How to Go to Uptown Mall BGC?

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How to Go to Uptown Mall BGC

To reach Uptown Mall BGC, take a bus or taxi to Bonifacio Global City and alight near 11th Avenue. Alternatively, ride the BGC bus and disembark at Uptown Mall station.

Uptown Mall is a premier shopping and lifestyle destination of Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Metro Manila’s modern financial and lifestyle district. As a hub for fashion, dining, and entertainment, this mall attracts visitors eager to experience luxury within the metro.

Reaching Uptown Mall BGC is simple, with various transportation options available that cater to both local residents and tourists. Navigating to this upscale haven speaks to the accessibility and connectivity of BGC, where urban convenience meets sophisticated charm. Whether coming from another part of the city or jetting in from a different location, your journey to Uptown Mall promises to be straightforward, setting the stage for an enjoyable visit.

Finding Your Starting Point

Uptown Mall BGC starts with a clear starting point. Whether cruising through city streets or navigating unfamiliar terrain, pinpointing your location sets the trip’s pace. With smart strategies and digital tools, reaching the heart of BGC’s shopping and leisure hub becomes a breeze.

Choose Your Location

Identifying your current location is a critical first step when planning your visit to Uptown Mall BGC. Knowing your whereabouts helps in crafting the most efficient route possible. Whether at home or at a friend’s place, start by marking down your address or the nearby landmarks.

  • Home address: Use your home as the starting point.
  • Workplace: Plan from your office after work.
  • Hotels: Tourists can begin from their accommodation.

Use Of Mapping Apps

Mapping apps serve as a traveler’s best friend. They are ideal for real-time navigation and route optimization. Enter ‘Uptown Mall BGC’ into your preferred app and let it guide the way.

Examples of mapping apps include:

  1. Google Maps – Offers comprehensive routes and traffic updates.
  2. Waze – Provides user-based traffic insights and detours.
  3. Apple Maps – A default choice for iPhone users.

Remember to check your phone’s battery or carry a portable charger. Always have a data plan active to ensure seamless navigation.

Modes Of Transportation To Uptown Mall Bgc

Exploring the Modes of Transportation to Uptown Mall BGC welcomes an array of choices. Whether visitors prefer public transport or the comfort of private vehicles, reaching the heart of Taguig has never been easier. Let’s delve into the various transit options to make the journey smooth and straightforward.

Public Buses And Jeepneys

Public buses and jeepneys are cost-effective ways to reach Uptown Mall. Check the schedules in advance to avoid long waits.

  • Look for the ‘BGC Bus’ for direct access.
  • Jeepneys from Guadalupe station offer a local experience.
  • Routes include Market-Market to Uptown Mall circuit.

Ride-sharing Options

Catch a ride in comfort using your favorite ride-sharing app.

  • Apps like Grab are reliable and offer cashless transactions.
  • Shared rides are available for a more budget-friendly trip.
  • Have the app ready on your device for quick bookings.

Private Vehicle Routes

Driving a private car has distinct advantages.

Starting PointRouteParking
EDSATake Kalayaan Flyover and exit at 32nd St.Ample space available in mall’s parking.
C-5 RoadExit to 11th Ave., turn right to 36th St.Uptown Parade offers alternative parking.

The Bgc Bus: A Convenient Choice

The BGC Bus is a reliable and comfortable public transit option for visitors and residents alike. This convenient service offers a smooth ride to one of Manila’s premier lifestyle hubs, Uptown Mall BGC.

Routes And Schedules

Efficiency meets convenience with well-planned routes and timely schedules. The BGC Bus operates on multiple lines, each serving different areas of Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

RouteOperational HoursFrequency
Central Route6 AM – 10 PMEvery 15 minutes
East Route6 AM – 10 PMEvery 15 minutes
  • Keep track of the real-time schedule using the BGC app.
  • Plan your visit around bus timings for a hassle-free trip.

Bus Stops And Drop-offs

Multiple stops ensure you’re only a short walk from your destination. Uptown Mall is easily accessible via the following stops:

    1. Market Market
    2. The Fort Strip
    3. Crossroads

Buses also stop right in front of Uptown Mall BGC, so you can start your adventure immediately.

Payment Methods

Jump on board with ease using various payment options. Here’s how you can pay for your ride:

  • Pre-load a BGC Bus card at the terminal.
  • Use contactless payment for a quick, safe transaction.
  • Cash payments at ticketing booths.

Prices are affordable, ensuring a budget-friendly journey. Embrace the comfort and ease of the BGC Bus as you explore the city of BGC!

Navigating Traffic And Peak Hours

Heading to Uptown Mall BGC can be a breeze with smart planning. Knowing when to travel and which roads to take can save you from the hassle of traffic. Let’s dive into the best strategies for a smooth journey!

Best Times To Travel

Prefer off-peak hours for a stress-free trip to Uptown Mall. Weekdays are often less crowded than weekends. Aim for mid-morning or early afternoon, just after the rush hour fades away.

  • Weekend mornings can be surprisingly quiet.
  • Lunch hours on weekdays might offer a quick window to bypass crowds.
  • Avoid evening rush hours, typically from 5 PM to 8 PM.

Dealing With Congestion

Getting stuck in traffic en route to Uptown Mall BGC is frustrating. You can manage this better by:

  1. Checking real-time traffic updates using navigation apps.
  2. Listening to the local radio for traffic advisories.
  3. Car pooling with friends to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

Alternative Routes

If the main roads are clogged, consider alternative pathways:

Starting PointAlternative Route
From MakatiTake Kalayaan Flyover, then turn to 32nd Street
From PasigUse C5 Road, exit at 26th Street
From QCApproach via EDSA, take McKinley Road

Walking or biking may also be viable if you live close by. Taking public transport could be another great alternative, skipping the driving stress altogether.

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Parking Facilities Near Uptown Mall

Visitors at Uptown Mall in Bonifacio Global City have several parking options. Finding a parking space is easy. Options range from on-site parking to nearby alternatives. Explore the convenience and rates to make the best choice for your visit.

On-site Parking Options

Uptown Mall provides ample on-site parking. The mall features multiple levels of secure parking. Spaces are accessible from both 11th Avenue and 36th Street entrances.

  • Basement parking for easy mall access
  • Covered parking slots for added car protection
  • Elevators and escalators connecting parking to mall levels

Nearby Parking Spaces

Several nearby parking spaces are available. Surounding areas offer additional parking. Options include:

  • Adjacent buildings with open parking facilities
  • Street parking slots in Bonifacio High Street
  • Open lots within walking distance to the mall

Rates And Payment

Parking rates are competitive. Payment methods are convenient. Here are the details:

Type of ParkingHourly RateFlat RateMode of Payment
On-Site₱50 per hourNACash, Card
Nearby₱40 per hour₱400 for 24hCash

For longer stays, some facilities offer daily rates. Monthly subscriptions are available for frequent visitors.

Additional Tips For A Smooth Visit

Planning a visit to Uptown Mall in BGC can be exciting. To make sure your shopping experience is as smooth as possible, consider these helpful hints. Keeping these tips in mind will streamline your trip and help you enjoy everything Uptown Mall has to offer.

Security Checks

Uptown Mall prioritizes your safety. Expect a quick security check at the entrance. To make this process faster:

  • Have bags ready for inspection.
  • Avoid carrying prohibited items.
  • Cooperate with security personnel.

Mall Directories And Assistance

Finding your way can be challenging. Use the mall directories located throughout Uptown Mall to navigate. For extra help:

  1. Look for information kiosks.
  2. Ask mall staff for directions.
  3. Download the mall’s mobile app.

Accessibility Services

Uptown Mall is accessible to everyone. If you need assistance:

  • Request wheelchairs at entrances.
  • Elevators are available for easy movement.
  • Designated parking spots can be found near entrances.


Navigating to Uptown Mall BGC is easier than ever. With various transport options, your comfort and convenience are ensured. Whether by train, bus, or private vehicle, your shopping spree awaits. So set the date, pick your route, and prepare for an exceptional mall experience.

Uptown Mall beckons – adventure and excitement lie ahead!

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