How to Get to Pinto Art Museum?

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How to Get to Pinto Art Museum

To reach Pinto Art Museum, take a jeepney or FX taxi from Antipolo City proper to Grand Heights Subdivision. The museum is located inside the subdivision, accessible by a short walk or tricycle ride.

Visiting Pinto Art Museum offers a cultural feast amid Antipolo’s lush greenery. This renowned art gallery and garden complex showcases a vast collection of Philippine contemporary art. A day at Pinto Art Museum not only immerses you in artistic masterpieces but also allows you to unwind in its tranquil Mediterranean-inspired architecture.

With its picturesque landscape and serene environment, the museum has become a favorite escape for art enthusiasts and those looking to connect with creativity and nature. Remember to check the museum’s operating hours and entrance fees before planning your trip, ensuring a hassle-free and enriching experience.

Introduction To Pinto Art Museum

Welcome to an oasis of creativity in the hills of Antipolo, the Pinto Art Museum. This museum serves as a sanctuary for art lovers and cultural enthusiasts. With its unique blend of contemporary Filipino art, picturesque landscapes, and Mediterranean-inspired architecture, it provides an enriching experience for all visitors.

The Allure Of Art And Culture

Pinto Art Museum invites everyone into a world where art meets nature. The museum houses a vast collection of Philippine contemporary art. It spans across six galleries. Each gallery showcases the talent and creativity of local artists. Visitors often find themselves lost in the thought-provoking pieces and the stories they tell.

  • Breathtaking artworks in various mediums
  • Lush gardens and scenic spots perfect for relaxation
  • Innovative exhibits that engage and inspire

Location Highlights

The museum is located in a peaceful and serene area. Antipolo, a city just outside Manila, is known for its natural beauty and cooler climate. Pinto Art Museum stands out as a prime cultural destination here.

AccessibilityEasy to reach via private or public transportation
Nearby AttractionsOverlooking views of Manila, local eateries, and nature parks

Visit Pinto Art Museum for a truly memorable encounter with art and culture. Its unique setting makes it one of the most exciting and enlightening places to visit.

Preparation For Your Visit

Planning a trip to the Pinto Art Museum? Great! A successful visit starts with good preparation.
Make sure you know the best times to go, what to bring, and understand the entrance fees and schedules.
Let’s ensure your visit is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Best Times To Visit

Choosing the right time to visit can make all the difference. Weekdays usually mean fewer people. The museum opens at 9 AM. Try to get there early to enjoy the art in peace.

Beautiful weather can enhance your experience. Check the weather forecast before you plan your trip.

Items To Bring

  • Camera – Capture the beauty! No flash photography.
  • Water bottle – Stay hydrated as you explore.
  • Comfortable shoes – There’s lots to see on foot.
  • Extra cash – For snacks or souvenirs.
  • Sun protection – Sunscreen and hats are wise.

Entrance Fees And Museum Schedules

Knowing the costs and timings helps in organizing your day.

DayOpening HoursEntrance Fee
Tuesday to Sunday9 AM – 6 PMAdults: Php 250
Students: Php 200

Note: The museum is closed on Mondays. Last entry is at 5 PM, and tickets are sold until then.

Traveling By Public Transport

Exploring art and culture in Antipolo becomes an adventure when using public transport. Getting to Pinto Art Museum doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Let’s dive into the journey through the local commute, starting with jeepney routes that lead to Antipolo and connecting rides to the museum.

Jeepney Routes To Antipolo

Jeepneys are a fun and affordable way to reach Antipolo. Follow these steps for a smooth ride:

  • First, find a jeepney terminal near you.
  • Look for a jeep with a signboard that reads “Antipolo”.
  • Jeepneys usually pass through major routes such as Ortigas Avenue and Marcos Highway.
  • Remember to prepare small change for the fare.

Here’s a quick guide for the popular starting points:

FromTo Antipolo
CubaoTake a jeepney marked “Antipolo – Simbahan (Church)”
Shaw BoulevardChoose the jeepney route “Crossing – Antipolo”

Connecting Rides From Antipolo Church To Pinto Art Museum

Once in Antipolo, the journey continues to Pinto Art Museum:

  1. Exit the jeep at Antipolo Church.
  2. Locate tricycles parked near the church area.
  3. Ask the driver to take you to Pinto Art Museum.
  4. Settle the fare before hopping on for a hassle-free ride.

Tricycles are the best way to navigate through Antipolo’s streets to the museum. They provide a direct and personalized trip right to the museum’s doorstep.

Private Vehicle Journey

Welcome to your guide on reaching Pinto Art Museum via a private vehicle. The museum, envisioned as a sanctuary for the soul, is nestled in the rolling hills of Antipolo. For art lovers with a penchant for driving, we outline the easiest driving routes and essential navigational tips. Let’s simplify your journey so you can focus on the artistic experience awaiting you.

Driving Routes And Navigational Tips

  • From Quezon City: Take Aurora Boulevard heading east, then merge onto Marcos Highway. Follow signs for Antipolo.
  • From Makati: Drive through C-5 Road northbound, then take Ortigas Avenue extension, heading towards Antipolo.
  • Waze or Google Maps: Input “Pinto Art Museum” as your destination. Follow the turn-by-turn directions provided by the app.

Tip: Leave early to avoid traffic, especially on weekends. Make sure your vehicle has enough fuel for the trip. Always check your tire pressure and brakes before a long drive.

Parking Availability And Guidelines

The museum provides adequate parking for guests. Here’s what you need to know:

Main Parking LotAmple space availableFree for visitors
Overflow ParkingExtra area during peak timesFree

Remember to park within designated areas to keep pathways clear. Secure all valuables and lock your vehicle. Follow the parking attendants’ instructions for a smooth experience. Now, set forth on your cultural excursion and let the artistic ambiance of Pinto Art Museum inspire you!

Ride-sharing And Taxi Options

Exploring the art scene at Pinto Art Museum is just a ride away. With no direct public transport route, choosing ride-sharing or taxi options makes for a convenient trip. These services provide door-to-door convenience, ensuring a smooth journey to this artistic haven.

Popular Ride-sharing Apps

The ease of getting to Pinto Art Museum can be credited to the popular ride-sharing apps available. Grab and Angkas are two widely used options. They are accessible through smartphones and offer various vehicle choices, from cars to motorcycles.

  • Grab: Choose from GrabCar or GrabBike.
  • Angkas: Perfect for solo travelers needing a quick ride.

Estimated Fares And Travel Times

Understanding the cost and travel time helps plan your visit better. Fares and times may vary based on traffic and your starting location.

ServiceEstimated FareTravel Time
GrabCarPHP 250-35030-60 mins
GrabBikePHP 150-25020-40 mins
TaxiMetered30-60 mins

Tip: Always check the app for live fare estimates before booking.

Local Insights And Tips

Discovering the Pinto Art Museum is not just about enjoying the artwork on display, it’s also about immersing yourself in the local culture. Follow these insider tips to make the most of your visit and explore the area like a seasoned traveler.

Nearby Attractions

Maximize your journey to the Pinto Art Museum by also visiting:

  • Cloud 9 Antipolo: Offers breathtaking views and adventure activities.
  • Hinulugang Taktak: A historical waterfall perfect for nature lovers.
  • Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage: A spiritual sanctuary known for its peace and beauty.

These spots are within minutes from the museum and offer unique experiences.

Dining Options Post-museum Visit

After indulging in art, treat your taste buds at:

RestaurantCuisineDistance from Museum
Vieux Chalet Swiss RestaurantSwiss10-minute drive
Crescent Moon CaféAsian Fusion15-minute drive
Pinto Café by PeppermillFilipinoOnsite

These restaurants offer a mix of ambiance and flavors not to be missed.

Souvenir Shopping

Pick the perfect souvenir at:

  1. Antipolo Public Market: Find local crafts and delicacies.
  2. Shop at Pinto: Art pieces and mementos right from the museum’s shop.
  3. Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa: Spa products to remember the relaxation.

Each place offers a taste of Antipolo’s rich culture and arts scene.


Visiting Pinto Art Museum offers an enriching cultural experience, so planning your trip is worthwhile. Remember, whether by bus, car, or ride-sharing, accessing this artistic haven is straightforward. So pack your camera, mark your calendar, and set off for a day of art and inspiration amidst the picturesque backdrop of Antipolo.

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