How to Go to Circuit Makati from Guadalupe?

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How to Go to Circuit Makati from Guadalupe

To get to Circuit Makati from Guadalupe, take a jeepney bound for Ayala and get off at Circuit Lane. Alternatively, board a train to Ayala Station and transfer to a jeepney or shuttle going to Circuit Makati.

Circuit Makati, a entertainment and leisure complex, is just a short journey away from Guadalupe. With its plethora of shopping outlets, cultural events, and recreational activities, it’s a popular destination for both locals and tourists. Navigating your way from Guadalupe to this hub can be smoothly done by using public transportation options that are readily available.

Visitors can choose between a quick jeepney ride directly to Circuit Makati, or a combination of train and jeepney or shuttle services. Ensuring a hassle-free trip, these options provide an efficient and cost-effective means of reaching the heart of Makati’s excitement. Always verify the latest routes and schedules to make your travel plans seamless.

Introduction To Circuit Makati

Navigating to Circuit Makati is a breeze from Guadalupe. Hop on a short jeepney ride connecting Guadalupe station to this lifestyle hub, making accessibility hassle-free for visitors and locals alike.

Circuit Makati, a entertainment complex, breathes life into the former Sta. Ana Racetrack. This hub fuses urban leisure with hip lifestyle options. Revel in its modernity while traveling from Guadalupe. It stands out for its dynamic mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment set against the backdrop of the Makati skyline. Ready to experience effortless commuting and endless fun? Read on!

Circuit Makati’s Attractions

  • Circuit Mall: A shopping paradise with trendy boutiques.
  • Globe Circuit Events Ground: Home to concerts and events.
  • Mountain Dew Skate Park: A haven for skate enthusiasts.
  • City Kart Racing: Feed your need for speed with karting action.
  • Performing Arts Theater: Catch world-class performances here.

Importance For Commuters

Navigating from Guadalupe to Circuit Makati should be hassle-free. It serves as a crucial link for professionals, students, and families. With various routes available, everyone reaches Circuit Makati with ease. Commuters save time and experience the convenience of city travel. Additionally, robust transportation options connect you to this lively destination. Always stay ahead of the game with the latest commuting tips to this exciting lifestyle district.

Starting Point: Guadalupe Nuevo

Guadalupe Nuevo serves as a jump-off point for various destinations in Metro Manila, including the Circuit Makati. Known for its strategic location, Guadalupe Nuevo provides easy access to transportation and notable landmarks.

Landmarks In Guadalupe

This area boasts several landmarks. The Guadalupe Bridge links major parts of the city. Nearby, The Guadalupe Commercial Complex with shoppers and commuters daily. Our Lady of Guadalupe Church stands as a historical icon, just a stone’s throw away.

Public Transport Availability

To reach Circuit Makati, public transport can be conveniently accessed. Jeepneys and buses frequent the area, heading towards Ayala and Buendia. The Guadalupe MRT Station serves as a gateway for rapid transit across the city.

JeepneyCircuit Makati₱10-₱15
MRTAyala Station₱13-₱15

For comfort, ride-sharing apps like Grab are available. Choose “Circuit Makati” as your destination.

Public Transport Options

Traveling to Circuit Makati from Guadalupe is easy and accessible. Explore the city by utilizing public transport. Choose between jeepneys, the MRT, or buses. Discover swift and economic ways to reach your destination below.

Jeepney Routes To Circuit Makati

Ride a jeepney for a direct and budget-friendly option. Look for the ones with a sign that says “PRC”.

  • Board at Guadalupe Nuevo – Front of Guadalupe Commercial Complex
  • Alight at Circuit Lane – Right outside Circuit Makati Mall

Using The Mrt

Opt for the MRT for a quick transit. Guadalupe Station is your starting point.

  1. Enter Guadalupe MRT Station – Along EDSA, near Guadalupe Bridge
  2. Get off at Buendia Station
  3. Transfer to a jeepney – Below MRT, PRC sign

Buses Heading To Circuit Makati

Comfortable and air-conditioned buses serve the route. Spot buses labeled with “Ayala-PRC” via JP Rizal.

Pick-up PointDrop-off Point
GuadalupeCircuit Makati

Navigating To Circuit Makati By Foot

Walking to Circuit Makati from Guadalupe presents an engaging experience. The journey takes roughly 30 minutes, offering a peek into the lively streets of Makati. Breathe in the urban vibes as you move through the cityscape. Whether you’re out for exercise or simply prefer to commute on foot, the path to Circuit Makati is straightforward.

Walking Directions

Commence your walk from the Guadalupe Commercial Complex. Head towards JP Rizal Avenue. Continue eastbound on JP Rizal. Turn right at N. Garcia St. (formerly Reposo). Stay left as N. Garcia becomes A.P. Reyes Avenue. Reach your destination, with Circuit Makati on your left.

  • Start: Guadalupe Commercial Complex
  • Proceed: East on JP Rizal Avenue
  • Right Turn: Onto N. Garcia St.
  • Arrive: Circuit Makati on A.P. Reyes Avenue

Pedestrian-friendly Routes

Guadalupe to Circuit Makati highlights safe walkways for pedestrians. Sidewalks along JP Rizal and A.P. Reyes are well-paved. The Makati City Government ensures that walkers are given priority. Along the way, pedestrian lanes and footbridges ensure your safety crossing busy intersections. Several parks and public art provide a pleasant visual journey making your walk enjoyable.

WaypointSafe Features
SidewalksWell-paved, wide
Pedestrian LanesClearly marked, signalized
FootbridgesStrategically located, secure
Parks & ArtScenic spots, rest areas

Safety Considerations And Commuting Tips

Traveling to Circuit Makati from Guadalupe requires know-how for a safe, efficient trip. Prioritize your well-being and travel savvy with these tips.

Best Times To Commute

Beat the rush and enjoy a smoother ride. Knowing the right times is key.

  • Weekdays: Leave before 7 AM or after 9 AM.
  • Evenings: Avoid the 5-7 PM peak. Post 8 PM is calmer.
  • Weekends are generally less crowded. Try mornings for extra ease.

Personal Safety Measures

Your safety is top priority. Implement these practices on every journey:

  1. Stay alert: Keep valuables hidden and be aware.
  2. Use trusted transit: Opt for the MRT, buses, or official PUVs.
  3. Travel light: Carry only what’s necessary.
  4. Keep emergency contacts handy and share travel plans with trusted people.

Alternatives For Direct Commute

Exploring the ‘Alternatives for Direct Commute’ could save you time and offer convenience. You might not find a direct bus or train to Circuit Makati from Guadalupe. But there are a few smart options you can consider. These include ride-sharing, taxis, and even biking. Let’s dive into how each alternative can get you to your destination efficiently.

Ride-sharing And Taxis

Ride-sharing apps make traveling stress-free. These apps find the fastest route for you. Open the app, set your pickup and drop-off points, and a car comes to you. It’s that simple. Taxis are another good choice. You can hail a taxi anywhere in Guadalupe. Tell the driver “Circuit Makati” and they know where to go. Cost may vary based on the time of day and traffic.

  • Download a ride-sharing app like Grab or Angkas.
  • Book a ride from your location.
  • Choose Circuit Makati as your destination.
  • Confirm your ride and wait for your pickup.

Biking To Circuit Makati

Biking is not only healthy but also eco-friendly. It’s a great choice if you live near Guadalupe. There are bike lanes along some roads. Always wear a helmet for safety. Secure your bike at available racks in Circuit Makati. It’s both fun and fitness in one go!

1Check your bike’s condition.
2Plan your route with bike lanes.
3Carry safety gear, like lights and a helmet.
4Lock your bike at designated areas in Circuit Makati.


Navigating from Guadalupe to Circuit Makati is a breeze, whether via public transport, driving, or biking. Optimize your trip with these tips—save time and enjoy the lively district of Circuit Makati. Start your journey well-informed and arrive with ease, ready to explore and experience.

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