How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Singapore from Philippines?

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How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Singapore from Philippines

The cost of traveling to Singapore from the Philippines varies, typically ranging from $100 to $500 for a round trip. The price fluctuates based on season, airline, and booking time.

Planning a trip to Singapore starts with budget considerations, especially regarding flight expenses from the Philippines. This Southeast Asian hub attracts tourists with its culture, exquisite cuisine, and modern attractions like Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.

A strategic approach to booking flights can lead to substantial savings, with budget airlines often offering more competitive rates. Early planning and ticket comparison using travel search engines can help secure deals and minimize costs, making the journey to Singapore’s dynamic urban landscape more affordable. Smart travelers keep an eye on promotions and discounts, knowing that the time of purchase significantly impacts travel expenses. Keeping these tips in mind streamlines the financial aspect of trip planning, putting the remarkable experience of Singapore within reach.

Costs To Consider Before Planning The Trip

If you’re setting your sights on the sleek cityscape of Singapore from the Philippines, it’s time to crunch some numbers. Think of your trip as a financial puzzle, where each piece reflects a vital cost. Planning starts with a clear budget in mind, covering everything from the skies to travel insurance. Let’s dive into the key expenses!

Airfare Variations

The flight price changes throughout the year. Here’s what affects the cost:

  • Season: High tourist seasons in Singapore bump up the price.
  • Booking Date: Last-minute flights tend to cost more. Early birds often save money.
  • Airline choice: Different airlines offer varied services and prices.
  • Promotions: Sometimes airlines have sales. Keep an eye out for deals!

Here’s a quick look at possible airfare:

SeasonLow-End CostHigh-End Cost
Off-Peak$100 – $199$200 – $299
Peak$300 – $399$400 – $500+

Visa And Insurance Fees

You might need a visa. The consular fee for Singapore’s visa is typically around $30. Do not forget about travel insurance. It’s a must-have for smart travelers. It covers things like:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Lost luggage
  • Trip cancellations

Expect to spend roughly $20 – $40 on basic travel insurance. More comprehensive plans will be pricier.

Accommodation Options In Singapore

Planning your trip to Singapore from the Philippines brings you to the exciting task of choosing accommodation. Singapore has a range of options to sleep in comfort and style, whatever your budget. Let’s explore what this city offers for a restful night’s stay.

Hotels And Hostels

Singapore prides itself on its variety of hotels and hostels. These range from luxurious 5-star to wallet-friendly lodgings. Prospective travelers enjoy sparkling infinity pools, state-of-the-art fitness centers, and world-renowned restaurants. But Singapore also has hostels that are perfect for backpackers or those on a tight budget. The hostels are not only affordable but also provide a sociable atmosphere.

  • Luxury Hotels: Many with stunning skylines views.
  • Mid-Range Hotels: Comfortable without breaking the bank.
  • Budget Hostels: Dorm beds and private rooms available.

Alternative Lodgings

Beyond hotels and hostels, Singapore offers alternative lodging options that can provide a unique experience. Vacation rentals, serviced apartments, and capsule hotels present more choices for travelers. These alternatives often come with kitchen facilities, offering you the chance to cook meals and make savings.

Vacation RentalsHomes and apartments for short-term rent.
Serviced ApartmentsFully-furnished, with services like housekeeping.
Capsule HotelsCompact, high-tech sleeping pods.

Transportation Expenses Within Singapore

Traveling to Singapore from the Philippines means more than just the flight. Once in Singapore, moving around is essential. This city boasts an efficient transport system. Costs vary, so let’s explore options. On a budget or seeking comfort, there’s something for everyone.

Public Transport

Singapore’s public transport system is top-notch. It includes buses, trains, and light rail. The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is often the fastest way to travel. Buses cover areas outside MRT reach. Both are pocket-friendly and convenient.

  • Single-trip tickets cost around SGD 1.40 to SGD 2.50.
  • The Singapore Tourist Pass offers unlimited travel. Prices for one, two, or three days start from SGD 10, SGD 16, and SGD 20.
Pass TypeDurationCost (SGD)
1-Day Pass1 Day10
2-Day Pass2 Days16
3-Day Pass3 Days20

Cards require a refundable deposit. Pay SGD 10 and get it back upon card return.

Private Taxis And Ride-sharing

For direct routes or late nights, taxis and ride-sharing apps like Grab work well. They offer more privacy and faster trips.

  • Taxis start at SGD 3.20 as a base fare. Meters add costs based on distance and time.
  • Ride-sharing prices can vary. They depend on demand and type of service chosen.

Costs for taxis and ride-sharing fall between SGD 15 to SGD 30 typically, for most central areas. Late-night fees apply.

Comparing prices between taxis and apps is wise. Ride-sharing apps offer fare estimates in advance.

Daily Living Costs

Planning a trip to Singapore from the Philippines involves more than just airfare. Understanding daily living costs is crucial for budgeting. This section will cover expenses for food, dining, entertainment, and activities in Singapore.

Food And Dining Expenses

Eating in Singapore can range from inexpensive hawker stalls to fine dining. Here’s a breakdown of average costs:

  • Hawker centers: SGD 3-5 per meal
  • Food courts: SGD 5-10 per meal
  • Mid-range restaurants: SGD 20-40 per person
  • High-end restaurants: SGD 50-100 per person

Snacks and drinks from local shops are also affordable:

  • Soft drinks: SGD 1.50-2.50
  • Bottled water: SGD 1-2
  • Snacks: SGD 2-4

Entertainment And Activities

Singapore offers a wide range of activities for any taste. Prices for popular entertainment options are:

MoviesSGD 9-13
Zoo entranceSGD 38
Gardens by the BaySGD 12-28
MuseumsSGD 10-20
Public poolSGD 1-2

Consider purchasing a tourist pass for unlimited travel on public transport to save on commuting costs:

  • One-day pass: SGD 10
  • Two-day pass: SGD 16
  • Three-day pass: SGD 20

Hidden Costs And Money-saving Tips

Traveling to Singapore from the Philippines is exciting. Yet, hidden costs can surprise you. Smart travelers save money. Here’s how to spot and avoid sneaky expenses. Follow these tips for a cost-effective trip.

Tourist Traps And How To Avoid Them

Singapore dazzles with attractions. Some can drain your wallet. Let’s identify tourist traps and escape them:

  • Skip souvenir shops near major attractions.
  • Choose local eateries over tourist-centric restaurants.
  • Look for free attractions like Gardens by the Bay’s outdoor gardens.
  • Use public transport instead of cabs from airports or hotels.

Buying packages online often locks in higher prices. Pay-as-you-go is cheaper. Enjoy more for less!

Discounts And Deals For Travelers

Deals cut costs. Deals are everywhere in Singapore for savvy searchers. Here’s where to find them:

  • Book online for discounts on attractions and tours.
  • Travel passes offer unlimited public transport at a low cost.
  • Download apps like ‘SG Kiosk’ for daily deals.
  • Visit during off-peak seasons to snag cheaper flights and hotels.

Research before you go. Websites compare prices for flights and stays. Early booking can save greatly.

Sample Budget Table for Singapore Trip
Flight$150-$300Book in advance
Accommodation$50-$200 per nightCompare hotel deals online
Food$20-$50 per dayEat at hawker centres
Transport$20-$40Get a tourist pass
Attractions$0-$100Use discount passes

Remember these tips. Control your budget on your Singapore trip. Smart choices lead to big savings.

Creating A Travel Budget For Singapore

Travelers from the Philippines often choose Singapore as a dream destination. A well-planned budget can help you enjoy this island city without financial stress. Follow these tips to budget smartly for your Singapore adventure.

Estimating Total Cost

Understanding the costs involved is crucial for budgeting. Consider these expenses:

  • Airfare: Prices vary based on the booking time and airline choice.
  • Accommodation: Costs range from budget hostels to luxury hotels.
  • Food: Street food saves money, while restaurants cost more.
  • Transport: Public transport is cheap. Taxis are pricier.
  • Attractions: Many sights are free. Some charge entrance fees.
  • Shopping and extras: Set aside money for gifts and emergencies.

Use online tools to calculate estimates for each category. Then, sum up these for the total cost.

Strategies For Economical Travel

Traveling to Singapore need not drain your wallet. Try these strategies:

  • Book flights early to snag deals. Use fare comparison sites to find the best prices.
  • Choose accommodations with free amenities like Wi-Fi or breakfast.
  • Eat at local hawker centers for authentic and affordable meals.
  • Get a tourist pass for unlimited travel on buses and trains.
  • Visit free attractions like Gardens by the Bay’s outdoor gardens or the Singapore Botanic Gardens.
  • Purchase a Singapore tourist pass for discounted entry to various attractions.

Create a daily spending limit to avoid overspending. Keep track of expenses with budgeting apps.


Traveling from the Philippines to Singapore offers an exciting blend of adventure and culture. The costs vary widely, depending on travel style, accommodation preferences, and activities. By planning, savvy travelers can find ways to enjoy the Lion City without breaking the bank.

Remember to consider all factors for a wallet-friendly journey!

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