Stepping out from the enchanting Igorot Stone Kingdom, carry with you a spirit of adventure. Your journey unfolds further. Discover nearby gems and savor the local flavors. Let’s guide you on what comes next.

Exploring Nearby Attractions

The city buzzes with more wonders close to the Stone Kingdom. Easily move from one captivating site to another. See this list of nearby attractions:

  • Baguio Cathedral: A few minutes drive brings you to this majestic church. Its stained glass and twin spires stun all eyes.
  • Mines View Park: Overlook the mining town and breathe cool mountain air. It’s a quick ride up the hill from where you are.
  • Wright Park: Horseback riding awaits at this nearby park. It’s a fun experience, perfect for families and friends.
  • Botanical Garden: Stroll through flowers and plants. Connect with nature as you walk, just a stone’s throw away.

Where To Eat Local Cuisine

No visit is complete without tasting local dishes. Feast on hearty meals at these eateries:

RestaurantSpecialtyDistance from Igorot Stone Kingdom
Café by the RuinsBaguio Bagnet, fresh salads10 minutes drive
Good TasteFamous Buttered ChickenWalkable from Burnham Park
Foggy Mountain CookhouseEuropean-inspired dishes15 minutes by car
Hill StationHistoric ambiance, fusion cuisineWithin the city center

Pair your meal with a sweet treat. Find local strawberries and ube treats too. Your taste buds will sing with joy.