are available. Booking in advance ensures optimal travel plans and often, lower costs.

Flight Duration Insights

Traveling from Manila to Tacloban by plane is a journey many Filipinos and tourists undertake. Understanding the time it takes to fly between these cities is critical for planning a trip. With the breathtaking views of the Philippine archipelago below, the flight turns from a simple transfer into an aerial adventure. Let’s delve into the specifics of what affects the time spent in the skies.

Average Flight Time

The average duration of a direct flight from Manila to Tacloban is typically around 1 hour and 15 minutes. This flight spans a distance of roughly 360 miles or 580 kilometers. It’s a quick hop over the Philippine Sea to reach the city of Tacloban.

Factors Affecting Travel Duration

The flight time can vary based on several factors. Let’s explore the most common ones:

  • Airline Route: Different airlines may take slightly different paths, affecting the duration.
  • Aircraft Type: Some planes fly faster than others. The type of aircraft will influence the time.
  • Weather Conditions: Clear skies mean a smoother, quicker journey. Storms or high winds can slow things down.
  • Airport Traffic: Busy periods at the airports can lead to delays in takeoff and landing.

By considering these elements, passengers can anticipate potential delays or faster travel times. It’s always a good idea to check with airlines for the most current and accurate flight information.

Airline Options For Manila To Tacloban Route

Traveling from Manila to Tacloban is a breeze with a variety of airlines to choose from. Each airline offers unique services and schedules to cater to diverse preferences and needs. Let’s explore the major carriers and compare the amenities they provide in both economy and business class.

Major Carriers Serving The Route

The quest for the perfect flight begins with knowing your carriers.

  • Philippine Airlines – Known for their hospitable service.
  • Cebu Pacific – Offers budget-friendly tickets.
  • AirAsia – Boasts low-cost fares without sacrificing comfort.

Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific are the top choices for many flyers. They provide multiple flights daily, making travel plans more flexible.

Comparing Economy And Business Class Services

While all passengers reach the same destination, the journey can be very different.

 Economy ClassBusiness Class
Seat ComfortStandard seatingExtra legroom and reclining features
MealsSnacks available for purchaseGourmet meals included
EntertainmentLimited or on personal devicesWider selection and free usage
ServiceBasic in-flight servicesEnhanced personalized attention

Economy class is best suited for travelers on a budget, while business class is tailored for those seeking comfort and luxury.

Pre-flight Preparations

Traveling from Manila to Tacloban by plane is exciting! But first you should prepare. Good preparation makes your trip smooth. Let’s talk about how to get ready for this journey. We’ll cover the best time to book your ticket and check-in details.

Best Time To Book Your Ticket

Booking early often gives you the best deals. Airlines may offer discounts for early birds. Here are tips for finding the perfect time to book:

  • Watch for Airline Promotions: Sign up for airline newsletters.
  • Choose Weekdays: Tickets on Tuesdays or Wednesdays can be cheaper.
  • Use Price Alert Tools: They notify you of price drops.

Check-in And Security Protocols At Manila Airport

Arrive early at the airport. Manila’s airport is busy. You need time for check-in and security. Remember these steps:

  1. Online Check-In: Save time by checking in online.
  2. Baggage Rules: Know your airline’s baggage limits. Avoid extra fees.
  3. Security Rules: Be ready for security checks. No liquids above 100ml.

Security can take time. Keep your travel documents handy. Empty pockets before security checks.

Maximizing Your Airport And Air Time

Your journey can be much more than just a means to an end. Transform travel hours into valuable time with strategic use of airport amenities and inflight resources. Whether it’s maximizing comfort or staying entertained, make every minute count from takeoff to touchdown.

Making The Most Of Naia’s Facilities

Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) offers a plethora of facilities to enhance your waiting experience. Use this time wisely!

  • Fast Wi-Fi: Catch up on emails or download a movie.
  • Charging Stations: Ensure your devices are powered up.
  • Relaxation Areas: Rest before boarding your flight.
  • Duty-Free Shopping: Purchase gifts or travel essentials.
  • Diverse Dining Options: Savor a meal or grab a quick snack.

In-flight Comforts And Entertainment Options

Aboard your flight to Tacloban, the right amenities can make a world of difference.

Comfort FeatureEntertainment Option
Adjustable SeatsIn-Flight Movies
Extra LegroomMusic and Podcasts
Blankets and PillowsMagazines and Journals
Onboard Meal ServiceGames and Trivia

Remember, comfort starts with choosing the right seat. Aim for window or aisle seats when booking. In-flight, use headphones to dive into a playlist or watch the latest films. Engage your mind with games or catch up on reading. Airlines often supply a magazine filled with travel articles and puzzles, so take advantage!

Exploring Tacloban Post-flight

Exploring Tacloban Post-Flight begins the moment your plane touches down. This city is a blend of rich history and modern culture. After a short flight from Manila, typically spanning an hour and a half, a collection of experiences await to cater to adventurous spirits and history enthusiasts alike.

Transport Options From Tacloban Airport

Upon arrival at Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport, multiple transport options are available:

  • Taxis offer direct routes to your destination.
  • Jeepneys provide a more local travel experience.
  • Van rentals can be booked for larger groups or private tours.
  • Motorized tricycles navigate shorter distances within the city.

Must-see Attractions In Tacloban

There are several attractions that should not be missed in Tacloban:

San Juanico BridgeLongest bridge in the countryConnects Leyte and Samar
Sto. Niño Shrine and Heritage MuseumCultural artifact collectionReal Street
MacArthur Landing Memorial ParkHistorical World War II siteRed Beach, Palo

Each landmark tells a story, from the heroic return of General MacArthur at Red Beach to the architectural grandeur on display at the Sto. Niño Shrine. Take the time to immerse yourself in these experiences, and witness the resilience and beauty of Tacloban.


Manila to Tacloban is both exciting and efficient by air. Typically, the flight spans just over an hour, streamlining travel plans and maximizing your time. Whether you’re visiting family, exploring new sights, or handling business, flying offers a swift and comfortable trip.

Remember, always check with the airlines for the most current schedules and enjoy your flight to Tacloban.

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