How to Go to Ayala Mall Circuit Makati from Guadalupe?

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How to Go to Ayala Mall Circuit Makati from Guadalupe

To get to Ayala Mall Circuit Makati from Guadalupe, take a jeepney or bus headed towards PRC and alight at Circuit Makati. Alternatively, ride the MRT to Buendia Station, then grab a jeepney or taxi to the mall.

Navigating your way from Guadalupe to Ayala Mall Circuit Makati is straightforward and can be done with a mix of public transport options. This shopping and entertainment hub, located in the heart of Makati, is easily accessible whether you’re a daily commuter or an occasional visitor to the city.

Choosing the jeepney route provides an affordable and authentic local travel experience, while taking the MRT offers a faster journey, avoiding the often congested roads. Once at Buendia Station, a short jeepney ride or taxi trip will bring you directly to the mall’s doorstep. As one of Makati’s most popular destinations, Ayala Mall Circuit is well-served by Manila’s transport network, making it a convenient and accessible option for shoppers, moviegoers, and food enthusiasts alike.

Starting Point: Guadalupe

Guadalupe serves as the perfect jump-off point. You find commuters easily navigate from this hub. Make a note of these pointers.

Identifying Guadalupe Station

Guadalupe Station stands out on EDSA. You can spot it near the Guadalupe Bridge. Bright signs and active foot traffic mark its presence. Look for the MRT emblem. It’s your gateway to Circuit Makati.

Facilities And Landmarks

Near the station, you find essentials.

  • ATM machines
  • Food stalls
  • Mini-shops

Landmarks offer ease in navigation.

  • Guadalupe Commercial Complex
  • Guadalupe Nuevo Cloverleaf Park
  • Barangay Guadalupe Nuevo Hall

Transport Options To Ayala Mall Circuit

Exploring the city of Makati, Ayala Mall Circuit has become a must-visit destination. Whether you’re shopping, dining, or catching the latest films, getting to Ayala Mall Circuit from Guadalupe is simple. Multiple transport options suit any preference or budget.

Jeepney Routes And Fares

Traveling by jeepney is a classic Filipino experience. Here’s how you can reach Ayala Mall Circuit:

  • Find the jeepney terminal at Guadalupe Commercial Complex
  • Look for the Guadalupe-Ayala Malls Circuit route
  • The fare is typically around ₱10.00 to ₱15.00

Bus Lines And Fees

The bus offers a comfortable ride and direct routes:

Bus TypeRoute NameFare
Ordinary BusGuadalupe-Ayala Mall Circuit₱12.00
Air-conditioned BusGuadalupe-Ayala Mall Circuit₱20.00

Grab And Taxi Services

For a personalized journey, taxis and Grab are excellent choices:

  • Download the Grab app on your smartphone
  • Select your pick-up at Guadalupe and set your destination to Ayala Mall Circuit
  • Grab fares start around ₱80.00, depending on traffic
  • Taxis are available with metered fares
  • Expect roughly ₱100.00 to ₱150.00 for a taxi fare

Navigating The Journey

Making your way to Ayala Mall Circuit Makati from Guadalupe is easy. Let’s dive into the journey details for a hassle-free trip.

Route Maps And Directions

Quickly reach Ayala Mall Circuit Makati from Guadalupe with these simple steps. Use a reliable map app for real-time directions.

  • Start at Guadalupe MRT Station.
  • Board a jeepney marked “P.R.C.” and get off at Kalayaan Junction.
  • Another jeepney ride with “Circuit Makati” sign for the final leg.

Alternatively, a short taxi or ride-hailing service can be even more direct.

Traffic Advice

Avoid peak hours between 7-9 AM and 6-8 PM for less traffic. Expect heavy traffic on Friday evenings. Plan accordingly.

Travel Time Expectations

Mode of TransportEstimated Travel Time
Jeepney30-45 minutes
Taxi/Ride-hailing20-30 minutes

Time can vary based on traffic conditions. Always leave a bit early.

Arriving At Ayala Mall Circuit

After a short journey from Guadalupe, excitement awaits as you approach the modern facade of the mall.

Arriving by car or public transport? Ayala Mall Circuit warmly welcomes visitors at various drop-off points.

  • Main entrance: facing the Circuit Makati Event Grounds
  • Secondary entrance: near the Circuit Lane
  • Taxi drop-off: conveniently located at the main entrance

Clear signage guides guests toward the inviting entrances. Mall staff await, ready to assist and ensure a smooth entry.

Driving your own vehicle? Ayala Mall Circuit offers ample parking.

Parking AreaLocationHours
Basement ParkingBelow the mallOpen mall hours
Outdoor ParkingAdjacent to the mall24/7

Assistance and security are on-hand in parking zones, ensuring peace of mind.

Explore the mall’s offerings as soon as you step inside.

  1. Information Desks – find mall directories and help services.
  2. Free Wi-Fi – stay connected with complimentary internet access.
  3. Family Lounges – comfortable spaces equipped with essentials.

Rest assured, your visit to Ayala Mall Circuit is designed for utmost convenience and pleasure.

Additional Tips For Travelers

Embarking on a journey to Ayala Mall Circuit Makati from Guadalupe is exciting. Yet, knowing a few extra tips can make your trip smoother and more enjoyable. In this section, we offer advice for the best travel times, safety measures, and sights nearby worth exploring.

Best Times To Travel

To optimize your travel experience, consider these periods:

  • Weekdays mornings – Less traffic, more peace.
  • Early afternoons – Ideal for avoiding rush hours.
  • Weekend mornings – Relaxed vibe, fewer crowds.

Safety Precautions

Your safety matters most. Remember these simple tips:

  • Keep belongings close and secure.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings.
  • Use official transport options.
  • Follow local health guidelines, including wearing masks.

Nearby Attractions

Combine your mall visit with these attractions:

AttractionDistance from Mall
Guadalupe Ruins2 km
Makati Museum3 km
Jamie Velasquez Park4 km


Traveling to Ayala Mall Circuit Makati from Guadalupe is a breeze with the right know-how. Whether you opt for the MRT, a swift jeepney ride, or the convenience of the P2P bus, you’ll find yourself at the heart of shopping and entertainment in no time.

Embrace the journey, enjoy the destination, and make your Makati experience unforgettable. Happy travels, and shop to your heart’s content at Ayala Mall Circuit!

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