Where to Eat in Makati? 13 best restaurants to Satisfy Yourself

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Dine in Makati at Wildflour Café for Californian-style fare, or Bondi & Bourke for Australian-inspired dishes. Experience Joliant for affordable Filipino cuisine or head to El Chupacabra for Mexican street food flair.

Where to Eat in Makati? The financial hub of the Philippines, is also a melting pot of culinary delights, catering to a diverse palette of food aficionados. From best restaurants in makati to hidden local eateries, this urban jungle offers an array of dining options.

Adventurous foodies can indulge in Southeast Asian flavors at Your Local, while those craving Japanese can visit Seryna for authentic dishes. For Italian cuisine lovers, a meal at Cibo will not disappoint. Makati’s food scene is a reflection of its cosmopolitan culture, ensuring satisfaction for anyone who visits. If it’s a posh dinner, a casual brunch, or a late-night snack, Makati is a destination that promises a memorable dining experience.

13 Best Restaurants in Makati to Eat Local Food

1. Metronome – Legaspi Village

Metronome – Legaspi Village

If your culinary adventure has brought you to Makati, then Metronome is a gem you cannot miss. This fine dining spot paints a delightful plate of flavors, nuanced and carefully crafted for the discerning palate.

Chef Miko Calo orchestrates a symphony of modern French cuisine with a personal twist, ensuring that each visit is as refreshing as it is divine. The ambiance strikes a perfect chord between cozy intimacy and understated elegance, setting the stage for an unforgettable performance.

Culinary Highlights

Let’s walk through some of the culinary stars of Metronome:

  • Seasonal Menu: Crafting dishes that echo the season’s finest offerings, Metronome takes pride in its ever-changing menu that surprises and delights. Fresh ingredients take center stage in a whirlwind of tastes that embody the current season.
  • Signature Dishes: From the richness of their Duck Leg Confit to the perfect sear on the Miso Cod, Metronome’s array of signature dishes are a testament to the culinary finesse you can expect. Each dish tells a story, with flavors and textures in harmonious balance.
  • Wine Selection: A curated collection of fine wines complement the dining experience. If you opt for a bold red to accompany your steak or a crisp white for the seafood, their sommelier will guide you to the perfect pairing.

Customer Experience

Every detail at Metronome is attended to with the utmost precision:

  • Impeccable Service: The staff at Metronome are the unsung maestros behind the scenes. Their impeccable service ensures a seamless dining experience, intuitive to your needs and discreet in their presence.
  • Intimate Setting: With its sophisticated decor and ambient lighting, Metronome provides a setting that’s both intimate and invigorating, making it ideal for special occasions or a memorable night out.

Dining at Metronome is more than just a meal; it’s an invitation to indulge in culinary excellence. If you’re a local food enthusiast or a traveler with a penchant for gourmet escapades, you must need to know where to eat in Makati, Metronome.

Adieu to the ordinary dining scene and bon appétit as you savor the extraordinary!

2. Kodawari – Leviste

Kodawari – Leviste

Experience authentic Japanese cuisine at Kodawari – Leviste, a hidden gem in Makati’s dining scene. Savor meticulously prepared dishes that capture the essence of Japan, making it a must-visit for food enthusiasts exploring Makati.

Makati’s bustling cityscape brims with culinary gems, and among these, Kodawari stands out as a Japanese oasis in Leviste. This haven for food enthusiasts offers an experience that gracefully bridges the gap between authenticity and innovation.

The Essence Of Kodawari – Leviste

A sensory journey at Kodawari, where meticulous attention to detail and a passion for excellence are at the heart of every dish served. Here, the traditional Japanese izakaya setting is reimagined, allowing diners to indulge in a casual yet refined atmosphere.

As you step inside, the wafting aromas of freshly prepared tempura and sizzling kushiyaki skewers promise a feast not just for your palate but also for the soul.

What To Expect At Kodawari

  • Menu offerings: A selection of sushi and sashimi that celebrate the freshness and quality of the sea’s bounty.
  • Chef’s specials: Expertly crafted dishes that combine time-honored techniques with a dash of creative flair.
  • Sake pairings: An array of premium Japanese sake perfect for complementing your meal or simply sipping as you unwind.

Venture into Kodawari for a taste of Tokyo’s side streets, right here in Leviste. If it’s a hearty lunch, a dinner date, or a late-night craving, Kodawari satiates with authenticity and charm. With an ambiance that’s both inviting and exciting, this locale promises to be a memorable stop on your Makati culinary tour.

3. Mijo Comfort Food– Poblacion

Mijo Comfort Food– Poblacion

Discover the heartwarming flavors of Mijo Comfort Food in Poblacion, a top pick for soul-satisfying dishes in Makati. This cozy spot is a haven for food lovers craving a taste of home-cooked goodness.

When your taste buds crave for that nostalgic home-cooked meal amidst the bustling streets of Makati, Mijo Comfort Food in Poblacion is your go-to sanctuary. Let’s dive into what makes Mijo a hidden gem worth discovering.

Ambiance And Decor

Mijo Comfort Food radiates a warmth that mirrors a cozy home kitchen. The eclectic decor:

  • Attention to Detail: Its walls are adorned with vintage kitchenware, creating a comforting environment.
  • Intimate Setting: With limited seating, the space fosters intimate dining experiences.

Menu Highlights

The menu at Mijo is a testament to the love of simple, hearty meals. Here’s a sneak peek into their offerings:

  • Modern Twists: Classic Filipino dishes with a contemporary spin are Mijo’s signature.
  • Fresh Ingredients: Seasonally fresh and locally sourced produce guarantees a taste of authenticity.

Customer Favorites

While each of Mijo’s dishes tells a story of flavor and craft, certain plates have become crowd favorites:

  • Signature Dish: The slow-cooked adobo with garlic confit is a must-try.
  • Vegetarian Options: Even non-meat lovers find solace in Mijo’s vegetarian selections.

Location And Hours

Nestled in the neighborhood of Poblacion:

  • Accessibility: Mijo is easily reachable via public transport or a short walk from central Makati.
  • Operating Times: Their doors are open for dinner rush, perfect for unwinding after a day’s work.

A culinary journey at Mijo Comfort Food where every bite brings comfort, akin to a loving hug from home.

4. La Latina – Greenbelt 5

La Latina – Greenbelt

La Latina brings a slice of Spanish cuisine to the heart of Metro Manila. This dining haven is a must-visit for those with a penchant for rich flavors and an atmosphere.

The hand-painted tiles and cozy ambience set the tone for an authentic experience as you dive into their extensive menu of tapas and traditional Spanish dishes.

Authentic Tapas Experience

  • Diverse Menu: Choose from an array of genuine Spanish tapas including Patatas Bravas, Albondigas, and Gambas al Ajillo, each offering a burst of Mediterranean zest.
  • Sharing Plates: Embrace the Spanish way of dining by sharing plates amongst friends, making for a sociable and interactive meal.

La Latina’s tapas are not just about the taste; it’s about the shared experience. Engage in lively conversations while savoring bite-sized delights, turning a simple meal into a cultural immersion.

Indulge In Paella Perfection

The heart of Spanish cuisine is exemplified in La Latina’s paella. Each pan is a symphony of flavors, meticulously prepared and presented to impress. Choose from a selection that ranges from the classic Paella Valenciana to the seafood lovers’ Paella de Marisco, each cooked to perfection and brimming with authenticity.

Pair Your Meal With The Right Drink

An exquisite dining affair is incomplete without the perfect beverage to complement your meal. La Latina offers:

  • Classic Sangria: A refreshing blend, perfect for cooling down in Makati’s tropical climate.
  • Curated Wine List: A selection of Spanish wines specifically chosen to pair with the flavors of your meal.

The lively chatter around you, the clinking of glasses, and the aromatic scents wafting from the kitchen all contribute to La Latina’s charm. This spot in Makati doesn’t just feed your appetite; it delivers a feast for the senses. If it’s for a casual lunch, intimate dinner, or a festive group gathering, La Latina in Greenbelt 5 promises a Spanish dining adventure you wouldn’t want to miss.

5. Ember – Greenbelt 3

Ember – Greenbelt

Savor culinary excellence at Ember in Greenbelt 3, a choice destination for food enthusiasts in Makati. Offering a plush dining experience, Ember presents a fusion of flavors that tantalizes taste buds in the city’s bustling heart.

Makati, with its bustling streets and towering skyscrapers, isn’t just a hub for business and commerce; it’s also a culinary playground that satisfies any palate. Amidst the shopping district of Greenbelt 3, Ember stands as a beacon for food enthusiasts in search of modern dining with a cozy atmosphere.

The Ambiance Of Ember

Step into Ember and you’re greeted by a warm, sophisticated interior that feels both upscale and inviting. The spot effortlessly combines elegance with an air of casual comfort, making it a perfect setting for romantic dinners, business lunches, or a relaxed meal with friends.

With its strategic location in Greenbelt 3, Ember offers an oasis of tranquility, setting the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

Cuisine That Ignites The Senses

  • Innovative Dishes: Ember takes pride in its creative menu, which infuses classic flavors with contemporary twists. Each plate is crafted with artistry, designed to delight both the eyes and the taste buds.
  • Seasonal Ingredients: The chefs at Ember curate their dishes based on the freshest seasonal produce. This not only ensures peak flavor but also adds an element of surprise to the menu with each visit.
  • Signature Cocktails: Complement your meal with their handcrafted cocktails. The mixologists here artfully blend spirits and locally-sourced ingredients, rounding off the dining experience with unique beverage creations.

The Service At Ember

When dining at Ember, the staff go the extra mile to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. There’s a genuine warmth to their hospitality that accompanies the meal, making you feel valued and attended to. The attention to detail in service parallels the meticulousness of the cuisine, contributing to a dining experience that’s memorable for all the right reasons.

Sustainability Practices

Ember isn’t just about good food; it’s about food that’s good for the planet. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their:

  • Locally Sourced Menu: By prioritizing local suppliers, Ember supports the community and reduces its carbon footprint, all while ensuring the freshest ingredients for their dishes.
  • Waste Reduction Initiatives: Meticulously planned portions and waste management practices are a testament to Ember’s pledge to preserving the environment.

Why Ember Stands Out

The unique allure of Ember lies in its capability to offer an exceptional dining affair. It’s not just about eating; it’s about engaging all your senses, creating memories, and forging bonds over beautifully presented plates. If you’re a Makati regular or a traveler exploring the city’s culinary scene, Ember at Greenbelt 3 is an emblem of excellence that beckons with every savory offering.

6. 12/10 – Rockwell Drive

12 10 – Rockwell Drive

This trendy spot on Rockwell Drive has earned its stripes by delivering a menu that daringly fuses Japanese and other global flavors. With ambiance oozing contemporary chic, it’s the go-to place for a stylish experience.

The Menu

  • Curated Dishes: 12/10’s menu showcases a selection of thoughtfully curated dishes, each a reflection of artistic flair and flavor excellence. The presentation adds to the allure, with colors and intricate garnishes catching your eye and tempting your palate.
  • Seasonal Ingredients: Freshness is at the forefront of what 12/10 offers. Seasonal ingredients are sourced meticulously to ensure that every bite conveys the richness of its origins. The chefs take pride in providing a dynamic menu that evolves with the seasons, delivering new taste sensations with each visit.

Ambiance And Decor

The interiors of 12/10 are a seamless blend of minimalist design and intimate comfort. It’s clear that attention to detail wasn’t spared:

  • Intimate Dining Experience: With cozy seating arrangements, the ambiance invites connection and conversation. The restaurant’s intimate scale transforms dining into a personal affair, perfect for both romantic dates and close-knit gatherings.
  • Chic Urban Decor: The decor exudes urban sophistication, with sleek furniture and modern art pieces punctuating the space. The lighting sets the mood, subtle and soft, perfectly complementing the establishment’s modern vibe.

Customer Service

  • Professional and Cordial Staff: 12/10’s staff amplifies the dining experience with their professional and cordial demeanour. Each team member is well-versed in the menu and ready to offer recommendations tailored to your taste preferences.
  • Quick and Efficient Service: Despite the restaurant’s popularity, service remains quick and efficient, ensuring that your delectable meal is served promptly and with a smile.

So, If you’re in Makati for business or leisure, 12/10 on Rockwell Drive stands out as a culinary beacon. A visit here promises not just a meal, but a journey through a world of innovative flavors, all wrapped in the warmth of impeccable service and stylish surroundings.

7. Mantra Indian Kitchen & Bar – Legaspi Village

Mantra Indian Kitchen & Bar

A quest to savor the rich flavors of India right in the heart of Makati? Set your sights on Mantra Indian Kitchen & Bar, a gem located in Legaspi Village that promises an authentic culinary adventure. If you’re a fan of spicy curries or soft naan, Mantra has a dish that will transport your taste buds straight to the bustling streets of Delhi or Mumbai.

Ambiance And Decor

Upon stepping into Mantra Indian Kitchen & Bar, you’ll be enveloped by an atmosphere that perfectly balances tradition with a touch of modernity. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Cozy environment: The intimate setting makes it ideal for a relaxed dining experience.
  • Authentic Indian touches: From the intricate patterns and warm colors, every detail contributes to a captivating ambiance.
  • Modern flair: While remaining true to its roots, the best restaurants in makati also boasts contemporary elements that give it a chic, up-to-date vibe.

Menu Highlights

The menu at Mantra is a treasure trove of Indian cuisine, designed to cater to various palates and preferences:

  • Rich variety: Feast on a wide range of dishes, including tandoori favorites and rich, creamy curries.
  • Vegetarian options: Vegetarian visitors will delight in a selection of plant-based dishes that are as flavorful as they are nutritious.
  • Signature drinks: Complement your meal with a choice of exotic beverages, from traditional lassis to innovative cocktails infused with Indian spices.

Service Quality

At Mantra, you’re not just getting a meal; you’re getting an experience. The staff pride themselves on providing:

  • Warm hospitality: Expect the kind of service that makes you feel at home, a staple in Indian culture.
  • Prompt attention: Staff are attentive, ensuring your dining needs are met with efficiency and a smile.
  • Expert recommendations: If you’re indecisive, let the knowledgeable waitstaff guide you through the menu and suggest dishes that will tantalize your palate.

Location And Accessibility

Tucked away in Legaspi Village, Mantra Indian Kitchen & Bar’s location is convenient for both locals and travelers:

  • Easy to find: Situated in a bustling part of Makati, it’s a spot you can’t miss.
  • Parking availability: For those driving, parking isn’t a hassle, making it stress-free to visit.

A flavorful journey at Mantra Indian Kitchen & Bar, where every dish served is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of India. With its cozy setting, diverse menu, impeccable service, and great location, it’s a dining destination in Makati that truly stands out.

8. Your Local – Esteban

Your Local – Esteban

Savor authentic flavors at Esteban, a hidden gem for local cuisine in Makati. Discover Esteban’s eclectic menu that promises a delightful culinary journey right in the heart of the city.

Makati, with its bustling streets and towering skyscrapers, is a hub for food enthusiasts hunting for an exceptional dining experience. And nestled within this urban jungle lies Your Local – Esteban, a gem that offers an adventure like no other.

Ambiance And Decor

Walking into Your Local – Esteban, visitors are greeted with an atmosphere that encapsulates both sophistication and a welcoming casual vibe. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Inviting Interior: The warm lighting and modern decor provide a cozy yet elegant setting, ideal for both romantic dates and casual meet-ups with friends.
  • Cultural Fusion: With elements of Filipino culture artfully blended with contemporary design, the ambiance is a testament to the fusion reflected in the menu.

Menu Highlights

Your Local – Esteban’s menu is a captivating mix of flavors that pays homage to Filipino classics while embracing global culinary trends.

  • Innovative Dishes: Each plate is meticulously crafted to surprise your palate, bringing together familiar tastes in unexpectedly delightful ways.
  • Locally-Sourced Ingredients: Emphasizing freshness and sustainability, ingredients are sourced from local farmers and markets, ensuring a meal that’s not only delicious but also supports the community.

Signature Drinks

Complement your meal with a choice from their extensive beverage selection:

  • Craft Cocktails: Their expert mixologists whip up concoctions that perfectly balance creativity and taste, elevating your dining experience.
  • Philippine Coffee: For those preferring a non-alcoholic option, the coffee sourced from Philippine highlands is a must-try, aromatic and rich in flavor.

Customer Experience

Your Local – Esteban prioritizes not only the quality of its dishes but also the overall satisfaction of its patrons.

  • Attentive Service: The staff is renowned for their attention to detail and genuine care in ensuring a phenomenal visit for every guest.
  • Adaptability: If you have dietary restrictions or specific preferences, they exhibit a remarkable ability to accommodate, truly personalizing your dining journey.

Discovering Your Local – Esteban in Makati is more than a simple dining out; it’s an indulgence of the senses, a place where every bite tells a story of culinary excellence, and every visit promises an array of new flavors to explore.

9. Kazunori Japanese Restaurants in Makati – Chino Roces

Kazunori Japanese Restaurants

Explore the authentic flavors of Japan at Kazunori Japanese Restaurant. Satisfy your sushi cravings with their meticulously crafted dishes, a must-visit for any culinary adventurer in Makati.

Kicking Off A Culinary Adventure In Makati

Makati City buzzes with a food scene, and those with a flair for Japanese cuisine can’t miss the authentic flavors of Kazunori Japanese best restaurant in makati. Tucked away in Chino Roces, this dining gem offers an immersive experience into Japan’s culinary arts.

Your taste buds are in for a treat as you step into a setting that beautifully marries minimalist design with an intricate menu, meticulously crafted by seasoned chefs.

The Ambiance At Kazunori

The moment you walk through the doors of Kazunori, you’re greeted by an ambiance that exudes a warm, inviting atmosphere:

  • Aesthetic appeal: The best restaurants in makati boasts a modern yet traditional decor that sets the perfect stage for a memorable dining experience.
  • Comfortable seating: If you’re settling in for a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner, the comfortable seating arrangements cater to all types of visits.
  • Attentive staff: From the moment you enter, the friendly staff is on hand, ensuring your visit is as seamless as possible.

Kazunori’s Menu Highlights

Famed for its extensive selection, the menu at Kazunori is a testament to the diverse aspects of Japanese cuisine:

  • Sushi mastery: Indulge in an array of sushi offerings, where each piece is a showcase of the chef’s precision and passion for seafood.
  • Izakaya favorites: For those who enjoy variety, the Izakaya-style small plates are perfect for sharing and sampling different flavors.
  • Robust ramen: Complete your meal with a bowl of rich, flavorful ramen, each crafted with house-made noodles and a medley of top-tier ingredients.

Why Kazunori Stands Out

Kazunori isn’t just another Japanese restaurant; it’s a culinary haven that captures the essence of Japan’s rich food culture:

  • Exclusive selections: Their menu features unique dishes that are hard to find elsewhere, transporting patrons straight to the streets of Tokyo.
  • Seasonal ingredients: Emphasizing freshness, the ingredients are carefully selected based on the seasons, reflecting the Japanese tradition of ‘shun’ or peak seasonality.
  • Culinary craftsmanship: The chefs’ unparalleled expertise is evident in every dish, promising an experience that delights all the senses.

Dining at Kazunori Japanese Restaurant is more than just a meal; it’s about indulging in a journey through exquisite tastes and textures that embody the spirit of Japan. It’s a must-visit spot in Makati for anyone looking to savor truly authentic Japanese cuisine.

10. Royal Indian Curry House

Royal Indian Curry House

Explore the rich flavors of Indian cuisine at Royal Indian Curry House, a hidden gem in the bustling streets of Makati. Satisfy your cravings with their aromatic spices and savory dishes, making it a must-visit for food enthusiasts in the city.

Makati City, a bustling metropolis in the heart of Metro Manila, is a treasure trove of culinary delights that traverse the globe with their flavors. Amidst the skyscrapers and sophisticated establishments, one spot that stands out for its aromatic spices and authentic flavors is the Royal Indian Curry House.

This gem promises an Indian food adventure that’s truly memorable.

Ambiance And Decor

The Royal Indian Curry House transports you from the urban jungle to the heart of Delhi the moment you step through its doors:

  • Authentic atmosphere: An inviting environment that perfectly captures the energy of Indian culture.
  • Intricate design: Every corner is adorned with traditional Indian decor, making for an immersive dining experience.

Menu Highlights

This establishment prides itself on a vast menu that offers something for every palate:

  • Diverse dishes: From the fiery Vindaloo to the creamy Butter Chicken, the range of flavors ensures no taste bud is left unattended.
  • Vegetarian options: A selection of plant-based delights caters to vegetarians without compromising on the authentic Indian taste.

Customer Service

Expect nothing less than royal treatment at the Royal Indian Curry House:

  • Welcoming staff: Each guest is greeted with the warmth and friendliness that’s synonymous with Indian hospitality.
  • Efficiency: Service is quick and attentive, ensuring a seamless dining experience from start to finish.

Location And Accessibility

The Royal Indian Curry House is conveniently accessible:

  • Proximity: Situated near business centers and shopping districts, it’s an ideal location for both casual and business meetings.
  • Public transport: Multiple public transit options make it easy for everyone to reach this culinary hotspot.

Eating out in Makati can truly be an international journey, and for those craving the rich and intricate flavors of India, the Royal Indian Curry House is a destination that’s not to be missed. Bond over a biryani or share some samosas; either way, your taste buds will thank you for the visit.

11. Manmaru – Makati Cinema Square


Manmaru takes you on an exquisite culinary journey that your taste buds won’t forget anytime soon. This hidden gem offers authentic Japanese delights that cater to traditional tastes with a modern twist.

Authentic Japanese Flavors

  • Freshness is key: Manmaru prides itself on serving sushi and sashimi dishes made with the freshest ingredients delivered daily.
  • Diverse menu: If you’re craving a warm bowl of ramen or a platter of expertly prepared nigiri, their extensive menu caters to a wide range of palates.

Warm Ambiance Meets Exceptional Service

Manmaru’s cozy interior creates a welcoming atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for a casual lunch or a laid-back dinner. The staff’s attention to detail ensures a pleasant dining experience that complements the flavorful dishes served.

Perfect Pairings For Your Meal

  • Sake selection: No Japanese meal is complete without sake, and Manmaru offers a variety to enhance your dining experience.
  • Desserts to delight: Cap off your meal with their selection of traditional Japanese desserts that offer a sweet conclusion to your culinary adventure.

Find Your Favorite Dish

Dive into Manmaru’s menu that features both well-loved classics and inventive creations. Regulars recommend trying the chef’s signature rolls or the tender teriyaki for a taste of the restaurant’s best offerings.

A Gathering Spot For All Occasions

If it’s a quick business lunch or a leisurely dinner with friends, Manmaru sets the stage for memorable moments. The restaurant’s blend of fantastic food and relaxed vibes makes it an ideal choice for any event.

Situated in the heart of Makati, Manmaru is a must-visit for locals and tourists alike. Its commitment to quality and authenticity ensures that every dish is not only a treat for the palate but also a reflection of Japanese culinary artistry.

12. Italiannis’


Explore the flavors of Italy right in the heart of Makati at Italiannis’. Known for their hearty portions and authentic taste, this charming restaurant is a must-visit spot for pasta and pizza aficionados.

Makati City’s epicurean scene offers a plethora of choices, and for those in search of authentic Italian cuisine, Italiannis’ stands out as a must-visit destination. This well-loved best restaurant in makati takes pride in bringing traditional Italian favorites to the heart of the Philippines, delighting diners with dishes that sing with the sunny flavors of Italy.

Italiannis’ Ambiance

Walking into Italiannis’, guests are enveloped in an atmosphere that echoes a charming Italian trattoria. The restaurant combines a warm, inviting vibe with rustic interiors that instantly transport you to the cobblestone streets of Rome or the scenic Tuscan countryside:

  • Décor: Muted earth tones paired with wooden accents create a cozy and relaxed dining environment.
  • Music: Soft melodies reminiscent of Italian classics provide a gentle auditory backdrop, enhancing the overall dining experience.
  • Seating: If you’re in for a romantic dinner or a family gathering, the restaurant offers comfortable seating arrangements to accommodate groups of all sizes.

Italiannis’ Menu

True to its roots, Italiannis’ brings a slice of Italy to the table with an extensive menu featuring time-honored Italian dishes. Every item is crafted with an adherence to traditional recipes, ensuring authentic flavors in every bite:

  • Pasta Selection: Choose from a variety of pasta dishes, from the classic Spaghetti Bolognese to the indulgent Truffle Mushroom Fettuccine, each topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.
  • Pizza Offerings: Their stone-baked pizzas are a crowd favorite, boasting a perfectly thin and crispy crust with a generous topping of the finest mozzarella and an array of fresh ingredients.
  • Dessert Choices: No Italian meal is complete without a sweet treat. Indulge in their signature Tiramisu or the creamy Panna Cotta drizzled with a rich berry coulis.

Owing to Italiannis’ dedication to serving high-quality Italian fare, food connoisseurs and casual diners alike feel a sense of culinary contentment, often returning for more. The restaurant’s commitment to excellence is evident in every dish, earning it a stellar reputation among Makati’s gastronomes.

So, when your cravings for Italian food hit, remember that a table at Italiannis’ promises not just a meal, but a delightful journey through Italy’s beloved cuisine.

13. Mendokoro Ramenba

Mendokoro Ramenba

Craving an authentic bowl of ramen? Mendokoro Ramenba in Makati is a hidden gem often bustling with locals and tourists alike. This revered spot boasts a menu that serves up ramen bowls so delectable, they might just transport you to the streets of Tokyo with every slurp.

The Authentic Experience

  • Authenticity at its finest: Mendokoro Ramenba prides itself on delivering a truly Japanese ramen experience. Every dish is prepared with precision, echoing the flavors and techniques found in ramen shops across Japan.
  • No reservations needed: This spot operates on a first-come, first-served basis. The queue may be intimidating, but the wait is a testament to the quality of the ramen served here.

Inside The Bowl

Breaking down the elements that make Mendokoro Ramenba’s ramen a must-try is like unraveling a culinary mystery where each ingredient plays a crucial role:

  • Noodles: Handmade with a perfect bite, they provide an excellent foundation for the ramen.
  • Broth: Slow-cooked for hours to achieve a deep and rich taste that serves as the soulful base for all their ramen varieties.
  • Toppings: If it’s the tender char siu or the perfectly soft-boiled egg, each topping is a cherry on top of this delightful dish.

Experience The Ambiance

When you step inside Mendokoro Ramenba, it’s not just the food that captivates you:

  • Intimate and bustling: The cozy setup, often with a counter surrounding the open kitchen, allows diners to watch as chefs masterfully assemble their bowls.
  • Unaltered focus on food: With minimalistic decor, all attention is swooned towards the ramen, honoring the dedication to quality and taste.

Why It’s Worth The Visit

Choosing Mendokoro Ramenba for a meal goes beyond simply satisfying hunger. It’s a culinary adventure:

  • The flavors: The ramen served here is rich in flavor and made with ingredients sourced to uphold the highest quality.
  • The atmosphere: Part of the joy comes from the energetic buzz of the best restaurants in makati, blending seamlessly with the dining experience to create unforgettable memories.

In your quest for the best ramen in Makati, Mendokoro Ramenba stands out as a beacon of traditional flavor and quality, inviting food enthusiasts to indulge in a bowl that resonates with authenticity and passion.


Makati’s dining scene never disappoints, offering a smorgasbord of flavors for every palate. From bustling street food corners to upscale gourmet havens, your culinary adventure awaits. This may solve your problem, Where to Eat in Makati? Remember, a meal here is more than sustenance; it’s a taste of the city’s soul.

So go ahead—savor Makati, one bite at a time.

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