Spiral Buffet Price Revealed: Feast Affordably

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Spiral Buffet

As of my last update, the Spiral Buffet price starts at approximately PHP 3,500 per person. Rate variations depend on meal times and the day of the week.

Spiral Buffet at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila stands as a premier dining destination for local and international cuisine enthusiasts. Known for its luxurious setting and extensive selection of dishes, this buffet experience is unmatched in the Philippines. With 21 dining ateliers that present a feast of global flavors, guests can indulge in a journey around the world, from French pastries to Japanese sushi.

The interactive boutique dining affords guests the opportunity to interact with chefs and customize their plated selections. This culinary haven has set the bar high for buffets countrywide, making it a must-visit for epicureans looking to savor the best in a sumptuous dining atmosphere. As prices are subject to change, it’s always wise to check with the restaurant for the most current rates and reservation policies.

Spiral Buffet: A Foodie Adventure

Foodie Adventure


Spiral Buffet is more than a place to eat. It is a destination that captures the imagination of food lovers. Its lavish spread features global cuisines, all prepared with the freshest ingredients. Guests can sample everything from sizzling Asian stir-fries to delicate French pastries.

What Makes Spiral Buffet Stand Out?

  • Divers Selections: Flavors from around the world meet under one roof.
  • Live Cooking Stations: Watch chefs transform ingredients into culinary masterpieces.
  • Elegant Ambiance: Dine in an environment that exudes sophistication and comfort.

Culinary Journey At Spiral Buffet

Every dish at Spiral Buffet tells a story. Food enthusiasts revel in the artistry on display. The buffet’s sections are themed, allowing diners to navigate through tastes and traditions of different cultures. Guests leave with full stomachs and hearts, carrying memories of a unique dining adventure.

The Spiral Buffet Pricing: Navigating The Costs

Spiral Buffet Pricing


Diving into the world of culinary delights, Spiral Buffet stands as a top destination. It promises an unforgettable dining experience, featuring an assortment of global cuisines. But before indulging in this feast, let’s explore the costs involved. Understanding Spiral Buffet’s pricing is key to elegantly planning your gourmet adventure.

Breakdown Of Spiral Buffet’s Pricing

Spiral Buffet offers a range of prices based on several factors. These include meal times, age, and weekdays or weekends. Below is a clear breakdown:

  1. 4,092 PHP per person with all you can drink alcohol
  2. 3,378 PHP per person with no alcohol

Comparing Lunch And Dinner Prices

Lunchtime often sees a slight dip in prices compared to dinner. This provides a more economical option for guests. Dinner sessions showcase the full spectrum of Spiral’s offerings, reflected in the price.

  • Lunch – A lighter affair, perfect for midday.
  • Dinner – An extensive array of specialties and dishes.

Special Offers And Seasonal Promotions

Spiral Buffet also introduces special deals throughout the year. Customers can enjoy discounted prices during certain periods or through promotions.

  1. Birthday Promos
  2. Seasonal Discounts
  3. Exclusive Online Offers

Staying updated with Spiral’s social media and website ensures you don’t miss out on these exciting offers. Plan ahead and enjoy the luxury of Spiral Buffet without the full cost.

Enjoying The Feast Affordably: Tips And Tricks

Enjoying The Feast


Indulge in the lavish Spiral Buffet without overspending. Learn how to enjoy exquisite dining at a fraction of the price. Follow these cost-saving methods for a budget-friendly gourmet experience.

Select off-peak hours to save on dining.

  • Lunch specials often cost less than dinner.
  • Weekdays typically offer reduced prices compared to weekends.

Membership And Loyalty Programs

Join membership or loyalty programs for discounts. Spiral Buffet offers deals for:

  1. Frequent visitors
  2. Hotel guests
  3. Card-holding members

Using Coupons And Discounts Wisely

Snag coupons for instant savings. Here’s how:

Online dealsCheck Groupon or restaurant’s website.
Social mediaFollow for exclusive discounts.
Email newslettersSubscribe for special offers.

Beyond The Price: The True Value Of Spiral Buffet Dining Experience

Buffet Dining Experience


The Spiral Buffet dining adventure is not just a meal; it’s an experience. Every aspect, from the food to the ambiance, offers more than meets the eye. Guests don’t just pay for the dishes; they invest in a moment that lingers. Let’s delve into what makes Spiral Buffet stand out beyond its price.

Quality And Variety Of Food

Experience a world on a plate at Spiral. Guests indulge in over 21 dining ateliers, each presenting the finest selections. Chefs craft dishes with globally-sourced, fresh ingredients. The sheer variety caters to all tastes and dietary preferences, ensuring memorable meals for every diner.

  • Fresh seafood
  • Artisanal cheeses
  • Expertly grilled meats
  • Exotic Asian delights
  • Decadent desserts

The Spiral buffet not only satisfies hunger but also kindles culinary curiosity.

Ambiance And Service Excellence

From the luxurious décor to the serene background music, Spiral Buffet’s setting enchants diners. Each corner radiates elegance and comfort, making meals relaxing retreats. Staff move with precision and warmth, elevating the experience with impeccable service.

  1. Attention to detail
  2. Warm, welcoming staff
  3. Immaculate table settings

Such service excellence makes every visit a delightful encounter.

The Overall Dining Satisfaction

Spiral’s reputation is built on consistent dining satisfaction. Diners leave with not just full stomachs but also full hearts. The balance of flavorsome offerings, captivating environment, and top-notch service seals the deal for many. It’s a complete sensory adventure that goes beyond just a meal.

Culinary JourneyExplore a rich tapestry of tastes with dishes from around the globe.
ServiceExperience the pinnacle of hospitality with friendly and attentive staff.
AmbianceDine in an atmosphere that combines luxury with tranquility.

Memories are made around the table, and Spiral Buffet is a testament to that truth.


Exploring the Spiral Buffet is an adventure for the taste buds, offering exceptional value for its price. Whether celebrating a special occasion or indulging in culinary diversity, this feast promises satisfaction. Remember to book ahead and dive into an unforgettable dining experience that’s worth every penny.

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